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  • Just Launched Mid-sized Cruisers
    par Lydia Mullan le 20/05/2022 à 3:50

    With so many manufacturers dreaming up bigger production boats, more and more mid-sized cruisers fall on the smaller end of their lines. However, “smaller” does not mean less, and the tricks for optimizing larger models have helped with squeezing more enjoyment into less LOA. As seen in […]

  • Charter: Lake Tahoe
    par Capt. Robert Beringer le 18/05/2022 à 4:38

    A sail on Lake Tahoe has been on my bucket list since the day I first laid eyes on it, and come hell or high water, I decided I was going to someday charter a boat there. North America’s largest and deepest alpine lake, Tahoe sits at 6,225ft above sea level and straddles the state boundaries […]

  • Escape from New York Part 1
    par Emily Greenberg le 17/05/2022 à 3:38

    I was never supposed to take my boat through New York City. After getting sucked backward through the Cape Cod Canal on my way south from Maine, when the speed of the current exceeded the maximum speed of my little electric auxiliary, I wanted nothing to do with Hell Gate and its even faster ...

  • A Watermaker Upgrade
    par Ellen Massey Leonard le 16/05/2022 à 2:17

    As a classic-boat sailor, I’ve long held that simpler is the better. I still think this is true: a simpler boat is cheaper, she has less gadgets to break down and there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you’re able to handle a bit of discomfort. Thus, for a long time, I sailed […]

  • Sailing Speed Records
    par Lydia Mullan le 13/05/2022 à 2:24

    Although the 1903 defender of the America’s Cup, Reliance, was deemed a “racing freak”—the boat pushed design rules to their limit and couldn’t be beaten, at least in very specific conditions—designer Nat Herreshoff was nonetheless onto something. A century […]

  • Chartering with Non-sailors
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 11/05/2022 à 1:40

    Three tips on managing the madnessFirst-time charterers and first-time sailors aren’t at all the same thing. One group may struggle with beginner chartering issues, like sailing a multihull, catching a mooring or dealing with base personnel. For the other group, though, everything is new. […]

  • A Gulf Stream Crossing at Night
    par Charles R. Merwarth le 10/05/2022 à 2:49

    Even the dome of light glowing above the city behind us had disappeared as if swallowed in a gulp by Noah’s whale. The moon was absent. Not a star twinkled overhead. The night was so dark we could have been floating in a pot of black ink. The only artificial lights to be seen were those of […]

  • Summer Sailing Programs
    par Megan McSweeney le 09/05/2022 à 2:55

    Every year, countless parents find themselves navigating the do’s and don’ts of enrolling their children in a summer learn-to-sail program for the first time. While the prospect of getting your kid on the water is exciting, as a sailing camp program director, there are a lot of things I […]

  • Notice to Mariners: U.S.A! U.S.A! (Well, sorta…)
    par Adam Cort le 06/05/2022 à 4:39

    Some thoughts on a couple of recent developments on the U.S. racing scene that are more than a little at odds. To start with, congratulations to the US Sailing Team (USST) and its outstanding showing at the 53rd French Olympic Week regatta in Hyeres, France, with not one but three podium finishes! […]

  • The 52 Super Series
    par Jorge Aguadé le 04/05/2022 à 3:13

    The 52 Super Series is widely considered one of the top circuits in the world for monohulls, and in this era of rapid change, the TP52—or TransPacific 52—has managed to stay the series’ boat of choice for 10 years. Not only that, but as the class marks its 20th anniversary the […]

  • Knowing When It's Time for a Bigger Boat
    par Annie Dike le 28/04/2022 à 3:27

    “Keep it simple, sailor,” was always our mantra. Aboard our 1985 Niagara 35, Plaintiff’s Rest, my partner, Phillip, and I didn’t have heat, AC, a hot-water heater, generator, watermaker or bow thruster, which meant we also didn’t have to absorb the costs and time […]

  • At the Helm: Night Watch
    par Andy Schell le 26/04/2022 à 3:32

    February 2, 2019. Somewhere near mid-Atlantic, on passage aboard the Swan 48, Isbjørn, from Gran Canaria to Antigua, from my personal logbook: “Something clicked for me in the early morning hours after midnight. I had slept well before Mia woke me up at 0200 to finish her four-hour […]

  • James Wharram, A Lasting Legacy
    par Lydia Mullan le 25/04/2022 à 4:21

    The Ocean Cruising Club’s 2022 Lifetime Cruising Award has been bestowed posthumously to James Wharram, a pioneer in modern offshore multihull design and sailing. Wharram, who passed away in December at the age of 93, was fascinated by Polynesian canoes from a young age, and in the 1950s […]

  • Spring Sailing in Ohio
    par Megan McSweeney le 22/04/2022 à 4:36

    Spring has sprung, which means the brave (or the stupid) are suiting up to harness the spring breeze on the water. As the SAIL intern this semester, I’ve been itching to finally go out and do what I’ve been reading and writing about since January. I’m also staring graduation in […]

  • Celestial Navigation 16
    par Megan McSweeney le 21/04/2022 à 4:46

    In episode 16 of the Nav Station's Celestial Navigation series, practice putting it all together. Featuring what a celestial day at sea looks like, a more detailed examination of the Running Fix, and a unique plotting sheet system for the Bermuda Race rhumb line course.

  • Notice to Mariners: Get your ZEN50 On
    par Adam Cort le 20/04/2022 à 5:54

    I’m not going to lie to you, when I first laid eyes on the renderings for the ZEN 50 zero-emission solar-electric cruising cat, my thoughts were such that they couldn’t really be published in what I like to think of as our “family” publication. The more I considered it, […]

  • Ryan Finn Poised to Complete 2Oceans1Rock Voyage
    par Lydia Mullan le 19/04/2022 à 5:47

    After nearly 100 days at sea, Ryan Finn is expected to complete his 14,000-mile journey called the “2Oceans1Rock” this week. Finn set out from the Miramar Yacht Club in New York on January 19 to sail San Francisco via Cape Horn. His 36ft proa is the smallest boat to attempt this route, […]

  • Setting Speed Records
    par Lydia Mullan le 18/04/2022 à 3:55

    French kiteboarder Alex Caizergues loves going fast. He is a four-time Kite Speed World Champion and holds the Kitespeed World Record at 57.94 knots. Recently, however, he’s set his sights on a different form of locomotion, leading the innovation lab Syroco’s effort to break the sailing […]

  • Misadventure or Successful Sea Trial?
    par Damian Lapaca le 14/04/2022 à 3:24

    The autopilot on my 35ft sloop, Second Wind, had been both commissioned and sea-trialed. I had also completed all of the other upgrades I’d had planned in preparation for perhaps a year-long cruise through the Caribbean. Working with various local technicians, I’d added solar panels, a […]

  • Celestial Navigation 15
    par Megan McSweeney le 14/04/2022 à 1:57

    In the 15th episode of the Nav Station's Celestial Navigation series, learn how to find your latitude using Polaris, including taking the star sight, the unique corrections involved, and plotting the line of latitude.

  • Trawlerfest Anacortes
    par Editors le 13/04/2022 à 12:25

    Trawlerfest Anacortes (Pssst, Sailors. You Should Come Too) 29 ‘Propulsion Agnostic’ Seminars Destinations, Solar Electric, Weather, Power Systems, Satellite Communications, Repairs & Maintenance... Even though the event is called Trawlerfest, and it’s brought to you by […]

  • Cruising in an Open 60 Racer
    par Joanna Hutchinson le 11/04/2022 à 5:23

    An ex-Vendée Globe racer is an unusual choice as a world cruiser, so why was it ours? Although we already both owned a pair of production boats, my partner, Timo, and I were searching for something to spice up our cruising life. We toyed with the idea of a classic schooner, but weren’t […]

  • Three 30ft Range Performance-oriented Designed Boats
    par Lydia Mullan le 08/04/2022 à 2:30

    With an increasing number of truly massive yachts on the docks at boat shows these days, it would be easy to assume that the boatbuilding industry is going all in on the “bigger is better” approach. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. As demonstrated in these three new ...

  • Celestial Navigation 14
    par Megan McSweeney le 07/04/2022 à 4:32

    In Episode 14 of the Nav Station’s Celestial Navigation series, learn how to take the moon sight and new ways to correct it, as well as the advantages and things to watch for when using a moon sight.  April 2022

  • A DIY Battery Bank Expansion
    par David Popken le 05/04/2022 à 12:48

    For quite some time, I had contemplated an expansion of the house battery bank aboard our 1987 Sabre 38MKI, Orion. There were several potential issues that had kept the project from becoming a reality. But fortunately, while not trivial, in the end, they were all surmountable, and I was able to ...

  • VIDEO: BVI Spring Regatta Wraps Up
    par Lydia Mullan le 04/04/2022 à 5:30

    As sailors up north are just starting to defrost and think about getting their boats launched, the Caribbean spring season is in full swing, with another premiere event in the books. The 49th edition of the BVI Spring Regatta consisted of five days of racing in idyllic conditions and plenty to ...

  • Celestial Navigation 13
    par Megan McSweeney le 30/03/2022 à 6:18

    Episode 13 in the Celestial Navigation discusses three methods to pre-calculate the positions of the stars and planets, as well as some best practices for being organized to take star and planet sights.

  • VIDEO: Rolex Yachtswoman and Yachtsman of the Year Winners Announced
    par Lydia Mullan le 30/03/2022 à 6:00

    Daniela Moroz and Harry Melges IV received U.S. Sailing’s highest competitive racing honor for their respective 2021 seasons, demonstrating excellence on the water and representing the US on the national stage. Moroz, who is just 21, has already received the honor twice, while Melges is a ...

  • Notice to Mariners: 37th America's Cup Goes to Barcelona
    par Adam Cort le 29/03/2022 à 4:57

    It’s official. Emirates Team New Zealand (ETNZ) and the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron are ditching their fans in Auckland for the port city of Barcelona, Spain. No word yet on how many pieces of silver will be changing hands as part of the deal that will see Barcelona play host to the 37th […]

  • Zen and the Art of Managing Cats
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 28/03/2022 à 2:48

    Since you’re reading this in a multihull magazine, chances are you’re already a fan of catamarans and are familiar with their advantages. They offer more room than same-length monohulls, they have system redundancy built in, they tend to produce less seasickness because they don’t […]

  • Women's History Spotlight: Dame Ellen MacArthur
    par Megan McSweeney le 25/03/2022 à 3:23

    Dame Ellen MacArthur was born July 8, 1976 in Derbyshire, England. She grew up sailing with her aunt on the eastern coast of England. At age eight, she saved her lunch money to buy an eight-foot dinghy. At 17, she began working at the David King Nautical School in Kingston upon Hull. A year later […]

  • Celestial Navigation 12
    par Megan McSweeney le 24/03/2022 à 1:48

    In episode 12 of the Celestial Navigation series, learn how to calculate planet sights, with two additional corrections to the sight reduction process. Read more...

  • Cutting-edge Technology for Multihull Design
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 23/03/2022 à 2:16

    If you’ve watched America’s Cup or grand prix sailboat racing you may have noticed the mindboggling technology that goes into moving a mass of magnificently crafted composite around some buoys or around the globe. These machines are otherworldly. But in case you think those speedsters […]

  • Charter: The Right Crew
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 23/03/2022 à 2:14

    I was recently asked to run a charter for friends. As non-sailors, they didn’t know what to expect or who else to invite. I suggested bareboat chartering is living with people in close quarters, sometimes in stressful situations due to weather and schedules, and that they should select the […]

  • Women's History Spotlight: Krystyna Chojnowski-Liskiewicz
    par Megan McSweeney le 21/03/2022 à 4:03

    Born in Warsaw, Poland, in July of 1936, Krystyna Chojnowski-Liskiewicz did not learn how to sail until her family chose to relocate away from the country’s capital. After World War II, her home in Warsaw was absorbed into the ghetto. Her family moved from their home to Ostróda, a city […]

  • Experience: A Near-Drowning at Dockside
    par Robert Wagner le 21/03/2022 à 1:52

    I walked up to the bathroom and the couple was just getting out of their boat. The man appeared to be in surprisingly good shape. He was well tanned, trim and muscular, not exactly what you would expect for a guy in his 70s. He appeared to be moving without any stiffness. The boat was backed into […]

  • Notice to Mariners: MLB and AC37
    par Adam Cort le 15/03/2022 à 7:30

    Major League Baseball is up and running again following a 99-day lockout, during which the league’s team owners basically said they weren’t going to play ball anymore if the players didn’t do what they say. Being a Red Sox and Cleveland Guardians fan, the return of baseball comes […]

  • Multihulls on the Horizon Winter 2022
    par SAIL Editors le 15/03/2022 à 4:44

    HH44 Parallel HybridThe HH44 sits in a sweet spot at the center of the two axes of ideal yacht design: performance versus comfort; safety versus innovation. Despite the sporty look of its reverse sheer bows, elegantly sculpted cabintrunk and a sailplan with options to spare, the boat also offers ...

  • Celestial Navigation 11
    par Megan McSweeney le 14/03/2022 à 7:23

    In episode 11 of the Celestial Navigation series, learn how to pre-calculate the time of nautical and civil twilight, as well as correcting a star sight and how to use the sidereal hour angle to reduce your sight.

  • Women's History Spotlight: Annette Brock Davis
    par Megan McSweeney le 11/03/2022 à 6:38

    Born in September of 1909, Annette Brock spent her childhood traveling by steamer ship between Canada and Europe. Her mother was English and married a Canadian warehouse manager. Brock grew up small boat sailing, and at 14 she was reading nautical textbooks and building scale models of ships in ...

  • Celestial Navigation 10
    par Megan McSweeney le 10/03/2022 à 3:37

    . Episode 10 of The Nav Station’s Celestial Navigation series discusses the theory of the noon sight, how to take the sight, calculate your latitude, and how to pre-calculate the time of Meridian Passage based on your Dead Reckoning position.

  • Ask SAIL: Do Without a Bolt Rope?
    par Brian Hancock le 09/03/2022 à 6:34

      Q: In one of your recent Ask Sail responses, you wrote about loose-footed mainsails. I have an S2 7.9 that has a rope-footed main. Since I’m just cruising and not racing, could I just leave the rope out of the track and sail it as though it were loose-footed, or am I asking for […]

  • Cruising the Berry Islands, Bahamas
    par Simon Fowler le 09/03/2022 à 4:59

    My wife, Carla, and I had no intention of going to the Berry Islands. I had never even heard of them. We were at anchor in Nassau, though, when the pandemic finally reached The Bahamas. Immediately, everything started to close down. We needed a new plan, and we needed it fast. We were due to leave […]

  • Maine's First Ship
    par Lydia Mullan le 07/03/2022 à 2:44

    The Bath Freight Shed is a long, low building that smells like wood shavings and is lit by twinkling strings of lights in the rafters. When you first enter, a small exhibit space introduces the significance of the place, complete with historic artifacts and models of a tall ship and a fort. Further […]

  • Women's History Spotlight: Hélène de Pourtalès
    par Megan McSweeney le 04/03/2022 à 8:56

    Hélène de Pourtalès was the first woman to win an Olympic medal, sailing in the 1900 Olympics in the 1-2 Ton class. She was one of three crew aboard the boat Lérina, alongside her husband and nephew. Lérina sailed in two races that were scored and awarded […]

  • From the Editor: Hurts So Good
    par Adam Cort le 04/03/2022 à 5:00

    As President Teddy Roosevelt once said: “Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty. No kind of life is worth leading if it is always an easy life.” Words to live by! And one of the many reasons I’m so fond of sailing. Talk about […]

  • Celestial Navigation 9
    par Megan McSweeney le 03/03/2022 à 8:28

    In Episode 9 of the Celestial Navigation series from the The Nav Station, put everything together as instructor Andy Howe covers a full problem from start to finish then plots the sight on a chart. March 2022

  • Russia Banned from US Sailing Events
    par Adam Cort le 01/03/2022 à 6:49

    Saying it stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they fight against the ongoing Russian invasion of their country, US Sailing has joined the International Olympic Committee and World Sailing in barring all Russian and Belarusian athletes, teams and officials from participating in any ...

  • Notice to Mariners: The Pros (and the Cons)
    par Lydia Mullan le 01/03/2022 à 3:23

    Let’s talk about performance sailing. Specifically, women’s involvement on the big boats. The idea of inclusive sailing at the highest level is not a recent phenomenon. In fact, in 1900 (yes, you read that right, 122 years ago) Hélène de Pourtalè was the first […]

  • RORC Caribbean 600 Wraps Up
    par Megan McSweeney le 25/02/2022 à 4:17

    The RORC Caribbean 600 is wrapping up as the final finishers make their way towards Antigua after five days of racing. The 600 nm course starts and finishes in Antigua and takes competitors all around the Caribbean Islands. The overall winner, Pac52 Warrior Won, finished the race late Wednesday ...

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