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  • Patriot OS Provides Revolutionary Computing Convenience
    par Jack M. Germain le 24/01/2020 à 8:04

    Peach OSI's Patriot OS is a vibrant example of how a software developer can create a distribution that stands apart in the crowded Linux OS field of lookalikes. This evolving Linux OS distro, once known as "Peach OSI" but now called "Patriot OS," delivers a Linux computing platform that injects new […]

  • Canonical Introduces Scalable Android-Based Cloud Platform
    par Jack M. Germain le 21/01/2020 à 7:23

    Canonical is deploying a scalable Android-based operating system for mobile and desktop enterprise applications from the cloud. The company just announced its Anbox Cloud containerized workload platform. Anbox Cloud allows apps to be streamed to any operating system or form factor. Its uses include […]

  • TROMjaro Updates Deliver Lighter, Better Manjaro
    par Jack M. Germain le 17/01/2020 à 5:48

    The current version of TROMjaro is as close as it gets to being a Manjaro clone. However, a much different philosophy gives users something more than the Manjaro distro itself offers. The latest ISO release, version 11.11.2019, is based on Manjaro 18.1.2 "Juhraya." As such, TROMjaro is part of the […]

  • Arduino Aims to Secure IoT With New Dev Platform, Hardware
    par Jack M. Germain le 10/01/2020 à 5:59

    Arduino announced a new low-code Internet of Things application development platform at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. It also introduced the low-power Arduino Portenta H7 module, a new family of Portenta chips for a variety of hardware applications. Arduino has achieved prominence as a go-to developer of […]

  • New Feren OS Does Plasma Better
    par Jack M. Germain le 07/01/2020 à 6:53

    Feren OS now is built around Ubuntu Linux 18.04 and the KDE Plasma desktop instead of Linux Mint. The Cinnamon desktop version could retire later this year. The Feren OS community has released a mostly maintenance snapshot update for the Feren OS Cinnamon version. This new Feren OS release meets […]

  • Samsung Debuts Sleek Galaxy Chromebook
    par Jack M. Germain le 07/01/2020 à 12:00

    Samsung introduced a high-end Galaxy Chromebook at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The new model could serve as an extension of the company's smartphone lineup and spawn a premium device demand in the category. Samsung aims to position it as the company's flagship Chromebook to meet potential demand for a […]

  • Remix Could Bring Some Cinnamon Lovers Back to Ubuntu
    par Jack M. Germain le 20/12/2019 à 6:55

    Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix arrived just in time for the holidays. Its first stable version is based on Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine. It utilizes Linux Mint's Cinnamon desktop environment on top of Ubuntu Linux's codebase. Work on several release candidate and beta versions stretches back to 2013. The […]

  • Data-Munching Bug Throws Chrome 79 Android Rollout Into Chaos
    par Jack M. Germain le 17/12/2019 à 6:32

    Google has stalled the rollout of its Chrome 79 Web browser for Android devices until it can find a way to neutralize a data-destroying bug. Affected users have been vilifying Google and app developers for failing to head off the problem. The latest Chrome version contains two highly anticipated […]

  • Plenty of Linux Power Is Built Into Linux Lite 4.6
    par Jack M. Germain le 13/12/2019 à 6:13

    Serving two masters, in theory, is nearly impossible. In practice, the Linux Lite distribution easily satisfies Linux newcomers and veteran penguin fans as well. This distro is very beginner-friendly -- in large part due to a fine-tuned Xfce desktop interface that gives former Windows and macOS […]

  • Should Discord Be in Your Incident Response Toolbox?
    par Nathan Ivinjack le 11/12/2019 à 7:24

    Cybersecurity incident response teams have choices when it comes to communication tools: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and numerous others. Some require a subscription or commercial license -- others are free. Some are niche tools specifically designed for incident response. Some are generic […]

  • Devs: Open Source Is Growing Despite Challenges
    par Jack M.Germain le 10/12/2019 à 12:00

    Optimism about the future of open source is high among software developers worldwide. However, a growing number of devs worry that a lack of funding threatens its sustainability. That is a key takeaway from DigitalOcean's second annual open source survey. The online survey provides a snapshot of […]

  • Linux For All Shines on LXDE Desktop
    par Jack M. Germain le 05/12/2019 à 7:55

    Linux For All very well could be a unifying Linux distribution that provides a common computing platform. LFA comes in just one flavor, the LXDE environment. However, LXDE is an inviting option that eliminates confusion and complexity in favor of a powerful desktop that is lightweight enough to run […]

  • OSGeoLive Distro Opens Doors to Geospatial Worlds
    par Jack M. Germain le 29/11/2019 à 6:00

    If you ever have considered investigating or working with elements of the geospatial world, check out the latest edition of OSGeoLive, a Linux distribution that runs directly from a bootable DVD or USB thumb drive. You also can load a pre-made virtual machine disk file that runs in a VMware […]

  • You've Come a Long Way, Linux-Baby
    par Jonathan Terrasi le 27/11/2019 à 6:04

    When Linux first emerged from its cocoon in a frenzied Usenet thread, it is doubtful that almost anyone imagined the project would ascend to global prominence. Even more astonishingly, its dominance was driven as much, if not more, by its adoption by the private sector -- although it posed an […]

  • How the Quantum Tech Race Puts the World's Data at Risk
    par Sam Bocetta le 27/11/2019 à 12:00

    The technology one-upmanship between the United States and China is fast becoming the new space race. There's been a lot of talk in the press about the competition to reach 5G, but little traction outside of the tech community about something more momentous: the dangers of computing in a […]

  • Cleverly Reimagined Slax Distro Pushes Portable Linux's Limits
    par Jack M. Germain le 22/11/2019 à 6:44

    Slax Linux is a handy portable operating system that can be a useful alternative to bulky, more complicated Linux options that install to a hard drive. However, it is far from a complete out-of-the-box solution. That is not a bad thing, though. Slax works. Copying just one folder from the […]

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