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  • Denmark Will Temporarily Resume Border Checks at the Border with Sweden
    le 12/11/2019 à 9:31

    Denmark has temporarily resumed border checks at its border with Sweden for six months after a series of serious crimes in Copenhagen and its surroundings, which according to Danish authorities were carried out by criminals from Sweden, the AP reported. Checks will be carried out on the bridge […]

  • Turkey: We Are not a Hotel for Islamic State Jihadists!
    le 12/11/2019 à 9:06

    The first Islamic State foreign terrorist has already been repatriated from Turkey, according to a spokesman for the country's interior ministry, quoted by private NTV television. On November 14, the same procedure will be applied to seven other terrorists of German descent, the spokesman added. […]

  • 18% of Russians Consider the Fall of the Berlin Wall as a Negative Event
    le 12/11/2019 à 8:57

    18% of Russians consider the fall of the Berlin Wall to be a negative event, and 12% hear about the events of November 9, 1989 for the first time, according to a sociological survey of the Levada Center, conducted between October 24 and 30 among 1616 Russians over the age of 18 Vedomosti […]

  • Saudi Arabia Declares Feminism, Atheism and Homosexuality as Extremism
    le 12/11/2019 à 8:50

    A Saudi Arabian State Security Agency promotional video classified feminism, atheism and homosexuality as "extremist ideas". The same video says Saudi Arabia defends tolerance and wants to become more attractive to foreigners, Reuters reports. Distributed by the State Security Presidency, the […]

  • Dozens Died after a Typhoon in Bangladesh
    le 12/11/2019 à 8:46

    The death cases caused by the Bulbul typhoon in Bangladesh are at least 26, Ria Novosti reported.The cyclone hit the shores of the Asian side two days ago and damaged some 100,000 houses and other structures. At least 51 people, mostly fishermen, are missing. They entered the sea despite […]

  • NIMH: Foggy in the Morning, Mostly Sunny in the Afternoon
    le 12/11/2019 à 8:37

    This morning, many places in plains and lowlands will be foggy. In the afternoon, the fog will disperse and most of the country will be mostly sunny, with clear high clouds. Light southeasterly wind, increasing to moderate in eastern Bulgaria. Later in the day, in the southwest, clouds will […]

  • PM Borissov Proposed Bulgaria and Greece to Use Their Ports Jointly
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:53

    Bulgaria and Greece could use their resources so that they use the Black Sea and the Danube and we - the Aegean Sea, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said, BNR reported. Talking to the US and Greek ambassadors to Bulgaria, Borissov pointed out that the possibility of constructing a road […]

  • UN: More than 270 People Have Been Killed in the Protests in Iraq
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:51

    More than 270 people have been killed in the protests in Iraq that are ongoing since October 1, Rupert Colville, an official spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in Geneva. "We are seriously concerned about the continuing reports of deaths and injuries resulting from […]

  • The SJC will Revote Ivan Geshev's Nomination for Bulgaria’s Chief Prosecutor on Thursday
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:47

    The plenum of Bulgaria’s Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) will hold a meeting on 14 November to vote again on the appointment of Ivan Geshev as chief prosecutor after President Rumen Radev refused to approve the decision and returned it to the SJC, said the SJC’ press centre. […]

  • A 5.4 Magnitude Earthquake Registered in France - there Are Injured
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:37

    A 5.4 magnitude earthquake was recorded today south of the city of Montelimar in southeastern France, AFP reported, citing a central seismological service. The earthquake was reported in a large area in southeastern France, including Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Grenoble, Avignon and Marseille, TASS […]

  • The UK Must Nominate its New EU Commissioner by the End of the Day.
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:21

    By the end of the day, the UK must nominate its new EU commissioner. This was announced by a spokesman for the President-elect of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. We do not yet have an answer to von der Leyen's letter last week urging London to appoint a new commissioner, the […]

  • US President Donald Trump Will Receive PM Boyko Borissov at the White House on November 25, 2019
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:18

    US President Donald Trump will receive Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria Boyko Borissov at the White House on November 25, 2019 as a sign of the strong and lasting relations that exist between the two countries. This was reported by the US Embassy in Bulgaria. "The United States and […]

  • Moody's Downgraded India's Credit Rating Outlook
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:16

    Moody's has downgraded India's credit rating prospect because of increasing risks of a long-term slowdown in the economy and rising debt, DPA reported. The Indian government said that it has undertaken a number of reforms in the financial sector and in other areas to strengthen the economy while […]

  • PM Borissov: The Construction of the Greece-Bulgaria Interconnector Is a Priority of the Government
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:13

    The construction of the Greece-Bulgaria interconnector is one of the key priorities of the Bulgarian government in the energy sector, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov wrote in a post on his Facebook profile. "The implementation of the interconnection is of strategic importance not only for the two […]

  • US Health Authorities Have Identified the Ingredient in the Electronic Cigarettes that Causes Lung Illnesses
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:12

    US health authorities have identified the ingredient in the electronic cigarettes that causes lung illnesses, world agencies reported. In an analysis conducted by the Environmental Health Laboratory of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vitamin E acetate was found in all the […]

  • Greek Police Busted a Human Trafficking Group
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:10

    Greek authorities have busted a criminal group accused of human trafficking. The group has forged migrants' travel documents, which have helped them to reach other European countries, Kathimerini reported. With the help of officers from special police units in the Greek police, the port […]

  • Nikolina Angelkova: 60% of the Tourists in the Winter Season will come from Neighbouring Countries
    le 11/11/2019 à 3:07

    Notwithstanding the challenges of the difficult 2019, we expect good results also in the winter season thanks to our joint efforts. This was stated by the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova at the traditional working meeting in Bansko with representatives of the control and the local […]

  • From Portugal to Turkey - Travel through 17 Countries, 10,000 km on Foot
    le 11/11/2019 à 2:32

    Hello! Tell us more about yourself. Where are you from? How old are you? What do you do? We are crossing the south of Europe, from the most southwestern point to the most southeastern point of the continental plate, from Portugal to Istanbul. We were both engaged in exciting professional lives, […]

  • New Commissioners-Designate Candidates Hearings’ Will Take Place on 14 November
    le 11/11/2019 à 2:31

    The Conference of Presidents (EP President and leaders of political groups) on Friday decided that the hearings of the three new Commissioners-designate will take place on 14 November. The new Commissioners-designate candidates are Oliver Várhelyi (Hungary), Adina-Ioana Vălean […]

  • NSI: The Total Consumer Confidence Indicator Has Increased Over the Last Year
    le 11/11/2019 à 12:54

    In October 2019, the total consumer confidence indicator increases by 1.1 percentage points in comparison with July, as for the urban population the increase is 1.0 percentage point and for the rural population - 1.6 percentage points, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) reported in a consumer […]

  • Sofia Airport with Terminal 3 in 10 years?
    le 11/11/2019 à 12:52

    Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 will be redesigned so that passengers feel "immersed in Bulgarian culture". Sofia Airport’s Terminal 3 should be ready in 10 years. This is the the vision for change and the development plan of the SOF Connect consortium, which won the concession at Sofia Airport. […]

  • Moody's Downgraded UK Credit Outlook Because of Brexit
    le 11/11/2019 à 12:49

    Moody's downgraded the UK credit rating from “stable” to “negative” on Friday, Reuters reported. The reason for the decision is that Brexit has triggered an "erosion in institutional strength" that threatens the UK's financial credibility. The Agency confirms the UK's […]

  • Chinese Carmaker Geely Has Sold More than 1 Million Vehicles this Year
    le 11/11/2019 à 12:45

    Chinese carmaker Geely has announced that it has reached 80% of its target annual sales. For the first ten months of this year, the company was able to sell a total of 1,088,290 vehicles. For the third year in a row, Geely's annual sales exceed 1 million units. In October alone, 130,180 vehicles […]

  • Bulgarian Paralympic Team wins two Gold on Day 1 of Dubai 2019 World Para Championship
    le 11/11/2019 à 12:27

    As of last night Bulgaria has its first two world champions from the Dubai 2019 World Para Championship. Ruzhdi Ruzdhi and Hristiyan Stoykov won the gold in the shot put and 1,500 m run respectively. They are part of the official team of the Bulgarian Paralympic Federation led by Iliya Lalov. […]

  • Instagram to Hide the Likes Count of some US Users
    le 11/11/2019 à 11:59

    The Facebook-owned Instagram app plans to eliminate the number of likes seen under posts for some users in the United States. The goal of the move is to reduce competition between people in the photo and video sharing service, Bloomberg writes. Back in April, Instagram took such steps in part of […]

  • Bulgaria Becomes Part of the Common European Electricity Market
    le 11/11/2019 à 11:56

    Bulgaria joins the common European electricity market, the Electricity System Operator announced. Together with Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovenia, Bulgaria will now be involved in unifying the electricity markets. So far, there were 14 European countries involved […]

  • From 2022 New Cars in the EU Must Have “Smart" Speed Control Systems
    le 11/11/2019 à 11:27

    From mid-2022, all new cars placed on the EU market will need to be equipped with advanced safety systems. Following the agreement reached in March with the European Parliament, the EU Council representing the Member States has adopted a regulation on the general safety of motor vehicles and the […]

  • Facebook with a Big Change - Launches an Experimental News Content Section
    le 11/11/2019 à 11:23

    Facebook launches an experimental news content section. Facebook News will only be available to some US users so far. The social network wants to have a special place for people to read and organize news content. However, it will also appear in the main feed. The company's founder, Mark […]

  • Bulgarian Movie Won the Best Picture Award at the Cottbus Film Festival in Germany
    le 11/11/2019 à 11:02

    The Bulgarian film Sister won the grand prize at the Cottbus Film Festival in Germany. "Director Svetla Tsotsorkova paints a visually impressive, conflict-filled family portrait," the international jury's commented. The movie won the Best Picture Award. The award is accompanied by a € 25,000 […]

  • Michael Bloomberg to Run for President of the United States
    le 11/11/2019 à 10:59

    Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is preparing to enter the presidential race to become the Democratic candidate in the 2020 presidential election, US media reported. On Friday, Bloomberg filed paperwork to qualify for the presidential primary in Alabama, which has the earliest deadline of […]

  • Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns
    le 11/11/2019 à 6:58

    Bolivian President Evo Morales has announced that he is resigning after three weeks of violent protests against his election for a fourth term, France Press reported. "I resign my post as president," the 60-year-old leader, who has been in power since 2006, said in a televised address. Earlier, […]

  • NASA Has Detected a Massive Thermonuclear Explosion in Space
    le 11/11/2019 à 6:44

    NASA has detected a massive thermonuclear explosion in space. The culprit appears to be a distant pulsar, according to the space agency - the remains of a star that exploded into a supernova but was too small to form a black hole. “This burst was outstanding. We see a two-step change in […]

  • Zoran Zaev: Northern Macedonia Has no Alternative but EU Membership
    le 11/11/2019 à 6:33

    Macedonia and the entire region have no alternative but EU membership, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev said today at a press conference in Ohrid after the end of the second meeting of the regional co-operation initiative. "Two days ago in Geneva, we had the opportunity to hear from senior French […]

  • Weather Forecast: Mostly Sunny with Brief Rain
    le 11/11/2019 à 6:31

    Today, sunny weather will prevail in most of the country. More considerable cloudiness expected across southeastern Bulgaria, where some places will see brief rain. Light to moderate wind will blow from the southeast. Highs between 15C and 20C. Atmospheric pressure will rise and be higher than the […]

  • The Great-Grandson of Louis Vuitton Died in France
    le 10/11/2019 à 12:38

    Fashion designer Patrick Louis Vuitton, the great-grandson of the founder of fashion house Louis Vuitton, died in France at the age of 68. This was reported on Louis Vuitton's Instagram page. The causes of the designer's death have not been reported. The fashion house said Patrick Louis continued […]

  • Bisser Petkov: Elderly People Are Increasingly Becoming a Valuable Asset on the Bulgarian Labour market
    le 10/11/2019 à 12:30

    Elderly people are increasingly becoming a valuable asset on the labour market, said Minister of Labour and Social Policy Bisser Petkov in parliament today, BNR reported. According to National Social Security Institute data, at the end of 2018 there were over 197,000 pensioners […]

  • 5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Registered in Guatemala
    le 10/11/2019 à 12:28

    A 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook southern Guatemala today, according to Reuters, citing the US Geophysical Institute. The quake's epicentre was 8 km northwest of the city of Casillas and 50 km southwest of the capital of Guatemala, at a depth of about 200 kilometres. There are no reports of […]

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