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  • What You Can Do About Overheating Electronics
    le 26/05/2023 à 6:02

    It’s hot and electronics get hotter. How can you keep them cool—or, at least, not so hot? Airflow Is Your Friend Many printers, computers, gaming consoles, routers, and other electronics have vents on the backs or sides that allow for airflow. These vents need to be free of any […]

  • Console Gaming vs. PC Gaming
    le 19/05/2023 à 7:54

    Considering getting a gaming platform for yourself or your family? Here are a few things to consider. Cost (Upfront) Your costs for a console are mostly one and done. A Nintendo Switch runs about $400, a Sony PS5 about $650, and an Xbox Series X about $600—although at times you can get […]

  • The Funniest AI Art Bloopers
    le 12/05/2023 à 8:28

    AI art is here and boy oh boy, is it strange . . . sometimes. Here’s some of our favourite AI art that isn’t what we’d call good. The Impossible Countertop Wouldn’t you love a reclaimed pallet wood countertop in your home? No? What if we told you that it came out into […]

  • Understanding Packet Loss
    le 28/04/2023 à 7:03

    Let’s say you do a speed test and your internet looks super fast—but you still have a hard time streaming a TV show or playing an online game. Well, there could be a number of problems, including low latency, jitter, and packet loss. In this post, we’re going to go over packet […]

  • The Best Musical Moments from The Simpsons
    le 21/04/2023 à 6:41

    They’ve released two studio albums, four soundtrack albums, and two compilation albums. Yep, no doubt that The Simpsons is one of the most musical shows out there. Here are some of our favourite musical moments from our favourite Springfield family. “Those Were the Days” […]

  • The Most Memorable NBA Playoff Runs Since 1990
    le 14/04/2023 à 6:00

    Sure, all playoffs are history-making, but there are a few we remember way better than the rest. Chicago Bulls, 1991 Everyone knows the name Michael Jordan. But back in 1991, he was just an upstart basketball player, and the Bulls were just a team struggling to gain some recognition. After […]

  • The Last Time Each Canadian Team Won the Stanley Cup
    le 24/03/2023 à 6:56

    It’s been a while since a Canadian team took home the Stanley Cup. The year 1993 was the last time a Canadian team won, so the drought is approaching thirty years. Hopefully we won’t get there though; the Leafs, the Jets, and maybe the Oilers are looking like contenders. Here’s […]

  • What Is a VPN and Why Do People Use Them?
    le 17/03/2023 à 5:36

    A VPN is a virtual private network. You’ve probably seen and heard them advertised quite a bit on YouTube and podcasts. But what are they, why do people use them, and should you get one? Read on. What Is a VPN? Virtual private networks hide your IP address—that is, the specific […]

  • Key Moments from the Canada–US Soccer Rivalry
    le 10/03/2023 à 7:08

    The Women’s World Cup is coming up in July, so why not revisit one of the biggest rivalries in the sport: Canada versus the US. The US team is easily the best team in the game. They’re the current title holders at the World Cup, and they have four of them. But the Americans have long […]

  • ’90s Quotes That Still Make It Into Your Regular Rotation
    le 24/02/2023 à 7:44

    In our opinion, using constant nineties quotes makes someone even cooler than they’d otherwise be. “You can’t handle the truth!” You didn’t even need to see A Few Good Men (or the play it’s based on) to know this one. In fact, you probably heard it from its […]

  • Router Security Best Practices
    le 17/02/2023 à 7:55

    Your router is the access point for your devices to the entire wider internet. Therefore, it’s vitally important to protect it as best you can. Here’s what you should do. Change Your Password from the Default and Make It Good Every article on internet security recommends good […]

  • The Top 13 Movies Released in 2022 (& Where You Can Stream Them)
    le 10/02/2023 à 7:19

    We can’t get every movie we want on a streaming platform for free (looking at you, Everything Everywhere All at Once), but a bunch of great stuff is out now. Here’s what we’re watching snuggled under blankets while it’s cold outside. I Want You Back Stream It On: Amazon […]

  • 5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Remakes/Reboots
    le 27/01/2023 à 9:13

    Who needs original content when you can just remake old stuff we’ve forgotten about, right? Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey If you were a kid in the early nineties, you probably cried a whole lot at the end of Homeward Bound when it looked like the aging golden retriever Shadow […]

  • Jitter and Latency Explained
    le 20/01/2023 à 7:32

    So, you get why speed is important for your internet. Faster internet equals better streaming, right? And you get that unlimited internet means never worrying about things like 4K streaming, video game downloads, or missing an overage notice. And you get that you can fix things like Wi-Fi dead […]

  • 12 Movie Releases We’re Excited About in 2023
    le 13/01/2023 à 10:19

    We’re pretty excited about going to the theatre more this year, and this release schedule is absolutely stacked. Here’s what we’re most excited about. Shazam! Fury of the Gods Release Date: March 17 The most fun character in the DCEU is back and he’s brought his whole […]

  • How to Choose the Best Internet for Gaming
    le 29/12/2022 à 10:29

    You’ll never be the best player on your CoD team without truly excellent internet. Here are the factors you need to consider when shopping for an internet plan ideal for gaming. Download Speed Playing a game doesn’t require a huge amount of data to go back and forth—but […]

  • What Is Cloud PVR & How Does It Work?
    le 27/12/2022 à 10:14

    Are you shopping for a new TV plan and seeing the term “cloud PVR” everywhere? Here’s what it is, how it works, and why it’s pretty great. Firstly, What Is PVR? PVR is a personal video recorder. They’ve been out for more than a decade. Usually called a local PVR, […]

  • The Best of 2022 Holiday TV
    le 23/12/2022 à 6:11

    It’s the festive season, and when we’re not marathoning classic holiday specials like How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Charlie Brown Christmas, we’re watching these potential new favourites. Mickey Saves Christmas Mickey Mouse and his friends need to help Santa save […]

  • How to Make Your Smart TV Safe for Kids
    le 30/11/2022 à 7:30

    Worried about what your kids are watching but don’t want to hang around to police their screen time? Read on. What Is a Smart TV? A smart TV is a TV with internet connectivity that acts a bit like a smartphone. It has apps that let you surf the web and do typical web stuff like browse […]

  • How to Fix Wi-Fi Dead Zones
    le 29/11/2022 à 2:49

    Are there parts of your house where you can’t get any Wi-Fi? Sounds like you have a dead zone. Here’s how to identify dead zones and what to do about them. What Is a Dead Zone? A dead zone is an area of your home where the Wi-Fi signal gets weak, cuts in and out, or just […]

  • 8 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Scams & How to Avoid Them
    le 14/11/2022 à 4:08

    Scammers love Black Friday and Cyber Monday because it’s the busiest shopping time of the year. People are on the lookout for deals, and they may be more motivated to save a dollar than to consider whether they’re being scammed. Here’s how to protect yourself. Phishing […]

  • What to Expect for the 2022 FIFA World Cup (and How to Watch It)
    le 28/10/2022 à 8:25

    The World Cup is back, and we’re only a couple of weeks away from Canada’s return to soccer’s biggest competition. Here’s how to watch and what to expect. Wait, Is Canada in This One? Yes! For the first time in 36 years, the Canadian men’s team will be playing in […]

  • What Is Wi-Fi 6?
    le 26/10/2022 à 8:40

    Chances are your household uses Wi-Fi 5. But you should be using Wi-Fi 6. Before we get into all the reasons Wi-Fi 6 is better than Wi-Fi 5, let’s get a few things sorted out. First of All, Let’s Break It Down We promise not to get too technical, but yes, there are different types […]

  • 13 Movies Turning 25 This Year
    le 13/10/2022 à 3:12

    Ready to relive 1997 in movies? Men in Black This was an absolute monster of a summer blockbuster, and it made us wish we had one of those mind-wiping pens . . . which the elementary school versions of us would have almost certainly used for evil. Good Burger If you grew up with All […]

  • What Is Wireless TV?
    le 29/09/2022 à 5:22

    Confused about set-top boxes and wireless TV? We’re here to help. What Is a Set-Top Box? A set-top box is an electronic device that converts the signals from your TV or internet provider to video you can screen on your TV. They used to literally sit on top of TV sets. Now with […]

  • Our 7 Favourite Family & Kids’ TV Shows
    le 23/09/2022 à 7:50

    We’re quite partial to kids’ TV from the nineties, but as much as we like exposing our rugrats to Rugrats, sometimes it’s good to meet them on their level and watch what they’re watching. So here’s some of the best current family and kids’ TV going. Good Witch […]

  • 7 Ninja Turtle Things You’ve Totally Forgotten About
    le 09/09/2022 à 7:27

    You couldn’t go into a grocery store in the ’90s without seeing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles staring back at you from a box of cereal or a pudding package. Sure, you remember the show and the toys, but what about the various musicals? The Oprah appearance? The original comic? Here […]

  • 8 Safety Tips for Setting Up Your Kid’s New Phone
    le 08/08/2022 à 9:14

    The online world can be a dangerous place. Offline, phones are expensive. There are plenty of reasons to insist on rigorous safety rules when you give your kid a phone. Keep Control of Passwords Your kid will need an Apple ID or Google ID if they’re using an iOS or Android device, […]

  • Why & How to Put Emergency Information on Your Phone’s Lock Screen
    le 15/07/2022 à 8:48

    Your phone’s lock screen is more than a place for a decorative wallpaper. You can place essential information, such as an emergency contact or your medication, on this screen. Here’s how. Why You Should Put Emergency Information on Your Phone’s Lock Screen Let’s say […]

  • 9 Ways You Can Switch and Save on Household Services
    le 10/06/2022 à 8:34

    Sometimes it’s worth it to switch. If it’s painless and there’s more than one company offering a service, why not do a little research, see who offers the best inexpensive service, and shop around? Often, switching from a big brand to a smaller one can save you money because the […]

  • 9 Cable Management Ideas
    le 13/05/2022 à 9:50

    If you’re anything like us, your 47 household electronic devices come with approximately 270 cables and they’re all cramping your style. Okay, we’re exaggerating—but not by much. Here’s how to better sort and organize cables. Cable Ties Cable ties are either […]

  • Extending Your Electronics Durability
    le 28/04/2022 à 1:27

    Electronics are expensive, so it pays to put a bit of time and money into caring for them appropriately. Here’s how. Get Cases (and Screen Protectors!) For phones, computers, tablets, and any other devices that you take out and about, invest in a quality case. A fun themed phone case […]

  • Smartphone Lock Screen Methods Ranked Worst to Best
    le 05/04/2022 à 2:07

    One day, we’re going to live in a future without passwords. But we’re not there yet, so until then, we’re using all kinds of ways to unlock our phones. Facial Recognition Front-facing cameras are ubiquitous on phones and tablets, so why wouldn’t your devices just end […]

  • 17 Best Features on Your Smart Assistant
    le 25/03/2022 à 11:39

    So, you’re thinking of automating your home life by getting a smart assistant. But what kinds of things can a smart assistant do? Control Your Smart Devices Dim the lights, unlock the front door, turn up the heat—all by asking your smart assistant. Smart devices are typically […]

  • How to Do a Facebook Privacy Check-Up
    le 25/02/2022 à 11:26

    Facebook can tell the world a lot about you. So with that in mind, it’s a good idea to tighten up those privacy settings. Start by clicking the down arrow in the top-right corner of your Facebook page. Click on Settings and Privacy, then click on Privacy Check-Up. Who Can See What You […]

  • The SIM Swapping Scam: What It Is & How to Protect Yourself
    le 28/01/2022 à 9:05

    SIM swapping is becoming a popular way of hacking into accounts. Here, we break down what it is, how it works, and how you can protect yourself. What Is SIM Swapping? SIM swapping involves an attacker moving a victim’s phone number from its original SIM card to one the attacker […]

  • 9 Best Podcasting Apps
    le 14/01/2022 à 9:27

    So, now that you’re all set with podcast recommendations, how about an app to listen on? Pocket Casts Platforms: Android, iOS Price: Free Pocket Casts has cross-device and cross-platform functionality, which is handy if you listen to podcasts across more than one device. It also […]

  • How to Reduce Your Online Vulnerability
    le 30/12/2021 à 7:59

    Every single one of us is vulnerable because of how we behave online. But it’s easy to reduce your online vulnerability. Here’s how. Delete Accounts Every account you have with someplace online is a way you can be attacked or a place your information can be stolen from. So, do […]

  • 7 Underrated Netflix Shows
    le 30/12/2021 à 7:24

    What do you want to watch next? If you’re tired of all that’s allegedly popular on Netflix, why not try one of these underrated gems? Derry Girls It’s the 1990s in Northern Ireland. The Troubles are in full swing and the army is in the streets—but teenagers still want […]

  • How to Make the Most of Streaming Platforms During the Holidays
    le 10/12/2021 à 3:35

    ’Tis the season to stay in, let the snow pile up outside, and drink hot cocoa while marathoning all the best Christmas films of your youth. Here’s how to make that a little easier. Download Content Most streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+, allow you to […]

  • When It’s Time to Replace Your Laptop
    le 30/11/2021 à 9:13

    Computers don’t last terribly long. A couple of years in, you might start to notice degradation in performance. Or the latest and greatest will start noticeably outperforming your older machine. But what are the actual warning signs that you might need to replace your laptop? Clicking / […]

  • 15 Websites & Apps Worth Knowing for Black Friday / Cyber Monday
    le 16/11/2021 à 9:40

    Want the very best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? How about the best product information, the best coupons, the best comparison shopping, and the best news about upcoming deals? Look no further than these apps and websites. The Price Sites These are sites all about price tracking and […]

  • How to Be a Disney+ Power User
    le 18/10/2021 à 10:13

    Imagine making your Disney+ experience better than it already is. How do you do it? How about by learning how to download stuff properly, turning off autoplay, turning off background video, and making sure the kids have their own profiles. Here, we’ll show you. Download Stuff for Later […]

  • See what MyPrimus can do for you!
    le 21/04/2021 à 8:26

    See what MyPrimus can do for you!

  • 7 Hidden Features on Netflix
    le 31/07/2019 à 9:16

    Want to get more from your Netflix experience? Try these little-known but useful features.  Remove Something From Your History  Why might you want something removed from your Netflix history? Well, maybe you stopped watching Gnome Alone after the kids fell asleep and […]

  • 5 Family-Friendly Netflix Documentaries
    le 31/07/2019 à 9:09

    If your family likes to combine entertainment with learning, then there’s nothing like a documentary to fulfil both those needs at once. These documentaries available on Netflix would work well for your next family movie night.  The Short Game This documentary follows seven- and […]

  • 5 Hidden Features on Gmail
    le 01/05/2019 à 9:21

    Gmail has a tonne of interesting and cool features. And given that Gmail is one of the most popular email services out there, it stands to reason that you might want to get a bit more out of your Gmail experience.  “Unsend” an Email  First, you’ll need to set up this […]

  • 4 Best Antivirus Protection Services
    le 17/04/2019 à 9:09

    The online world is a dangerous place and your devices, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, need antivirus protection.  All of the antivirus programs listed can scan computers or devices for hostile software (called malware), can detect if you’re visiting a harmful […]

  • The Best Niche Streaming Services
    le 10/04/2019 à 9:03

    So, you’ve picked a major streaming service or two. But what if you want content that’s a little harder to find? Well, no matter what you’re into, whether it’s French New Wave, anime, or concert footage, there’s a streaming service that has what you […]

  • How to Teach Your Child or Teen to Speak on the Phone
    le 03/04/2019 à 9:09

    Kids and teens today seem less comfortable having a live conversation over the phone than in the past. Texting, messaging, and snapchatting have taken over as the dominant form of non-face-to-face communication for the younger set.  And that’s okay. This isn’t a grumpy article […]

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