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  • Johnson & Johnson Seeking to Avoid Thousands of Lawsuits With Texas Two-Step
    par Editor le 19/05/2022 à 12:26

    Johnson & Johnson is seeking to execute a corporate bankruptcy shell game known as the ‘Texas Two-Step’ to avoid facing claims from cancer-stricken customers.  The ‘Texas Two-Step’ is the name given to a highly controversial legal strategy that some of the biggest […]

  • Facebook Hack Victims Left Out in the Cold
    par Editor le 10/05/2022 à 1:07

    A number of Facebook hack victims are being left out in the cold by Facebook. In recent days, Facebook users across the country have had their Facebook pages deleted and have been unable to recover them.  And Facebook has not been responsive to those hack victims. Victims have been posting […]

  • Jeff Grant on Religious Ethics Versus Business Ethics
    par Editor le 10/05/2022 à 10:23

    Jeff Grant is a white-collar defense attorney in Manhattan. And he has an unusual back story. More than twenty years ago, Grant lost his law license for dipping into client funds. He became addicted to prescription opioids and tried to kill himself. And he went to prison for more than a year for […]

  • Single Payer Docs Now Want National Health Service
    par Editor le 09/05/2022 à 1:09

    A group of high profile single payer advocates now say single payer is not enough and are calling for a move toward a Veterans Administration (VA) style universal healthcare system. In an article in The Nation magazine last week, doctors David U. Himmelstein, Steffie Woolhandler, Adam Gaffney, Don […]

  • John Coffee on Corporate Crime Boeing and Throwing Employees Under the Bus
    par Editor le 04/05/2022 à 11:13

    Earlier this year, a jury in Dallas, Texas found Mark Forkner not guilty. Forkner was the Boeing test pilot who was the only individual accused of criminal activity for Boeing’s crime that resulted in 354 individuals dying in two Boeing 737 MAX crashes. Forkner’s lawyer portrayed […]

  • John Joy on Representing FCPA Whistleblowers
    par Editor le 14/04/2022 à 7:26

    There are whistleblower lawyers. But whistleblower lawyers who specialize in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) – do they exist? We didn’t think so until we ran into John Joy. Joy spent seven years working as a corporate criminal defense attorney at Willkie Farr & […]

  • Carol Miller on the Military Industrial Congressional Media Complex
    par Editor le 08/04/2022 à 9:57

    For ten years now, New Mexico public health advocate Carol Miller has been reading the Pentagon’s daily listing of large military contracts. And it has changed her life. “One of my friends challenged me and said –  just for a couple of days read the Pentagon daily digest and […]

  • Harvey Rosenfield on the Corruption of the Civil Justice System
    par Editor le 08/04/2022 à 10:30

    In 1971, Lewis Powell, a corporate lawyer and future Supreme Court justice, wrote a memo addressed to the director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  The Powell Memorandum highlighted Ralph Nader as the personification of the threat to corporate America and outlined why the Chamber’s […]

  • Sidley & Austin Partner Karen Popp on the Growth of the Women’s White Collar Defense Association
    par Editor le 04/04/2022 à 2:54

    When we last interviewed Karen Popp in 2016, the Women’s White Collar Defense Association (WWCDA) which Popp co-founded, was 1,100 members strong in 24 chapters around the world. Since then, WWCDA has more than doubled in size to 2,700 members in 48 chapters around the world.  Popp is a […]

  • Steve Eimers Won’t Be Silenced
    par Editor le 28/03/2022 à 3:50

    Steve Eimers won’t be silenced. He is suing the maker of a guardrail that killed his daughter, 17-year old Hannah Eimers. On November 1, 2016, Hannah Eimers was driving home in Tennessee in a Volvo S80 when her car slammed into the end of a guardrail. The ends of guardrails are supposed to be […]

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