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  • Emergency Services Day at Hinton Parks West Mall
    par Lynda Geymonat le 17/05/2019 à 3:21

    A beautiful, sunny, warm day shone upon an event at the Parks West Mall parking lot helping to celebrate the abundance of services provided to Hintonites and area by Hinton Victim Support Services. People attending the presentation were invited to ask questions of the support attendees and to […]

  • Mountain pine beetle mortality has increased but we won’t know by how much until the summer
    par Edward Moore le 17/05/2019 à 3:14

    First the good news, aerial surveys indicate that mortality levels for the mountain pine beetle have increased due to the colder than average winter. Now the bad news, we won’t really know the impact on beetle numbers until mortality surveys are done later this spring. That’s the word […]

  • Still gauging effectiveness of GSA student protests
    par Edward Moore le 17/05/2019 à 3:09

    It’s still too early to tell how effective the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) province-wide protests against the new provincial government were that took place on May 3. “It’s too soon to tell because we don’t know what the incoming government’s true plans are,” […]

  • Yellowhead County municipal property taxes up 2.5 per cent
    par Edward Moore le 17/05/2019 à 3:06

    Yellowhead County residents will be paying 2.5 per cent more in municipal property taxes this year. If that seems similar to last year’s figure, it is. The rate is unchanged from 2018. County Director of Corporate and Planning Services Barb Lyons said the school requisition total was not […]

  • Foothills Male Chorus Spring Concert at the Hinton Theatre
    par Lynda Geymonat le 17/05/2019 à 3:01

    The theatre seats were filled and everyone enjoyed the entertainment that wafted our way as we sat with friends and family. Hinton Mayor Marcel Michaels was the MC for the evening and did a gracious, super job. The following songs were performed with excellence: Carry On My Wayward Son, I […]

  • Maximum Work Gear donation to Hinton Resident Care Foundation
    par Lynda Geymonat le 13/05/2019 à 3:52

    Kim Bevans, manager of Maximum Work Gear presented a cheque to the Resident Care Foundation of Hinton received by Lynda Johnson, president, and Elaine Koch, treasurer, in the amount of $1,007.65 raised by the Hinton valley business at a BBQ fundraiser. Freson Brothers in the valley, as well as […]

  • Leafs lose another legend
    par Edward Moore le 10/05/2019 à 5:31

    My late Uncle Robert loved Leonard Patrick “Red” Kelly. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit legend passed away on May 2 at age 91. I should say that Uncle Robert loved Kelly more when he played as a defenceman for the Red Wings in the 1950s, not as much when Red played for the Leafs […]

  • Gallery here to serve the arts community
    par Edward Moore le 10/05/2019 à 5:24

    It could well become a mecca for Edson art, artists and art lovers. The Heart of Edson Gallery and Studio celebrated its grand opening on May 4 and it could become the hub for existing and future artists. “I had a soft opening before Christmas and now we’re officially open,” said […]

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