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  • Justice Department Finds Boeing Breached Deferred Prosecution Agreement
    par Editor le 14/05/2024 à 10:51

    The Department of Justice has determined that Boeing breached its 2021 agreement that deferred criminal charges against Boeing for the deaths of 346 in two 737 MAX plane crashes more than five years ago. In a letter dated May 14, 2024 to victims’ families, the Department said it had […]

  • Porter McConnell on Louis DeJoy and the Crisis at USPS
    par Editor le 09/05/2024 à 12:15

    Postmaster Louis DeJoy’s ten year plan for United States Postal Service (USPS) has resulted in slower mail, higher prices, and fewer hours at rural post offices. To help us understand what’s happening at the post office, we dialed up Porter McConnell of the Save the Post Office […]

  • Duke Law Professor Samuel Buell on the Limits of Individual Prosecutions in Deterring Corporate Crime
    par Editor le 09/05/2024 à 12:00

    Endless calls from Congress, the media, the public, many scholars, and even the Justice Department itself, to recommit, over and over, to locking up more managers and executives to deter corporate wrongdoing portray the problem as relatively straightforward and blame legislative and executive […]

  • StoneTurn Partner Jonny Frank on the Rise of the Voluntary Monitor
    par Editor le 09/05/2024 à 11:50

    Government appointed monitors in corporate crime cases are increasingly rare these days.  One reason? The rise of the voluntary monitor. In the wake of serious misconduct, corporations are appointing voluntary monitors to avoid one imposed and selected by the government. StoneTurn is perhaps […]

  • Les Bernal on the Case Against Predatory Gambling
    par Editor le 12/04/2024 à 8:01

    Earlier this year, ahead of Super Bowl LVII, Congressman Paul D. Tonko (D-New York) introduced the Betting on our Future Act, new legislation that bans all online and electronic advertising of sports gambling.  “This Sunday, millions of families across the U.S. will tune in to watch the […]

  • Naoise Connolly Ryan on the Boeing Deferred Prosecution Deadline
    par Editor le 12/04/2024 à 7:36

    The Justice Department must decide by July 7 whether to reinstate the criminal charges against Boeing for the deaths of 346 in two 737 MAX plane crashes more than five years ago. The Department will be meeting with the victims’ families in Washington, D.C. on April 24. Naoise Connolly Ryan, […]

  • Stephen Kohn on the Justice Department Plan to Offer Whistleblower Awards
    par Editor le 12/04/2024 à 7:22

    Earlier this month, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco announced that the Department of Justice will launch a whistleblower awards program. Monaco said that other U.S. whistleblower award programs, such as those at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading […]

  • Boeing Families Race to Unearth Incriminating Documents
    par Editor le 26/03/2024 à 11:32

    The families of the 346 people who died in two Boeing 737 MAX crashes five years ago are racing to unearth incriminating documents in an effort to persuade the Justice Department to reopen the criminal case against the company. Looming over the families are two deadlines — July 7, 2024 by […]

  • Toby Heaps on the World’s Most Sustainable Companies
    par Editor le 26/03/2024 à 10:08

    Toby Heaps is the founder and CEO of Corporate Knights, a leading sustainable-economy media and research organization based in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Heaps says that Corporate Knights is committed to advancing an economic system in which both people and the planet can thrive.   The […]

  • Austin Frerick on the Corruption of America’s Food Industry
    par Editor le 26/03/2024 à 9:52

    Austin Frerick grew up in the state with arguably the most fertile soil in America – Iowa. That soil is now being used to grow corn and soybeans to feed animals that have been taken off the land and put into giant sheds – confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The corn is also […]

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