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  • The Rorschach Inkblot Test: We See an Unsinkable Rubber Ducky
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:51

    Editor’s Note: In August 2023, the Daily Mail ran a story titled “Inkblot Test Will Reveal If You’re Unable to Move on from the Past and Ever Be Happy,” indicating that the test “can be used to reveal info about your personality.” This story was based on a video […]

  • Inoculating Students against Misinformation by Having Them Create It
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:51

    We are drowning in misinformation. From wellness influencers making wildly inaccurate and baseless nutrition claims to fringe medical “professionals” selling pseudoscientific “treatments” online to conspiracy theorists enticing followers down the rabbit hole on YouTube, […]

  • Communities of Inquiry as a Tool to Foster Critical Thinking
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:50

    Critical thinking is widely regarded as one of the most important aims of education. Despite not being something new—we have great examples of critical thinking in action since at least the dialogues of Socrates—the literature on the topic was developed during the twentieth century. One […]

  • Adolf Hitler’s Personal Charlatan
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:50

    For treating his numerous ailments, Adolf Hitler would have, of course, been able to consult Germany’s foremost medical experts of his time. For his personal doctor, however, Hitler chose a relatively poorly qualified, alternative physician of doubtful repute. Theodor Morell was born on July […]

  • Cambridge Disinformation Summit
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:49

    Close to the end of the Cambridge Disinformation Summit,1 an audience member posed a conundrum: What about flat earth belief? People arrive at adulthood with it thoroughly “prebunked” at home and in school. It’s been thoroughly debunked, fact-checked, and disproven—yet some […]

  • Interview with Ruth Frazier
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:49

    Kendrick Frazier was at the center of the modern skeptical movement from the beginning. Through the pages of Skeptical Inquirer, he shared his own wisdom, amplified the voices of notable science communicators, and introduced many new voices—one of which was mine in 2017 when he published my […]

  • Uri Geller Admits to Being Unethical (and Skeptics Agree)
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:48

    An evening with Uri Geller is an evening well spent. Not because this self-proclaimed “mystifier” and supposed possessor of paranormal powers will provide any mysteries or evidence of paranormal powers, but because it is a demonstration of just how far blind ambition for fame and […]

  • Should Scientists Debate the Undebatable?
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:47

    On June 20, 2023, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience, the most popular podcast in the world. Joe Rogan was a comedian, actor, host of the television program Fear Factor, and color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Kennedy is a lawyer. What better […]

  • Gratitude for All You Skeptical Inquirers Out There
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:47

    This being my first column as editor of Skeptical Inquirer, I’m feeling many emotions. I feel nervous, appreciative, thrilled, lucky, and above all grateful. First and foremost, I’m grateful to Kendrick Frazier. I’ve long been a fan of this magazine, and I now have an even greater […]

  • Stuart Vyse Finishes Spectacular Tenure as Skeptical Inquirer’s Interim Editor
    par jlavarnway le 24/10/2023 à 5:46

    With the devastating loss of Skeptical Inquirer’s beloved longtime editor Kendrick Frazier, the magazine needed someone to take over the role as interim editor. Stuart Vyse stepped up in a big way. With a master’s in English and a doctorate in psychology, Vyse taught at Connecticut […]

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