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  • CS50, the World's Most Popular Online Programming Class, Turns to AI for Help
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 10:59

    "The world's most popular online learning course, Harvard University's CS50, is getting a ChatGPT-era makeover," reports Bloomberg: CS50, an introductory course in computer science attended by hundreds of students on-campus and over 40,000 online, plans to use artificial intelligence to grade […]

  • Renewable Energy Could Use 50% Less Land, Study Suggests
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 9:59

    The Washington Post looks at a new study co-authored by Nels Johnson, senior practice adviser for renewable energy development at the Nature Conservancy nonprofit. Its underlying point: the current way of building renewables will not work. "If we take the business-as-usual approach, land […]

  • Scientists Zap Sleeping Humans' Brains with Electricity to Improve Their Memory
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 8:59

    "A little brain stimulation at night appears to help people remember what they learned the previous day," reports NPR — a finding that could one day help people with memory problems, sleeps issues, or depression: A study of 18 people with severe epilepsy found that they scored higher on a […]

  • Hundreds of Amazon Workers Staged a Walkout Wednesday
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 7:34

    "Amazon employees staged a walkout Wednesday," reports CNBC, "in protest of the company's recent return-to-office mandate, layoffs and its environmental record." Approximately 2,000 employees worldwide walked off the job shortly after 3 p.m. EST, with about 1,000 of those workers gathering […]

  • Red Hat is Dropping Its Support for LibreOffice
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 6:34

    The Red Hat Package Managers for LibreOffice "have recently been orphaned," according to a post by Red Hat manager Matthias Clasen on the "LibreOffice packages" mailing list, "and I thought it would be good to explain the reasons behind this." The Red Hat Display Systems team (the team behind most […]

  • ChatGPT is Already Taking Jobs
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 5:34

    The Washington Post writes that "Some economists predict artificial intelligence technology like ChatGPT could replace hundreds of millions of jobs, in a cataclysmic reorganization of the workforce mirroring the industrial revolution. "For some workers, this impact is already here." Those that […]

  • Uber Eats to Deploy 2,000 Autonomous Delivery Robots
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 4:34

    "If you live in San Jose, Dallas, or Vancouver, you may soon be sharing the sidewalk with an army of delivery robots," reports PC Magazine (citing a report from TechCrunch. Uber Eats is expanding its partnership with Serve Robotics to deploy up to 2,000 zero-emission bots: Currently covering Los […]

  • Boeing Delays Starliner Launch Again After Discovering Two Serious Problems
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 3:34

    "A Boeing official said Thursday that the company was 'standing down' from an attempt to launch the Starliner spacecraft on July 21," reports Ars Technica, "to focus on recently discovered issues with the vehicle." Starliner's program manager said they'd spent last weekend investigating the […]

  • 'RISE' Project Building Open Source RISC-V Software Announced by Linux Foundation Europe
    par EditorDavid le 03/06/2023 à 2:34

    Linux Foundation Europe "has announced the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) Project to help facilitate more performant, commercial-ready software for the RISC-V processor architecture," reports Phoronix. "Among the companies joining the RISE Project on their governing board are Andes, Google, […]

  • Japan Vending Machines To Automatically Offer Free Food If Earthquakes Hit
    par BeauHD le 03/06/2023 à 1:00

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Japan has extended its natural disaster preparations to vending machines, which will offer free food and drink in the event of a major earthquake or typhoon. Two machines have been installed in the western coastal city of Ako, located in a […]

  • Switzerland Is Turning the Gap Between Train Tracks Into a 'Solar Carpet'
    par BeauHD le 03/06/2023 à 10:00

    Swiss start-up Sun-Ways has developed a concept to install solar panels between train tracks, using a specially built train to "unroll" the panels during the night when fewer trains are running. Fast Company reports: As wild as it all sound, Sun-Ways actually has two competitors. Greenrail and […]

  • NASA UFO Team Calls For Higher Quality Data In First Public Meeting
    par BeauHD le 03/06/2023 à 7:00

    sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: The truth may be out there about UFOs, or what the government currently calls "unidentified anomalous phenomena" (UAPs). But finding it will require collecting data that are more rigorous than the anecdotal reports that typically fuel the […]

  • Arizona Limits Construction Around Phoenix as Its Water Supply Dwindles
    par BeauHD le 03/06/2023 à 3:30

    Longtime Slashdot reader MightyMartian shares a report from the New York Times: Arizona has determined that there is not enough groundwater for all of the housing construction that has already been approved in the Phoenix area, and will stop developers from building some new subdivisions (Source […]

  • MS Paint Gets Its Long-Promised Dark Mode, Along With Other Improvements
    par BeauHD le 03/06/2023 à 2:02

    Windows Insiders in the Dev and Canary channels now have access to an updated version of MS Paint, featuring dark mode support and more granular zoom settings. The update also introduces a zoom slider in the lower-right corner of the app, a new Settings page, new keyboard shortcuts, and "many […]

  • US To Stop Giving Russia Some New START Nuclear Arms Data
    par BeauHD le 03/06/2023 à 1:25

    New submitter terrorubic shares a report from Reuters: The United States said it will stop providing Russia some notifications required under the New START arms control treaty from Thursday, including updates on its missile and launcher locations, to retaliate for Moscow's 'ongoing violations' of […]

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