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  • autoconf @ Savannah: Autoconf 2.69c [beta]
    le 24/09/2020 à 5:31

    Autoconf 2.69c has been released, see the release announcement: <>

  • FSF Blogs: From the FSF Bulletin: Trial by proprietary software
    le 24/09/2020 à 3:51

    This article was originally published in the Spring 2020 issue of the Free Software Foundation Bulletin, our biannual newsletter, which is mailed to over 10,000 free software supporters around the world. See the rest of the special expanded online issue of the Bulletin at […]

  • parallel @ Savannah: GNU Parallel 20200922 ('Ginsburg') released
    le 23/09/2020 à 3:49

    GNU Parallel 20200922 ('Ginsburg') has been released. It is available for download at: Quote of the month:   Great tool, gets jobs done fast.   Great tool, gets jobs done fast.   Great tool, gets jobs done fast.     -- Paul F. De […]

  • FSF Blogs: Volunteers needed: Help maintain our webmail page
    le 18/09/2020 à 3:43

    The Free Software Foundation (FSF) needs your help! We are looking for several reliable volunteers to keep our Free Software Webmail Systems page up to date, and respond to community questions about webmail programs as they come in. Between 1,000 and 2,000 visitors check out this resource every […]

  • GNU Taler news: GNU Taler launched at BFH
    le 15/09/2020 à 10:00

    2020-09: GNU Taler operational at Bern University of Applied Sciences The GNU Taler payment system was launched at the BFH in the presence of a representative of the Swiss National Bank. Students, staff, faculty and visitors can visit the cafeteria at Höheweg 80 to withdraw the electronic […]

  • FSF Blogs: Hello world from Eostre Emily Danne, intern with the FSF tech team
    le 14/09/2020 à 8:57

    Greetings! I'm Eostre (they/she), one of the new interns here at the FSF. I'm primarily here to update systems, rebuild servers, configure Apache, and really anything else that involves coercing GNU/Linux until it does what I want. Prior to this, I've done GNU/Linux almost exclusively as a hobby; […]

  • Christopher Allan Webber: Spritely Goblins v0.7 released!
    le 13/09/2020 à 9:53

    I'm delighted to say that Spritely Goblins v0.7 has been released! This is the first release featuring CapTP support (ie, "capability-secure distributed/networked programming support"), which is a huge milestone for the project! Okay, caveat... there are still some things missing from the CapTP […]

  • remotecontrol @ Savannah: New Google Nest Thermostat passes through FCC
    le 11/09/2020 à 10:21

  • FSF Blogs: Assine esta petição pela liberdade na sala de aula
    le 11/09/2020 à 6:50

    Leia, assine e compartilhe a petição: Use este código de incorporação para adicionar esta imagem a seu site ou blog para referenciar a petição: <a […]

  • gnuastro @ Savannah: Gnuastro 0.13 released
    le 07/09/2020 à 3:21

    The 13th release of Gnuastro is now available. See the the full announcement for more.

  • GNUnet News: GNUnet 0.13.3
    le 05/09/2020 à 10:00

    GNUnet 0.13.3 released Continuing to "release early / release often", we present GNUnet 0.13.3. This is a bugfix release for gnunet 0.13.2. It fixes some build issues and contains major changes to the re:claimID API.Download […]

  • freeipmi @ Savannah: FreeIPMI 1.6.6 Released
    le 04/09/2020 à 5:18 o In libfreeipmi, fix segfault in SPMI parsing leading to immediate failures on some hardware across all tools.

  • dico @ Savannah: Version 2.10
    le 04/09/2020 à 5:45

    Version 2.10 is available for download.  This is a bugfix release, that fixes compilation with gcc 10 and restores the po files, which were absent in the two previous releases due to the packaging error.

  • FSF Blogs: Free Software Awards: Recognize those who advance our freedom by October 28th
    le 03/09/2020 à 7:25

    The work of dedicated contributors is at the center of free software's ability to empower users. Whether they're developers, documentation writers, community organizers, or inspiring new volunteers, everyone plays their own role in building the movement. Together, the work of these community […]

  • remotecontrol @ Savannah: Key to Preventing Covid-19 Indoors: Ventilation - WSJ
    le 02/09/2020 à 11:18

  • remotecontrol @ Savannah: Ventilation and Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Coronavirus (COVID-19) | US EPA
    le 02/09/2020 à 11:18

  • Parabola GNU/Linux-libre: manual intervention required for some non-systemd users
    le 31/08/2020 à 6:43

    a change was made this week to 'nonsystemd/base', in order to reduce dependency conflicts, when installing a nonsystemd system, and when migrating to or from nonsystemd<->systemd - this has exposed several dependency conflicts which were not obvious before, and made them explicit manual […]

  • Christopher Allan Webber: If you can't tell people anything, can you show them?
    le 29/08/2020 à 5:05

    The other day I made a sadpost on the fediverse that said: "simultaneously regularly feel like people don't take the directions I'm trying to push seriously enough and that I'm not worth taking seriously". (Similarly, I've also joked that "imposter syndrome and a Cassandra complex are a hell of a […]

  • nano @ Savannah: GNU nano 5.2 was released
    le 25/08/2020 à 6:50

    Version 5.0 brought: direct access to the "Execute Command" prompt, the ability to place and jump to anchors, the --indicator option for showing a kind of scrollbar, nine new color names plus the "italic" attribute, and several major internal changes.  Versions 5.1 and 5.2 then fixed the bugs […]

  • parallel @ Savannah: GNU Parallel 20200822 ('Beirut')
    le 22/08/2020 à 11:29

    GNU Parallel 20200822 ('Beirut') has been released. It is available for download at: Quote of the month:   Gnu parallel is also awesome, fwiw.     -- Rogan Dawes @RoganDawes@twitter New in this release: Max command line length is changed […]

  • www-zh-cn @ Savannah: Submit your session for LibrePlanet 2021 before Oct. 28
    le 22/08/2020 à 3:45

    Dear Translators: From FSF The thirteenth edition of the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) conference on technology and social justice will be held in spring 2021. The Call for Sessions is now open, and will close on October 28th. Potential talks should examine free software through the lens of […]

  • health @ Savannah: GNU Health HMIS patchset 3.6.5 released
    le 21/08/2020 à 2:28

    Dear community GNU Health 3.6.5 patchset has been released ! Priority: High Table of Contents About GNU Health Patchsets Updating your system with the GNU Health control Center Summary of this patchset Installation notes List of other issues related to this patchset About GNU Health […]

  • pspp @ Savannah: PSPP 1.4.0 has been released
    le 15/08/2020 à 11:30

    I'm very pleased to announce the release of a new version of GNU PSPP.  PSPP is a program for statistical analysis of sampled data.  It is a free replacement for the proprietary program SPSS. Changes from 1.2.0 to 1.4.0: The file pspp-mode.el (the pspp-mode for Emacs) is no longer […]

  • Sylvain Beucler: Planet upgrade
    le 15/08/2020 à 6:55

    The system running was upgraded/reinstalled to Debian 10 "buster" Documentation was updated. Let me know if you notice any issue - For the next upgrade, we'll have to decide whether to takeover Planet Venus and upgrade it to Python 3, or migrate to another Planet […]

  • mailutils @ Savannah: Version 3.10
    le 14/08/2020 à 7:19

    Version 3.10 of GNU mailutils is available for download. See the NEWS file for a list of noteworthy changes in this release.

  • GNUnet News: GNUnet 0.13.2
    le 13/08/2020 à 10:00

    GNUnet 0.13.2 released This is a bugfix release for gnunet 0.13.1. It fixes some build issues and contains changes to the REST API implmementation (no change in the API itself) as well as OpenID Connect related fixes to re:claimID.Download […]

  • Christopher Allan Webber: Terminal Phase in Linux Magazine (Polish edition)
    le 12/08/2020 à 5:54

    Hey look at that! My terminal-space-shooter-game Terminal Phase made an appearance in the Polish version of Linux Magazine. I had no idea, but Michal Majchrzak both tipped me off to it and took the pictures. (Thank you!) I don't know Polish but I can see some references to Konami and SHMUP […]

  • libredwg @ Savannah: libredwg-0.11 released
    le 07/08/2020 à 10:49

    New features:   * new programs dwgfilter, dxfwrite.     dwgfilter allows custom jq queries.     dxfwrite allows version conversions, which dwgwrite does not yet support.   * Can now read all 2004+ section types: added AppInfo, FileDepList, […]

  • FSF News: Geoffrey Knauth elected Free Software Foundation president; Odile Bénassy joins the board
    le 05/08/2020 à 8:20

    BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA -- Wednesday, August 5th, 2020 -- The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced the addition of a new director to its board, and the election of a new president. Long-time free software activist and developer Odile Bénassy, known especially for her work […]

  • remotecontrol @ Savannah: Some Nest thermostats can no longer connect to the internet, so Google is replacing them - The Verge
    le 25/07/2020 à 4:02

  • bison @ Savannah: Bison 3.7 released
    le 24/07/2020 à 4:40

    I am very happy to announce the release of Bison 3.7, whose main novelty, contributed by Vincent Imbimbo, is the generation of counterexamples for conflicts.  For instance on a grammar featuring the infamous "dangling else" problem, "bison -Wcounterexamples" now gives:     […]

  • GNU Guix: Improve Internationalization Support for the Guix Data Service
    le 23/07/2020 à 12:00

    The first half of my Outreachy internship is already over and I am really excited to share my experience. Over the past weeks I’ve had the opportunity to work on the Guix Data Service, watch myself change, and accomplish way more than I thought I would.The Guix Data Service processes, stores […]

  • parallel @ Savannah: GNU Parallel 20200722 ('Privacy Shield') released [stable]
    le 22/07/2020 à 9:17

    GNU Parallel 20200722 ('Privacy Shield') [stable] has been released. It is available for download at: No new functionality was introduced so this is a good candidate for a stable release. Quote of the month:   With multicore systems everywhere GNU Parallel […]

  • Applied Pokology: Integral structs in GNU poke
    le 20/07/2020 à 12:00

    This weekend I finally implemented support for the so-called "integral structs" in poke. This expands the expressivity power of Poke structs to cover cases where data is stored in composited integral containers, i.e. when data is structured within stored […]

  • GNU Guix: Running a Ganeti cluster on Guix
    le 17/07/2020 à 3:00

    The latest addition to Guix's ever-growing list of services is a little-known virtualization toolkit called Ganeti. Ganeti is designed to keep virtual machines running on a cluster of servers even in the event of hardware failures, and to make maintenance and recovery tasks easy.It is comparable […]

  • Applied Pokology: Writing binary utilities with GNU poke
    le 16/07/2020 à 12:00

    GNU poke is, first and foremost, intended to be used as an interactive editor, either directly on the command line or using a graphical user interface built on it. However, since its conception poke was intended to also provide a suitable and useful […]

  • autoconf @ Savannah: Autoconf 2.69b [beta]
    le 14/07/2020 à 6:02

    Autoconf 2.69b has been released, see the release announcement: <>

  • Christopher Allan Webber: Announcing FOSS and Crafts
    le 14/07/2020 à 4:20

    I wrote recently about departing Libre Lounge but as I said there, "This is probably not the end of me doing podcasting, but if I start something up again it'll be a bit different in its structure." Well! Morgan and I have co-launched a new podcast called FOSS and Crafts! As the title implies, […]

  • GNUnet News: GNUnet 0.13.1
    le 11/07/2020 à 10:00

    GNUnet 0.13.1 released This is a bugfix release for gnunet and gnunet-gtk specifically. For gnunet, no changes to the source have been made. However, the default configuration had to be modified to support the changes made in 0.13.0. For gnunet-gtk, this fixes a more serious issue where […]

  • www @ Savannah: Malware in Proprietary Software - Latest Additions
    le 09/07/2020 à 4:49

    The initial injustice of proprietary software often leads to further injustices: malicious functionalities. The introduction of unjust techniques in nonfree software, such as backdoors, DRM, tethering and others, has become ever more frequent. Nowadays, it is standard practice. We at the GNU […]

  • www-cs @ Savannah: Aktualizace: 2020-07-07
    le 07/07/2020 à 3:16

    Ahoj, aktualizoval jsem několik českých překladů: […]

  • GNUnet News: GNUnet 0.13.0
    le 06/07/2020 à 10:00

    GNUnet 0.13.0 released We are pleased to announce the release of GNUnet 0.13.0. This is a new major release. It breaks protocol compatibility with the 0.12.x versions. Please be aware that Git master is thus henceforth INCOMPATIBLE with the 0.12.x GNUnet network, and interactions between old […]

  • health @ Savannah: GNU Health Control Center 3.6.5 supports Weblate
    le 02/07/2020 à 9:50

    Dear community As you may know, GNU Health HMIS has migrated its translation server to Weblate. (see news Today, we have released the GH Control Center 3.6.5, which has support to Weblate for the language installation. The syntax is the […]

  • gnucobol @ Savannah: GnuCOBOL 3.1-rc-1 on
    le 02/07/2020 à 7:13

    While this version is a release-candidate (with an expected full release within 3 months) it is the most stable and complete free COBOL compiler ever available. Source kits can be found at, the first pre-built binaries are already available and the OS package […]

  • Parabola GNU/Linux-libre: ath9k wifi devices may not work with linux-libre 5.7.6
    le 02/07/2020 à 1:49

    if you have a USB wifi device which uses the ath9k or ath9k_htc kernel module, you should postpone upgrading to any of the 5.7.6 kernels; or the device may not work when you next reboot - PCI devices do not seem to be affected by this bug watch this bug report for further details linux-libre and […]

  • GNU Guix: Securing updates
    le 01/07/2020 à 5:40

    Software deployment tools like Guix are in a key position when it comes to securing the “software supply chain”—taking source code fresh from repositories and providing users with ready-to-use binaries. We have been paying attention to several aspects of this problem in Guix: […]

  • Christopher Allan Webber: Some updates: CapTP in progress, Datashards, chiptune experiments, etc
    le 01/07/2020 à 12:14

    (Originally written as a post for Patreon donors.) Hello... just figured I'd give a fairly brief update. Since I wrote my last post I've been working hard towards the distributed programming stuff in Goblins. In general, this involves implementing a protocol called CapTP, which is fairly […]

  • GNU Taler news: Exchange independent security audit report published
    le 30/06/2020 à 10:00

    2020-07: Exchange external security audit completed We received a grant from NLnet foundation to pay for an external security audit of the GNU Taler exchange cryptography, code and documentation. CodeBlau now concluded their audit. You can find the final report here. We have compiled a […]

  • GNUnet News: GNS Specification Milestone 3/4
    le 29/06/2020 à 10:00

    GNS Technical Specification Milestone 3/4 We are happy to announce the completion of the third milestone for the GNS Specification. The third milestone consists of documenting the GNS zone revocation process. As part of this, we have reworked the proof-of-work algorithms in GNUnet also used for […]

  • GNU Guile: GNU Guile 3.0.4 released
    par (Ludovic Courtès) le 24/06/2020 à 3:00

    We are pleased but also embarrassed to announce GNU Guile 3.0.4. This release fixes the SONAME of, which was wrongfully bumped in 3.0.3. Distributions should use 3.0.4.Apologies for the inconvenience!

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