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  • Podcast: OSNews’ David Adams talks tech and politics with Flux’ Matthew Sheffield
    par OSnews Crew le 23/11/2021 à 8:11

    Flux is an independent online news source that covers politics, religion, philosophy, and technology, and the way that they intersect. I sat down with its founder, and talked about the state of the operating system world in 1997 when I started OSNews, and what has changed since then, both in the […]

  • Episode 42: iOS, The Internet, and Everything
    par OSnews Crew le 12/06/2011 à 8:17

    In an attempt to be current it's a new OSNews podcast episode! Trendy, current topics covered thus, are: A little bit of pre-banter on Windows 8, Microsoft's purchase of Skype for 8 BILLION DOLLARS, Apple's iOS5 / iCloud announcements, and repetitive imagination strain going on at E3.

  • Episode 41: I Like Chaos
    par OSnews Crew le 17/04/2011 à 9:59

    Is it that we desire what is sold to us, or is it that OEMs will sell whatever it is they want and we'll buy it? Like it or not, we are being forced into a brave new world, which has no certainty that it will even last yet. I am of course talking about tablets. Come this holiday season (wait, isn't […]

  • Episode 40: Indehoekwaardeklappenvallen.
    par OSnews Crew le 09/01/2011 à 8:12

    Everything we know is being turned on its head. It's a brave new future. Or maybe we've woken up in 1994 again. Windows and Office on a different architecture? Tablets galore? My head is spinning. Let me just dial into my favourite BBS and rant about how I like things how they are. (N.B. the title […]

  • Episode 39: Twenty Ten
    par OSnews Crew le 19/12/2010 à 9:07

    The team have managed to pull themselves away from Minecraft long enough to produce a new podcast! The aim of this show to cover the big topics of 2010, including: HTML5 video, the rise of Android, more tablets than you can shake a stick at, handheld gaming biting at Nintendo's heels, companies […]

  • Episode 38: Eat My Socks
    par OSnews Crew le 07/06/2010 à 12:39

    On June the 7th Apple will do some stuff about some stuff and everybody will write lots about said stuff. We discuss a bit of this stuff and the problems Apple are facing with their stuff impacting our stuff. Moving away from Apple we give time to Amiga news on three fronts with MorphOS, AROS on […]

  • Episode 37: It Involves Google
    par OSnews Crew le 23/05/2010 à 8:27

    I wonder what this podcast could be about? In the show Tess gets the opportunity to air her opinions on the Google announcements, particularly around Android and we fill the discussion on VP8, Adobe being a part of it, Google TV and how with friends like the MPEG-LA, who needs enemies? No Thom this […]

  • Episode 36: That Was the Week That Was
    par OSnews Crew le 02/05/2010 à 6:21

    Whew, what a week. In a week of threats, patents and doom and gloom, we are joined by Tess again to discuss desktop computing. Is it going the way of the dodo, or will it turn into something else? (what with all this mobile-computing hype) Also discussed is the ongoing H264 minefield that THREATENS […]

  • Episode 35: Thou Shall Not Pass
    par OSnews Crew le 13/04/2010 à 11:35

    We are joined by OSnews user Mark Henderson to discuss iPhone OS 4 and Apple's licence restrictions on third-party development tools. Also discussed is Haiku, QNX, WebKit 2, Theora and Copyright. Please note that the show was recorded before we received news about Palm.

  • Episode 34: Coulda Woulda Shoulda
    par OSnews Crew le 29/03/2010 à 1:57

    Catching up on the last few weeks of news, we give time to false rumours being spread about Palm, only adding to their unfortunate pile of woes at this moment. Deja vu strikes with us discussing Windows Phone 7 Series not having copy and paste and won't allow third party apps outside of the […]

  • Episode 33: Steve, This One’s For You
    par OSnews Crew le 07/03/2010 à 8:34

    In which Apple sues HTC, and a good time is not had by all. Tess Flynn joins golden oldies Kroc and Thom to also discuss the Ubuntu redesign, Haiku's new browser, SkyOS'es lack of movement and Microsoft's Courier concept.

  • Episode 32: Shady Candy Companies
    par OSnews Crew le 28/02/2010 à 8:42

    Kroc, Thom and David devote a show to the discussion of monopolies. What defines a monopoly, what has it to do with morals, and what positive and negative effects monopolies have on the market. Microsoft and Google are mentioned throughout as we try to place the current position Google finds itself […]

  • Episode 20.x: How Did We Do?
    par OSnews Crew le 01/02/2010 à 6:19

    Back in August of 2009, the OSnews team spent 3 full hours discussing Apple. In the course of discussion, we spent some time talking about the then-mythical "Apple Tablet." So, 5 months later, how did we do? Were we accurate in our predictions? How did you envision the Tablet, long before the […]

  • Episode 31.5: Metaocrity
    par OSnews Crew le 18/01/2010 à 9:52

    A special meta show with just Kroc discussing the feedback from last week's show and going on to detail design concerns with the new site under production. Included is a transcription to hopefully help participation.

  • Episode 31: In Which We Discuss the Inevitable
    par OSnews Crew le 10/01/2010 à 2:27

    The round table changes again this week, Kroc Camen is joined by Tess Flynn and David Adams--sorry, no Thom this time. We discuss the mobility of personal computation machines once more with the fresh topics in the news this week. Google's Nexus One phone, Palm's developer announcements, some […]

  • Episode 30: I Wonder What the Children Would Be?
    par OSnews Crew le 03/01/2010 à 10:34

    The problem with the future is that by the time you get there, everything is pretty normal. Now that we've arrived in 2010 (something I could hardly imagine 10 years ago), we're now met with the annual tradition of predicting what will happen this year. Now that Kroc, Thom and Tess have recovered […]

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