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  • White House Unveils Partnership To Boost Quantum Science Education
    par msmash le 05/08/2020 à 3:26

    The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy said on Wednesday the Trump administration is launching a national education partnership to expand access to K-12 quantum information science (QIS) education with major companies and research institutions. From a report: The public-private […]

  • Facebook's Instagram Launches TikTok Copycat in Political Storm
    par msmash le 05/08/2020 à 2:49

    Facebook's Instagram photo-sharing app is launching its clone of TikTok in more than 50 countries, a week after Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg defended the company's copycat strategies to U.S. lawmakers at an antitrust hearing. From a report: The product, called Reels, lets people edit […]

  • FBI Issues Warning Over Windows 7 End-of-Life
    par msmash le 05/08/2020 à 2:01

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation sent a private industry notification (PIN) on Monday to partners in the US private sector about the dangers of continuing to use Windows 7 after the operating system reached its official end-of-life (EOL) earlier this year. From a report: "The FBI has observed […]

  • Anthony Levandowski Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison, As New $4 Billion Lawsuit Against Uber Is Filed
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 1:00

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from TechCrunch: Anthony Levandowski, the former Google engineer and serial entrepreneur who was at the center of a lawsuit between Uber and Waymo, has been sentenced to 18 months on one count of stealing trade secrets. Judge Alsup said that home confinement […]

  • Hacker Leaks Passwords For 900+ Enterprise VPN Servers
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 10:00

    A hacker has published today a list of plaintext usernames and passwords, along with IP addresses for more than 900 Pulse Secure VPN enterprise servers. ZDNet reports: According to a review, the list includes: IP addresses of Pulse Secure VPN servers, Pulse Secure VPN server firmware version, SSH […]

  • Riot Games Addresses Burnout and Crunch By Giving Employees a Week Off
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 7:00

    Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends and Valorant, will be giving employees the week of August 10th off to "disconnect, recharge, and reboot," the studio announced in a blog post published Tuesday. The Verge reports: Riot has recently expanded beyond its global smash hit League of […]

  • Hackers Could Use IoT Botnets To Manipulate Energy Markets
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 3:30

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Wired: At the Black Hat security conference on Wednesday, [researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology] will present their findings, which suggest that high-wattage IoT botnets -- made up of power-guzzling devices like air conditioners, car chargers, […]

  • Honda Recalls 608,000 Vehicles For Faulty Software
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 2:03

    Honda is recalling 608,000 vans and SUVs because of faulty software that can, among other things, cause the backup camera to fail and the driver display to malfunction or reboot. The recalls will begin on September 23rd. The Verge reports: Certain 2018-2020 Odysseys, 2019-2020 Passports, and […]

  • Virtual House Hunting Gets a Pandemic Boost
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 1:25

    Padraig Belton from the BBC writes about how house hunters are using virtual-reality headsets to tour homes in the age of coronavirus. From the report: It's not for everyone as, at the moment, house hunters have to use their own headsets. But Giles Milner, marketing director at estate agent […]

  • It's Official: EU Launches Antitrust Probe Into Google's Fitbit Takeover
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 12:45

    It was rumored last week and now it's official: the European Commission announced it is launching an in-depth antitrust investigation into Google's $2.1 billion bid for Fitbit. CNN reports: The European Union's top antitrust regulator said it is concerned that the takeover would further strengthen […]

  • Amazon's Engineers Are Building Robots In Their Garages
    par BeauHD le 05/08/2020 à 12:02

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: The next generation of Amazon's Scout bots -- the fully-electric autonomous delivery devices the company is hoping to deploy soon -- is currently being designed and built by a team of mechanical engineers in Seattle, and not in the most orthodox of […]

  • Tesla's Touchscreen Wiper Controls Ruled Illegal In Germany
    par BeauHD le 04/08/2020 à 11:20

    New submitter Rei_is_a_dumbass shares a report from Electrek: Tesla's wiper controls through its touchscreen have been ruled illegal in Germany after someone crashed their Model 3 while using them and fought a fine and driving ban through the court system. A Tesla Model 3 driver got into an […]

  • Disney+ Passes 60.5 Million Subs, Reaches 5-Year Streaming Goal In First Eight Months
    par BeauHD le 04/08/2020 à 10:40

    In Disney's earnings call today, CEO Bob Chapek said there are now 60.5 million global subscribers to Disney+, reaching the 60 million-90 million range it told investors it would get to by 2024. Deadline reports: He also said today that Mulan, long in limbo amid the COVID-19 pandemic, will debut […]

  • Twitter Faces FTC Probe, Likely Fine Over Use of Phone Numbers For Ads
    par BeauHD le 04/08/2020 à 10:04

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Twitter is facing a Federal Trade Commission probe and believes it will likely owe a fine of up to $250 million after being caught using phone numbers intended for two-factor authentication for advertising purposes. The company received a draft […]

  • Microsoft Goes Big in Security Bug Bounties: Its $13.7m is Double Google's 2019 Payouts
    par msmash le 04/08/2020 à 9:26

    Microsoft has revealed it has awarded security researchers $13.7m for reporting bugs in Microsoft software since July last year. From a report: Microsoft's bug bounties are one of the largest source of financial awards for researchers probing software for flaws and, importantly, reporting them to […]

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