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  • Macron: Thank you Bulgaria, Congratulations North Macedonia
    le 24/06/2022 à 4:34

    French President Emmanuel Macron thanked Bulgaria and congratulated North Macedonia on the decision voted by the National Assembly on Friday to accept the French compromise to lift the veto for the start of negotiations on Skopje's EU membership. "I thank the Bulgarian Prime Minister, the […]

  • Former Albanian PM: The Bulgarian Veto does Not Block us, Rama is to Blame
    le 24/06/2022 à 4:07

    “It is not Bulgaria's veto that has blocked the start of Albania's negotiations with the European Union, but the degradation of democracy and the failure of Edi Rama's government to meet the conditions”. This was stated by the chairman of the Democratic Party and former Prime Minister […]

  • North Macedonia’s Foreign Minister Explained why Skopje Opposes the "French Proposal"
    le 24/06/2022 à 3:58

    The Foreign Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Bujar Osmani, expressed the position that the vote in the Bulgarian Parliament today will block the long-term European enlargement process and paralyze the Good Neighbour Agreement between the Republic of North Macedonia and Bulgaria. In a […]

  • Lavrov: The EU and NATO are forming a Temporary Coalition for War with Russia
    le 24/06/2022 à 3:26

    “The European Union and NATO have formed a coalition to fight Russia”, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. "When World War II began, Germany gathered under its banner a significant part, if not the largest, of European countries for war against the Soviet Union. It is the same […]

  • Petkov: European Leaders Congratulated us, Now it’s time for North Macedonia to Act
    le 24/06/2022 à 3:15

    “The National Assembly today made a really responsible decision”, said the resigned Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on the occasion of giving a mandate to lift the veto for EU negotiations with RNM. From Brussels, where he is at the European Council, Petkov said that he should thank a lot […]

  • Bulgaria's Parliament Lifted the Veto over North Macedonia
    le 24/06/2022 à 12:02

    With 170 votes “In favor”, parliament accepted Democratic Bulgaria's proposal to give a mandate to the Council of Ministers to accept the French presidency's proposal for North Macedonia. Immediately after the decision of the National Assembly, the chairman of the General Assembly of […]

  • Day 121 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Kyiv Withdraws from Sievierodonetsk, EU Candidate Status Granted
    le 24/06/2022 à 11:51

    Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours: The Council of the EU has approved Ukraine and Moldova receiving candidate status Yesterday, the Council of the European Union approved Ukraine and Moldova receiving candidate status. This was announced on […]

  • Bulgarian MFA: We Expect the Albanian PM to Express Himself as a Politician from an EU Candidate Country
    le 24/06/2022 à 10:09

    “Bulgaria has always been among those countries of the European Union that support the European affiliation of the Albanian people”. This was stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a position on the occasion of yesterday's speech by the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. "We have […]

  • Maxim Behar Appointed as International Fellow of PRCA
    le 24/06/2022 à 9:52

    The unique appointment was made in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the PR industry globally The globally renowned PR expert and M3 Communications Group, Inc. CEO Maxim Behar has been designated International Fellow of the world’s largest professional PR body - Public […]

  • Kiril Petkov Admitted that Bulgaria is Sending Aid to Ukraine through Poland
    le 24/06/2022 à 9:38

    “Bulgaria sends aid to Ukraine through Poland”. In practice, the resigned Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov admitted this in an interview with the Guardian, given before the no-confidence vote this Wednesday. His statement comes after a question about how Bulgaria's position on the […]

  • "This is your European Duty": Macron urges Bulgaria to Support the Veto Compromise on North Macedonia
    le 24/06/2022 à 9:27

    On Thursday night, French President Emmanuel Macron called on Bulgarian politicians "from across the political spectrum" to support a compromise proposed by France that would allow the lifting of Bulgaria's veto over the start of membership talks with North Macedonia. "I am looking at the […]

  • Greece is Proposing 2033 as the Deadline for the Western Balkans to Join the EU
    le 24/06/2022 à 9:11

    “Greece will recommend that 2033 be set as the deadline for completing the accession process in the Western Balkans”, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in Brussels. "Greece, as the largest economy in the region, as a country that has benefited from joining the European family, is […]

  • Prominent “Vazrazhdane” MP Leaves the Party with Accusations against its Leader
    le 24/06/2022 à 9:05

    “Vazrazhdane” (Revival) MP Elena Guncheva announced she was leaving the party and the National Assembly. She did this through her Facebook account, and in her post, she criticized the leader of the pro-Russian political force Kostadin Kostadinov. Among them is that he treated the […]

  • COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 320 New Cases in the Last 24 hours
    le 24/06/2022 à 8:52

    During the last 24 hours, 320 new cases of coronavirus were registered in Bulgaria from 3135 tests performed (slightly more than 10 percent positive). The dead for the same period are three, all of whom were not vaccinated, according to data in the Unified Information Portal. The new patients in a […]

  • Bulgaria: Early Elections Seem Inevitable
    le 24/06/2022 à 8:47

    Another early parliamentary election seems increasingly likely after the overthrow of Kiril Petkov's government, and the earliest realistic date for this is set for September 25, according to unofficial comments from the main parliamentary forces. According to the requests so far, the chances for a […]

  • After the Western Balkans Meeting: There is Still 50% Chance of a Deal with Bulgaria
    le 23/06/2022 à 7:37

    “You are a complete mess. Shame! Today is a good day in Europe, but not in Bulgaria.” This final assessment of the Albanian Prime Minister that there was no decision to lift the Bulgarian veto at the European Union-Western Balkans meeting today was repeated several times in front of […]

  • First Cases of Monkeypox in Bulgaria
    le 23/06/2022 à 3:04

    As of June 23, 2022, two cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in Bulgaria. The patients are men aged 41 and 44, respectively. Both are hospitalized in hospitals in the capital and are in good general condition. Laboratory samples sent by medical institutions were confirmed at the National Center […]

  • Bulgarian PM Petkov will Resign on Monday Morning
    le 23/06/2022 à 2:57

    Kiril Petkov will resign as prime minister on Monday morning in order for procedural consultations with the president, to form a new cabinet, to begin. This was said by Petkov himself from Brussels after the EU-Western Balkans meeting. "On Monday morning. There is no problem. We will fill in the […]

  • PM of North Macedonia in Brussels: The French Proposal is Unacceptable in this Version
    le 23/06/2022 à 2:47

    “The proposal of the French Presidency is unacceptable in this version for the Republic of North Macedonia”. This was stated by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski at a press conference after the Western Balkans-European Union summit in Brussels. Kovachevski set his terms for an […]

  • Borrell Disappointed with the ongoing Veto on North Macedonia
    le 23/06/2022 à 1:57

    EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell is disappointed that Bulgaria continues to block talks with Albania and the Republic of North Macedonia (RNM). "We are not where we need to be, with the Western Balkans. Today we had to start negotiations with Albania and the RNM. And I can't hide my […]

  • Moscow: Sofia's Refusal of the New Payment System leads to more Expensive Gas
    le 23/06/2022 à 1:50

    “Bulgaria's refusal of the new gas payment system proposed by Russia will inevitably lead to higher prices for end-users”. This was stated in an interview with TASS by Yuri Phillipson, director of the Fourth European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry. “In essence, […]

  • Foreign Media: Bulgaria may Lose Millions and Not Join the Eurozone
    le 23/06/2022 à 1:39

    Prime Minister Kirill Petkov blamed the mafia and Russia for the fall of his reformist government, foreign media reported after the first successful no-confidence vote in Bulgaria, which toppled the cabinet yesterday. “Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov has blamed Russia and the […]

  • Day 120 of the Invasion of Ukraine: The Russians are Tightening the Noose around Sievierodonetsk
    le 23/06/2022 à 10:03

    Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours: A hidden mobilization is underway in Mariupol, the young people are being sent to “Putlerjugend” There is a hidden mobilization in Mariupol as the men in the city mobilize under the guise of […]

  • The "French" Proposal Shook the Macedonian Government, Kovachevski Hardened his Tone
    le 23/06/2022 à 8:16

    The French presidency's proposal to resolve the dispute shook the Macedonian government after three small parties threatened to leave if the cabinet approved a draft sent to the Bulgarian parliament to end the dispute between Skopje and Sofia. The Left Democratic Union, the green DOM (Democratic […]

  • Storm in Sofia, Underpasses Flooded
    le 23/06/2022 à 8:01

    A heavy storm in the capital this morning flooded the underpasses in the center. Shortly before 9 o'clock the sky darkened and torrential rains began. A yellow code has been announced for Sofia city due to heavy rains and thunderstorms today. The amount of precipitation that is expected to fall is […]

  • Bulgaria: No More Money for Employers who Hired Ukrainian Citizens
    le 23/06/2022 à 7:55

    Employers in Bulgaria, who hired Ukrainian refugees, are facing a new big problem. Surprisingly, some companies have been notified that from July 1 they will no longer receive financial assistance from the state for the employed Ukrainian citizens. The money for hired foreign employees is stopped. […]

  • Bulgaria is Not Expected to Lift its Veto on North Macedonia at the EU Summit
    le 23/06/2022 à 7:44

    At the EU-Western Balkans summit in Brussels and at the meeting of European leaders after that, no concrete proposal is expected from Bulgaria to lift its veto on North Macedonia. "Renew Europe" MEP and rapporteur for northern Macedonia in the European Parliament Ilhan Kyuchyuk (DPS) described as […]

  • President Radev: 30% of Bulgarians already Live Abroad
    le 23/06/2022 à 7:34

    “30% of Bulgarians already live abroad”, announced President Rumen Radev. Yesterday he joined the National Conference on the Bulgarian Language "Sacred Language" at Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". According to the head of state, our country needs a National Cultural Institute […]

  • COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 336 New Cases in the Last 24 hours
    le 23/06/2022 à 7:25

    There are 336 new cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria in the last 24 hours. 8.7 percent of the 3,843 tests performed are positive, according to data from the Unified Information Portal. 5 people died and 188 people were reported cured. 284 patients with COVID-19 are in hospitals, of which 29 […]

  • Bulgaria: Petkov’s Party is Ready to take the First Term for Government
    le 23/06/2022 à 7:20

    "We Continue the Change" (WCC) is ready to take the first term to form a government and try to find 121 independent deputies for the new cabinet. This became clear from the words of Prime Minister Kiril Petkov after the end of the session of the parliamentary group of "We Continue the Change" late […]

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