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  • Microsoft releases open source source code analyzer
    par Paul Krill le 27/01/2020 à 9:27

    Looking to aid developers who rely on external software components, Microsoft has introduced a source code analyzer, Microsoft Application Inspector, to help surface features and other characteristics of source code. Downloadable from GitHub, the cross-platform command-line tool is designed […]

  • Launchable applies machine learning to software testing
    par Paul Krill le 27/01/2020 à 4:08

    Startup Launchable, with  Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of the Jenkins CI/CD platform, as a co-founder, is applying machine learning to software testing. The company’s technology predicts the likelihood of failure for each test given a change in the source code. Still in stealth mode, […]

  • JavaScript is the most in-demand IT skill
    par Paul Krill le 21/01/2020 à 10:29

    JavaScript is the skill that is most in-demand for IT in 2020, according to a report from developer skills tester DevSkiller.The report, “Top IT Skills report 2020: Demand and Hiring Trends,” has JavaScript switching places with Java when compared to last year’s report, with […]

  • Installing Oracle Java SE 11 on Ubuntu 18.04
    par Kibo Hutchinson le 21/01/2020 à 5:26

    This article is a quick guide for Ubuntu Linux users installing Java 11, the current long-term support (LTS) Java version. I'll briefly make the case for migrating your code base to Java 11, then guide you through the steps to install Oracle JDK 11 using the Ubuntu command line.Note that this is a […]

  • Tutorial series: Android Studio for beginners
    par Jeff Friesen le 20/01/2020 à 10:48

    A complete beginner's guide to Android Studio, from installing Android Studio to coding and debugging your first Android app. Includes troubleshooting tips for the Android device emulator and source code for the Android example app.Vasabii / Getty ImagesPART 1: Installation + setup Get system […]

  • How to store data in Java objects
    par Jacob Weintraub le 20/01/2020 à 9:00

    Last updated: January 2020Although the snooze button is probably the most commonly used button on an alarm clock, even a simple AlarmClock class needs a few more features. For instance, you might want to control how long the alarm clock will stay in snooze mode. In order to add such a feature, you […]

  • Android Studio for beginners, Part 4: Debugging tools and productivity plugins
    par Jeff Friesen le 17/01/2020 à 11:35

    Updated: January 2020.Android Studio offers a rich palette of built-in development tools, and an even more abundant plugin ecosystem. The first three articles in this series focused on installation and setup and coding and running a simple mobile app with Android Studio. Now you'll get acquainted […]

  • Android Studio for beginners, Part 3: Build and run the app
    par Jeff Friesen le 17/01/2020 à 10:01

    Updated: January 2020.In Android Studio for beginners, Part 2, you created your first animated mobile app using Android Studio. Now, Part 3 will take you through the steps to build and run the app in an Android device emulator or live device.We'll first use Gradle to build the app's application […]

  • Android Studio for beginners, Part 2: Explore and code the app
    par Jeff Friesen le 17/01/2020 à 9:40

    Updated: January 2020.In Part 1 of this beginner's introduction to Android Studio, you set up Android Studio in your development environment and got to know the user interface. Now, in Part 2, you'll code your first app.The animated mobile app consists of a single activity, which presents Google's […]

  • What is the JDK? Introduction to the Java Development Kit
    par Matthew Tyson le 17/01/2020 à 9:20

    The Java Development Kit (JDK) is one of three core technology packages used in Java programming, along with the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and the JRE (Java Runtime Environment). It's important to differentiate between these three technologies, as well as understanding how they're connected:The […]

  • Android Studio for beginners, Part 1: Installation and setup
    par Jeff Friesen le 17/01/2020 à 9:18

    Updated: January 2020.For some years now it's been clear that Android is a force to be reckoned with in the mobile OS landscape. This Java-based technology has sparked a new gold rush, with programmers competing to make money from their mobile apps. Android jobs are also plentiful, as shown by a […]

  • What is the JRE? Introduction to the Java Runtime Environment
    par Matthew Tyson le 17/01/2020 à 9:08

    Together, the Java Development Kit (JDK), the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) form a powerful trifecta of Java platform components for developing and running Java applications. I've previously introduced the JDK and JVM. In this quick tutorial, you'll learn […]

  • What is the JVM? Introducing the Java Virtual Machine
    par Matthew Tyson le 17/01/2020 à 8:32

    The Java Virtual Machine is a program whose purpose is to execute other programs. It's a simple idea that also stands as one of our greatest examples of coding kung fu. The JVM upset the status quo for its time, and continues to support programming innovation today.What the JVM is used for The JVM […]

  • Eclipse readies next enterprise Java for mid-2020
    par Paul Krill le 17/01/2020 à 8:06

    The Eclipse Foundation plans to release Jakarta EE 9, a version of enterprise Java with the new jakarta.* namespace, in mid-2020. Jakarta EE 9 will not have major new functionality.A key goal of Jakarta EE 9 is to lower the barrier to entry to new vendors and implementations. Primarily seen as a […]

  • JDK 14: The new features in Java 14
    par Paul Krill le 17/01/2020 à 6:30

    Java Development Kit (JDK) 14 has moved to a second rampdown phase, with the overall feature set now frozen. The planned upgrade to standard Java will feature new capabilities such as JDK Flight Recorder event streaming, pattern matching, and switch expressions. To read this article […]

  • CockroachDB review: Distributed SQL shifts into high gear
    par Martin Heller le 16/01/2020 à 11:00

    When I reviewed CockroachDB early in 2018, I found that the distributed SQL database, built on top of a transactional and consistent key-value store, was designed to survive disk, machine, rack, and even data center failures with minimal latency disruption and no manual intervention. That is all […]

  • 6 Git mistakes you will make — and how to fix them
    par Serdar Yegulalp le 15/01/2020 à 11:00

    A big reason developers use a source control system like Git is to avoid disasters. If you do something as simple as mistakenly delete a file, or you discover that the changes you’ve made to a dozen files were all ill-advised, you can undo what you’ve done with little hassle.To read […]

  • Making open source JavaScript pay
    par Matt Asay le 09/01/2020 à 11:00

    Looking at the 2019 State of JavaScript report, something stands out: Money apparently can’t buy everything. Or, at least, not every major front-end and back-end programming framework is sponsored by a big company. Sure, we have Google to thank for Angular, and Facebook gets credit for React, […]

  • What is service-oriented architecture?
    par Raghu R. Kodali le 09/01/2020 à 10:00

    First publication date: June 2005.Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an evolution of distributed computing based on the request/reply design paradigm for synchronous and asynchronous applications. An application's business logic or individual functions are modularized and presented as services […]

  • Go 1.14 focuses on runtime, compiler
    par Paul Krill le 09/01/2020 à 1:38

    Go 1.14, the next version of the Google-developed open source programming language used to create Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, and other cloud-native computing projects, is now in a beta stage and expected as a production release in February.To read this article in full, please click here

  • Socket programming in Java: A tutorial
    par Steven Haines le 08/01/2020 à 10:22

    This tutorial is an introduction to socket programming in Java, starting with a simple client-server example demonstrating the basic features of Java I/O.  You'll be introduced to both the original package and NIO, the non-blocking I/O (java.nio) APIs introduced in Java 1.4. […]

  • Inheritance versus composition: How to choose
    par Rafael Del Nero le 08/01/2020 à 8:00

    Inheritance and composition are two programming techniques developers use to establish relationships between classes and objects. Whereas inheritance derives one class from another, composition defines a class as the sum of its parts.Classes and objects created through inheritance are tightly […]

  • What frustrates web developers? Web browsers
    par Paul Krill le 06/01/2020 à 7:32

    Developers surveyed by Mozilla in the second half of 2019 about their experiences with the web platform, tools, and capabilities were mostly satisfied, but they did cite some shortcomings, particularly issues with browser support.Overall, 59.8 percent reported being satisfied with the web while […]

  • Deep learning vs. machine learning: Understand the differences
    par Martin Heller le 06/01/2020 à 11:00

    Machine learning and deep learning are both forms of artificial intelligence. You can also say, correctly, that deep learning is a specific kind of machine learning. Both machine learning and deep learning start with training and test data and a model and go through an optimization process to find […]

  • Does Java pass by reference or pass by value?
    par Rafael Del Nero le 02/01/2020 à 7:37

    Many programming languages allow passing parameters by reference or by value. In Java, we can only pass parameters by value. This imposes some limits and also raises questions. For instance, if the parameter value is changed in the method, what happens to the value following method execution? You […]

  • Deadline extended for 100 Best Places to Work in IT 2020
    par Dan Muse le 23/12/2019 à 11:09

    The deadline for nominating a company for Insider Pro's Best Places to Work awards program has been extended to January 17, 2020. The annual survey, which launched in 1994, identifies the 100 best places to work for IT pros.

  • Artificial intelligence predictions for 2020
    par James Kobielus le 23/12/2019 à 11:00

    Artificial intelligence (AI) has become integral to practically every segment of the technology industry. It’s having an impact on applications, development tools, computing platforms, database management systems, middleware, management and monitoring tools—almost everything in IT. AI […]

  • What is Apache Tomcat? The original Java servlet container
    par Matthew Tyson le 19/12/2019 à 6:22

    Apache Tomcat is a long-lived, open source Java servlet container that implements several core Java enterprise specs, namely the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSP), and WebSockets APIs.An Apache Software Foundation project, Tomcat was first released in 1998, just four years after Java itself. […]

  • JetBrains bringing iOS device support to Android Studio
    par Paul Krill le 18/12/2019 à 6:50

    Kotlin language inventor JetBrains is developing a plug-in for the Android Studio IDE that will support the development of Kotlin applications for Apple iOS devices. Due to preview in 2020, the Android Studio plug-in will allow developers to run, test, and debug Kotlin code on iOS devices and […]

  • 12 programming mistakes to avoid
    par Peter Wayner le 16/12/2019 à 11:00

    If you need any better proof that code is art, look no further than how the programmers view their mistakes. Just as the world is filled with wildly divergent opinions about painters, architects, writers, and poets, the realm of programmers can’t agree upon much beyond the requirement that […]

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