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  • JDK 16: What’s coming in Java 16
    par Paul Krill le 24/09/2020 à 10:31

    Although not due to arrive until March 2021, Java Development Kit (JDK) 16 has begun to take shape, with proposed features including concurrent thread-stack processing for garbage collection, support for C++ 14 language features, and an “elastic metaspace” capability to more quickly […]

  • Oracle open-sources Java machine learning library
    par Paul Krill le 15/09/2020 à 3:00

    Looking to meet enterprise needs in the machine learning space, Oracle is making its Tribuo Java machine learning library available free under an open source license.With Tribuo, Oracle aims to make it easier to build and deploy machine learning models in Java, similar to what already has happened […]

  • JDK 15: The new features in Java 15
    par Paul Krill le 15/09/2020 à 3:00

    Java Development Kit 15, Oracle’s implementation of the next version of Java SE (Standard Edition), becomes available as a production release today, September 15, 2020. Highlights of JDK 15 include text blocks, hidden classes, a foreign-memory access API, the Z Garbage Collector, and previews […]

  • How to use assertions in Java
    par Jeff Friesen le 10/09/2020 à 10:00

    Writing programs that work correctly at runtime can be challenging. This is because our assumptions about how our code will behave when executed are often wrong. Using Java’s assertions feature is one way to verify that your programming logic is sound.This tutorial introduces Java assertions. […]

  • Bring Elastic Observability to your Java application
    par Dan Roscigno le 02/09/2020 à 10:00

    The concept of observability has been around for decades, but it’s a relative newcomer to the world of IT infrastructure. So what is observability in this context? It’s the state of having all of the information about the internals of a system so when an issue occurs you can pinpoint […]

  • Google Java container tech gets extension framework
    par Paul Krill le 24/08/2020 à 9:13

    Google has extended its Jib containerization technology for Java applications with the Jib Plugin Extension Framework, enabling customization of the Jib plug-ins for the Maven and Gradle build systems.Available on GitHub and featuring a variety of extensions, the framework allows developers to […]

  • Kotlin 1.4 arrives with IDE and compiler enhancements
    par Paul Krill le 18/08/2020 à 7:26

    Kotlin 1.4, an upgrade to JetBrains’ Java alternative, is now available as a production release. Highlights of the update include new IDE and compiler capabilities.IDE improvements in Kotlin 1.4 include a coroutine debugger and a Kotlin Project Wizard, which creates Kotlin projects of […]

  • What is OSGi? A different approach to Java modularity
    par Matthew Tyson le 13/08/2020 à 10:00

    OSGi facilitates creating and managing modular Java components (called bundles) that can be deployed in a container. As a developer, you use the OSGi specification and tools to create one or more bundles. OSGi defines the lifecycle for these bundles. It also hosts them and supports their […]

  • Java’s move to GitHub set for September
    par Paul Krill le 29/07/2020 à 8:41

    The OpenJDK Community effort to move the source code of standard Java from Mercurial repos to Git repos on GitHub is proceeding, with early-September set as the target date.Current plans have Oracle’s Java Platform Group transitioning the jdk/jdk repo hosted on GitHub, which is currently a […]

  • Kotlin 1.4 reaches release candidate stage
    par Paul Krill le 28/07/2020 à 10:43

    Kotlin 1.4, a major upgrade to the JetBrains-developed statically typed language initially built for the JVM, has reached its release candidate (RC) stage, with improved IDE support and a preview of Node.js API bindings.The Kotlin 1.4 RC, published July 27, features improvements to IDE support for […]

  • Python rises in RedMonk language rankings
    par Paul Krill le 28/07/2020 à 4:44

    Although Python finished second behind JavaScript is the June edition of the RedMonk Programming Language Rankings, is nonetheless considered the report’s big winner, because it took sole possession of the number two ranking after tying with Java in January. The RedMonk rankings are […]

  • How to describe Java code with annotations
    par Jeff Friesen le 23/07/2020 à 10:00

    You’ve probably encountered situations where you need to associate metadata (data that describes other data) with classes, methods, and/or other application elements. For example, your programming team might need to identify unfinished classes in a large application. For each unfinished […]

  • Deeplearning4j: Deep learning and ETL for the JVM
    par Martin Heller le 20/07/2020 à 10:00

    Eclipse Deeplearning4j is an open source, distributed, deep learning library for the JVM. Deeplearning4j is written in Java and is compatible with any JVM language, such as Scala, Clojure, or Kotlin. The underlying computations are written in C, C++, and Cuda. Keras will serve as the Python […]

  • Kotlin 1.4 M3 release improves Java module support
    par Paul Krill le 14/07/2020 à 10:47

    The planned next release of the JetBrains-sponsored Kotlin language, version 1.4, has reached its last milestone preview stage, with a change to the standard library to better take advantage of Java modularity.With the M3 update, standard library artifacts now include module-info descriptors, […]

  • Microsoft ports open source Java to Windows 10 on ARM
    par Paul Krill le 13/07/2020 à 10:58

    Microsoft’s Java Engineering Group has reported progress in porting OpenJDK, or open source Java, to Windows 10 on ARM64-based devices, having completed the first phase of the initiative in late June. The company’s initial changes are being upstreamed to the OpenJDK project itself.The […]

  • What is JPMS? Introducing the Java Platform Module System
    par Matthew Tyson le 08/07/2020 à 10:00

    Until Java 9, Java’s top-level code organization element had been the package. Starting with Java 9 that changed: above the package now is the module. The module collects related packages together.The Java Platform Module System (JPMS) is a code-level structure, so it doesn’t change the […]

  • R language rises with COVID-19 research
    par Paul Krill le 07/07/2020 à 8:22

    COVID-19, previously cited as a possible factor in boosting the popularity of the C programming language, could also be increasing the use of the R language for statistical computing.R rose to eighth place this month in the Tiobe index of language popularity, its highest position ever, compared to […]

  • Oracle unveils Helidon 2.0 for Java microservices
    par Paul Krill le 26/06/2020 à 6:24

    Oracle has released Helidon 2.0, an upgrade to its Java libraries designed to simplify microservices development. The upgrade brings GraalVM Native Image startup and memory consumption benefits to MicroProfile developers.Helidon 2.0 was announced on June 24. The project features Helidon […]

  • Gradle 6.5 adds file system watching to improve build times
    par Paul Krill le 08/06/2020 à 4:10

    Gradle 6.5, the latest version of the popular JVM-based build management tool, has been introduced with an experimental file system watching capability designed to improve build times.With the opt-in file system watching enabled, Gradle 6.5 can keep what it has learned about the file system in […]

  • C and Rust programming languages continue to rise
    par Paul Krill le 02/06/2020 à 6:58

    The C programming language has kept the top spot in the Tiobe language popularity index for the second straight month and the Rust language has finally cracked the top 20.The Tiobe index for June 2020 represents the first time that Rust, a Mozilla project, has scaled this far in Tiobe’s […]

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