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  • Marine Electronics, September 2021
    par Bill Morris le 20/09/2021 à 7:22

    The NOCO Pro Series 15A Portable Smart Battery Charger delivers rapid, safe, dependable 3-stage charging. Under normal conditions, we can expect our starter and house battery banks to be topped off regularly by the engine alternator and solar panels, along with perhaps a wind generator and water […]

  • Stolen sailboat sails into hurricane
    par Tim Queeney le 16/09/2021 à 6:15

    In an unusual and apparently tragic case reported on , a boat was stolen from its mooring and was sailed into a hurricane where a distress signal was sent but the boat was never found. On Friday, Sept. 10, 2021 Graham Collins, the owner of a C&C 35 named Secret Plans, received a […]

  • IBEX 2021 Announces Schedule of Networking and Special Events
    par Ocean Navigator Staff le 15/09/2021 à 3:53

    Tampa, FL – The International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) announced today that, during the 30th Anniversary Show to be held September 28-30, 2021, it will offer visitors a host of networking and special events for industry professionals to connect. Registration […]

  • Ocean Navigator sponsors the Transpac
    par Tim Queeney le 01/09/2021 à 12:59

    One of the early starters in the 51st running of the Transpac Race. Right, once competitors get out into the prevailing winds, it’s a downwind ride to Honolulu. This July is the 51st running of the Transpac Race, the signature west coast offshore race, 2,225 miles from Los Angeles to […]

  • Transatlantic partnership tackles online learning with BoatHowTo
    par Tim Queeney le 01/09/2021 à 12:59

    The BoatHowTo site has detailed technical illustrations by Michael Herrmann, like this one of a boat’s electrical system. Every voyager has a story of how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their boating activities. For well-known boating author, systems expert and ON contributing editor Nigel […]

  • Cooking up a cyclone
    par Jim Austin le 01/09/2021 à 12:58

    When the right ingedients are present, the atmosphere can cook up a cyclonic storm. Below, Hurricane Eta in Nov. 2020. As the June to November hurricane season evolves, attention will gradually focus on certain conditions of both atmosphere and ocean — six specific factors, or […]

  • Skipper Tips For Every Day
    par Robert Beringer le 01/09/2021 à 12:58

    Skipper Tips For Every Day By Fridtjof Gunkel 2021; 204 pp; Adlard Coles; Paperback $20 A friend of mine who served in the Marines used to say that the motto of his branch wasn’t Semper Fi so much as it was, “improvise, adapt, and overcome.” We sailors are a resourceful and […]

  • Better than an atomic clock
    par Tim Queeney le 01/09/2021 à 12:58

    Artist’s conception of a Block III GPS satellite in orbit. Like all GPS spacecraft, these satellites carry multiple atomic clocks. A new type of clock, a nuclear clock, promises to be even more accurate. An essential element for navigation is time. For navigation via celestial observations, […]

  • Engine room checks
    par Story and photos By Steve D’Antonio le 01/09/2021 à 12:58

    During a recent over-the-phone troubleshooting session, a client and I were trying to determine the source, as well as the rate, of an oil leak. I asked, “was it there the last time you did an engine room check, and how long ago was that?” His response took me aback: “I checked […]

  • Timing the tides
    par Sharif Khalje le 01/09/2021 à 12:57

    Navigation is fundamentally about discovering the rules that govern nature. Unlocking these secrets is one of the most gratifying aspects of sailing; from observing the physics of weather to revealing our position relative to the celestial bodies. Another one of the most rewarding elements of […]

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