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  • Microsoft unveils its own Java distribution
    par Paul Krill le 06/04/2021 à 6:48

    In a move that could mean serious competition for Oracle in the Java space, Microsoft is previewing its own build of OpenJDK, a freely available, long-term support distribution of open source Java.Known officially as Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, binaries of Java 11 for Windows, Linux, and MacOS are […]

  • Objective-C plummets in popularity
    par Paul Krill le 06/04/2021 à 10:00

    Objective-C, which has been a staple of software development for Apple platforms, slumped in this month’s Tiobe Index of programming language popularity, falling out of the top 20 for the first time since late-2009.Objective-C ranked 23rd in Tiobe’s April index with a rating of 0.67 […]

  • Google wins Java dispute, Oracle remains defiant
    par Paul Krill le 05/04/2021 à 4:29

    In a case that went back and forth for more than a decade, the US Supreme Court has sided with Google in the dispute with Oracle over Google’s use of Java code in Android. The top court decided by a 6-2 vote that Google’s copying of a small fraction of the Java API did not infringe on […]

  • What is functional programming? A practical guide
    par Matthew Tyson le 01/04/2021 à 10:00

    Functional programming has been a current in software development since the earliest days, but has taken on new importance in the modern era. This article looks at the concepts behind functional programming and offers a practical understanding with examples in JavaScript and Java.Functional […]

  • JDK 17: What’s in store for Java 17
    par Paul Krill le 30/03/2021 à 6:44

    Although not due until September, Java 17 has already begun to take shape, with four proposed new features now being considered for the upgrade to standard Java. The latest additions, as of March 30, include a MacOS/AArch64 port and deprecation of the Applet API. These follow February proposals for […]

  • OpenJDK proposals would improve Java pattern matching
    par Paul Krill le 24/03/2021 à 10:00

    Java programming is set to be enhanced with record patterns and array patterns, and pattern matching for switch expressions and statements, although the arrival time of these capabilities remains undetermined.In an online presentation on March 23, Gavin Bierman, consulting member of the technical […]

  • Is JavaScript the new Java?
    par Paul Krill le 22/03/2021 à 10:00

    Has JavaScript displaced Java as the new “Write once, run anywhere” programming language? It all depends on your perspective. And with technologies such as WebAssembly arriving on the scene, Java could get a boost in a newfangled “write once, compile anywhere” paradigm.Java […]

  • Spring Native turns Spring apps into native executables
    par Paul Krill le 17/03/2021 à 10:00

    Spring Native, for compiling Spring Java applications to standalone executables called native images, is now available as a beta release. Native images promise faster startup times and lower runtime memory overhead compared to the JVM.Launched March 11 and available on, the Spring […]

  • JDK 16: The new features in Java 16
    par Paul Krill le 16/03/2021 à 4:31

    Oracle’s Java Development Kit (JDK) 16 is now available as a production release, as of March 16. The new features in JDK 16 range from a second preview of sealed classes to records to concurrent thread-stack processing for garbage collection.JDK 16 is the reference implementation of Java 16, […]

  • Google’s OSS-Fuzz extends fuzzing to Java apps
    par Paul Krill le 12/03/2021 à 8:39

    Google’s open source fuzz-testing service, OSS-Fuzz, now supports applications written in Java and JVM-based languages. The capability was announced on March 10.OSS-Fuzz provides continuous fuzzing for open source software. A technique for finding programming errors and security […]

  • Project Lilliput would shrink Java object header
    par Paul Krill le 11/03/2021 à 11:00

    Java could get a smaller object header, thus improving memory usage, under a proposal being floated in the OpenJDK open source Java community this week. Known as Project Lilliput and led by Red Hat’s Roman Kennke, the effort would explore ways to shrink the object header, with a goal of […]

  • Google Jetpack Compose Android UI toolkit now in beta
    par Paul Krill le 26/02/2021 à 10:10

    Google’s Jetpack Compose toolkit for the Android mobile platform has moved to a beta stage of release.The declarative UI toolkit is designed to speed up the process of building native apps across Android platforms. Declarative Kotlin APIs are featured for building responsive apps with less […]

  • Scala 3 moves to release candidate stage
    par Paul Krill le 22/02/2021 à 5:52

    Scala 3, the planned next version of the object-oriented, functional language with JVM and JavaScript runtimes, has moved to a release candidate stage, with type parameter enhancements and syntax improvements.The Scala 3 RC, introduced February 17, brings last-minute polishing and cleanups. The […]

  • Entry-level software developer? Learn React to get that first job
    par Scott Carey le 16/02/2021 à 11:00

    Despite the relentless demand for software engineering professionals before and throughout the global pandemic, entry-level and college-graduate developers still have a tough path to their first paid gig. Most job ads still mandate a certain level of experience—some that are literally […]

  • Oracle adds GraalVM to Java subscription
    par Paul Krill le 03/02/2021 à 8:51

    Oracle is now bundling the GraalVM Enterprise multi-language runtime with its Java SE subscription at no additional cost, with the intent of improving performance and memory efficiency for Java deployments.The bundling went into effect on February 3. GraalVM is positioned for high performance, […]

  • GraalVM boosts Java performance with Truffle framework
    par Paul Krill le 21/01/2021 à 10:47

    GraalVM, an Oracle Labs project providing a multi-language virtual machine, has added experimental support for Java on the Truffle framework, which derives high-performance code from interpreters and allows for efficient running of languages. The move elevates Java to the level of other languages […]

  • Python edges C++ for Tiobe’s programming language of the year
    par Paul Krill le 05/01/2021 à 1:00

    For the fourth time, Python has won Tiobe’s programming language of the year award, given to the language gaining the most popularity in one year.In winning the designation for 2020, Python jumped 2.01 percentage points last year in the Tiobe Index of language popularity, edging out C++, […]

  • ActiveJ Java platform takes aim at Spring, Quarkus
    par Paul Krill le 10/12/2020 à 10:39

    Positioned as a replacement for multiple Java technologies, the ActiveJ platform is being put forward as a minimalistic, boilerplate-free, and fast technology stack for web, cloud, microservices, and high-load applications.Consisting of loosely coupled components for asynchronous processing, I/O […]

  • Eclipse weighs Java 11 support for Jakarta EE 9
    par Paul Krill le 09/12/2020 à 7:35

    Now that the Eclipse Foundation has released Jakarta EE 9, its version of enterprise Java that features a new namespace, the organization is looking ahead at subsequent releases, which are expected to add capabilities including Java 11 support and better dependency injection.A planned Jakarta EE […]

  • Enterprise Java gets a new namespace
    par Paul Krill le 08/12/2020 à 12:00

    Specifications for the Jakarta EE 9 Platform and Web Profile are being released on December 8, providing a new namespace for the Java enterprise edition after the Eclipse Foundation was unable to wrest the previous package namespace from Oracle.Published by Eclipse’s Jakarta EE Working Group, […]

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