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  • China launches space collaboration forum with Latin America and the Caribbean
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Sydney, Australia (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 Next week, Wuhan, Hubei province, will be the site of the first-ever China-Latin America and the Caribbean Space Cooperation Forum, as announced by the China National Space Administration (CNSA). This inaugural two-day event, a collaborative effort among […]

  • Why Figuring Out How Potassium Is Destroyed in Stars Is Important to Understanding the Universe
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Raleigh, NC (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 If you want to know where elements come from, look to the stars. Almost every element heavier than helium is formed through nuclear reactions in stars. But which stellar processes are responsible for these elements? Can we find patterns in how much of each element […]

  • NASA's Near Space Network Bolsters PACE Climate Mission Communications
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Los Angeles CA (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 NASA's Near Space Network has successfully enabled the PACE (Plankton, Aerosol, Cloud, ocean Ecosystem) mission to transmit its inaugural set of operational data to Earth, utilizing innovative data-storing technology and recent enhancements. These upgrades are […]

  • Sidus Space Joins Orbital Transports Partner Program to Broaden Market Presence
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Los Angeles CA (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 Sidus Space, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIDU), a diversified satellite and data service provider, has entered the Orbital Transports Partner Program, aiming to broaden its reach in the global space sector. This program unites various industry players, including suppliers and […]

  • Winchcombe meteorite's tumultuous space odyssey uncovered by nano-analysis
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    London, UK (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 Detailed nano-analysis has revealed the Winchcombe meteorite underwent significant transformations involving water interaction and repeated fragmentations during its journey through space, finally resting in an English pasture in 2021. The collaborative research […]

  • GDFAU joins NASA for university nanosatellite project
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Los Angeles CA (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 Florida Atlantic University's College of Engineering and Computer Science has been chosen as one of eight U.S. university teams to collaborate with NASA and the U.S. military. This partnership aims to boost innovation and expertise in the small satellite sector […]

  • Astronauts slated for repair mission on space station's NICER telescope
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Los Angeles CA (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 NASA has scheduled a spacewalk to repair the Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer (NICER), an X-ray telescope aboard the International Space Station, later this year. This marks the fourth instance of astronauts servicing a science observatory in orbit. […]

  • Hannover's expertise boosts groundbreaking fusion project
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Berlin, Germany (SPX) Apr 17, 2024 The PriFUSIO project, led by the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and supported by an 18 million euro grant from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is setting a new course for the development of climate-neutral fusion power plants. The […]

  • China gears up for Shenzhou XVIII manned space mission
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Sydney, Australia (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 The China Manned Space Agency has announced that the Shenzhou XVIII mission is poised for launch in the upcoming days, aiming to deliver three astronauts to the Tiangong space station. On Wednesday, the Shenzhou XVIII crew spacecraft, along with its Long […]

  • NASA's Roman Space Telescope's 'Eyes' Pass First Vision Test
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Greenbelt MD (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 Engineers at L3Harris Technologies in Rochester, New York, have combined all 10 mirrors for NASA's Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. Preliminary tests show the newly aligned optics, collectively called the IOA (Imaging Optics Assembly), will direct light into […]

  • Momentus and Ascent Solar Technologies announce new solar array partnership
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Los Angeles CA (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 Momentus and Ascent Solar have unveiled their partnership aimed at jointly marketing innovative solar arrays that integrate Momentus's low-cost Tape Spring Solar Array tech and Ascent's advanced, flexible photovoltaic modules. The surge in satellite production and […]

  • NASA chief warns of Chinese military presence in space
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Washington (AFP) April 17, 2024 China is bolstering its space capabilities and is using its civilian program to mask its military objectives, the head of the US space agency NASA said Wednesday, warning that Washington must remain vigilant. "China has made extraordinary strides especially in […]

  • NASA's Solar Sail Set for Space Voyage: Testing New Propulsion Method
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Los Angeles CA (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 NASA is poised to launch its Advanced Composite Solar Sail System next week, utilizing a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from Launch Complex 1 on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula. Scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, the mission seeks to explore solar propulsion by deploying […]

  • Knot theory aids in mapping efficient space routes
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    London, UK (SPX) Apr 18, 2024 Scientists at the University of Surrey have devised a method to chart the most efficient routes for spacecraft, mirroring the way drivers use sat-nav to navigate on Earth. This new technique harnesses mathematics to outline potential paths from one orbit to another, […]

  • Constellation of Starlink satellites grows with latest SpaceX launch from Florida
    le 19/04/2024 à 10:16

    Miami FL (UPI) Apr 18, 2024 SpaceX launched a cluster of 23 satellites into low-Earth orbit Thursday, the 334th launch of the company's Starlink Internet satellites and the 268th time a reusable booster rocket has been used. The launch from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida occurred […]

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