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  • Lead Boeing Prosecutor Joins Boeing Corporate Criminal Defense Firm Kirkland & Ellis
    par Editor le 20/07/2021 à 5:25

    Earlier this year, when the Justice Department brought its criminal case against Boeing in connection with the crash of the two Boeing 737 MAX airliners that killed 346 people, federal prosecutors brought the case in federal court in Ft. Worth, Texas.  Ft. Worth, Texas has no connection to […]

  • Anna Mance on the Double Standard Between Domestic and Foreign Bribery
    par Editor le 14/07/2021 à 2:16

    There is a double standard in U.S. bribery law.  Over the last decade, the Supreme Court has narrowly interpreted domestic bribery laws.  This weakened application of the federal domestic bribery law now stands in stark contrast to the robust and expansive prosecutions of bribery under […]

  • Sam Husseini on Lab Leak Biden and Trump
    par Editor le 14/07/2021 à 2:07

    On April 24, 2020, Salon published an article by journalist Sam Husseini under the headline –  Did this virus come from a lab?  It is a question that has been hotly debated since. “There has been no scientific finding that the novel coronavirus was bioengineered, but its […]

  • Michael Saks on the Epidemic of Death and Injury from Healthcare
    par Editor le 28/06/2021 à 12:27

    There were a total of 3.35 million deaths in the United States in 2020. The leading cause of death was heart disease, with 690,000 deaths. The second leading cause was cancer, with 599,000 deaths. And the third leading cause? Iatrogenic death – literally death by healer – causing […]

  • Joseph Cotchett on the Trial Bar Versus Corporate America
    par Editor le 28/06/2021 à 10:39

    The titles of Joseph Cotchett’s two books indicate where he sees the country going. The first one was published thirty years ago.  It’s titled – The Ethics Gap: Greed and the Casino Society (1991). The second was published five years ago.  It’s titled – The […]

  • Biden Justice Department Refusing to Release Corporate Deferred and Non Prosecution Agreement Database
    par Editor le 23/06/2021 à 2:51

    The Biden Justice Department is refusing to make public it’s database of deferred and non prosecution agreements. In August 2020, Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) called on Trump Attorney General William Barr to release the list of all corporate deferred and non prosecution agreements […]

  • Terry Collingsworth on the Case Against the Chocolate Companies
    par Editor le 16/06/2021 à 7:53

    Most of the chocolate sold in the United States is produced with forced child labor. That’s the take of Terry Collingsworth of International Rights Advocates. Collingsworth wants the big chocolate companies – Nestle, Cargill, Mars, Mondelēz, Hershey, Barry Callebaut, and Olam […]

  • Jacob Elberg on Why Health Care Fraud Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry
    par Editor le 08/06/2021 à 6:23

    Virtually all False Claims Act (FCA) cases resolve without requiring the defendant to admit wrongdoing, and many defendants issue explicit public denials of wrongdoing when the resolution is announced. This is fueling a cost-of-doing-business narrative in which health care entities are required […]

  • John Geyman on Step by Step Reform Versus Medicare for All
    par Editor le 02/06/2021 à 6:06

    Even the most ardent supporters of Medicare for All in Congress, including Senator Bernie Sanders and Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, are retreating into President Biden’s step by step approach to addressing the ravages inflicted on the American people by the increasingly powerful medical […]

  • Judge Chhabria Again Turns Down Effort to Settle Bayer Monsanto Roundup Future Claims
    par Editor le 26/05/2021 à 9:53

    A federal judge in California has once again turned down an effort to settle potential future cancer claims against Bayer’s Monsanto over it’s Roundup weed killer. Judge Vince Chhabria rejected the settlement, dealing a major blow to Bayer Monsanto and to those class action attorneys […]

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