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  • Not quite so liberal: Ethiopia suspends foreign infrastructure companies from entering market
    par Totaltele le 10/08/2020 à 12:00

    One of the last remaining telecoms monopolies in the world, Ethiopia is slowly moving towards liberalising its market, announcing in 2019 that it would be allowing two new service operators into the country, as well as selling a 40% stake in incumbent Ethio Telecom. As part of this liberalisation […]

  • UK govt celebrates half-a-million gigabit broadband milestone
    par Totaltele le 10/08/2020 à 12:00

    The UK government announced over the weekend that, since summer 2018, around 500,000 additional premises have been connected to gigabit-capable broadband. This is, at least in part, due to a £1 billion investment scheme that will continue until the end of 2021.   Currently in the UK, […]

  • Indian operators to get go-ahead for 5G trials, but not with Chinese vendors
    par Totaltele le 10/08/2020 à 12:00

    India–China relations have been growing more strained of late. Since May, the two countries have been skirmishing along their shared border, with a major clash in June resulting in the deaths of around 60 soldiers.    The battle is not only a physical one. With the world becoming […]

  • Qualcomm seeks licence to sell 5G chips to Huawei
    par Totaltele le 10/08/2020 à 12:00

    When the Trump administration increased its sanctions against Huawei back in May, it was immediately clear that this would be a huge blow to the Chinese vendor. No longer able to use components from US companies, Huawei will be forced to look elsewhere for its semiconductor needs…read more […]

  • Cloud gaming coming to South Korea via SK Telecom and Microsoft
    par Totaltele le 07/08/2020 à 12:00

    Wednesday saw the announcement that SK Telecom will launch cloud gaming for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users over its 5G network in South Korea.    By paying around $14 a month for a subscription, users will have access to a library of around 100 Xbox games, each of which is available to […]

  • BT’s forced redundancies an “attack on key workers”, says union
    par Totaltele le 07/08/2020 à 12:00

    A recent article by Andy Kerr, deputy general secretary of the CWU, published in the Tribune, slams BT’s plans for compulsory redundancies for some of the key workers that have helped keep the UK connected during the pandemic.    “Put yourselves in our members’ […]

  • MTN to withdraw from Middle East, will focus on Africa
    par Totaltele le 07/08/2020 à 12:00

    MTN is set to gradually retreat from its Middle Eastern businesses, said CEO Rob Shuter on a conference call yesterday. Instead, MTN will focus its efforts back on its home continent of Africa.   MTN’s time in the Middle East, where it operates in Iran, Yemen, and Syria has been a […]

  • Trump Executive Order set to ban TikTok
    par Totaltele le 07/08/2020 à 12:00

    Late yesterday night, US President Trump signed an Executive Order that will prohibit US transactions with the Chinese companies that own TikTok and WeChat. Coming into effect in 45 days, TikTok owners now face a stark decision: sell to a US-based firm or be excluded.   The video-sharing app […]

  • 5G: Unlocking new verticals for economic recovery
    par Totaltele le 06/08/2020 à 12:00

    For many years now, the telecoms industry has quietly played a pivotal role in providing connectivity throughout our daily lives. For most people, it was all too easy to take that connectivity for granted, rarely considering the vast, complex operations that were required behind the scenes to keep […]

  • Telkom Kenya and Airtel merger collapses
    par Totaltele le 06/08/2020 à 12:00

    First agreed back in February 2019, the planned merger of Telkom Kenya and Bharti Airtel’s Kenyan unit has now been called off.   Telkom, Kenya’s smallest operator, in which the state holds 40% equity, said the decision to pull the plug was mutual…read more on […]

  • Vodafone’s 4G OpenRAN goes live in the UK
    par Totaltele le 06/08/2020 à 12:00

    Open RAN increasingly holds major promise for operators. Using vendor-neutral, disaggregated RAN components, both hardware and software, operators can eschew their reliance on traditional vendor giants in favour of a broader, more flexible, and often cheaper vendor ecosystem.    This […]

  • Trump’s Clean Network seeks to create a “clean fortress” around citizens' data
    par Totaltele le 06/08/2020 à 12:00

    Yesterday, the US State Department announced the creation of the ‘Clean Network’ initiative, a plan devised to help protect US networks from high-risk Chinese companies that may be compromised by the Chinese government.   Announcing the plan, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said […]

  • AWS partners Airtel to retain dominance in India’s cloud market
    par Totaltele le 05/08/2020 à 12:00

    The public cloud market in India is booming, only being outpaced in the Asia Pacific region by Japan and Australia. In 2018, analysts valued the market at around $2.6 billion, but this is expected to swell to around $8 billion by 2023.   With such huge potential, it is no surprise that we […]

  • Fastweb and Linkem back 5G FWA to bridge digital divide
    par Totaltele le 05/08/2020 à 12:00

    Fixed wireless access (FWA) is increasingly becoming a useful weapon in an operator’s arsenal when it comes to bridging the digital divide. Cheap and easy to deploy by the customer themselves, with no need for disruptive fibre to the property itself, FWA is an attractive option for some of […]

  • Vodafone to build 5G private network for UK gas plant
    par Totaltele le 05/08/2020 à 12:00

    Vodafone has been commissioned to build the UK’s first 5G private network for the oil and gas sector.   The deal will see Vodafone deploy a private network of fifth-generation technology in Centrica Storage’s gas plant in Easington.   The network will allow for near […]

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