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  • Editorial: Makerspaces, Agile, Reading Lists and Migrations
    le 23/07/2019 à 1:23

    Ariadne has changed many times over its 20+ year life so far, and this year is no exception. When we inherited Ariadne at Loughborough we upgraded the Drupal based system that Bath had been using for some time and we have run with that for a couple of years. However we’ve found it […]

  • Editorial: Digital billboards, folksonomies and lightweight catalogue interfaces
    le 23/07/2019 à 12:30

    In issue 77 of Ariadne, we have articles covering a range of topics: Prince Jacon Igwe discusses the role of a Social Media Librarian in academic libraries, and presents an innovative use of digital billboards to promote the library’s and institution’s work whilst increasing […]

  • UX Made EZ: An Agile Approach to Testing a Digital Collection
    le 20/06/2019 à 12:00

    INTRODUCTION In March 2018, after more than two years of development, the creators of the Animal Welfare Act History Digital Collection (AWAHDC, ) were poised to launch this unique new digital library. We had encountered and solved many problems with the workflows (as […]

  • Educause 2018
    le 05/04/2019 à 7:13

    In 2018, I was one of the lucky recipients of a UCISA bursary, which enabled me to attend the Educause conference in Denver, Colorado. The Educause conference is something that has been on my radar for 20 years, and it’s no coincidence that it is celebrating 20 years this year. The younger me […]

  • Migrating Ariadne from Drupal to a Static Site
    le 07/03/2019 à 12:00

    Introduction At the start of 2019 Ariadne[1] moved from being a Drupal[2] site to being a static site. This move realised a number of benefits for the journal including an improvement in the site performance and a reduction in the ongoing effort required for site maintenance. Why move away from […]

  • Building a Digital Scholarship Centre on the Successes of a Library Makerspace
    le 15/01/2019 à 6:10

    Introduction The 2017 Library Edition of the well-known Horizon Report (NMC Horizon report, 2017) describes ‘Digital Scholarship Technologies’ as one of the important developments in technology for Academic and Research Libraries. According to the report “The concept of digital […]

  • Figshare Fest 2018
    le 15/01/2019 à 4:57

    Why am I here? At Loughborough University we have been working with Figshare (1) to provide a cloud hosted repository (2) to house the institution’s research outputs (datasets, presentations, diagrams and figures etc.) since 2015. At the same time the University’s ‘Institutional […]

  • Assessing the impact on the student experience of embedding information resources in the Guided Learner Journey at the University of Hertfordshire
    le 03/06/2018 à 11:00

    The Guided Learner JourneyAt the University of Hertfordshire, a series of consultative workshops with academic staff and students established the aims and principles for the student Guided Learner Journey (GLJ) back in 2014. The GLJ aims included providing an excellent student learning experience, […]

  • REACH Project Opening Conference "Resilient Cultural Heritage and Communities in Europe" 10th-11th of May 2018, Budapest, Hungary
    le 27/03/2018 à 11:00

    REACH, re-designing access to Cultural Heritage for a wider participation in preservation, (re)use and management of European culture, is a a three-year project on participatory governance of culture, started on the 1st of November 2017. The project is supported by the European Commission in the […]

  • Social Media Librarianship in Academic Libraries: Optimizing Trends for Real-Time User Engagement through Digital Billboards
    le 11/09/2017 à 11:00

    Abstract Academic libraries across the world are steadily incorporating social media as means to achieving their primary concern of supporting teaching and research in their respective higher institutions. Yet, there appears to be little concern for constant and instant conversation with users on […]

  • Development of a lightweight library catalogue
    le 13/06/2017 à 11:00

    In 2014 Loughborough University launched Loughborough University London, a postgraduate campus located in London. Until this point Loughborough University’s Library [1] had been single site, so there were a number of factors to take into account to decide on the best way cater for the second […]

  • Review of "Dynamic research support for academic libraries"
    le 07/06/2017 à 11:00

    Starr Hoffman sets out some clear aims in her preface to ‘Dynamic research support for academic libraries’. The book intends to: Inspire “you to think creatively about new services” Spark “ideas of potential collaborations within and outside the library…” […]

  • Review of "Copyright and E-learning: a guide for practitioners" 2nd Edition
    le 30/05/2017 à 11:00

    This is a second, revised and updated, edition of Jane Secker’s 2009 book. For this edition Chris Morrison is a contributor. Both authors are prominent copyright experts working in higher education in the UK. They are also advocates of copyright education for professionals working in the […]

  • Review of "Library Management in Disruptive Times: Skills and knowledge for an uncertain future"
    le 25/02/2017 à 12:00

    With a cover description that promises a book that “identifies the key skills and attitudes needed by the library leaders of today and tomorrow” I anticipated a collection of  practical, experience-based chapters describing situations the authors had found themselves in, accounts […]

  • Folksonomies in archives: controlled collaboration for specific documents
    le 03/01/2017 à 12:00

    Abstract: Folksonomies arise in the context of the Information Society, spurred by the advent and widespread use of collaborative tools of Web 2.0, where the passive user has become both information producer and consumer. This paper attempts to answer the question: can we talk about folksonomies in […]

  • Editorial: Open Access, organising workshops and different perspectives.
    le 30/11/2016 à 12:00

    In this issue of Ariadne, we have article covering a range of topics.Lidu Gong starts us off with a description of the "heart centred" approach to customer service in a Māori oriented academic library service in New Zealand. To help deal with cultural differences between Māori users and […]

  • Organising your first conference
    le 31/10/2016 à 12:00

    The two main objectives of a conference are: i) to promote developments in a particular area and/or ii) to gather opinion on the state of play. In my case I’d been involved with a great project [1] and wanted the opportunity to bragtalk about it. As there didn’t seem to be any […]

  • Funding Universal Open Access via Academic Efficiency Gains from Government Funder Sponsored Open Access Journals
    le 15/10/2016 à 11:00

    A great deal has been written about the benefits of open access and it should be intuitively obvious to all librarians (and really anyone) that universal free open access will be the optimum for the benefit of information availability for humankind. Thus, the EU is moving to open access all papers […]

  • Book Review: Altmetrics: a practical guide for librarians, researchers and academics
    le 05/09/2016 à 11:00

    I was excited to see that Facet had brought out a “practical guide” to altmetrics. As far as I can see, there is only one other textbook on the market released in 2015, and in this fast-growing area I would say there is definitely room for another. However, as I ploughed further and […]

  • A quantum jump from information to transformation - mātauranga Māori based library services
    le 01/08/2016 à 11:00

    Background: TWoA (Te Wānanga o Aotearoa) is a Māori institution, the second largest tertiary institution in New Zealand. The vision, mission and goal of TWoA are based on mātauranga Māori embedded in TWoA values and practice. The vision is ‘to provide holistic education […]

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