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  • At The Helm: Man Overboard!
    par Andy Schell le 19/04/2021 à 12:45

    Imagine this simple scenario: the boat’s powered up, sailing close-hauled in a building breeze under full sail. I come on deck as the skipper during the watch change to make sure the new crew is comfortable and the boat is properly set up for both the current conditions and those expected […]

  • Contrasting X-Yachts & Moody Cruisers
    par Adam Cort le 19/04/2021 à 12:34

    One of the most fascinating things about sailboats is the different ways that sailors, naval architects and builders will approach a single design problem. The result has been a bewildering array of rigs and hull forms over the years, and in the case of the two boats we’ll be looking at here, […]

  • Cruising Charter to Croatia
    par Eric Vohr le 19/04/2021 à 12:30

    As is the case with so much of the Mediterranean, to sail in Croatia is to take a journey through time. Centuries before the birth of Christ, Greeks traded amphoras of oil, wine and grain across these waters. During the first millennium, the Romans built lavish palaces and fortresses here. More ...

  • Alicante Announced as an Ocean Race Europe Stop
    par Lydia Mullan le 16/04/2021 à 4:44

    The Ocean Race Europe, a new event in offshore sailing, will include Alicante as one of four stopover cities. This European offshoot of the former Volvo Ocean Race will include the biggest change to the racing rules under the new title—fully crewed IMOCA 60s will join the one-design VO65 […]

  • Preparing for a Doublehanded Race
    par Joe Cooper le 16/04/2021 à 2:39

    A few months ago we took a look at the development and attraction of doublehanded racing (Two to Tango, June/July 2020). Hopefully, that served to whet your appetite. If so, the question becomes: “How do I get started? The good news, as we explained in Part 1, is that if you are the owner of […]

  • A Key Approach to Passagemaking
    par Dick Stevenson le 13/04/2021 à 3:07

    How you approach offshore sailing is key to the success of each passage. In addition, some of the most valuable, even crucial attitudes and skills may not be either learned or valued in everyday life on shore and may even fly in the face of talents that are greatly admired and sought after. The ...

  • Point of SAIL: Mary Crowley of the Ocean Voyages Institute
    par Adam Cort le 13/04/2021 à 2:47

    In this episode of Point of SAIL, Principal Editor Adam Cort talks with Mary Crowley, founder and executive director of the Ocean Voyages Institute, a not-for-profit based in California that has been both educating sailors and working to preserve the health of the world’s ocean for over 40 […]

  • Tracking and Catching Plastic Waste
    par Adam Cort le 13/04/2021 à 1:40

    Plastic waste—in the form of everything from plastic soda bottles to abandoned fishing nets—constitutes a major threat to the health of the world’s oceans. Giving the immense size of an ocean, though, actually finding all the plastic floating around out there in a time-efficient […]

  • Marblehead to Halifax Canceled; Alternative Races Planned
    par Adam Cort le 12/04/2021 à 2:30

    The Marblehead to Halifax race that was scheduled for this summer has been canceled due to continuing Covid concerns. Organizers at the Boston Yacht Club and Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron who co-sponsor the event have made the decision because of uncertainty about when the US/Canada border, ...

  • SailGP Announces Roster and Coach Additions
    par Lydia Mullan le 09/04/2021 à 4:08

    Athletes Daniela Moroz, CJ Perez and Paul Campbell-James have been added to The United States’ SailGP lineup. Also joining the team will be head coach Philippe Presti. Moroz is a four-time Formula Kite World Champion and two-time U.S. Sailing Rolex Yachtswoman-of-the-Year. Perez is a skilled […]

  • Chartering the West Coast
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 08/04/2021 à 4:36

    Although two-thirds of the U.S. boating population lives along the Eastern Seaboard, there are many hardy and enthusiastic cruising sailors on the “left coast” as well. Better still, if you’re looking to charter on the Pacific side, there’s plenty of great sailing and many […]

  • Sailing Aluminum Boats
    par Charles J. Doane le 07/04/2021 à 1:43

    The first cruising couple I ever met who was sailing an aluminum boat told me an interesting story. They were French—of course. They’d been anchored a long time and had a lot of growth on their hull. When finally they decided to move on, they jumped in the water to scrape the boat […]

  • Weather Routing: Comfortable Passagemaking
    par Andy Schell le 06/04/2021 à 3:22

    A weather forecast—like an old-school dead-reckoning plot—will decrease in certainty with the passage of time. Over the past five years of arranging offshore charters aboard our Swan 48, Isbjørn, and our Swan 59, Icebear, we’ve tempted the gods by consistently breaking the […]

  • A Night Approach to Cape Horn
    par Randall Reeves le 05/04/2021 à 2:56

    In October of 2018, Randall Reeves departed for a second attempt at what he called his “Figure 8 Voyage,” a solo circumnavigation of both the North and South American and Antarctic continents in one season. He had something to prove. During his first attempt, knockdowns off Cape Horn […]

  • Dolphins to the Rescue
    par John Platt le 02/04/2021 à 1:21

    We were sailing in the Indian Ocean from the Seychelles Islands to Madagascar on my brother’s plywood-built 40ft trimaran, Romany Road, a 1,000-mile voyage. It was a clear, calm day far from land. The gentle wind drove us smartly along through the royal-blue ocean. Out of nowhere, whitecaps […]

  • A Problematic Rescue
    par Bill Evans le 01/04/2021 à 1:30

    February 2, 2020 was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. The temperature was in the upper 60’s, the wind from the southwest at a steady 8 knots—an ideal day to take my Catalina 270, Pneuma, out for the first sail of the year in my home waters of north Alabama. After a few extra seconds of […]

  • Cruising: No Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing
    par Andy Schell le 31/03/2021 à 1:37

    “The weather is rough and unpredictable,” says August Sandberg, skipper of our Swan 48, Isbjørn, and a native Norwegian, having grown up on an island outside Bergen at 60 degrees north latitude. “The sun never rises. The sky is dark, and the air cold. You’re […]

  • Highfield Sport 420
    par Highfield Boats le 31/03/2021 à 12:44

    A member of the new Sport Collection, launching the next generation of Highfield Boats’ durable rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), the Sport 420 combines luxury features with a heavy-duty aluminum hull, making it the perfect deluxe yacht tender.

  • Installing Synthetic Standing Rigging
    par Phil Gutowski le 30/03/2021 à 11:35

    It was blowing 25 knots when the inner forestay let go. Eclipse, my 1984 Tayana 42, was screaming along on a broad reach just south of Saint Thomas. I had gone to raise the staysail, and upon putting a slight strain on the hanks, the stainless wire separated from its swagged fitting at the deck. I […]

  • Behind the Scenes at Lagoon
    par Lydia Mullan le 26/03/2021 à 1:56

    We spend so much time with the finished product that it's easy to gloss over how much work and innovation goes into making a single sailboat. Today, we're taking a look behind the scenes with our friends at Lagoon as they show us the build for their new 55. There's something truly mesmerizing about […]

  • Boat Review: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410
    par Charles J. Doane le 26/03/2021 à 1:49

    A few years ago, Jeanneau set about the business of revolutionizing its storied Sun Odyssey line when it introduced its SO 490 and 440 models, designed by Phillipe Briand. Building on that momentum, the French builder has since passed the baton to a new designer, Marc Lombard, who incorporated a ...

  • Purchasing a Charter Yacht
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 25/03/2021 à 12:59

    One thing nobody really expected when the pandemic hit last year was skyrocketing boat sales. Power and sailboats alike have sold like hotcakes in all sizes, from tiny rowboats to large long-distance cruisers. Everyone it seemed, was going to create their own on-the-water social-distancing bubble. […]

  • Gear: JibCap
    par Lydia Mullan le 24/03/2021 à 4:15

    Everything offshore is subject to wear-and-tear, including the head of your furling genoa. Indeed, between UV exposure and the working loads that come as a result of both the wind and halyard tension, it’s one of the most stressed parts of your boat. Enter the JibCap, a protective jacket for […]

  • Paul Cayard to Lead US Olympic Program
    par Lydia Mullan le 24/03/2021 à 3:15

    US Sailing has announced that Paul Cayard will be the new Executive Director of U.S. Olympic Sailing. Cayard, best known for his seven America's Cup campaigns, has also been heavily involved in Olympic Sailing as a two-time Olympian in 1984 and 2004. He finished fifth in the Star class at the 2004 […]

  • Cruising Lake Superior’s Apostle Islands
    par David Dodgen le 23/03/2021 à 3:10

    I didn’t come up with the title to this story on my own. I actually saw it on a T-shirt in downtown Bayfield, Wisconsin. At the time as we were roaming around town after returning our boat to the Superior Yacht Charters base ( there following five days exploring the […]

  • Blind Faith: Sailing in Fog
    par Charles J. Doane le 22/03/2021 à 12:59

    Of all the superpowers today’s sailors wield thanks to modern electronics, being able to sail in fog with impunity is certainly one of the most useful. GPS navigation and electronic charts have been around long enough now that there is an entire generation of mariners who have never […]

  • 37th America's Cup Challenge Announced
    par Lydia Mullan le 19/03/2021 à 3:48

    Less than 48 hours after the final race of the 36th America's Cup, the Brits have challenged Emirates Team New Zealand to another go. “The 37th America’s Cup effectively starts the moment the team crossed the finish line on Wednesday afternoon,” said Emirates Team New Zealand CEO […]

  • The Latest in Multihull Design
    par SAIL Editors le 18/03/2021 à 2:25

    Bali CatspaceThis is not a racing boat. However, if you want comfort afloat and plenty of room for your sailing friends, the aptly named Bali Catspace is the vessel for you. “Rarely,” Bali claims, “has a catamaran of this size offered so much habitable volume,” and […]

  • Ask Sail: Underperforming Solar
    par Gordon West le 17/03/2021 à 2:21

    UNDERPERFORMING SOLAR Q: I have a pair of solar panels on my aft arch feeding to a solar voltage regulator and then feeding my bank of three AGM house batteries. All was well for the last two winters, but now when the panels are putting out 15-plus volts the regulator begins to shuts down the ...

  • Gear: ugo Tablet Case
    par Lydia Mullan le 17/03/2021 à 2:19

    Despite the fact sailors have long since embraced the use of wireless devices offshore, few thing get along less well with water than non-marinized electronics—which is why we were so excited to learn about the ugo line of tablet and phone cases. The key to these great little bits of gear is […]

  • VIDEO: New Zealand Wins the America's Cup
    par Lydia Mullan le 17/03/2021 à 1:58

    The Kiwis have successfully defended their title in the 36th America's Cup, defeating Team Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli seven to three. Though the Italians had an impressive run, Emirates Team New Zealand proved impossible to beat once they got their stride. The event began with three days of tied ...

  • VIDEO: Kiwis Poised to Win America's Cup
    par Lydia Mullan le 16/03/2021 à 4:24

    After several days of racing and several abandoned races due to wind conditions, Emirates Team New Zealand is just one victory away from keeping the America's Cup for another cycle. They're leading six to three in a first-to-seven series. Though down three points, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli has been […]

  • The Beaufort Scale: Classifying Wind and Sea Scapes
    par Adam Cort le 15/03/2021 à 12:54

    Created in 1805 by Britain’s Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort, the “Beaufort Scale,” which classifies wind and sea states according to a dozen different “force” levels, is widely used in the UK, but much neglected in the United States, which is too bad. Associating, say, a […]

  • VIDEO: America's Cup, Day 2
    par Lydia Mullan le 12/03/2021 à 4:28

    Last night Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli faced off for the second day of America's Cup racing. Following one win apiece on the first day, each team was hoping to pull ahead during last night's racing. Despite little opportunity to face off before the Cup, these teams are […]

  • Highfield Sport 650
    par Highfield Boats le 11/03/2021 à 4:08

    New for 2021, the Sport 650 has the performance, durability and reliability to take you on adventures you can only pursue in a rigid inflatable boat (RIB).

  • Highfield Sport 520
    par Highfield Boats le 11/03/2021 à 4:01

    Part of the 2021 Sport Collection from Highfield Boats, the world’s largest builder of aluminum-hull rigid inflatable boats (RIBS), the new Sport 520 is a versatile sportboat that also is well suited for use as a luxury superyacht tender.

  • VIDEO: America's Cup, Day One
    par Lydia Mullan le 10/03/2021 à 3:28

    Day one of the America's Cup brought all the excitement fans have been hoping for for the past four years. The Defender of the Record, Emirates Team New Zealand, took the first race handily and immediately visions of 2017's blowout victory for the Kiwis came to mind. However, the Italians were ...

  • Dragging Anchor in a Squall
    par Rob Williams le 09/03/2021 à 9:00

    The wind shrieking through the rigging jolted me awake in the middle of the night. It sounded like the bimini was being ripped to shreds. I grabbed my iPad to check our position on the way to the cockpit and did a double-take: we were 25 yards from where we had dropped the hook a few hours earlier. […]

  • VIDEO: America's Cup Preview
    par Lydia Mullan le 09/03/2021 à 7:38

    The Cup is finally here. The first races of the 2021 America's Cup will begin at 10pm EST tonight. Last month's hard-won victory by the Italians in the Prada Cup earned them a spot in the America's Cup. Emirates Team New Zealand, on the other hand, has not raced their boat since the abandoned ...

  • Cruising: the Bay of Biscay
    par Rupert Holmes le 08/03/2021 à 2:26

    Few bodies of water have such a fearsome reputation—or have exerted as powerful an effect in shaping the course of history—as the Bay of Biscay. Enclosed by the Atlantic coast of France and northern coast of Spain, the bay measures less than 350 miles from headland to headland but is […]

  • Ari Huusela Finishes the Vendée Globe
    par Lydia Mullan le 05/03/2021 à 4:13

    After 116 days at sea, Ari Huusela (Stark) has crossed the line and brought a close to the 9th edition of the Vendée Globe. He is the first Finnish skipper to complete the race. In a race this difficult, making it to the finish is a victory in its own right. Though the last skipper to cross […]

  • Newport International Boat Show Announces Dates
    par Lydia Mullan le 04/03/2021 à 4:25

    This year marks half a century for New England’s largest boat show, and the celebration will be in person. In a statement released yesterday, Nancy Piffard, Show Director of Newport Exhibition Group said, “We are excited to kick off the boat show season in-person this year… We […]

  • World Sailing Trust Launches Global Participation Study
    par Lydia Mullan le 03/03/2021 à 4:45

    Two years after its global survey on women in sailing, the World Sailing Trust is surveying the entire sport in order to assess equity, diversity and inclusion. The survey will be conducted bi-annually to monitor trends and progress. "By researching the sport, the aim is to explain the underlying […]

  • DIY: A Better Saloon Table
    par Roger Hughes le 02/03/2021 à 2:10

    The original saloon table in my Down East 45 schooner was a single heavy sheet of 3/4in laminated plywood, 27in wide by 57in long. It was supported on two substantial aluminum pedestals locking into a set of large round collars screwed to the sole. There were two annoying problems with this ...

  • Salty Dawgs Recognized by CCA
    par Lydia Mullan le 01/03/2021 à 4:25

    The Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) has long been the go-to organization for high value, affordable rallies, but when Covid forced the sudden closure of borders in the Caribbean, it pivoted to organizing the Homeward Bound Flotilla. Its experience organizing rallies came to the rescue of some […]

  • SAIL Black History Month Series: James Forten
    par Lydia Mullan le 26/02/2021 à 5:24

    James Forten was born on September 2, 1766 in Philadelphia to free Black parents Thomas and Margaret Forten. Forten attended a Quaker school as a young child, then went to work with his father who was a sailmaker. His father died when he was still young, and Forten worked multiple jobs to help ...

  • 5 Ways Helps You Monetize Your Boat
    par le 26/02/2021 à 3:31

    Ready to earn some extra funds by renting out your boat or yacht? is an interactive service that allows you to monetize your boat in a secure, safe, and easy way.

  • 2020-21 Vendée Timeline
    par Lydia Mullan le 25/02/2021 à 7:16

    As a spectator event, France’s Vendée Globe never disappoints, and the 2020-21 edition of the quadrennial round-the-world race was no exception. From equipment failures to climactic rescues, heartbreaking abandonments and a breathtakingly close finish, this edition, which included 33 […]

  • BVI Chartering in the Pandemic
    par Peter Nielsen le 23/02/2021 à 9:05

    The week before I flew out to the British Virgin Islands for a bareboat charter, I was having a few second thoughts. The islands had broken out of their Covid-enforced tourism hiatus in December, but the conditions of entry seemed a little stringent: a negative Covid test within five days of ...

  • Sailing Amid Offshore Wind Farms
    par Tom Cunliffe le 23/02/2021 à 2:39

    Here in Europe, the general feeling about green energy from offshore wind turbines has moved on after an initial surge of general skepticism. Concerns raised over cost, threats to seabirds, wind interference and the rest have to some extent been answered, and it’s hard to argue with the […]

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