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  • Operation Silence: Belarus coup plotters caught in the act
    le 19/04/2021 à 1:34

    The FSB of Russia has distributed the footage of video surveillance over suspects, who allegedly worked to orchestrate a military coup in Belarus and planned to assassinate its president, Alexander Lukashenko. The suspects on surveillance were Belarusian lawyer Yuri Zyankovich and political […]

  • Alexei Navanly to be transferred from colony to regional hospital
    le 19/04/2021 à 12:06

    Alexei Navalny, the founder of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK, included by the Russian Ministry of Justice in the register of organizations performing the functions of a foreign agent) is to be transferred from the penal colony to a regional hospital, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the […]

  • Woman locks 40 cats in her apartment and goes on bender
    le 19/04/2021 à 11:02

    In Chelyabinsk, a woman left 40 cats in her apartment without food and water and went on a bender for two months, Daily Storm Telegram channel reports.  The woman's neighbors have repeatedly complained of the strong stench coming from her apartment. When rescuers opened the door, they found 30 […]

  • Moscow expels Deputy Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Russia
    le 19/04/2021 à 10:12

    Deputy Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Russia, Lubos Vesely, was among 20 diplomats, who were expelled from the Russian Federation amid the major diplomatic scandal between the two countries, Czech publication reported with reference to the head of the Czech Foreign Ministry, Jan […]

  • The Kremlin unveils Putin's earnings in 2020
    le 16/04/2021 à 3:33

    Russian President Vladimir Putin earned almost 10 million rubles last year ($134,000). His income was disclosed in a fiscal declaration posted on the Kremlin's website. In 2019, Putin earned 9.726 million rubles. The president owns a ​​77-square-meter apartment and a garage (18 square […]

  • Russia wants Turkey to approach Crimea issue differently
    le 16/04/2021 à 12:09

    The Kremlin hopes to convince Turkey that its position regarding the Crimea is wrong, Putin's official spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said, RIA Novosti reports.  Peskov set out a hope that Moscow would eventually be able to convince the Turkish side of the correctness of Russia's stance on the […]

  • Crimea and Donbass would be dead without Ukraine, Zelensky says
    le 16/04/2021 à 12:00

    President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the future in store for the Crimea and the unrecognized republics of the Donbass would be worse than that of Chernobyl.  In an interview with Le Figaro newspaper, Zelensky said that the Donbass and the Crimea would not be happy without Ukraine. […]

  • Kremlin responds to Biden's pathetic speech about President 'Clutin'
    le 16/04/2021 à 11:11

    Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the statements from American President Joe Biden, who said that Washington sought to avoid escalation of tensions with Moscow, stated that earlier Vladimir Putin had expressed exactly the same position. "You know that President Putin spoke […]

  • Syrian pound collapses by 100% against US dollar
    le 15/04/2021 à 4:28

    The Syrian pound has collapsed by 100 percent against the US dollar. According to the official rate set by the Central Bank of Syria, the dollar exchange rate now makes up 2,512 pounds for $1.  Before that, it was equal to 1,256 pounds for $1, SANA news agency reports. This rate has not […]

  • Ukraine wants nuclear power status back
    le 15/04/2021 à 11:37

    Ukraine has two options in connection with the escalation of the crisis in the Donbass — either to join the North Atlantic Alliance or return the status of a nuclear power, Ukrainian Ambassador to Berlin Andrey Melnik said on the air of Deutschlandfunk radio station. During the conversation, […]

  • Russia wants no 'one step forward, two steps back' with US
    le 15/04/2021 à 10:36

    Moscow will respond to new US sanctions on a reciprocal basis in order to ensure its interests in the best possible way, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, TASS reports on Thursday, April 15. “In any case, it is the principle of reciprocity that shall apply here,” he said. Putin's […]

  • Patrushev: Ukraine may orchestrate war in Crimea with USA's help
    le 14/04/2021 à 4:27

    Ukraine may start hostilities against the Crimea by organizing US-backed provocations, in which Ukrainian servicemen would be killed, Nikolai Patrushev, Secretary of the Russian Security Council believes. During a meeting in Sevastopol, he also said that special services of Ukraine and extremists […]

  • Russian warships take to the Black Sea
    le 14/04/2021 à 3:36

    Warships of Russia's Black Sea Fleet left the port of Sevastopol to conduct artillery exercises, the  Novy Sevastopol newspaper reports with reference to the information department of the fleet. The frigate Admiral Makarov, small missile ships Graivoron and Vyshny Volochek, the air-cushion […]

  • Russia builds world's largest icebreaker fleet
    le 14/04/2021 à 2:06

    Russian President Vladimir Putin predicted year-round navigation along the Northern Sea Route. Speaking at the meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Geographical Society, Putin said that this may happen "in the very near future, in the coming years." Earlier, the director of the Main […]

  • Russia starts urgent preparations for Putin-Biden summit
    le 14/04/2021 à 11:41

    Russia's Foreign Ministry is doing its part of the work to prepare for the Putin-Biden summit, Maria Zakharova, an official spokeswoman for the department told Vesti FM radio station on April 14. Zakharova noted that the organization of the meeting of the leaders of the two countries is within the […]

  • Putin administered second jab of coronavirus vaccine
    le 14/04/2021 à 10:44

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has had his second jab of coronavirus vaccine, TASS reports. "I hope that everything will be fine. Not even that I hope, but I am sure of it. And I wish you the same. I presume that you, taking care of yourself and your loved ones, will do the same and follow my […]

  • Biden calls Putin and offers him to meet
    le 13/04/2021 à 6:40

    US President Joseph Biden held a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, April 12. The two presidents discussed regional and global issues, including the intention of the United States and Russia to maintain cooperation on strategic stability in the area of […]

  • Moscow coffee shop sells woman bottle of sanitizer instead of water
    le 13/04/2021 à 6:02

    In Moscow, a young woman was hospitalized after a coffee shop employee mistakenly sold her a bottle of hand sanitizer instead of water. The incident took place on April 10 at Cofix coffee shop on Okhotny Ryad, next to Red Square. The press service of the coffee shop network said that the sanitizer […]

  • Russia deploys two armies and Airborne Forces on western border
    le 13/04/2021 à 2:01

    Russia has deployed two armies and three units of Airborne Forces to its western borders as part of a verification check, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu said at a meeting in Severomorsk, RIA Novosti reports. Shoygu said that such measures were taken due to NATO's threatening military […]

  • Russia can be disconnected from Visa and MasterCard systems
    le 13/04/2021 à 10:37

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia saw the need to switch to national or alternative currencies in settlements with other states to get rid of the US dollar peg. Russia is also working to abandon Western payment systems, Lavrov said in an interview with IRNA agency. “We […]

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