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  • Westpac Chopper Swim a huge success
    par Gulf News le 19/03/2019 à 8:06

    The demanding 20km Westpac Chopper Swim from Waiheke Island to Auckland’s Mechanics Bay took place on Monday 18 March and was the most successful to date.  Swim founder and organiser Olaf Adams prefers participants fundraise for the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust rather than paying an […]

  • Playcentre’s old-fashioned fun at the beach
    par Gulf News le 13/03/2019 à 8:08

    Two good causes were combined last week. When the Ostend-based Playcentre group were planning activities for Playcentre Awareness Week and realised it was also Sea Week, they decided to explore the island’s beaches.   “Monday was a sea themed morning at the Playcentre […]

  • Wharf2Wharf competitors show their grit
    par Gulf News le 13/03/2019 à 8:06

    Over 650 people ran, walked and splashed across Waiheke on Saturday in the 2019 Wharf2Wharf as weather conditions deteriorated.  First time marathoner Andrew Sexton won the male category of the inaugural marathon in 3hr 12min 59sec. Last year the Surfdale resident did the 12km run for the […]

  • Barrier residents fight dumping consent
    par Gulf News le 13/03/2019 à 8:04

    Great Barrier Island residents are fighting back against a decision to allow dredged materials to be dumped off the island’s east coast. On 5 February the Environmental Protection Agency granted Coastal Resources Limited consent to dump 250,000 cubic metres of dredged material every year for […]

  • Climate action now, homework later say local students
    par Gulf News le 13/03/2019 à 8:02

    On Friday 15 March young people from over 50 countries will strike calling for governments to take urgent action to prevent further climate change. “On Waiheke, we are planning a morning gathering at the Ostend Causeway, then the kids who want to join the CBD action will take the ferry over […]

  • Our city is not our own
    par Liz Waters le 13/03/2019 à 8:00

    Actually, Auckland hasn’t belonged to Aucklanders for a long time, probably since a single council bureaucrat in 2007 wiped our City of Sails logo off the slate and Auckland became some sort of golden goose for a New Zealand economy that had been thoroughly lashed to the mast of the financial […]

  • Endless art viewing on the island
    par Gulf News le 06/03/2019 à 8:08

    Perpetual Guardian Sculpture on the Gulf is now in full swing, works trucked, craned and sometimes constructed on their sites. For James Wright’s Seven Sisters it was a helicopter delivery from Clevedon on a perfect Waiheke morning to the waiting hands of the artist and a slick ground crew on […]

  • Packed days at pony club weekend camp
    par Gulf News le 06/03/2019 à 8:06

    The superb summer weather made for a perfect mix of camping and good honest outdoor fun for the island’s young equestrians last weekend. Waiheke Island Pony Club’s annual camp was a chance for riders to immerse themselves in horses for an entire uninterrupted weekend, and as the sun […]

  • Police Ten 7 film on Waiheke
    par Gulf News le 06/03/2019 à 8:04

    Police Ten 7 filmed on the island this week in relation to a violent assault on 22 January when a woman was punched in the face, strangled and thrown over a fence near Palm Beach. Despite an ongoing investigation into the incident and the release of an image of a potential witness, police have not […]

  • It’s all about the noise
    par Gulf News le 06/03/2019 à 8:02

    “Consent remains no more than a possibility, not a probability, let alone a certainty.”   This is the standout sentence in the latest interim ruling from the Environment Court in the saga of non-consented development and business activity at Cable Bay Vineyards that dates back […]

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