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  • Sailing Clean, One Class at a Time
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 09/06/2023 à 11:47

    Two years ago, members of the Thistle Class of one design sailboats started a pilot program, working with Sailors for the Sea Powered by Oceana, aimed at making as many Thistle Class regattas and events as environmentally sustainable as possible. What the sailors have accomplished since then has ...

  • The Ocean Race Leg 6 Kicks Off Today
    par Lydia Mullan le 08/06/2023 à 6:44

    At just three days long, Leg 6 is minuscule compared to recent legs of The Ocean Race, but that won’t mean any less drama given the close standings and six boats returning to the race. The course follows an 800-mile wending path from Aarhus, Denmark, to The Hague in The Netherlands, with a […]

  • The Cabo Verde Islands Prove Unforgettable
    par Tor Johnson le 08/06/2023 à 12:36

    Our arrival in the Cabo Verde, or Cape Verde, islands began with a bang. Actually, a wild jibe to leeward, a loud crack as the main came across, and a violent heel right down to the rail, to be honest. This was to be our first landfall on our new-to-us Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509. My 21-year-old ...

  • A Near Miss While Mooring
    par Andy Schell le 06/06/2023 à 6:39

    Last week, I almost crashed Falken into the dock. We were returning from the third trial sail in the English Channel since completing our Farr 65’s yearlong refit, and I was distracted. The following day we were set to have our first open house to share our newly refit dream boat with the […]

  • The Race to Alaska
    par Norris Comer le 06/06/2023 à 1:27

    Riddle me this, sailor: What do you get when there’s a gale warning out of the west and a 13-year-ebb tide rushing out of the east? If you answered “a bad time” or “a washing machine,” you are correct. Such were the conditions on day 1 of the Race to Alaska (R2AK) that […]

  • Fountaine Pajot Tanna 47
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 05/06/2023 à 11:10

    For more multihull reviews and stories, subscribe for free to Multihull Power & Sail at Fountaine Pajot knows a thing or two about the mid-40-foot sweet spot for cruising multihulls, and with the launch of the new Tanna 47 cat, they’ve dialed in their […]

  • Racing Recap: Leg 5 of The Ocean Race
    par Lydia Mullan le 02/06/2023 à 12:50

    From posting a new monohull speed record to shuffling the leaderboard, Leg 5 was a drag race all the way from Newport to Aarhus, Denmark. With just two legs remaining, the double-scored transat put crucial points on the board, and for the top three teams, it's not over until it's over. June 2023

  • Bureaucracy and Logistics on Charter
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 01/06/2023 à 7:56

    Often, the trickiest parts of a charter have nothing to do with ticklish navigation, lousy weather, or seasick crew. Instead, they are about logistics and bureaucracy, and I was remembering this as the two female Cuban customs agents with hot pink nails dug through my bag with gusto. On discovering […]

  • New Boat Review: Excess 14
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 31/05/2023 à 11:31

    For more multihull reviews and stories, subscribe for free to Multihull Power & Sail at I first saw Beneteau’s Excess brand of sailing catamarans in 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany, with a room full of marine journalists, some of whom, like me, weren’t […]

  • Oyster 495: New Boat Review
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 25/05/2023 à 5:16

    Southern California was serving up a strong dose of its May Grey/June Gloom weather when I arrived in Santa Barbara. With a thick marine layer and cool temperatures, the breeze was light and the seas were flat. I had arrived to test the Oyster 495, a new model from a family of cruisers I’ve […]

  • Yacht charter ownership - A gateway to sailing the world
    par Dream Yacht Sales & Ownership le 22/05/2023 à 6:02

    If you’re an avid sailor and passionate traveler at the same time, you probably start making plans for your next sailing adventure as soon as your last charter vacation is over. Depending on how much time you spend on the water you might even consider buying your own boat. But then […]

  • Eight Bells: Buddy Melges
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 19/05/2023 à 3:55

    Buddy Melges, whose career in sailing and impact on the sport has been so remarkable that few superlatives come close to describing it, has died at age 93. The two-time Olympic medalist, two-time Star world champion, three-time 5.5-Meter world champion, three-time Mallory Trophy winner, and ...

  • The Ocean Race: Meet the Sailors
    par Lydia Mullan le 19/05/2023 à 2:24

    During The Ocean Race’s Newport stopover, SAIL magazine had a chance to catch up with some of the sailors that make this race possible. Here’s a peek into the mindsets onboard halfway through the round-the-world race. “The shore crew did an amazing job of getting the boat back […]

  • Runaway Dinghy!
    par Cruising Club of America le 18/05/2023 à 2:21

    The Cruising Club of America (CCA) is a collection of 1,400 ocean sailors with extensive offshore seamanship, command experience, and a shared passion for making adventurous use of the seas. Their experiences and expertise make them, collectively, one of the most reliable sources of information on […]

  • Getting to Know Your Boat Better, Fast
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 17/05/2023 à 1:00

    Most sailors take months or more to learn a new boat since, truth is, most of us have limited or sporadic time to devote to the education. David and Alison Lennarz, on the other hand, put their learning curve on fast-track mode when they took delivery of their new Balance 526 in St. Francis, South […]

  • Racing Recap: The Ocean Race Leg 4
    par Lydia Mullan le 16/05/2023 à 6:26

    The Ocean Race's 5,550-nautical-mile sprint from Itajai, Brazil, to Newport, Rhode Island, concluded last week, complete with Gulf Stream storms, the intense equatorial heat of the doldrums, and a double dismasting. Managing Editor Lydia Mullan breaks down the highs and lows of Leg 4 in the latest […]

  • Rainwater Collection Onboard
    par Christopher Birch le 15/05/2023 à 2:16

    Mother Nature is good at heavy lifting. She effortlessly—and depending on where you sail, fairly regularly—delivers thousands of gallons of precious drinking water directly to the decks of our sailboats. All that work and water needn’t go down the drain. To harvest rain, on our […]

  • Film Review: “The Wizard of Zenda”
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 15/05/2023 à 2:11

    Truly it’s vexing that sailing luminaries don’t get more attention in the U.S.—a nation founded on the very skill of being able to sail successfully and well—and it really hits you front and center watching “The Wizard of Zenda,” Mark Honer’s terrific […]

  • Close Call in the Sea of Cortez
    par Linda Wehner le 11/05/2023 à 2:35

    “I’m gonna lose you! Don’t let go…. Don’t let go!” Those were the words that I kept pleading to my husband as he clung to the Lifesling while I used all my adrenaline and grit to pull him back onboard. How we ended up there is a cautionary tale. Like most days […]

  • Video: Italia 14.98
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 10/05/2023 à 3:42

    It should probably come as no surprise that a major philosophical design element behind the new Italia 14.98 is simply beauty. “The boat was designed around the concept of being…an elegant boat, going fast through the water,” says designer Maurizio Cossutti. “We’re […]

  • VIDEO: GUYOT Environment Dismasts
    par Lydia Mullan le 09/05/2023 à 2:10

    In the small hours of the morning a mere two days from the Leg 4 finish in Newport, The Ocean Race competitor GUYOT Environment has dismasted. All crew are reported to be safe. Co-skippers Robert Stanjek and Benjamin Dutreux were both onboard, as well as Ocean Race veteran Annie Lush and […]

  • NEEL 43 Trimaran
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 09/05/2023 à 12:27

    For more multihull reviews and stories, subscribe for free to Multihull Power & Sail at Just when monohull purists have become accustomed to catamarans, there’s a cosmic shift to three hulls. Trimarans certainly aren’t new, but their popularity is growing, […]

  • Six Myths of Sailing
    par Tim Coles le 07/05/2023 à 8:42

    The idea of packing it all up and going cruising is simultaneously massively appealing and daunting. To a young sailor, it can feel almost impossible, but I’ve learned a few things that have changed my perspective significantly. My partner, Sara, and I (combined age of 48) raised a few […]

  • What’s in Your Life Vest?
    par Christopher Birch le 05/05/2023 à 2:16

    If you go over the side offshore, you’re dead. If we get you back, you’re lucky. The edge of the boat is a 2,000-foot cliff—you go over, the consequences are the same, it just takes a little longer.  —Andy Schell, 59 North Sailing, SAIL, April 2019 Coast Guard […]

  • Sailing a Slice of Heaven
    par Michael Hassett le 05/05/2023 à 1:02

    I married into a sailing family. I was raised in the Rust Belt, north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, amid fields of corn, soy, and cows. I had gone a good 27 years without ever setting foot onto a sailboat. Before my relationship with my wife, Chiara, whenever I thought about sailboats (which I will […]

  • Video: Rapido 40
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 04/05/2023 à 4:33

    For more multihull reviews and stories, subscribe for free to Multihull Power & Sail at The new Rapido 40 trimaran is designed by Morrelli & Melvin, whose portfolio includes multihull rockets ranging from America’s Cup contenders to Steve Fossett’s […]

  • Gear: Zeus S Chartplotter From B&G
    par Lydia Mullan le 03/05/2023 à 1:46

    B&G has long been putting out top-of-the-line electronics, but the new Zeus S Chartplotter is a fresh take on the best way to give sailors the exact information they need, when they need it. “So many more people sail shorthanded these days, whether as a couple or when they’re […]

  • The Intrepid Sailor
    par Pim Van Hemmen le 02/05/2023 à 1:59

    As David Tunick explains it, his sailing evolved over time. “I’m not a great sailor,” says the art dealer, 78, with a self-effacement that typifies his storytelling. “I wasn’t raised in junior sailing. I wasn’t in any yacht club, and it took me years to get into […]

  • Kirsten Neuschäfer Wins the Golden Globe Race
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 27/04/2023 à 7:48

    Kirsten Neuschäfer, a South African whose life as a sailor has practically defined the word “adventure,” today won the 2022-23 Golden Globe Race, becoming the first woman to win a solo round-the-world race. She finished in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France, where she began nearly […]

  • Holcim-PRB Dismasts off Brazil
    par Lydia Mullan le 27/04/2023 à 5:43

    Early on the morning of April 27, Holcim-PRB dismasted off the coast of Brazil. The IMOCA 60 was in just days into Leg 4 of The Ocean Race, sailing in moderate conditions. The failure comes as something of a shock since Holcim-PRB has been so dominant in the race up until this point, winning […]

  • Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating Opens its New Adaptive Boating Center
    par Lydia Mullan le 26/04/2023 à 6:59

    After 32 years of operation, Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) is moving. Six years, countless volunteer hours, persistent efforts working with state, county, and local lawmakers, and $5 million have gone into creating the country’s premiere Adaptive Boating Center, CRAB’s new […]

  • From the Editor: To Chart, Perchance to Dream
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 26/04/2023 à 2:30

    It’s been a minute since I’ve done any serious voyage planning. Even saying that is sort of sad, but I’ve been filling my sailing days lately with short trips in familiar waters for which the only planning needed has been what’s the weather look like, and do we have enough […]

  • Race to the Start for the Vendée Globe
    par Lydia Mullan le 25/04/2023 à 3:00

    In 2020, 30-year-old Clarisse Crémer set off on one of the most ambitious feats in sailing—the Vendée Globe. Alongside 32 other competitors, she left Les Sables-d’Olonne to race around the planet alone without stopping on a 60-foot monohull. Among the fleet were some of […]

  • Hug Your Marine Tech!
    par SAIL Editors le 24/04/2023 à 4:07

    Chances are you’ve been at the boatyard or marina lately, hovering hopefully as you wait for your boat to get back in the water, checking with your service techs about projects they’ve been working on to have you all ready for a great season of sailing. These are the busiest months of […]

  • Close Encounters: First Mate Tim Slaney
    par Charles J. Doane le 20/04/2023 à 12:47

    Usually when people ask me how I learned to sail, I answer that I taught myself. And this is true to a large extent. No one ever taught me how to row a boat; handling oars seemed as self-evident as walking. I do recall being taught to manage an outboard-powered skiff as a boy, but when I decided I […]

  • A First-Time Charter
    par Ben Rattray le 19/04/2023 à 3:12

    It happens in a moment of weakness. Perhaps my wife is distracted, perhaps she buckles under the gray of the winter sky. Even though Danielle’s idea of a Caribbean vacation features white sandy beaches, a comfortable hotel room, and dinner at a seaside restaurant, she says yes. Two days later […]

  • Bali Catsmart Video Walkthrough
    par SAIL Editors le 17/04/2023 à 4:04

    Video by Elena Patriarca Most of the multihull world seems driven by the concept that bigger is always better. But with its new 38-foot Catsmart, Bali Catamarans is taking a refreshing step in the other direction, presenting the smallest boat in its model range for a market that Catana Group Sales […]

  • Doublehanded Knockdown
    par James Phyfe le 14/04/2023 à 5:32

    The Cruising Club of America (CCA) is a collection of 1,400 ocean sailors with extensive offshore seamanship, command experience, and a shared passion for making adventurous use of the seas. Their experiences and expertise make them, collectively, one of the most reliable sources of information on […]

  • The Ocean Race IMOCA 60 fleet Latest Arrivals
    par SAIL Editors le 14/04/2023 à 12:00

    After four legs of intense racing, The Ocean Race IMOCA 60 fleet will arrive in Newport, Rhode Island, mid-month for the only United States stopover in the race. In addition to being the homeport of the American-flagged 11th Hour Racing Team, Newport has also hosted a stopover for three consecutive […]

  • Video Walkthrough: Outremer 52
    par SAIL Editors le 13/04/2023 à 4:21

    Video by Elena Patriarca The new VPLP-designed Outremer 52 is something of a natural hybrid between its enormously popular predecessor, the 51, and the more recent 55, expanding upon design innovations from the latter. It’s also a response to owner feedback, representing four key design […]

  • Rolled and Dismasted in a Tempest
    par Lydia Mullan le 12/04/2023 à 3:33

    Yesterday, Golden Globe Race organizers announced a “Code Red” situation for skipper Ian Herbert-Jones, whose EPIRB was activated in the midst of a massive south Atlantic storm with winds gusting in the high 80s and a sea state of around 20 feet. He was sailing the Tradewind 35, Puffin, […]

  • Racing Recap: Leg 3 of The Ocean Race
    par Lydia Mullan le 11/04/2023 à 4:34

    Leg 3 is the showpiece of The Ocean Race, combining exhausting conditions, constant boat repairs, and challenging tactics. Join SAIL's Managing Editor Lydia Mullan for a breakdown of all the highs and lows of this Southern Ocean marathon.

  • Navigating Your Data Onboard
    par Andy Schell le 11/04/2023 à 2:57

    Nerd alert: We’re talking networks and data this month, none of which is really integral to the safe running of a boat as far as seamanship is concerned, but all of which is addictingly fun and surprisingly enlightening. Specifically, I’m looking at NMEA 2000 networks and how to get the […]

  • Making Your Sailing Crew a Team
    par Carol Newman Cronin le 10/04/2023 à 5:24

    Dousing a big headsail like an asymmetrical spinnaker takes careful crew coordination, and on the J/32 Betsy, that teamwork is a family affair. Nine-year-old Jamie Fallon opens the forward cabin hatch and stands by to collect the sail; his 11-year-old brother, Ben, steers dead downwind being ...

  • Charter Tip: The Base Contact is Your Best Friend
    par Zuzana Prochazka le 06/04/2023 à 2:39

    Nine boats, nine captains, nearly 70 people, and about a million problems. That’s the mayhem we faced as we prepped to leave on a group charter from Martinique bound for Grenada. As captains, our single assigned point of contact to help us ready our boats for departure was a Frenchman named […]

  • Charter: Mallorca
    par Eric Vohr le 06/04/2023 à 1:45

    Before I’d even laid eyes on a cala, the word conjured mystical visions. Formed by ancient rivers, calas are delightfully protected coves of turquoise water and white sand beaches framed by precipitous cliffs, and Mallorca, where we were spending a week chartering, has an embarrassment of […]

  • Communication at Sea
    par Nica Waters le 05/04/2023 à 1:06

    Location: 32.19 N, 70.34 W, somewhere in the North Atlantic, three days out of Beaufort, North Carolina. “Done.” Jeremy put the iPad face down on the towel under the dodger. “We’ll have a new set of GRIBs in a few minutes. And Chris’ weather should be in the next time […]

  • Top Tips for Spring Commissioning
    par Wendy Mitman Clarke SAIL Editor-in-Chief le 04/04/2023 à 4:12

    Winter can be hard on boats, even when they’re properly winterized, covered, and tucked in for the long dark nights. Come spring, we’re all antsy to get back on the water, but before you untie the lines, it’s important to make sure your boat is as ready as you are. Spring […]

  • Top 10 Best Boats Review: J/45
    par Charles J. Doane le 03/04/2023 à 4:45

    It has been nearly 20 years, a full generation, since J/Boats has produced an offshore-capable boat that can be both raced and comfortably cruised. For aficionados of larger Js it has been a long wait, but I’m here to tell you: It was worth it. This new J/45, one of SAIL’s Top 10 Best […]

  • A Hot Sailing Regatta in St. Thomas
    par Laurie Fullerton le 31/03/2023 à 2:32

    For 49 years, St. Thomas International Regatta (STIR) has drawn top regional and international sailors thanks to its renowned trade winds, high caliber sailors, and race management, not to mention coastal courses that offer a test of strategy, navigation, and helmsmanship. Add some of the best ...

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