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Taking the our slogan to heart—Dog Is My Co-Pilot®—The Bark taps into the exploding phenomena of dog culture and lifestyle, focusing on the growing bond between individuals and their pet companions. The Bark has chronicled America’s love affair with dogs, the evolving status of canine pets and their role in society, as well as the incredible rise in services and products.
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  • Q&A with "The Truffle Hunters" filmmakers Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw
    par Cameron Woo le 22/04/2021 à 3:31

    Documenting the canine search for the world’s most expensive fungi.The Truffle Hunters opens with a gorgeous, contemplative long shot—a steep, thickly forested northwestern Italian hillside accented by its trees’ yellowing leaves and skeletal branches—that sets the tone for […]

  • Why Do Dogs Chase Garbage Trucks?
    par Karen B. London le 22/04/2021 à 3:20

    Why do some dogs seem to lose their minds when a truck goes by? So many dogs—even dogs who are fine with cars and pick-ups—lose it when a garbage truck goes by, or worse, stops to collect the trash in front of their house. What’s going on, and what can we do about it? Not all […]

  • Earth-Friendly Products for Dogs
    par Susan Tasaki le 21/04/2021 à 1:05

    Being environmentally responsible doesn’t mean being boring. Here are few stand-out examples that prove style and sustainability can go hand-in-paw.Tags: bark likes thiseditor's pickslifestylegreenproductsmealtime extrasdog food recipes

  • Cognitive Decline In Aging Dogs: What To Know
    par Jennifer Gauntt le 19/04/2021 à 3:33

    Just as humans may develop neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease as they grow older, our aging canine friends can develop dementia, also referred to as canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCDS), a complex of behavioral and neurological symptoms the prevalence of which […]

  • Meet Charliebear
    par The Bark Editors le 18/04/2021 à 6:08

    Charliebear’s family tell him they need to love him twice as much for all the poor abused dogs in this world. They vow to make every day as happy and comfortable as they can for him.Tags: smiling dogs

  • Meet Riggs
    par The Bark Editors le 18/04/2021 à 6:06

    No one smiles bigger than a rescue dog at the park!Tags: smiling dogs

  • Americans Adopted Fewer Pets From Shelters in 2020
    par Shelly Volsche le 15/04/2021 à 4:18

    The supply of rescue animals fellDemand for new pets certainly seemed to spike when the COVID-19 pandemic reached the United States in early 2020 and forced many Americans to spend more time isolated. But adoptions from animal shelters and rescues actually fell 17% to approximately 1.6 million in […]

  • How to Tell if Your Dog is a Genius
    par Jan Hoole le 13/04/2021 à 9:37

    Anyone who has lived with a dog will know their capacity for learning the meaning of words, even ones you don’t want them to know. How many times have you had to spell the words “walk” or “dinner” in the hope of avoiding an explosion of excitement? Previous studies […]

  • From Shelter Dog to Service Dog
    par Susan Tasaki le 12/04/2021 à 11:15

    Thanks to the Animal Farm Foundation, Pit Bulls find new lives as helper dogs.When you hear the words “service dog,” what kind of dog comes to mind? Typically, it will be a Golden or a Labrador Retriever, breed types that have, over the years, become synonymous with this role. Entire […]

  • Even Puppies Get the Point
    par Karen B. London le 12/04/2021 à 11:08

    Are dogs born knowing how to interpret our gestures? Research explores links between genetics and dogs’ ability to learn.Dogs’ ability to understand us and to respond to our attempts to communicate with them has long been considered a fundamental part of the close relationship we share. […]

  • Meet Latchy
    par The Bark Editors le 11/04/2021 à 9:53

    Latch brings so much light, laughter, and love into the world his family feels truly blessed to be able to call him their dog.Tags: smiling dogs

  • Meet Beau
    par The Bark Editors le 11/04/2021 à 9:51

    Beau loves meeting new people. He’ll plow into a small group of people, wagging like mad, assuming they are all there for him.Tags: smiling dogs

  • We Don’t Deserve Dogs: a Film Celebrating the Human-Canine Bond
    par Cameron Woo le 08/04/2021 à 6:45

    Dog lovers around the world on their love for dogs.The central message of this film appears in the title. We Don’t Deserve Dogs is a sly way to praise dogs’ loyalty to humans, far beyond what we deserve. Nonetheless, this excellent documentary examines the deep bonds that exist between […]

  • Working Out Dog Weight Loss
    par Jennifer Gauntt le 06/04/2021 à 2:01

    Watching your pet’s weight is vital, and there are ways to make sure your dog is not packing on too many pounds.For pet owners with an overweight animal companion, there can be a difficult balance between wanting to treat a pet and wanting to keep them in the best health possible. However, […]

  • Meet Barkley
    par The Bark Editors le 04/04/2021 à 9:48

    Barkley enjoys going out on a beautiful day for a walk. When Barkley gets tired, he rides in his chariot.Tags: smiling dogs

  • Meet Colt
    par The Bark Editors le 04/04/2021 à 9:45

    Colt is very loving to our family of three very equally. Colt loves to sit with you. Unconditional love, that’s really the best.Tags: smiling dogs

  • Is Curbside Veterinary Service Here to Stay?
    par Anna Campbell le 01/04/2021 à 3:36

    Some veterinarians discover pros to the pandemic protocolDr. Robyn Limberg describes herself as a talker. After practicing for 25 years in St. Clair, Michigan, she has many clients who are also friends, "so there are often conversations and chats that go on that aren't necessarily related to the […]

  • Dogs Used in Toxicity Testing
    par Susan Tasaki le 01/04/2021 à 3:26

    If passed, the PET Act will make some of those tests illegal in California.It is disturbing to learn that in’s home state of California, approximately 600 dogs—most of them purpose-bred Beagles—are maintained in 10 facilities to serve as subjects for toxicity testing. […]

  • Appeal Court Rules that “Certification” of a Service Dog Is Not Required by Law
    par Claudia Kawczynska le 31/03/2021 à 5:20

    People can self-teach service dogsIn a huge win for people with mental or physical disabilities, on March 30, 2021, a federal appeals court ruled that persons with disabilities can train their own service dogs and do not require formal certification to attest to their service dog’s status. […]

  • Types of Dog Smiles
    par Karen B. London le 31/03/2021 à 2:24

    There’s more to a dog’s smile than meets the eye. One of my favorite private consultations of all time involved a family who came to me, scared and sad, because they were worried about the way their beloved Golden Retriever was acting toward their two-month-old baby. Though the dog had […]

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