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  • OSS News: A Linux Takeover in Germany, Distro Updates, New Projects, Linux Tutelage
    par LinuxInsider le 06/12/2021 à 8:50

    Here are some of the latest developments in the world of open source software: A German state is switching 25,000 Windows PCs to Linux; updates to several Linux distros; The Linux Foundation creates the Quantum Intermediate Representation Alliance and new courses for Linux education. The post OSS […]

  • OSS News: Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Replacements, Fuzzy Linux Solutions
    par LinuxInsider le 17/11/2021 à 5:00

    Open-source innovations and the Linux operating system continue to set complacency aside. Here's a roundup of the latest developments from the Linux Foundation, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SoftMaker, and the Google Open Source Security Team. The post OSS News: Enterprise Linux, Microsoft […]

  • Hunting for Kernel Glitches, DevSec Tools, Edge for Linux, More Ubuntu Outlets
    par LinuxInsider le 04/11/2021 à 5:00

    Today LinuxInsider introduces a bimonthly news column to summarize some of the Linux and open-source consumer and enterprise events scattered around the Linux Sphere. Look forward to an assortment of topics that will keep Linux users and open-source supporters up to speed with new developments. The […]

  • Canonical Launches Ubuntu 21.10 With Few Surprises
    par LinuxInsider le 14/10/2021 à 6:05

    Canonical has released Ubuntu 21.10, Impish Indri. The new version of its flagship OS has a heavy focus on cloud-native, AI/ML, and Ubuntu developers on Windows. This is not a major distro upgrade. Nonetheless, Ubuntu 21.10 does play catch up with the latest Wayland improvements and GNOME 40 -- […]

  • Enterprises Embrace Open Source To Tackle Growing Data Management Challenges
    par LinuxInsider le 12/10/2021 à 6:10

    Linux Foundation Research and SODA Foundation have released study results on new data and storage trends for enterprise. The 2021 Data and Storage Trends Report reveals enterprise use of data and storage as it relates to cloud services and workloads in the era of cloud native, edge, IoT and 5G. […]

  • Zorin OS 16: Better GNOME With Much More Simplicity
    par LinuxInsider le 08/10/2021 à 4:00

    Zorin OS is one of the more endearing Linux operating systems available for both Linux veterans and computer users transitioning from Windows. But despite some stellar improvements, Zorin OS 16 falls short of offering wider user appeal to those looking beyond Windows-like computing. However, this […]

  • Canonical Breathes Longer Life Into Two Ubuntu Aging Releases
    par LinuxInsider le 29/09/2021 à 5:00

    The prolonged lifecycle of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and 16.04 LTS turns a new page in Canonical's commitment to enabling enterprise environments, said Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos, product manager at Canonical. By prolonging the operating system lifecycle to 10 years, Canonical is helping organizations to […]

  • Gitpod Answers Developers’ Call To Run Upstream VS Code in Browser
    par LinuxInsider le 28/09/2021 à 6:10

    Gitpod is making a browser-based VS Code developer experience accessible to everyone. This allows developers and teams to run VS Code on cloud-powered servers and access it from any device using only a web browser. The new project was initiated in response to continuing inquiries from developers, […]

  • More Open Source Jobs Remain Vacant With Scarcity of Skilled Linux Talent
    par LinuxInsider le 21/09/2021 à 8:53

    Hiring is rebounding in the wake of the pandemic, as organizations look to continue their digital transformation activities. This is evidenced by 50 percent of employers The Linux Foundation surveyed who stated they are increasing hires this year. However, employers must be ready to face a shortage […]

  • SPDX Becomes New Standard for Open-Source Software, Security
    par LinuxInsider le 09/09/2021 à 8:15

    Backed by many of the world's largest companies for more than a decade, the Software Package Data Exchange specification is now an internationally recognized ISO/IEC JTC 1 standard. This comes during a transformational time for software and supply chain security. The Linux Foundation announced […]

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