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  • How I Built
    par Jay Galaczi le 02/07/2020 à 10:03

    You probably heard or even visited sites like and some of the other similar websites. It’s a very simple business model. People search for websites that might be down and they are served with a result along with some ads. The ads make money and everybody it happy. […]

  • How to Learn Javascript
    par Jay Galaczi le 02/06/2020 à 9:54

    I am a self-taught web developer. I have learned Javascript on my own and I feel pretty comfortable with it. That took a lot of time for me. I have watched a lot of online courses, done the projects. After some time it just started to click. If you take these courses (in this order), The post How […]

  • What Does a Web Developer Do?
    par Jay Galaczi le 23/05/2020 à 9:14

    There are typically two reasons people reach this page. They are either looking to hire a web developer, or they want to learn to program, and they would like to find out more about the field. In this article I try to provide information for both visitors. You will understand who is a web […]

  • How to Enable Passwordless Sudo on Ubuntu
    par Jay Galaczi le 30/03/2020 à 6:54

    It is common practice to use a sudo username instead of the root for security reasons. In some cases (like letting Ansible do it’s thing on a server), you will need to sudo without a password prompt. The file that contains all the sudoers is located at /etc/sudoers. It is highly recommended […]

  • Set up Passwordless Authentication for SSH on Ubuntu
    par Jay Galaczi le 30/03/2020 à 6:34

    Using a password for authentication on a server is asking for trouble. Servers are under constant attacks and it’s a matter of time until someone hits the right password and hijacks your server. With passwordless authentication, the chance of anyone hacking into your server greatly […]

  • Css width vs. flex-basis: what’s the Difference?
    par Jay Galaczi le 13/02/2020 à 4:26

    There is a time in every frontend developer’s life when they learn flexbox and ask: what is the difference between width and flex-basis? They look the same at first glance. The answer is that in some cases they are them same. There are a couple edge cases you have to be aware of. flex-basis […]

  • CSS Inheritance in Practice
    par Jay Galaczi le 16/12/2019 à 4:17

    Inheritance simply means that in certain cases a child element can inherit properties from the parent element. You can think of it like a default value for certain types of elements and its properties. It is a common practice to set general text formatting on the body. Paragraphs will inherit those […]

  • CSS Specificity Explained in Simple Terms
    par Jay Galaczi le 16/12/2019 à 4:02

    To make our life easier, the designers of CSS created multiple levels of specificity depending on the selector. The three main kinds of selectors are: element class id There are also combinations of the above and pseudo elements and classes. The traditional way of measuring specificity is to assign […]

  • Creating Links that Look like Buttons in CSS
    par Jay Galaczi le 11/12/2019 à 11:35

    I have written about styling links in CSS in another post. Creating the kind of buttons you see in website navigations is also done with simple links. The most widely used method to do it is to add display: inline-block; to the link and then apply padding. By default, links are inline elements, you […]

  • Styling Links with CSS
    par Jay Galaczi le 11/12/2019 à 11:18

    You can style links by applying styles to a elements. a elements have five states that you can target with your styles: link visited focus hover active The order of these states in a stylesheet is very important. These states are additive, so even though a link is visited, the link style still […]

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