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NAVS is dedicated to ending harmful, flawed and costly animal experiments through the advancement of smarter, human-relevant science.

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  • Q&A with Ex Vivo Skin Models Company Genoskin
    par Jon Widell le 28/09/2020 à 4:55

    NAVS recently had the opportunity to speak with Eric Merle, Chief Commercial Officer at Genoskin. Genoskin provides the research community with human skin models as alternatives to the use of animals for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic product testing. The company … Continued The post […]

  • About that research primate “shortage”…
    par Jon Widell le 21/09/2020 à 3:01

    NAVS opposes the use of nonhuman primates—and all animals—in scientific research for both ethical and scientific reasons. Not only is animal experimentation a cruel practice, it can also produce misleading results that sidetrack meaningful scientific progress. Despite the known […]

  • Feds look to animal alternatives for chemical safety testing
    par Jon Widell le 14/09/2020 à 2:55

    What steps are government agencies taking to reduce their reliance on animal models for chemical safety testing? Earlier this year, NAVS took part in a virtual public meeting held by the Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Validation of Alternative Methods … Continued The post Feds […]

  • Under the Sea
    par Jon Widell le 13/09/2020 à 8:53

    Animals don’t have to be the subjects of research to be victims of research. According to a 2018 proposal by the U.S. Navy, its training exercises in the Pacific Ocean could kill or bring harm to 12.5 million marine mammals … Continued The post Under the Sea appeared first on National […]

  • Animals In The Time of COVID
    par Jon Widell le 03/09/2020 à 6:37

    The coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives in many ways. From schools and offices to shopping and dining out to everyday social interactions, there’s hardly an aspect of society that has not been changed in some way. Less … Continued The post Animals In The Time of COVID […]

  • NAVS Alumni Spotlight: IFER Fellowship Recipient Bryan Hassell
    par Jon Widell le 03/09/2020 à 4:37

    This week’s Science First “NAVS Alumni Spotlight” catches up with Bryan Hassell, recipient of the NAVS/International Foundation for Ethical Research (IFER) Graduate Fellowship for Alternatives to the Use of Animals in Science from 2014-16. NAVS and IFER supported Bryan’s […]

  • Companion Animals and COVID-19: What we know so far
    par Jon Widell le 31/08/2020 à 2:54

    To date, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the lives of nearly one million people around the world and infected millions more. As researchers work tirelessly to learn more about the coronavirus and find treatments for it, many NAVS supporters have … Continued The post Companion Animals and […]

  • Tell the candidates where YOU stand on animal issues!
    par Jon Widell le 27/08/2020 à 3:50

    As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, NAVS cannot and does not promote any single political party or candidate for office. But we don’t need to. Because our long history of promoting legislation to improve how animals are used for research, … Continued The post Tell the […]

  • The advantages of non-animal antibodies
    par Jon Widell le 24/08/2020 à 3:06

    Antibodies, part of the immune system that protect the body against repeat exposure to viruses and bacteria, are also important research tools. Scientists generate and use antibodies for many procedures because of the way these proteins bind precisely to their … Continued The post The […]

  • Happy Trails to Ewes and Horses and Goats and Cows and…
    par Jon Widell le 21/08/2020 à 9:31

    Last fall, Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna, OH, took on a large-scale rescue project, saving more than 30 animals — including goats, mini horses, sheep, donkeys, cows, chickens and alpacas — from a hoarding situation in Trumbull County. … Continued The post Happy […]

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