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  • Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine May Now Be Used For Children Ages 12 to 15
    par Isai Rocha le 10/05/2021 à 10:24

    The Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine received emergency use authorization (EUA) for children between the ages of 12 to 15, Monday. The vaccine’s use may begin after Wednesday when the federal vaccine advisory committee releases its recommendations for the adolescents, according to AP News. […]

  • Dodger Stadium and All Other L.A. Vaccine Sites Will Be Appointment-Free
    par Isai Rocha le 10/05/2021 à 9:44

    All COVID-19 vaccine sites run by the city of Los Angeles will be taking walk-ins without appointments, starting Monday. While appointments for the vaccine may still be made at the city sites, they will no longer be required, including at its drive-through sites such as in Dodger Stadium, Hansen […]

  • Newsom Proposes More $600 Stimulus Checks In Economic Recovery Plan
    par Isai Rocha le 10/05/2021 à 8:45

    Under California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed economic recovery plan, Monday, $600 checks would be distributed to Californians earning $75,000 or under. The payments would be part of Newsom’s $100 billion “California Comeback Plan,” and what the governor’s office is […]

  • Why Diamond Whites is the Next Leader in the Invisible Aligners Space
    par LA Weekly le 10/05/2021 à 5:57

    *Brand Partner Content* Whether on television, social media or through word of mouth, by now, you’ve heard of invisible aligners. As the dental industry has been irrevocably changed for the better with the innovation of invisible aligners, metal braces are quickly becoming obsolete. Though, […]

  • Mother’s Day in Hollywood
    par Tara Finley le 10/05/2021 à 4:55

    Distinctive Assets, the LA-based entertainment marketing company credited with launching the promotional craze of celebrity swag over two decades ago, once again produced and distributed its annual “Mother’s Day in Hollywood” Gift Bag. Distinctive Assets pampered twenty-five of […]

  • Sacred Sound Healing System Reviews – Download your Healing Ceremonies
    par LA Weekly le 10/05/2021 à 4:42

    *Brand Partner Content by KISS PR Brand Story* This sacred sound healing system is an audio program that uses positive sound vibration, and with it, you could achieve virtually anything in life. More details in this product report. It is not uncommon for people to worry for a very long time […]

  • Spore Focus Performance Reviews: Updated (Scam or Legit) Don’t Buy! SHOCKING TRUTH!
    par LA Weekly le 10/05/2021 à 4:38

    *Brand Partner Content by KISS PR Brand Story* Spore Focus Performance Reviews – KPVJK Enterprises explains how Spore Focus Performance works, and what are the advantages and ingredients. Spore Focus Performance Reviews:- Do you often forget important tasks then you need to pay attention […]

  • StrictionD Reviews – Is StrictionD Advanced Formula Hoax or Real?
    par LA Weekly le 10/05/2021 à 4:35

    *Brand Partner Content by KISS PR Brand Story* StrictionD Advanced Formula – StrictionD Reviews Updated Diabetes is a metabolic disorder related to blood sugar about which maximum people have adequate knowledge. The StrictionD blood sugar supplement is all that you need to control your blood […]

  • Nerve Renew Reviews – Does Life Renews Nerve Renew Work?
    par LA Weekly le 10/05/2021 à 4:32

    *Brand Partner Content by KISS PR Brand Story* Nerve Renew Review – Is This Neuropathy Treatment Worth It? Slight numbness in arms or feet is a matter which shouldn’t be overlooked. It can be due to nerve damage or neuropathy and produce further complications. If you are suffering from […]

  • 7-Figure Amazon Ecom Advisor, Silita Amiri, is Helping Regular People and Investors Secure Passive Online Income
    par LA Weekly le 10/05/2021 à 4:27

    *Brand Partner Content by KISS PR Brand Story* Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world Amazon, the e-commerce juggernaut that has changed the way we shop forever, continues to set records and smash expectations with valuations and profitability. Amazon’s net revenue increased […]

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