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Une réflexion sur « Standard Democrat »

  1. Edits after I read over. If want more details have a draft paper where I interviewed the MDC Biologist a few years ago.

    Where can you find 70 miles of wildflowers? Here just outside of Sikeston city limits. A drive Highway 60 across the 70 mile wide Mississippi River floodplain this July is simply gorgeous! The yellow faces of a million Black-eyed Susan’s greeted us at 6:00 A.M. this morning as we crossed the valley floor headed to Popular Bluff. If only had my camera. I hope someone from the Democrat can run out a take a picture. This should be shared with everyone. Several years ago the Southeast MODOT cooperated with Southeast MDC Natural History biologist to have a team of America Corp volunteers work weed control along the highway 60 right-of-way. The benefit shows now with millions of Black-eyed Susan, thousands of Queens Ann Lace, and scores of Asters showing off each summer. When arrive at the Ozark foothills the wildflower population shifts to a only few patches of Susan, but grand clumps of Yellow Prairie Cone Flowers. Must catch before the mowers arrive. Found only in the Southeast section of our Great State of Missouri.

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