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  • E.O. Wilson: A Life in Nature, Citizen of the Biosphere
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 2:04

    In what he described as an “accident in a haphazard life,” as a child E.O Wilson lost vision in his right eye when a spine from a perchlike pinfish he had caught while fishing jerked out of the water and penetrated his pupil. That injury coupled with a congenital loss of hearing left a […]

  • Three Tributes to E.O. Wilson: Was He Our Modern-Day Darwin?
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 2:02

    We invited three prominent scientists, all CSI fellows, to give readers their own personal perspectives on E.O. Wilson. Richard Dawkins E.O. Wilson’s Sociobiology was published around the same time as my The Selfish Gene, and I came in for a bit of backlash from the wave of misconceived […]

  • The Failures of Mathematical Anti-Evolutionism
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:59

    Mathematics has long had a place in the arsenal of anti-evolutionism, but in recent years it has become especially prominent. This is understandable because mathematics affords the possibility of an “in-principle” argument against evolution. If you can carry out a calculation to show […]

  • Revisiting the ‘Stonehenge Surprise’: The ‘Best Case’ for Crop Circles?
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:58

    On Sunday, July 7, 1996, what has been called “one of the most complex and spectacular crop circle designs ever seen” (Andrews 2009) appeared in England. It was an astonishing fractal pattern called a Julia Set, which clearly demonstrates some sort of intelligence. It is unique in crop […]

  • Do Moonlight and Hydrogen Peroxide in Dew Whiten Laundry?
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:58

    There is a traditional belief that moonlight can be used to bleach laundry linen. Because of the low intensity of moonlight compared to that of sunlight, this appears implausible in light of current scientific understanding. However, J.P. Parisot (1986) suggested that the bleaching effect is real […]

  • Indian Astrology: A Reality Check
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:57

    In India, astrological matchmaking is invariably the very first filter applied in the selection process of arranged marriages. Close to 90 percent of marriages in India are arranged, so clearly astrology is very popular. This popularity warrants scientific and transparent testing of Indian […]

  • GIF Science: The Crisis of Science Simplification on Social Media
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:56

    Science simplification is considered one of the most useful tools for communicating about science, whether through scientific books, articles, interviews, or documentaries. Depth of the scientific writing employed varies greatly depending on its intended audience. It can range anywhere from […]

  • U.K. ‘Needle Spiking’ Panic Fuels Fear—and Folklore
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:55

    For several months in late 2021, a panic swept through the United Kingdom after dozens of people reported having been attacked by needle-wielding criminals in bars and nightclubs. As Adela Suliman of The Washington Post reported on October 23: There have been multiple reports of “needle […]

  • The Widening Political Polarization over Science
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:54

    It is not just an artifact of media coverage. Political polarization in attitudes toward science has greatly increased. That is the result found by an analysis issued in late January 2022 of the 2021 General Social Science Survey (GSS) data by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs […]

  • Rap, Pop, and Clean Energy: Fighting for Rapid Change in a Slow Congress
    par jlavarnway le 02/05/2022 à 1:54

    As a scientist and former clean-energy CEO elected to Congress on a protect-our-climate platform, Sean Casten is something of an anomaly in the U.S. House of Representatives. But he has gained the respect of colleagues for his command of energy issues and his willingness to listen. Casten is a […]

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