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  • Episode 51: Unmasking Fidelity
    par The NonProfit Times le 18/05/2022 à 1:12

    A coalition of local and national organizations is challenging Fidelity Charitable in what they describe as its role in funneling millions of dollars in systemic oppression. Unmasking Fidelity was created after a 2019 exposé by nonprofit news outlet Sludge. It revealed anonymous […]

  • Episode 50: Best Nonprofits To Work For 2022
    par The NonProfit Times le 06/04/2022 à 12:03

    “Employees are the most important thing to the success of our business so if allocating resources there is going to make a difference in achieving our mission and achieving our  goals, we’re going to allocate resources there,” Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro, CEO of the United […]

  • Episode 49: Dan David Prize Winner Tyrone Freeman
    par The NonProfit Times le 23/03/2022 à 4:59

    A woman builds a business empire and then goes on to give away millions of dollars to charity. It’s not an unusual story, at least not today — but if the woman was an African-American during the Jim Crow era? Madam C.J. Walker is considered America’s first self-made, female […]

  • Episode 48: Endowing Black-Led Nonprofits
    par The NonProfit Times le 18/02/2022 à 3:01

    Endowments are a common form of giving to higher education, arts , and medical research organizations. William Foster, managing partner, and Darren Isom, partner, of The Bridgespan Group, analyzed the investment income of 56 nonprofits dedicated to social change. Between 2000 and 2013, only 5% of […]

  • Episode 47: Navigating the Notches
    par The NonProfit Times le 22/12/2021 à 2:15

    An increase from 3 to 4 stars on Charity Navigator can be associated with a 6% rise in contributions. For smaller charities, the impact can be as much as 11%. That’s not too surprising but what about when ratings drop? According to new research, there’s no impact on contributions. […]

  • Bonus Episode: #GivingTuesday 2021
    par The NonProfit Times le 29/11/2021 à 2:21

    #GivingTuesday in 2020 raised an estimated $2.47 billion both online and offline, which was up 25% from $1.97 billion in 2019. Almost 35 million people participated in 2020. What’s on tap for 2021? According to Woodrow Rosenbaum, that’s up to nonprofits. “We’ve been handed […]

  • Episode 46: The 2021 NPT 100
    par The NonProfit Times le 16/11/2021 à 1:30

    MacKenzie Scott’s billions of dollars in mega gifts and American donors’ response to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) fueled the largest charities in the United States last year. The 2021 NPT 100 ranks the largest nonprofits in the U.S. that derive at least 10% of total revenue from […]

  • Episode 45: The Charitable Tax Deduction & Civic Engagement
    par The NonProfit Times le 21/10/2021 à 2:05

    Nonprofits have been pushing for a universal charitable deduction for years. The CARES Act created a temporary tax deduction for charitable gifts up to $300 for single or married filers in 2020. Congress extended that into 2021 and increased the deduction to $600 for married couples. Two professors […]

  • Episode 44: Regulating CEO Pay
    par The NonProfit Times le 15/09/2021 à 1:58

    When the Nonprofit Revitalization Act passed in 2013, it was the first major overhaul of nonprofit regulations in New York State in 40 years. The legislation modernized rules around nonprofit boards and committees and, among other things, prohibited nonprofit officers from being present at meetings […]

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