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  • Choosing the Right Form of Financial Protection for You
    par george le 28/06/2020 à 12:26

    When we make a decision to insure against the costs of falling ill or being injured, we typically think of private medical insurance. Private medical insurance is designed to cover most of the costs of higher quality private healthcare when we are sick. Such cover tends to exclude pre-existing […]

  • How to set up a part time car dealership
    par george le 26/02/2020 à 7:42

    Getting into the car dealership business is always a good idea. If you’re looking for some extra income by running a dealership part-time, you can be sure it’s a good idea, as whatever the state of the economy, the public always are in need of vehicles. Like the entertainment industry, […]

  • Small Business Insurance
    par george le 03/01/2020 à 2:27

    photo credit: USDAgov The word ‘small business insurance’ covers a wide scope of products that are needed by various small businesses. The type and amount of small business insurance you get is based on your personal situation, just like with your car or home. With that said, every […]

  • Buying the right cleaners insurance
    par george le 04/11/2019 à 10:30

    Cleaners have a surprising variety of jobs and should choose the right cleaning insurance to match their work. The first thought that springs to mind about cleaners are the legions of workers who spend their nights emptying waste bins and cleaning floors in shops, factories and office blocks. […]

  • Strategies in Dealing with Fast Growth
    par george le 05/07/2019 à 2:53

    The comforting sounds that let you know your business is taking off are multiple; the buzz and chatter in the office, the polyphony of the phones, the rumble in the coffers; the general hum of activity. But new startups and small businesses, while focusing their efforts on collective success, need […]

  • Taxi Insurance Advertising
    par george le 05/02/2019 à 7:15

    Canterbury Parking and Roads Canterbury Waste and Litter   The post Taxi Insurance Advertising first appeared on Business Line.

  • Taxi Driver for a Month
    par george le 18/09/2016 à 4:27

    For those drivers who find themselves only needing a taxi for a month or so it can be difficult to find a way of protecting themselves without paying out an arm and a leg. Maybe it’s a trial period and the cab driver isn’t sure whether it will become a long term venture or maybe The […]

  • How tech can help you get started with an investment portfolio
    par george le 25/04/2016 à 8:54

    Getting involved in the world of investment is easier today than it has ever been. In large part that’s thanks to advances in technology that have given everyone with a computer or smartphone real-time access to the markets and good tools for managing money. If you’re thinking of […]

  • Building efficiency into your business plan from the start
    par george le 14/04/2016 à 6:39

    Business figures released by StartUp Britain reveal that an increasing number of businesses are being registered with Companies House every year. This indicates that people in the UK have a huge appetite for starting their own business. However, according to multiple sources, the failure rate for […]

  • Routes to a career in healthcare administration
    par george le 11/04/2016 à 9:07

    For those looking for a rewarding and relatively secure career, healthcare administration is a good choice. The public health sector is huge, and like any large company, requires an efficient team of administrators to ensure it operates smoothly. As such, there are plenty of routes one can take […]

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