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  • Craig Kielburger: COVID-19 makes the case for global cooperation
    par Craig Kielburger le 26/05/2020 à 6:14

    When the United Nations launched its 75th anniversary campaign in January, the world looked very different. COVID-19 hadn’t been identified outside of China. Planes full of tourists still scattered around the world. UN75 is the largest crowdsourcing effort in the organization’s history. […]

  • Craig Kielburger: Balance between economy, environment is essential
    par Craig Kielburger le 19/05/2020 à 6:52

    As humans isolate in their homes, marine life returns to the canals of Venice, leatherback turtles nest on empty Thai beaches in record numbers and foxes frolic in the heart of Toronto. From the headlines, you might think COVID-19 is an environmental boon. The World Meteorological Association […]

  • Drew and Jonathan Scott's Celebrity IOU a feel-good, star-powered romp
    par Melissa Hank le 14/05/2020 à 10:02

    On Drew and Jonathan Scott’s latest show Celebrity IOU, charity begins at home. Specifically, it begins at a home renovation site, with a heartwarming story and some serious star power. In each episode, celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Melissa McCarthy and Michael Bublé team up with the […]

  • Dan Aykroyd checks into new docuseries Hotel Paranormal
    par Melissa Hank le 14/05/2020 à 7:05

    Dan Aykroyd is well acquainted with TV, movies and what goes on behind the scenes. But, as the narrator for the new T+E series Hotel Paranormal, the Ghostbusters star is intimately aware of what goes on behind the seen as well. “My wife and I saw a little jewelry dance one night, something we […]

  • Craig Kielburger: Restless kids need purpose
    par Craig Kielburger le 12/05/2020 à 6:55

    In week who-knows-what, my heart goes out to parents. Older kids are struggling more with the loss of routine and independence. As the pandemic drags on, some parents are giving up on e-learning. I don’t blame them. But there are other ways to instil a sense of purpose for kids who […]

  • Craig Kielburger: It’s time to meet Dr. Theresa Tam
    par Postmedia News le 05/05/2020 à 6:08

    Just months ago, the average Canadian likely couldn’t name Canada’s chief public health officer. Today, Dr. Theresa Tam is a celebrity with murals painted in her honour. With the public hungry for information during the pandemic, Canada’s health officials are overnight superstars. […]

  • Craig Kielburger: Canadian companies help COVID-19 frontline workers
    par Craig Kielburger le 28/04/2020 à 6:52

    On a Winnipeg factory floor normally dedicated to high-end winter parkas, employees have swapped down feathers for PPE as they make scrubs and patient gowns. Hospitals across the country face a shortage of protective equipment and medical supplies. The global supply chain is under unprecedented […]

  • Could scorpion venom help battle fetal alcohol disorder?
    par Postmedia News le 27/04/2020 à 8:25

    Don’t drink when pregnant. It’s a well known adage for any expectant mother, as exposure to alcohol can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder — a condition marked by physical and learning disabilities for the baby. Now, a new study has found that a compound derived from scorpion […]

  • Books for Kids: Jimmy Kimmel, Lupita Nyong’o find their inner child
    par Postmedia News le 24/04/2020 à 7:19

    Sulwe Lupita Nyong’o, illustrated by Vashti Harrison Simon & Schuster Ages 4 to 8 The Serious Goose Jimmy Kimmel Random House Ages 3 to 7 There’s something of a genre within children’s literature: picture books written by celebrities who manage to have their words illustrated […]

  • Caroline Moorehead’s A House in the Mountains tracks women in wartime
    par Postmedia News le 23/04/2020 à 5:32

    The woman has no name but she was the central figure in a moment of drama that occurred more than 75 years ago outside a factory in war-ravaged Italy. An unskilled worker who cleaned the factory toilets, she was fated to be arrested as she left the property for her alleged role in strike action.

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