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  • What Does the Penguin Say?
    par LinuxInsider le 23/11/2020 à 7:00

    Linux users love to chat, and few topics are so prevalent among Linux users as distributions. A big one is a distro's suitability for beginners. Drawing in eager new users is the only way to grow the Linux community. Successful recruitment often hinges on making sure that newcomers start with a […]

  • Servo Project Joins The Linux Foundation Fold
    par LinuxInsider le 17/11/2020 à 8:05

    The Linux Foundation today announced at KubeKon that it is hosting the Servo web engine, an open-source, high-performance browser engine. "Servo is the most promising, modern, and open web engine for building applications and immersive experiences using web technologies," according to Mike Dolan, […]

  • It Came From the Live-Boot: A True Linux Horror Story
    par LinuxInsider le 13/11/2020 à 5:00

    Once in a blue moon, one will experience sheer terror at the hands of a buggy Linux system. No amount of battle-hardiness can keep you completely safe, either. I know this because not too long ago, a fear-inducing Linux bug came for me. I wanted to share this true Linux story, so that you may be […]

  • Open Source Groups Merge for Better High-Tech Traction
    par LinuxInsider le 04/11/2020 à 6:30

    The Linux Foundation is doubling down on open source collaboration to drive more innovation in technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. The LF AI Foundation and ODPi merged on Oct. 25 to form the LF AI & Data Foundation. This new organization will build […]

  • AdGuard Home: Another Brick in the Ad-Blocking Wall
    par LinuxInsider le 29/10/2020 à 2:23

    Canonical's AdGuard Home Ubuntu Appliance is a new addition to the ranks of its appliances. With this offering, users can quickly implement a ready-made solution for blocking bothersome content at the network level on a home network. Doing so involves no more than downloading, installing, and […]

  • Open Source Jobs Report Shows More Openings, Fewer Takers
    par LinuxInsider le 27/10/2020 à 3:15

    The Linux Foundation and learning platform edX have released the latest open source jobs report which shows that, despite the pandemic, demand for open source technology skills continues to be strong. The 2020 Open Source Jobs Report reveals a spike in demand for DevOps talent, along with a […]

  • Open Source Defies Conflicts of Interest: Red Hat Tells All
    par LinuxInsider le 22/10/2020 à 1:18

    Red Hat, a major provider of open source solutions, has never had a comprehensive document guiding associate participation in open source projects, until now. Perhaps under the influence of its recent purchase by IBM, Red Hat recently announced the external publication of its open-source […]

  • Newest RoboLinux 11 Update Goes Far Beyond Typical Linux
    par LinuxInsider le 11/10/2020 à 10:34

    RoboLinux is one of the most advanced desktop Linux distributions you can find. The latest release is even better, making it potentially THE best Linux variety available today for desktop users. The Oct. 9 release of RoboLinux 11.13 is an upgraded build of the project's Ubuntu-based distribution. […]

  • Open Source Processes Driving Software-Defined Everything
    par LinuxInsider le 09/10/2020 à 5:10

    Some of the world's largest, most regulated, complex and centuries-old industries have several essential things in common with today's rapid development, bleeding-edge innovation. They are all dependent on open source software, and they are building open source into the fabric of their R&D […]

  • Amazon, Microsoft Commit to New Linux Foundation Climate Finance Foundation
    par LinuxInsider le 01/10/2020 à 2:57

    The Linux Foundation last month announced its intent to form the Linux Foundation Climate Finance Foundation to empower investors, banks, insurers, companies, governments, NGOs, and academia with AI-enhanced open-source analytics and open data to address climate risk and opportunity. Allianz, […]

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