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  • Let them Not Turn Back to Folly: A Review of Solomon Warah Tse’s The God of all Possibilities (2023)
    par Wuteh le 16/06/2023 à 9:01

    Reviewer: Peter Wuteh Vakunta, Ph.D. The God of all Possibilities (2023) is a treatise on the rudiments of effective God-centered fasting. From the onset to the end, the author makes it abundantly clear that spiritual fasting is quite different from...

    par Wuteh le 17/03/2023 à 4:22

    By Peter Wuteh Vakunta, Ph.D. I suffer from attention deficiency, I am an attention aficionado! That’s why I crave attention, Day and night, morn’ and noon. I am attention addictive, That’s why I wear see-through clothes! I seek attention, everywhere...

  • JE GO (JE PARS)  
    par Wuteh le 29/12/2022 à 9:44

    By Koppo (Emma) (Transcription and Translation By Peter Wuteh Vakunta, Ph.D.) Si tu vois ma ngo, dis-lui que je go Si tu vois ma copine, dis-lui que je pars) Je go chez les watts nous falla les do (Je pars...

    par Wuteh le 16/11/2022 à 3:48

    Hip! Hip! Hooray!/ Hip! Hip! Hooray!/ I sing UBUNTU/ Kum Kum Massa eh!/ Ooo Kum Kum!/ I sing Ujumaa!/ I sing Harambe!/ I sing Masakhane!/ Ooo Shosholoza!/ Ooo Shosholoza!/ Ooo Shosholoza!/ Ai shosholoza!/ Ai Shosholoza!/ I am no arbiter of...

  • Dance Macabre: Review of Patrice Nganang’s Elobi (Africa World Press, 2006)  
    par Wuteh le 14/11/2022 à 8:25

    Reviewer: Peter Wuteh Vakunta, Ph.D. By titling his poem of lamentation Elobi, Nganang makes a declaration as rich and complex as it is varied in its implications; "Elobi" is not just a neighborhood in the capital city of Yaoundé; it...

    par Wuteh le 13/10/2022 à 1:57

    The term ‘dissent’ may be used with equal validity in portraying the ideas, writings and the activities of individuals who refuse to jump unto the bandwagon of praise-singers of all stripes. Three fundamental assumptions underlie this book. Firstly, an understanding...

    par Wuteh le 13/10/2022 à 1:38

    HONOR AMONG THIEVES By Peter W. Vakunta In this book of poems, the poet speaks in a confident tone of apocalyptic utterances: advising, warning, denouncing, protesting, and lamenting. This long poem has the twin virtues of relevance and clarity of...

    par Wuteh le 25/09/2022 à 2:31

    REVIEWER: DR. EMMANUEL FRU DOH By titling his volume Ntarinkon, Peter W. Vakunta makes a declaration as rich and complex as it is varied in implications. Ntarinkon is not only a neighborhood but can be said to be the founding...

  • Professor Vakunta Talks at Princeton University
    par Wuteh le 17/09/2022 à 6:11

    Professor Vakunta's paper delves into the pedagogics of teaching fiction written in hybrid languages. The bull's eye of his presentation will be Professor Nganang's seminal novel titled Temps de chien (Dog Days) published in 2001.

    par Wuteh le 27/05/2022 à 8:19

    Paul Biya’s Machievellian Reign over Cameroon: A Review of Michel Roger Emvana’s Les Secrets du Pouvoirs. Paris: Karthala. 2005. 290pp.Paper Back $58.45. 2-84586-684-4 Reviewer: Peter Wuteh Vakunta, Ph.D. Emvana’s book titled Les secrets du pouvoirs is a walk through the...

    par Wuteh le 23/03/2022 à 9:10

    BY PROFESSOR PETER WUTEH VAKUNTA, Ph.D. In the United States of Africa (2009) is the first translation of Waberi's novel titled Aux Etats Unis d'Afrique (2006) by David and Nicole Ball, both seasoned literary translators. His Pays sans ombre: Nouvelles...

    par Wuteh le 04/03/2022 à 5:41

    LA MORT QUI A ETRANGLE LE COEUR DE L'AFRIQUE (2018) BY JANVIER CHANDO REVIEWER: Peter Wuteh Vakunta, Ph.D. This is 40-page booklet is a bitter-sweet story. After reading the work, it dawned on me that language mastery is an indispensable...

    par Wuteh le 28/02/2022 à 5:48

    A REVIEW OF TCHOUTEU'S CAMEROON: THE HAUNTED HEART OF AFRICA(2018) BY PROFESSOR VAKUNTA, Ph.D. I bought this book and read it in one sitting because it IS an easy read. In 102 pages the author unravels the manifold maladies that...

    par Wuteh le 17/02/2022 à 7:37

    Mona Lisa! By Peter Vakunta, Ph.D. What’s in a name? A name is everything! There’s nothing more important Than a person’s birth name. How sad that we constantly toy With nomenclature! Oftentimes for flimsy reasons. People are dead uncomfortable In...

    par Wuteh le 15/02/2022 à 6:04 PROFESSOR PETER VAKUNTA Many of us who pontificate on the dissonance between dissent and patriotism remain oblivious to the fact that these are actually complementary terms. It is a slippery route to walk when we obstinately cling to the...

    par Wuteh le 30/01/2022 à 1:38

    Book Review: What God Has Put Asunder by Victor Epie Ngome (Spear Books, 2021, 80 pp. Paperback $18.00. ISBN 978-1942876809) Reviewer: Peter Wuteh Vakunta, Ph.D. Ngome’s fictional work titled What God Has Put Asunder is a parody of a contemporary...

    par Wuteh le 07/08/2021 à 6:00

    By Professor Peter Wuteh Vakunta What’s in a name? Everything is in a name. As old as Eve, Names are legion— Red-light District. What’s in this nomenclature? Brothel, Ho-house, Ass-house, House of joy. Who’s a whore? Ass-peddler, Call girl, Flesh...

    par Wuteh le 25/07/2021 à 11:34

    BY PROFESSOR PETER WUTEH VAKUNTA What’s in a name?/ There’s nothing more important/ Than a person’s name!/ Is man a counterfeit?/ The problem is we toy Too much with names!/ Oftentimes for flimsy reasons./ People are no longer happy/ With...

    par Wuteh le 25/07/2021 à 11:07

    By Professor Peter Vakunta Hip! Hip! Hooray!/ I sing UBUNTU!/ I sing HARAMBE!/ I sing UJAMMA/ I sing MASAKHANE!/ I sing AFRITUDE!/ I sing African Renaissance! Hip! Hip! Hooray!/ I ain't no arbiter of alien designs/ Offspring of universal symbiosis/...

    par Wuteh le 25/07/2021 à 9:58

    By Professor Peter Wuteh Vakunta Some sick dong kam for Kamerun Yi bad sotai taim no dei,. Da sick dem di call’am sei tchoko. Tchoko na popo come no go! All Camers dem dong katch da sick! Dem daso tchoko,...

  • Linguistic Decolonization in Camfranglais Literature: A Pedagogical Perspective
    par Wuteh le 25/07/2021 à 8:51

    By Professor Peter Wuteh Vakunta Introduction The distinctive feature of Cameroonian literature written in Camfranglais is authors’ recourse to linguistic decolonization as a narrative mode. An incontrovertible manifestation of linguistic variance in contemporary Cameroonian literature resides in […]

  • Exegesis, Jugglery, Cultural and Semantic Signification in Translating Camfranglais Literature
    par Wuteh le 24/07/2021 à 8:46

    Professor Peter Wuteh Vakunta Introduction If up to a certain point, fiction writers have to re-invent language in a bid to appeal to a broader readership, the situation of Camfranglais writers is peculiar in that for them, French is not...

  • Anatomy of African Bush-fallers
    par Wuteh le 06/07/2021 à 2:36

    By Professor Peter Wuteh Vakunta INTRODUCTION Who is a bush-faller? In Standard English, the term ‘bush-faller’ refers to a person who fells or cuts down trees in the bush for timber. In Cameroonian Pidgin English and Camfranglaish, this term harbors...

    par Wuteh le 02/07/2021 à 9:18

    By Professor Peter Vakunta To conjecture the hurt And pain and havoc that this word 'makwerekwere' has wreaked in South Africa, One needs to live there! As pressure mounts on the Azanian political elite To fulfill the post-apartheid promises Made...

  • Nyamfuka Government in Kamerun
    par Wuteh le 21/06/2021 à 8:51

    By Professor Peter Wuteh Vakunta Introduction Since his accession to power in 1982, the Nyamfuka residing at Etoudi has deemed it expedient to surround himself with a bulwark of nyamfuka-[i] minions culled from his own ethnic group, the Beti tribe,...

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