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  • Winners of Al Hussein Awards for Economic Research honoured
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 11:54

    AMMAN — Winners of Al Hussein Awards for Creativity and Excellence were honoured by Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) Governor Adel Sharkas during a ceremony held in Amman on Tuesday.  Adel Sharkas, who also chairs the board of directors of the King Hussein Fund for Creativity and Excellence, […]

  • Yemen warring parties agree prisoner swap as peace efforts accelerate
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 9:35

    DUBAI — Yemen's Houthi rebels and its internationally recognised government reached an agreement Monday to exchange more than 880 prisoners, the United Nations confirmed, while urging the two parties, at war since 2014, to continue talks. The agreed exchange comes after Saudi Arabia and Iran, […]

  • West Bank settlers win Israel parliament vote
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 9:33

    OCCUPIED JERUSALEM — Israel's settler movement celebrated Tuesday after parliament annulled part of a law banning them from residing in areas of the occupied West Bank the then Israeli government evacuated in 2005. That year the government of Ariel Sharon, a long-time settler champion turned […]

  • Japan’s ambassador visits UNRWA school, health centre in Baqaa camp
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 9:28

    AMMAN — Japan’s Ambassador to Jordan Okuyama Jiro on Tuesday visited a United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) school and health centre in Baqaa Palestine Refugee Camp.  The ambassador was briefed by Olaf Becker, Acting Director of […]

  • High costs among factors attributed to decline in marriage rate
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 8:56

    AMMAN —  Costly dowries, coupled with difficult economic conditions, are the main reasons many attribute to a decline in marriages in Jordan. The Kingdom witnessed a remarkable decline in marriages in 2022 compared with 2021, down by 15.2 per cent, or 11,526 contracts, Chief Islamic […]

  • Strong quake has people fleeing homes in Afghanistan, Pakistan
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 8:44

    KABUL — A strong earthquake lasting for at least 30 seconds was felt across much of Afghanistan, Pakistan and parts of India Tuesday night, with the United States Geological Survey(USGS) putting the magnitude at 6.5. "It was a terrifying tremor. I had never felt such a tremor before in my […]

  • US banking sector 'stabilising' after turmoil — Yellen
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 8:34

    WASHINGTON — The US banking sector is "stabilising" after the recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Signature Bank rattled the industry, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will tell a summit on Tuesday, according to prepared remarks. The collapses caused a crisis of confidence, with […]

  • Lacking health workers, Germany taps robots for elder care
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 8:33

      GARMISCH-PARTENKIRCHEN, Germany — The white-coloured humanoid “Garmi” does not look much different from a typical robot — it stands on a platform with wheels and is equipped with a black screen on which two blue circles acting as eyes are attached. But retired German […]

  • Chelsea and Arsenal looking to end English drought
    par issa le 21/03/2023 à 8:32

    PARIS — The Women’s Champions League knockout stage got underway on Tuesday with Chelsea and Arsenal both hoping to become the first English team to lift the trophy since the Gunners in 2007. Back then, when Arsenal beat Umea of Sweden in the final, the tournament was still known as the […]

  • Palestinians blast 'racist ideology' in Israeli minister's speech
    par issa le 20/03/2023 à 10:34

    RAMALLAH, Palestinian Territories — The Palestinian Authority on Monday called an Israeli minister's remarks denying the existence of the Palestinian people "conclusive evidence" of the Israeli government's "racist ideology". Israel's far-right finance minister, Bezalel Smotrich, is part of […]

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