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  • [Ticker] Irish finance minister voted in as eurogroup president
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:06

    Euro zone finance ministers on Thursday evening chose Irish finance minister Pascal Donohoe as the new president of their 19-member formation, the eurogroup. Pierre Gramegna of Luxembourg withdrew his candidacy after the first round of votes. Donohoe, who was supported by fiscally more conservative […]

  • [Ticker] Italy's League party opens office near old communist HQ
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:04

    Italy's right-wing League party, keen to present itself as the new defender of the country's working class, will open an office this month on a highly symbolic street in Rome, Via delle Botteghe Oscure, where the once-powerful Communist Party had its headquarters, Reuters writes. "Factories, […]

  • [Ticker] 'Significant divergences' remain in Brexit talks
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:04

    EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said on Thursday that "significant divergences" remained in its talks with Britain on their new relationship after London breaks all its ties with the bloc in 2021. Negotiations have so far failed to bridge gaps over fisheries and fair-competition guarantees, and […]

  • [Ticker] Germany identifies 32,000 right-wing extremists
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:04

    German state security has identified 32,080 right-wing extremists in 2019, up from 24,100 the year before, Deutsche Welle writes. It also classified 13,000 of these cases as 'prepared to use violence', 300 more than in 2018. Right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism continue to increase in […]

  • [Ticker] WHO to hold probe of global Covid-19 response
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:03

    The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday launched an Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response to evaluate the world's response to Covid-19. The panel will be co-chaired by the former prime minister of New Zealand, Helen Clark, and former president of Liberia, Ellen Johnson […]

  • [Ticker] China accuses Australia of 'gross interference' on Hong Kong
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:03

    China has accused Australia of "gross interference" after prime minister Scott Morrison granted a range of visa holders from Hong Kong a five-year extension and suspended an extradition treaty with the city, The Guardian reports. Australia would allow Hongkongers, fearing persecution under the new […]

  • [Ticker] EU to let Croatia, Bulgaria take first step to join euro
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:03

    Eurozone officials are expected to let Croatia and Bulgaria into the ERM-2 mechanism, the first stage for adopting the euro as their currency in the next three years, news agencies reported. It would pave the way for the first eurozone enlargement since 2015, when Lithuania joined the club, which […]

  • Border pre-screening centres part of new EU migration pact
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:03

    Michael Spindelegger, the former minister of foreign affairs of Austria and current director of the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD), reveals some of the proposals in the European Commission's upcoming pact on migration and asylum.

  • EU 'failed to protect bees and pollinators', report finds
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:02

    EU auditors concluded on Thursday that EU key policies adopted to protect and halt the decline of pollinators across the bloc have been largely inefficient and called on the European Commission to better address this issue.

  • MEPs give green light to road transport sector reform
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:02

    MEPs adopted on Thursday the Mobility Package covering truck drivers' working conditions - rejecting amendments pushed by central and eastern member states. However, the European Commission warned that two new rules might be not align with the Green Deal.

  • [Opinion] If EU wants rule of law in China, it must help 'dissident' lawyers
    le 10/07/2020 à 5:02

    If human rights lawyers are the linchpin for structural change in China – changes that create a positive and reinforcing effect on Europe's interests and values – what should Europe's leadership do?

  • [Opinion] Five ideas to reshape 'Conference on Future of Europe'
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:35

    Dealing with the recovery from the pandemic, the Conference on the Future of Europe seems to have disappeared from the political-media debate.

  • EU boosts pledges to relocate minors from Greece
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:34

    Over 120 asylum seeking children and teenagers in Greece have so far been relocated to a handful of EU states in a scheme the European Commission says is a demonstration of solidarity. EU states have pledged to take in 2,000.

  • [Ticker] Rushdie, Fukuyama, Rowling warn against 'intolerance'
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:34

    Salman Rushdie, Francis Fukuyama, JK Rowling, among others have published an open letter in Harper's Magazine warning against "censoriousness", "an intolerance of opposing views" and "a vogue for public shaming and ostracism". Signed by 150 academics and writers the letter decries "a new set of […]

  • [Ticker] Clashes in Belgrade after new lockdown measures
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:34

    In the Serbian capital Belgrade, 23 people were detained and 43 police officers and 17 demonstrators were injured in violent clashes on Tuesday evening amid anger over the return of strict lockdown measures to tackle coronavirus, The Guardian reports. Earlier on Tuesday a weekend curfew was […]

  • Hydrogen strategy criticised for relying on fossil fuel gas
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:34

    Civil society organisations criticised that the commission is relying on early-stage technologies that require the continued use of fossil fuels, undermining the EU's 2050 climate-neutrality target set in the Green Deal.

  • [Ticker] US passes milestone of 3m coronavirus infections
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:33

    The US coronavirus outbreak passed the milestone of over 3 million confirmed cases on Tuesday as more states reported record numbers of new infections, and Florida faced an impending shortage of intensive care unit hospital beds, Reuters reports. Authorities have reported alarming upswings of daily […]

  • [Ticker] France wary of any future lockdowns
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:33

    France said it won't repeat its March lockdown should a second wave of the pandemic caused by Covid-19 hit the nation. "We are not going to carry out a possible reconfinement as we did in March," French Prime Minister Jean Castex told BFM TV on Wednesday. "Absolute containment has terrible […]

  • [Ticker] Lithuania bans Kremlin-linked Russia Today programmes
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:33

    Lithuania's media watchdog has banned five Russia Today (RT) programmes due its connection with Dmitry Kiselev, who is under EU sanctions for promoting Kremlin propaganda during the annexation of Ukraine's Crimea in 2014, Lithuanianpublic broadcaster reported Wednesday. Kiselev, officially the head […]

  • [Ticker] UK nominates Liam Fox for WTO top job
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:33

    British former international trade secretary, Liam Fox, will be nominated by the UK to be the next chief of the World Trade Organization (WTO), The Guardian reported on Wednesday. The UK described Fox as "the ideal candidate" seen his "decades of experience in global politics and first-hand […]

  • [Ticker] Italy supports Spain's Calviño for Eurogroup job
    le 09/07/2020 à 6:33

    The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte backed the nomination of Spanish minister of economy Nadia Calviño to lead the Eurogroup, Reuters reports. Eurozone finance ministers will meet on Thursday to choose the next Eurogroup chair. "The fact that she is a woman is an added value," Conte […]

  • Merkel urges EU unity to hold off economic fallout and populism
    le 08/07/2020 à 4:00

    The German chancellor told MEPs that for her restricting fundamental rights to stop the spread of coronavirus was a "very difficult decision". She said the EU must act quick to mitigate the economic fallout.

  • [Ticker] France and Germany warn Israel on annexation 'consequences'
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:23

    Annexation of parts of Palestine's West Bank would "have consequences for relations with Israel", the Egyptian, French, German, and Jordanian foreign ministers said after video-talks Tuesday. "Such a move would have serious consequences for the security and stability of the region and would […]

  • [Ticker] Shipping firms to face EU carbon regime
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:23

    Shipping companies will have to pay for CO2 permits in the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) from 2021 and cut carbon pollution by 40 percent by 2030, MEPs on the environment committee voted Tuesday, pending plenary approval in September. Italian firm the Mediterranean Shipping Company overtook […]

  • [Ticker] EU to mediate between Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:22

    EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell and Turkey's foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu discussed the possibility of European Union mediation between Turkey, Greece and Cyprus during a meeting in Ankara on Monday, Ekathimerini reports. "I am here [in Turkey] to find a solution to the conflict between […]

  • [Ticker] EU to unveil arms-trafficking and drug proposals
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:21

    The European Commission is set to present later this month an action plan on firearms-trafficking and a new drugs agenda as part of a wider Security Union Strategy. "My part of that strategy will focus on fighting terrorists, fighting organised crime, and to make law enforcement fit for the digital […]

  • [Ticker] EU to discuss people-smuggling with African states
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:21

    Ministers from Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia will be attending a conference to tackle human smuggling on Monday. The European Commission said the event is being hosted by Italy. "I hope that the outcome of this conference will be that we can build partnerships to fight human […]

  • [Ticker] 'Torture chamber' found in Dutch sea containers
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:21

    Dutch police have arrested six men after discovering sea containers converted into a makeshift prison and sound-proofed "torture chamber" complete with a dentist's chair, tools including pliers and scalpels and handcuffs, The Guardian reports. The suspects were arrested based on encrypted messages. […]

  • [Ticker] Commissioner backs under-attack Hungarian news site
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:21

    EU commissioner for values Vera Jourova has expressed concern for the independence of, Hungary's largest independent news website still in existence, which has recently come under attack from pro-government media investors. "What you are doing, the values you are fighting for, media […]

  • [Ticker] New French government tilts to right
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:21

    French president Emmanuel Macron's new prime minister, Jean Castex, has revamped the government with "rightwing stalwarts", analysts say according to AFP. Observers were quick to point out that new interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, is facing allegations of rape. The new justice minister […]

  • [Column] The opportunistic peace
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:20

    This will be the most selfish act in recent economic history. It will burden future generations and by no means make the weakest member states better off.

  • EU mulls new system to check illegal pushbacks of migrants
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:19

    The European Commission says it may create a new system to monitor push backs by EU states. The announcement follows weeks of dithering by the commission, which has refrained from condemning abuse by Greek and Croat authorities, despite mounting evidence.

  • EU forecasts deeper recession, amid recovery funds row
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:18

    The economies of France, Italy and Spain will contract more then 10-percent this year, according to the latest forecast by the EU executive, as it urges member state governments to strike a deal on the budget and recovery package.

  • [Opinion] Revealed: fossil-fuel lobbying behind EU hydrogen strategy
    le 08/07/2020 à 5:18

    As with the German government – which presented its own hydrogen strategy last month – the European Commission and other EU institutions appear to be similarly intoxicated by the false promises of the gas industry.

  • [Ticker] Brexit talks kick off with Downing Street dinner
    le 07/07/2020 à 3:29

    Top British and EU negotiators will have dinner at the British prime minister's office at Number 10 Downing Street on Tuesday, kicking off the latest round of Brexit talks that have all but stalled amid differences, Reuters reported. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said on his way to London in a […]

  • [Ticker] Danish permit helps Russia to evade US pipeline sanctions
    le 07/07/2020 à 7:01

    Russia is free to use its own ship, the Akademik Cherskiy, to lay the last 160km of the Nord Stream gas pipeline after the Danish Energy Agency, on Monday, gave the go-ahead for a ship of its class, which uses anchors, to do the work because there were no old WW2-era chemical munitions in the area. […]

  • [Ticker] China warns UK over Hong Kong 'interference'
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:10

    China has warned the UK not to interfere with Hong Kong following the imposition of a new national security law, as one pro-democracy campaigner begged for international support, the BBC reports. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming said the UK's offer of a path to citizenship for up to three million Hong […]

  • [Ticker] Most-visited museum in world reopens doors
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:10

    After three-and-a-half months closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Louvre museum in Paris reopened its doors for visitors on Monday, De Standaard writes. In 2018 the most-visited museum in the world received more than 10m visitors, three-quarters of which were from outside France. The […]

  • [Ticker] UK unveils first Magnitsky sanctions
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:09

    The UK announced Monday measures against individuals in Saudi Arabia, Russia, Myanmar and North Korea including asset freezes and travel bans to penalise individuals and organisations accused of human rights abuse, The Guardian reports. Sanctions will target those involved in the deaths of Russian […]

  • [Ticker] Germany in talks with Gilead over Covid-19 drug remdesivir
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:09

    German health minister Jens Spahn, whose country holds the EU's presidency, told MEPs Monday he had discussed the Covid-19 antiviral drug remdesivir with US health secretary and drug firm Gilead to secure production in the EU. Remdesivir is the only drug which has been cleared in the EU for […]

  • Commission chief under fire for Croatia campaign video
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:09

    EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen recorded a video in support of Croatia's ruling party, which the EU executive said was in her "personal capacity" - and admits it was a "mistake" that this was not made clear.

  • [Ticker] New EU public prosecutor still facing delays
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:09

    Laura Codruța Kövesi, the European Public Prosecutor, has told Euronews it faces delays because European prosecutors still have not been appointed. They are needed to define the rules of procedure and regulatory framework of the office, which aims to crack down on fraud. "This procedure […]

  • [Ticker] Frontex trains new border guards online
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:09

    The EU's border agency, Frontex, is in the process of training 265 new border guards, to be deployed in January next year. "They started their e-learning phase, so this is a three-month e-learning phase and then they will attend physical training," said Frontex head Fabrice Leggeri. The recruits […]

  • [Ticker] EU hosted Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to resume
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:09

    Belgrade and Pristina will resume their EU-led dialogue aiming for a "comprehensive and legally-binding agreement" on relations on Sunday, the EU Commission said Monday. Kosovo PM Avdullah Hoti will meet Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels, following a virtual meeting this Friday with […]

  • Parliament vaping booths 'too confidential' to discuss
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:08

    The European Parliament is refusing to disclose documents on an internal debate on whether to set up e-cigarette smoking booths at its premises in Strasbourg and Brussels, posing questions on how it handles transparency on relatively minor issues.

  • [Feature] Belarus: Inside Lukashenko’s crackdown on independent voices
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:08

    Never a free or media-friendly country, Belarus is intensifying crackdowns on reporters in the run-up to its presidential election in August. Belsat TV journalist Dzmitry Mitskevich experienced it first-hand.

  • [Opinion] The rationale behind US troop withdrawals from Germany
    le 07/07/2020 à 5:08

    It would lend credence to the idea that Washington is using the withdrawal as a threat to coerce Angela Merkel to cease ties with Russia and China, the US' main rivals.

  • [Stakeholder] Podcast: Nordic region speaks out on big global challenges
    le 06/07/2020 à 1:49

    Why should we learn to love bent cucumbers? And can the Nordic region really help improve the conditions for parental leave in the United States?

  • [Ticker] Greek archbishop: Hagia Sophia will not become mosque
    le 06/07/2020 à 5:29

    Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens and All Greece expressed his belief Sunday that Turkey will not dare turn Hagia Sophia, the iconic Byzantine cathedral in Istanbul, currently a museum, back into a mosque. "They (the Turks) play whatever games are in hand. This is one more game. I believe they […]

  • [Ticker] Post-corona EU needs monetary union: Schäuble
    le 06/07/2020 à 5:29

    The EU should use the corona crisis to create full monetary union, German parliament speaker Wolfgang Schäuble has told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, a German newspaper. "We would be significantly further ahead in Europe today if the idea of ​​establishing a European monetary […]

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