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NINE O’CLOCK, the most reliable source of information about Romanian realities, has stepped into the 30th year since its launch on the market. This event takes our thought not so much to the past as it does to the future, giving us courage to carry on the ‘adventure’ that began on October 10, 1991 – the publication of an English daily newspaper in Romania. In its 29 years of existence, NINE O’CLOCK, “ the newspaper that comes with your coffee morning to give you the power of knowledge”—as it was written on the front page of the first print edition– has become an interface between Romania and the rest of the world. Or, as a distinguished reader stated in a message he chose to send to us on our anniversary a few years ago, ‘NINE O’CLOCK is a sui generis ambassador for Romania worldwide’. Because this “mission statement” that we have undertaken – to be a first point of contact for foreign residents – diplomats, business persons, bankers etc. – with Romanian realities is indeed a major obligation as far as we are concerned.

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Type(s) Quotidien
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Pays et région Roumanie / Roumanie
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