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  • Copernicus satellites keep eyes on icebergs for Vendee Globe
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Paris (ESA) Dec 03, 2020 On 8 November, 33 intrepid sailors set off from Les Sables-D'Olonne in western France to take part in the most extreme, solo, non-stop, race around the world: the Vendee Globe. The route of around 45 000 km takes them down through the Atlantic and into the heart of the […]

  • What will the climate be like when earth's next supercontinent forms?
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    New York NY (SPX) Dec 03, 2020 Long ago, all the continents were crammed together into one large land mass called Pangea. Pangea broke apart about 200 million years ago, its pieces drifting away on the tectonic plates - but not permanently. The continents will reunite again in the deep future. […]

  • Launch success for UAE's FalconEye satellite
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Kourou, French Guiana (ESA) Dec 03, 2020 The Earth observation satellite FalconEye was successfully launched last night from the European Spaceport (CSG) in Kourou, French Guiana by an Arianespace Soyuz rocket. Owned and operated by the United Arab Emirates, FalconEye was developed by Airbus […]

  • Projectile concept shows potential to extend munition range to more than 100km
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Baltimore MD (SPX) Dec 03, 2020 Northrop Grumman Corporation has successfully completed multiple rounds of tests on its Solid Fuel Ramjet (SFRJ) tactical engine configuration - a technology to enable long range precision fires, one of the U.S. Army's key priorities. Conducted as part of phase […]

  • Balloon firm plans test to later take tourists to edge of space
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Washington DC (UPI) Dec 03, 2020 A new space tourism company plans its first uncrewed test flight of a capsule suspended from a hydrogen balloon in late March from Florida. Arizona-based Space Perspective has announced plans to launch the balloon from Kennedy Space Center's former space shuttle […]

  • Most Advanced SBIRS Missile Warning Satellite Ready For 2021 Launch
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Sunnyvale CA (SPX) Dec 03, 2020 Lockheed Martin has announced the U.S. Space Force has determined the fifth Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous Earth Orbit satellite (SBIRS GEO-5) is complete and ready for launch in 2021. Built in a record time and at no additional cost to the […]

  • VIPER's Many Brains are Better than One
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Washington DC (SPX) Dec 03, 2020 If you opened up a robot vacuum, a self-driving car, or even one of NASA's Mars rovers (which we're definitely not recommending you do!) you'd find a bunch of processors programmed with software that serve as the robot's "brains." All robots have these […]

  • Chaotic early solar system collisions resembled 'asteroids' arcade game
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Austin TX (SPX) Dec 03, 2020 One Friday evening in 1992, a meteorite ended a more than 150 million-mile journey by smashing into the trunk of a red Chevrolet Malibu in Peekskill, New York. The car's owner reported that the 30-pound remnant of the earliest days of our solar system was still warm […]

  • NASA confirms SIMPLEx Mission Small Satellite to blaze trails studying Lunar surface
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Washington DC (SPX) Dec 03, 2020 A small-satellite mission to understand the lunar water cycle - detecting and mapping water on the lunar surface in order to investigate how its form, abundance, and location relate to geology - has received NASA approval to proceed with the next phase of its […]

  • Best region for life on Mars was far below surface
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    New Brunswick NJ (SPX) Dec 03, 2020 The most habitable region for life on Mars would have been up to several miles below its surface, likely due to subsurface melting of thick ice sheets fueled by geothermal heat, a Rutgers-led study concludes. The study, published in the journal Science […]

  • Voyager 1 and 2 detect new kind of solar electron burst
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Washington DC (UPI) Dec 03, 2020 Data collected by the Voyager spacecraft, Voyager 1 and 2, has revealed a new type of solar electron burst - the satellites' instruments detected speeding cosmic ray electrons accelerated by shock waves produced by solar eruptions. The phenomenon was described […]

  • Special delivery: Japan space probe to bring asteroid dust to Earth
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Tokyo (AFP) Dec 4, 2020 Call it a special delivery: after six years in space, Japan's Hayabusa-2 probe is heading home, but only to drop off its rare asteroid samples before starting a new mission. The fridge-sized probe, launched in December 2014, has already thrilled scientists by landing on […]

  • Germany blocks Chinese takeover of satellite tech company: report
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Berlin (AFP) Dec 3, 2020 Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has blocked a Chinese defence company from buying up a German company specialising in satellite and radio technologies including 5G over national security risks, local media reported Thursday. Based in North Rhine-Westphalia state, […]

  • NASA chooses 4 firms for first private lunar sample collection
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Washington DC (UPI) Dec 03, 2020 Four companies will collect moon rocks and dust on the lunar surface for NASA by 2023 in preparation for a human mission the following year, the space agency announced Thursday. The missions would be the first time a private company has collected samples from […]

  • Chinese lunar probe on way back to Earth
    le 04/12/2020 à 1:04

    Beijing (AFP) Dec 3, 2020 A Chinese space probe left the surface of the Moon Thursday to return to Earth, an ambitious effort to bring back the world's first lunar samples in four decades. China has poured billions into its military-run space programme, with hopes of having a crewed space […]

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