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  • Kenya frees two UPDF soldiers held for illegal border crossing
    le 23/09/2018 à 4:47

    Busia County Commissioner Jacob Narengo and Uganda Resident District Commissioner Hussein Matanda who received the officers on behalf of Ugandan government led the talks that hastened their release. […]

  • One dead, three injured in Kigungu house fire
    le 23/09/2018 à 12:51

    An eye witness said that fire began at around 4:00am in the morning and started from a wooden restaurant before spreading to all the kiosks, bars and lodges around destroying property whose worth could not be readily estimated […]

  • Health ministry allays Ebola outbrak fears
    le 23/09/2018 à 12:18

    Dr Olaro, the Director General Health Services says the patient then later became sick, and was admitted in Tchomia General Hospital where she later died […]

  • Talking streets: Graffiti or political voices?
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:11

    With the limitations on freedom of expression as regards issues of governance, constitutionalism and democratisation, various individuals and groups have embraced visual arts to make significant inroads on Uganda’s political scene, writes Gabriel C Buu […]

  • UPDF should not be deployed against citizens, says Bobi’s lawyer
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    Mr Robert Amsterdam recently burst onto the Ugandan scene following reports that he had been hired by Kyadondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine. Derrick Wandera caught up with Mr Amsterdam in an email interview. […]

  • Issues before 73rd session of UN General Assembly - Part II
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    During visits to the “Africa Museum” and the “Colonial Museum” in Brussels, I even spotted some items which were looted more than 100 years ago from West Nile sub-region which was until 1915 part of a colony called the Belgian Congo […]

  • Museveni’s four-hour address failed to achieve its main objectives
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    Going by the commentaries in the media and remarks of the NRM members and opponents, the President’s voyage into the country’s history since independence can hardly be described as relevant to the subject matter of his address […]

  • However much NRM will dismiss him, looks like Bobi Wine’ story has only began
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    Interestingly, only nine years later and the NRM government seems to be undermining itself by not caring about Ugandans […]

  • Museveni, Bobi Wine and the law of unintended consequences
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    Looking back one can imagine the regret the NRM has wishing they hadn’t insisted on claiming that one seat. Without that by-election, Kyagulanyi wouldn’t have happened, at least so soon […]

  • “This is Uganda”: The painkiller concealing a slow death inside us
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    Don’t demand great service or expect a courteous reception just because you are a paying customer. Don’t try and hurry people up, or worse, expect them to respect a queue just because you think your time is precious […]

  • Is President Museveni a good political crime preventer?
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    Be vigilant. Do not move around carelessly with big amounts of cash. Look out for and report any suspicious characters. In short, make yourself a difficult target […]

  • Anyone with maintenance plan for chic new women’s hospital?
    le 23/09/2018 à 9:00

    One expert has said on some social media forum that this new facility, and much else that has gone into the refurbishment of the rest of the Mulago Complex, was well thought through in terms of equipment to use and personnel and workflow. That just about anyone who needed to be consulted was […]

  • With that Shs14m semen, you get a baby of your choice
    le 23/09/2018 à 8:51

    I explained that a consultant had intimated to me that if a woman partook in the Shs14 million sperm, they would be instantly ripe and would be ready to download their software that would come without any glitch whatsoever […]

  • Should donors have a say in Uganda’s internal affairs?
    le 23/09/2018 à 8:46

    Following the recent political events, the international community spoke out, with the EU parliament issuing a stern warning to Uganda. The government on Monday responded, saying Uganda won’t be held at ransom by Opposition’s foreign backers. […]

  • Fighting to save Uganda’s historic buildings
    le 23/09/2018 à 8:11

    With support from the European Union, a study and documentation of historical buildings in the three main towns of Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe is being carried out. […]

  • UNLA commander John Ogole’s account of Luweero war
    le 23/09/2018 à 8:07

    Recently, a movie giving an account of the NRA five-year Bush War was produced by President Museveni’s daughter Natasha Karugire. Told from the perspective of the victors, 27 Guns portrays the UNLA as a disorganised good-for-nothing army only capable of doing nothing other than killing civilians. […]

  • Liverpool, Man City cruise as Man Utd held on Ferguson's return
    le 23/09/2018 à 8:04

    Tottenham moved ahead of United into fifth as Harry Kane ended his five-game goal drought from the penalty spot in a 2-1 win at Brighton to end a run of three straight defeats for Spurs […]

  • How new tax burden will affect Kenyans
    le 23/09/2018 à 8:03

    Consumers will pay more for mobile phone calls, use of internet and services offered by financial institutions […]

  • Raila hails ODM MPs who supported Uhuru fuel tax
    le 23/09/2018 à 7:16

    The Finance Bill, 2018 contained the contentious proposal by President Uhuru Kenyatta to impose eight per cent value added tax on petroleum products […]

  • Burial of Tanzania ferry disaster victims starts
    le 23/09/2018 à 7:02

    Forty seven more bodies have been spotted and would be recovered in the ongoing recovery operation […]

  • Museveni condemns killing of poachers
    le 23/09/2018 à 6:20

    He described the killing of unarmed poachers as terrorism. […]

  • Where are Kayihura co-accused?
    le 23/09/2018 à 6:17

    Sources told Daily Monitor that Mr Ndaboine was arrested on June 10, Mr Muhangi on June 11; Col Ndawula on June 12, while Lt Col Rushererwe was apprehended in the wee hours of June 13 […]

  • Uganda makes a fist of blooding young talent, but for how long?
    le 23/09/2018 à 3:56

    Uganda qualified and played at the 2015 Netball World Cup with players like Betty Namukasa and Florence Amono who were at the end of their tether. Thankfully, the process of transiting from such players — who were evidently on their last legs — to fresh blood has been seamless. […]

  • Eagles keep flying at the Open
    le 23/09/2018 à 3:56

    It is the bogeys, pars and birdies that are Usually common on scorecards of players but most recorded eagles at this open on Friday. […]

  • Uganda are World Netball Champions
    le 23/09/2018 à 3:53

    Team Uganda drew inspiration from previous netball competitions that Uganda has won unbeaten this year including the East African Club games held in Tanzania where two Ugandan clubs Prisons and National Insurance Corporation (Nic) […]

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