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  • A few words of wisdom to help demystify the meaning of life…
    par Terry Vollum, Country Sunshine le 18/04/2021 à 7:04

    As I reorganized some outdated computer files recently I happened upon an email I had received from my younger sister back in 2002. Attached to the note was one of those ubiquitous “think pieces” we have all come across on the Internet from time to time. Upon re-reading the brief […]

  • Randy like lone wolf howling at the moon
    par Barry Ellsworth, Column le 18/04/2021 à 12:56

    Randy, Randy, Randy. What are we going to do with you? Canada’s version of Donald Trump when it comes to COVID-19 was at it again this past Friday. He and about 150 of his misguided minions gathered at Zwick’s Park to protest restrictions enacted by the province to battle the spread of […]

  • Golf is just another four-letter word…
    par Terry Vollum, Country Sunshine le 11/04/2021 à 4:27

    I don’t think I ever truly appreciated the incredible power of a string of colorful expletives until I took up the game of golf. Had it not been chosen as the name of one of the most popular outdoor pastimes I believe the word “golf” might have caught on as a damn good swear word.

  • A letter to Premier known as Ford
    par Barry Ellsworth, Column le 11/04/2021 à 4:22

    Dear Sir, Sunday morning, I put off having my pancakes and blueberries because I felt the urgent need to write to you. I mention I postponed breakfast, so you will understand how important this message truly is. I have some questions about the pandemic and also about a few other things, but […]

  • How did we ever cope with childhood angst without Dr. Phil?
    par Terry Vollum, Country Sunshine le 04/04/2021 à 5:47

    If memory serves, I was about seven-years-old when I first became aware of peer pressure and the eagerness to fit in. I had just breezed through half-days of kindergarten – all the while adjusting to life in a yet unexplored world that seemed poles apart from the comfort and safety of home. […]

  • Ford, Covid Fighters take to the ball diamond
    par Barry Ellsworth, Column le 04/04/2021 à 5:43

    The Blue Jays can’t play in Toronto because of the virus. So, Premier Doug ‘The Coach’ Ford decided to field his ball team, the Covid Delusionals, and they are playing in Thurlow and Trenton because those places have had a low number of virus cases and are the only places in […]

  • Terrorist uses ‘woofs’ like fire alarm
    par Barry Ellsworth, Column le 28/03/2021 à 5:12

    Quinte the Jack Russell Terrorist is one hell of a watchdog – as long as what she watches is at a distance. Her woofs could be likened to a fire alarm. Elderly woman walks pushing an oxygen cart on Spring Street, two big lots away from the back of our house and Quinte notices through

  • The somewhat distracted backyard philosopher…   
    par Terry Vollum, Country Sunshine le 21/03/2021 à 4:00

    As the years drift by, I must confess that various parts of my once perfect self are a little worse for wear. Much like an old door hinge, creaking joints demand attention and repair. C’est la vie. So much for the well-oiled machine. Additionally, my mind (once considered a steel-trap) is now […]

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