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  • Picton Castle Seeks Crew
    par Lydia Mullan le 23/10/2020 à 5:25

    The Picton Castle is set to begin its eighth circumnavigation this spring under the command of Captain Daniel Moreland. A professional crew of 12 will guide up to 40 trainees at a time as they learn about all aspects of sailing the bark, from steering to lookout, handling the 12,450ft2 of sail to […]

  • Ask Sail: Keel Attachments
    par Don Casey le 23/10/2020 à 3:29

    Q: I have an early ‘70s Catalina 27. The keel bolts look pretty good. My question is, why not glass over the keel to bond to the hull rather than changing the bolts if, or when the bolts are too far gone? I haven’t seen anything on this, so could you discuss? Full-keels are permanent. […]

  • Book Review: Sailing Into Oblivion
    par SAIL Editors le 22/10/2020 à 3:09

    Sailing Into Oblivion by Jerome Rand $15.99, available through Amazon As refreshing and inspiring as Jerome Rand’s 2017-18 solo-circumnavigation may have been, his account of the voyage in the book Sailing Into Oblivion: The Solo Non-Stop Voyage of the Mighty Sparrow may be even better. […]

  • 50 Years of SAIL
    par Adam Cort le 22/10/2020 à 1:49

    Back in early 1970, Bernie Goldhirsh and the recently founded “Institute for the Advancement of Sailing,” publisher of an annual sailboat and gear guide, launched something called SAIL. A half-century later, a look back at the magazine’s first few years provides a glimpse into a […]

  • Webinar: Navigating Post-Dorian Abaco
    par Lydia Mullan le 21/10/2020 à 6:22

    On Thursday, October 22 at 6 pm ET, Navigare Yachting presents a webinar on what to expect from Abaco post-Dorian. The event will feature the authors of The Cruising Guide to Abaco, Steve Dodge and his sons Jon and Jeff.Hurricane Dorian hit Abaco in early September of 2019 and wrought significant […]

  • Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Christens “Boat 2”
    par Lydia Mullan le 20/10/2020 à 6:40

    Hot on the heels of the UK’s Britannia and the United States’ Patriot, Italy’s new AC75 Luna Rossa, formerly known as Boat 2, was christened in Auckland, New Zealand, this morning. As the moniker suggests, it was Team Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli’s second design. In his […]

  • Challengers Christen Britannia and Patriot
    par Lydia Mullan le 19/10/2020 à 6:35

    October 16 proved an exciting day for America’s Cup fans with the christening of both the UK’s Britannia and America’s Patriot. Britannia will be helmed by four-time Olympic gold medalist and America’s Cup winner Sir Ben Ainslie. Olympic Gold medalist Giles Scott will […]

  • Defender Product Spotlight: Lowrance Hook Reveal
    par Defender le 16/10/2020 à 8:51

    Finally, the benefits of side and down scan overlaid on one screen.

  • Defender Product Spotlight: Lumitec Poco Lighting Control
    par Defender le 16/10/2020 à 8:41

    With smart lights and smarter controls, Lumitec is about to illuminate your boating experience.

  • Defender Product Spotlight: Isotherm Refrigeration Component System
    par Defender le 16/10/2020 à 8:22

    Incredibly easy installation is the hallmark of the Isotherm brand.

  • Defender Product Spotlight: Superior Wave Breaker Life Raft
    par Defender le 16/10/2020 à 7:58

    Hardcore offshore safety is finally available to you and your family.

  • Defender Product Spotlight: Lewmar Heavy Duty Inflatable Yacht Fenders
    par Defender le 16/10/2020 à 7:29

    Compact storage, welded seams, and a spring-activated, quarter-turn inflation valve are key features of this exceptional fender.

  • Sunset Harbour Yacht Club
    par Sunset Harbour Yacht Club le 15/10/2020 à 6:55

    Sunset Harbour Yacht Club offers a unique equity club membership program where owners and shareholders share a piece of the prime waterfront real estate in Miami Beach.

  • Video: Launch of Offshore Doubles
    par Lydia Mullan le 14/10/2020 à 12:50

    Doublehanded sailing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the sport, and a new non-profit aims to keep the momentum up. Offshore Doubles was founded to promote community and engagement for doublehanded sailors, whether they’re couples racing on the weekends or professional campaigns. […]

  • Changes to Marblehead to Halifax Announced
    par Lydia Mullan le 13/10/2020 à 8:13

    In a refreshing break from Covid-necessitated regatta adjustments, Marblehead to Halifax race organizers has announced some structural updates prompted solely by the desire to make the race a better experience for sailors. “Some significant changes are in the works, based on feedback from a […]

  • GPS-Based Challenge Winners Are In
    par Lydia Mullan le 13/10/2020 à 4:56

    For the past month, the WASZP GPS Challenge has allowed sailors from 15 different countries to race against each other in the ultimate community social distancing event. Sailed in WASZPs—nimble one-design foiling monohulls—the challenge ran from September 14 to October 12 to accommodate […]

  • Women's Sailing Panel from US Sailing
    par Lydia Mullan le 12/10/2020 à 4:09

    Tune in to the latest installment in US Sailing’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series this Wednesday night at 8pm ET. This week social justice advocate Jenn Harkness of the popular Skipper Jenn blog will moderate a panel of female sailors. The conversation will unpack barriers women still […]

  • Updates to the Vendée Globe’s Race Village
    par Lydia Mullan le 09/10/2020 à 6:14

    France’s favorite offshore race can attract millions for the sendoff, but with Covid casting doubt over large gatherings this year, changes had to be made. “Our goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy this event while respecting the measures to protect everyone’s health,” […]

  • Helly Hansen Foil Pro Jacket
    par Lydia Mullan le 08/10/2020 à 5:01

    The Foil Pro is a lightweight, three-layer jacket, new from Helly Hansen.

  • Gear: Musto BR2 Sport
    par Adam Cort le 06/10/2020 à 4:51

    The lightweight, three-layer Musto BR2 Sport Jacket (BR2 refers to Musto’s proprietary three-layer, breathable laminate) is expressly configured for inshore racing aboard sport boats and small keel boats, and a great outer layer for any sailor venturing out for a quick sail on a cool day. The […]

  • 11th Hour Racing announces New IMOCA 60
    par Lydia Mullan le 05/10/2020 à 8:42

    American ocean racing legends Mark Towill and Charlie Enright are spearheading another attempt at The Ocean Race, once again partnered with 11th Hour Racing. This time, however, they’ll be doing it in a purpose-built IMOCA 60. In recent additions, The Ocean Race (formerly The Volvo Ocean […]

  • Fast, Accurate Boat Speed Means Quicker Decision-Making That Can Help Get the Most from Your Hull
    par Sponsored le 05/10/2020 à 6:45

    Airmar’s new DST810 Smart™ Multisensor not only delivers accurate water depth, temperature, 5 Hz speed-through-water and boat attitude data, it also connects wirelessly to the CAST™ App, bypassing onboard displays for calibration! Wizards within the app step users through the […]

  • AC75 Patriot Unveiled
    par Lydia Mullan le 05/10/2020 à 4:46

    Despite myriad Covid-related challenges faced by 2021’s America’s Cup teams, The New York Yacht Club’s American Magic announced an exciting step forward today; Patriot, their second AC75, has left the shed for the first time since arriving in Auckland. Over a year ago, the […]

  • Point of SAIL: Ayme Sinclair on US Sailing and Diversity
    par Adam Cort le 02/10/2020 à 7:10

    In this episode of Point of SAIL, Principal Editor Adam Cort talks with Ayme Sinclair, host of US Sailing’s recent online panel discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion in sailing. For more on US Sailing’s efforts in this area, go to […]

  • NOAA Predicts More High Tide Flooding
    par Lydia Mullan le 02/10/2020 à 4:45

    More and more often, coastal communities are seeing severe flooding—the kind that used to only come with big storms—on sunny days. Due to rising sea levels, occurrences as simple as a full moon or a high sea state can result in flooding. In fact, high tide flooding is now accelerating […]

  • Know-how: Installing a New Auxiliary
    par Sam Fortescue le 02/10/2020 à 3:35

    If you dread your boat’s antics as you try reversing into your slip or have become used to choking on black smoke, it could be time to start thinking about replacing your engine. Granted, doing so can be more than a little daunting, not to mention expensive. However, bear in mind that a new […]

  • U.S. Maritime Administration Issues GPS Warning
    par Lydia Mullan le 30/09/2020 à 3:38

    The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration has issued a warning to mariners that there have been reports of significant GPS interference worldwide. They specifically cite bridge navigation, GPS-based timing and communication equipment as potentially unreliable. The […]

  • Gear: Garmin MARQ Captain
    par Lydia Mullan le 29/09/2020 à 3:28

    Luxury meets functionality in Garmin’s new MARQ Captain watch. Advanced sailing-specific features include GPS technology to help pinpoint your starts on the racecourse, a tack-assist function for playing the shifts and an MOB button. Other sensors include a compass, gyroscope, thermometer, ...

  • Cruising: Mexico’s Baja Peninsula
    par Ellen Massey Leonard le 28/09/2020 à 3:00

    Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, with its teal-blue waters and balmy breezes, beckons many a West Coast sailor. Good anchorages, desert islands, huge game fish, colorful towns and delicious street food—there’s something for everyone. To get there, though, requires surmounting the hurdle […]

  • Boat Review: Hylas 60
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 28/09/2020 à 2:54

    Often referenced and sometimes misquoted, the idea of a finished product being more than just the sum of its parts was first introduced nearly 2,400 years ago by Aristotle. The poor guy likely had no idea how his thinking would be applied centuries down the road. But since it works here, I’ll […]

  • Point of Sail: Rich du Moulin and the Roll of Leadership in Safety at Sea
    par Adam Cort le 25/09/2020 à 7:01

    In this episode of Point of SAIL, Principal Editor Adam Cort talks with renowned yachtsman and Navy veteran Rich du Moulin about the role of leadership in safety at sea. A veteran of four America’s Cup campaigns and five Transatlantic races, du Moulin is also a past commodore of the Storm […]

  • Gear: Profurl Motorized Furlers
    par Adam Cort le 25/09/2020 à 6:59

    Profurl NEXe motorized flying-sail furlers make it possible for shorthanded crews and solo sailors to handle large reaching sails, like gennakers, Code 0s and other A-sails, with minimal effort and in safety. Two versions are available, the NEXe 5.0 for boats with LOAs up to 50ft, and the NEXe 8.0 […]

  • Sailing Documentary Wins Spot in the Vancouver International Film Festival
    par Lydia Mullan le 25/09/2020 à 2:22

    Zack Carver's film titled The Race to Alaska has earned a spot in the Vancouver International Film Festival. This film follows the five-year evolution of the R2AK, a motor-free boating race that covers 750 miles of the Inside Passage from Port Townsend, WA to in Ketchikan, AK. The festival cites ...

  • Docking with Twin Rudders
    par Rupert Holmes le 24/09/2020 à 1:32

    Twin-rudder raceboats have been with us since the mid-1980s. In the last 10 years or so, they’ve also become increasingly popular aboard cruising boats, including those available for charter. It is therefore a good idea to be aware of their idiosyncrasies. In some circles, twin-rudder boats […]

  • Video: 11th Hour Racing Returns to America
    par Lydia Mullan le 23/09/2020 à 2:39

    Newport welcomed America's ocean racing home team, 11th Hour Racing, back to its waters earlier this week for the start of their autumn training season. In the video, which recounts their Atlantic Crossing from France, Charlie Enright, Mark Towhill and their international crew talk about working ...

  • BVI Sets Date for Re-Opening
    par Lydia Mullan le 22/09/2020 à 5:53

    The BVI Tourist Board has set December 1st as the date visitors will be allowed to return to their territory, just in time for the winter charter season to kick off. Several charter companies including Horizon Yacht Charters, Dream Yacht Charter, TMM, CYOA and Conch Charters have been eagerly ...

  • Boat Review: X-Yachts X4⁶
    par Charles J. Doane le 21/09/2020 à 2:04

    The Danish builder X-Yachts does not simply stick taller or shorter rigs and keels on the same hulls to create boats for both cruisers and racers, as some mass-production builders do. Nor is it content to build two distinct lines of cruisers and racers. Instead, the company has steadily developed […]

  • Harken Changes Hands, Stays in the Family
    par Lydia Mullan le 18/09/2020 à 5:03

    . In a video posted yesterday, Peter Harken cheerfully announced that his company, Harken Inc., the trusted hardware brand bearing his last name, which was formerly owned by founders and their families has changed hands. The owners have sold their shares to employees—"passing the […]

  • Point of Sail Podcast
    par SAIL Editors le 17/09/2020 à 4:00

    Coming to you from Salem, Massachusetts. Welcome to Point of Sail, the SAIL magazine podcast where we talk to sailors, designers and boat builders about all things sailing and sail. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Spotify  Subscribe on IHeart Radio Subscribe on Stitcher Subscribe on Google ...

  • Newport Hosts The Ocean Race Summit on Ocean Health
    par Lydia Mullan le 17/09/2020 à 3:01

    Hundreds of participants from around the world tuned in yesterday for the latest installment of The Ocean Race's (formerly the Volvo Ocean Race) Summit Series, which aims to bring the best of ocean racing—leadership, resilience, tenacity, collaboration—to solving the ocean’s […]

  • National Sailing Hall of Fame Inducts Nine New Members
    par Lydia Mullan le 15/09/2020 à 7:21

    During the virtual 10th annual induction ceremony this past weekend, nine names were added to the roster of legends immortalized in the National Sailing Hall of Fame. The class of 2020 included: James E. Buttersworth (1817-1894) renowned 19th-century maritime painter Gordon “Sandy” […]

  • Highfield SPORT 360
    par Highfield Boats le 15/09/2020 à 1:11

    The new 2021 SPORT 360 is the next generation of Highfield boats.

  • Highfield SPORT 560
    par Highfield Boats le 15/09/2020 à 1:09

    The new 2021 SPORT 560 is the next generation of Highfield boats.

  • EWOL Propellers
    par EWOL le 11/09/2020 à 6:34

    Ewol propellers make maneuvering easier, increase sailing speed and increase cruising speed under power

  • Tonight: US Sailing’s LGBTQ+ Panel
    par Lydia Mullan le 10/09/2020 à 7:44

    Tune in to the latest installment in US Sailing’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Series tonight at 7pm EDT. This week Kimball Livingston will moderate a panel of LGBTQ+ sailors who will share their personal and professional experiences as well as strategies for improving awareness and ...

  • Find Your People (Virtually)
    par Lydia Mullan le 10/09/2020 à 4:39

    Social media offers a world of new opportunities for sailors. I regularly see folks meet their next delivery crew in the comments section of Facebook or decide on their next charter based on breathtaking photos posted by a stranger. It’s a great way to connect with other sailors and ask […]

  • Vetus: Bow Pro Thruster
    par Vetus le 09/09/2020 à 8:59

    The BOW PRO Thruster: A combination of the renowned electric bow thruster series and the quiet RimDrive.

  • The Shipping Industry is Reconsidering Wind Power
    par Lydia Mullan le 08/09/2020 à 6:47

    There is perhaps no area of human endeavor that has shaped the modern world as much as trade and transport. Think of the vast network of indigenous trading routes crisscrossing the Americas, Asia’s Silk Road and the clipper ship routes round Cape Horn. Here in the United States, the […]

  • Hurricane Prep: Jacks versus Slacks
    par Annie Dike le 04/09/2020 à 3:33

    Does anyone else ever get the feeling they’re being followed by hurricanes? It may be a bit of hubris, but it honestly seemed that way recently. First, in 2018, Hurricane Michael raged a mere 100 miles east of where our 1985 Niagara 35, Plaintiff’s Rest, was up on jacks in Pensacola, […]

  • Chartering Amid Covid-19
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 04/09/2020 à 3:07

    I’m a week away from having to get tested for Covid-19. I dread it. I’ve heard it’s like a brain swab, but less fun. Nevertheless, I have to get one, because I’m about to go on my first charter since the start of the pandemic. At press time, the Bahamas had entered Phase 2 […]

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