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  • California Braces For Potential Lockdown As COVID-19 Cases Increase
    par Evan J. Lancaster le 02/12/2020 à 9:29

    California could soon find itself under a strict lockdown once again, if the state cannot curb the spread of COVID-19. On Tuesday, Dec. 1, California reported 20,795 COVID-19 cases. Shattering the state’s previous high-mark of cases by more than 8,000 cases. The second highest total was […]

  • Arts Calendar (Homeward Bound): December 3-6
    par Shana Nys Dambrot le 02/12/2020 à 5:12

    You guys, it’s pretty much time to go back inside. I’m still of the belief that visiting art galleries alone by appointment is actually one of the most covid-safe out of home cultural experiences you can have, and we’ve included some here. But the majority of this slate of art, […]

  • Dinner And A Movie – How The Rooftop Cinema Club Is Helping One Restaurant Keep The Lights On
    par Michele Stueven le 02/12/2020 à 5:03

    As a result of last week’s L.A. County shutdown of outdoor dining, the Cloverfield’s General Manager Mary Thompson spent the Wednesday before and Friday after Thanksgiving calling 80 percent of her staff, tearfully letting them go. If it wasn’t for a last minute partnership with […]

  • Music Pick (Livestreaming): Tokimonsta
    par Brett Callwood le 02/12/2020 à 3:14

    Back in March, at the very start of the lockdown, Tokimonsta livestreamed her new album Oasis Nocturno. Now she’s back with a “Last Resort” set with Venus X. Back in October of 2019, in Graham Berry’s “Not Another DJ” piece about the artist, she told him: […]

  • Holiday Gift Pick of the Week: The n/naka Home Assembly Meal Box Experience
    par Michele Stueven le 02/12/2020 à 3:00

    The Michelin-starred team at n/naka, including Chef Niki Nakayama and Carole Iida Nakayama, has partnered with local artist Glenn Kaino and DJ Liza Richardson  on a unique take home meal box called Home Assembly, presented by the arts non-profit Active Cultures. Available now through […]

  • Your Favorite Basics Company Is Back..and this is what it means
    par L.A. Weekly le 02/12/2020 à 2:00

    Now more than ever, supporting local businesses and domestic farmers is at the top of our mind. That’s why when we buy our clothes and gifts, we want to be sure our dollars are being put back into the local economy and into the pockets of the domestic industries that need our help to stay […]

  • Cannabis: What Is Its Legal Status in Scandinavia?
    par Green Market Report le 02/12/2020 à 8:56

    In partnership with The Fresh Toast While there are countries where the use of cannabis is a way of life, it is a big crime to be found with a cannabis product in many other countries. What was once an illegal substance is now considered in many countries around the world as being acceptable. […]

  • The US Is About To Be Sandwiched Between Two Countries With Legal Weed — Is It Next?
    par Mike Adams le 02/12/2020 à 8:53

    In partnership with The Fresh Toast U.S. lawmakers keep saying that marijuana legalization will pass, but they just can’t make any predictions on the timeline. Marijuana is legal nationwide in Canada, and it could soon be in Mexico, as well. But the United States government has all […]

  • Here’s What To Do If You Feel Guilty For Skipping Workouts Over The Holidays
    par Maria Loreto le 02/12/2020 à 8:50

    In partnership with The Fresh Toast The holiday season is a stressful time, resulting in overeating and skipped workout sessions. Here’s what you can do to erase the guilt and build some peace of mind. Thanksgiving marks the official start of the holiday season, when Christmas […]

  • A Deeper Dive Ahead Of A Key Day In Congress For Cannabis
    par David Hodes le 02/12/2020 à 8:43

    In partnership with The Fresh Toast The people have spoken, the U.S. is ready to go, and it’s time to pull the trigger on legalization. It’s time. Cannabis history is having its moment. The election is over, cannabis had its biggest voter approval day ever on November 3, and […]

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