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  • Billy Masters 10.06.22
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:40

    I have a friend who always gets angry whenever a celebrity dies and the coverage states, "Cause of death is undetermined".

  • Managing My Conditions
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:38

    I was lying on a gurney at Massachusetts General Hospital, my stomach gurgling and growling after two days with virtually no food: one day of a liquid diet consisting of chicken broth and unsweetened lime-green Jell-O, and a second day of no food, limited water, and massive quantities of a toxic […]

  • GOP's genteel complicity in madness
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:37

    Despising Trump while aiding him earns no credit

  • SCOTUS LGBT preview
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:35

    The U.S. Supreme Court sometimes makes significant moves long before it hears arguments in a case.

  • New law aims to make California haven for transgender youth
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:34

    A new law aims to stop other states from punishing children who come to California for transgender surgeries and other gender-affirming care, a move that will intensify conflicts between Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and other Republican governors amid the country's escalating culture war.

  • A Lesbian Mom's Thoughts on Coming Out
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:32

    Coming out is often described as an ongoing journey.

  • My Family's RIVF Story
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:31

    I write a lot about other people's family stories in this column, but this time, Iâ??m sharing the experience my now-spouse and I had with reciprocal IVF (my egg; her womb).

  • Real Children Share Gender Identities and Expressions in New Picture Book
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:29

    The children whose photos and words appear in "True You: A Gender Journey," by educator Gwen Agna and photojournalist Shelley Rotner (Clarion), are "Girls, boys, neither, both, or just not sure."

  • Three Recent Memoirs Chart Queer Families
    le 06/10/2022 à 10:27

    Three recent memoirs offer differing looks at queer families.

  • Billy Masters 09.22.22
    le 22/09/2022 à 9:47

    They're dropping like flies in England--literally!

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