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  • Meteor Activity 2021 April to 2022 March
    le 31/03/2021 à 12:00

    Edited by Tracie Heywood This guide describes the prospects for the major meteor showers and for a number of minor meteor showers during the interval from 2021 April to 2022 March. It is compiled with visual observers in mind, but should also be useful for imagers and radio observers. […]

  • Magazine Index
    le 17/01/2021 à 12:00

    Compiled by Tracie Heywood A complete index of the ‘The Astronomer’ magazine has been complied and is available for download. A example of the index is shown below.

  • The Astronomer Historical Awards
    le 07/08/2020 à 12:00

    Complied by Tracie Heywood The Astronomer has two annual awards: the ‘Alan Young’ award for the best contribution to the magazine cover and the ‘George Alcock’ award for best overall contribution to TA. Both awards are based on each magazine volume (May to April). […]

  • Sales
    le 25/07/2019 à 12:00

    TA have various items for sale as shown below. Remittances should be payable to ‘The Astronomer’ and your order sent to the Secretary. TA DVD Catalogue DVDs of recent Annual General Meetings are available for £12 post-paid. TA AGM 2019 edited by Paul Carmody. Meeting at […]

  • The Astronomer Historical Meetings
    le 11/06/2019 à 12:00

    Complied by Tracie Heywood The list below gives information on TA Meeting dating back to 1964. Year Date Location Comments 1964 April 2 Caxton Hall, London (9+) Inaugural Meeting 1964 June 19 Caxton Hall, London (10) Retrospective […]

  • Circulars
    le 04/04/2019 à 12:00

    We provide a very comprehensive electronic circulars service to keep our members up to date on new dicoveries, astronomical objects for particular note and other events for the observer. There are approximately 100 e-circulars per year. An example The Astronomer e-circular is shown below. Current […]

  • Contact
    le 21/03/2019 à 12:00

    Editor Guy M Hurst, 16 Westminster Close, Basingstoke, Hants, RG22 4PP. Telephone & fax: +44 (0) 1256 471074. E-mail: Comets, photographic notes, deep sky, cover material & general articles. Secretary Bob Dryden, 21 Cross Road, Cholsey, Oxon, OX10 9PE. Tel: +44 […]

  • Lightcurve for SN 2019np in NGC 3254
    le 17/02/2019 à 12:00

    This supernova was discovered by Koichi Itagaki (Japan) on 2019 January 09. It is a Type Ia (z=0.00452) supernova in Leo Minor. The accompanying graph shows the lightcurve for this supernovae. An image of SN 2019pn obtained by Guy Hurst on January 20 (05h24mUT, 60s exposure) with the OU COAST […]

  • The Astronomer 2018/19 Annual Meeting
    le 06/02/2019 à 12:00

    The re-scheduled 2018 TA annual meeting took place on Saturday 13th April 2019 at St Mary’s Church Hall, Goat Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG21 7PZ. The list of speakers were: Annual TA Report and Future Plans: Guy Hurst (Editor) BAA’s Exoplanet Initiative: Roger Dymock The […]

  • Lightcurve for SN 2017eaw in NGC 6946
    le 11/06/2017 à 12:00

    Supernova AT 2017EAW in NGC 6946 was discovered by Patrick Wiggins,Tooele, UT, USA, at 12.8 mag on 2017 May 14 at 05:42:43 UT. This supernova is the 10th to be discovered in NGC 6946 in the last 100 years. The accompanying graph shows the lightcurve for this supernovae. Images and lightcurves […]

    le 28/01/2017 à 12:00

    Back issues of magazines from 1964 to 2014 (volume 50) are available on the NASA Astrophysical Data System (ADS). Specific volumes of the magazine can be accessed by following the links below (each volume begins with the May issue). To view individual pages at full size, just click on a […]

  • About
    le 27/01/2017 à 12:00

    The Astronomer This is the web site of The Astronomer group, TA for short. We produce a magazine for the advanced amateur and our aim is to publish all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible after they are made. The magazine has been published monthly since 1964 and subscribers […]

  • Advertising
    le 27/01/2017 à 12:00

    Opportunities to advertising in The Astronomer include: In the magazine at £50 for a whole A4 page, £25 for a half page & £15 for a quarter page per issue. There is a discount for three or more adverts in successive magazine issues. Text link to your website from our website […]

  • Subscription
    le 27/01/2017 à 12:00

    The following subscriptions are available: Magazine subscription (12 issues per year): Paper version UK £25, Europe (via surface mail) £39, Rest of World except Australasia (via airmail): £47, Australasia (via airmail): £49. PDF version: £11 UK and all world zones. […]

  • Magazine
    le 27/01/2017 à 12:00

    We produce a monthly magazine for the advanced amateur and our aim is to publish all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible after they are made. The magazine has been published since 1964 and subscribers are found all over the world. The magazines is available via a subscription […]

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