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  • EU countries rush to expand gas import capacity
    le 16/05/2022 à 4:14

    EU plans to quit Russian gas and replace it, in part, by importing overseas liquified natural gas has lead to a flurry of new gas projects — which threaten to lock in unnecessary gas use for decades.

  • [Ticker] McDonald's to sell up and exit Russia
    le 16/05/2022 à 3:52

    Iconic Western fast-food chain McDonald's on Monday set out detailed plans for exiting Russia due to its war on Ukraine, saying it will sell all its restaurants there and not allow franchises to use its brand or logo. "It is impossible to ignore the humanitarian crisis caused by the war in […]

  • [Ticker] Nordic nations to help Sweden and Finland if attacked
    le 16/05/2022 à 3:35

    Norway, Denmark and Iceland pledged on Monday to support Finland and Sweden, which have both announced their bids to join Nato, in case the two Nordic countries come under attack, Reuters reported. "Together with Denmark and Iceland, Norway stands ready to assist its Nordic neighbours by all means […]

  • [Ticker] Germany to reject EU green label for nuclear
    le 16/05/2022 à 3:13

    Germany will oppose EU plans to include nuclear energy as a sustainable investment in its "taxonomy" policy for labelling green investments, Reuters reported on Monday. The commission has support from MEPs and EU countries to temporarily label them as climate-friendly. Germany's red/green/liberal […]

  • MEPs call to speed up curbs on toxic 'forever chemicals'
    le 16/05/2022 à 2:51

    MEPs have raised concerns over the level of contamination of some hazardous chemicals in Europe, prompting calls to speed up the restrictions on the so-called "forever chemicals".

  • [Ticker] Afghans and Syrians using Western Balkans to enter EU
    le 16/05/2022 à 2:11

    People from Afghanistan and Syria are among the nationalities using the Western Balkans route to enter the European Union. Frontex, the EU's border agency, says they detected some 27,172 irregular entries into the EU on this route in the first four months of 2022, a 130-percent increase from last […]

  • Russia's war stifles EU pandemic recovery
    le 16/05/2022 à 1:49

    The impact of Russia's war in Ukraine is being felt throughout the EU and the eurozone. The European Commission has downgraded its economic forecast to 2.7-percent growth this year.

  • [Ticker] Putin: Russia will respond if Nato bolsters Sweden and Finland
    le 16/05/2022 à 1:47

    President Vladimir Putin on Monday warned that his country would respond if Nato began to bolster military infrastructure of Sweden and Finland, which have decided to join the military alliance following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Speaking to the leaders of a Russian-dominated alliance of […]

  • [Ticker] British PM urges Northern Irish parties to work together
    le 16/05/2022 à 1:44

    UK prime minister Boris Johnson on Monday visited Northern Ireland to encourage the return of the devolved government. The Democratic Unionist Party is refusing to enter the assembly, after nationalist Sinn Fein emerged as the strongest party, citing issues around the Northern Ireland protocol […]

  • [Opinion] Sweden and Finland Nato decision is right for Baltic
    le 16/05/2022 à 12:45

    The Russian invasion of Ukraine is a threat to all Europe, particularly the Baltic. Sweden and Finland must join Nato to secure peace in the Baltic Sea, write the leaders of the EPP Nordic and Baltic delegations in European Parliament.

  • [Ticker] EU-US pledge to counter Russian propaganda in Ukraine
    le 16/05/2022 à 12:44

    The EU and the US pledged on Monday to facilitate trade and investment in Ukraine in order to rebuild its economy. After a two-day summit in Paris, they also committed to securing global supply chains and countering Russian disinformation. "Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine has […]

  • [Ticker] EU greenhouse-gas emissions rebound to pre-pandemic levels 
    le 16/05/2022 à 12:43

    EU greenhouse-gas emissions in the fourth quarter of 2021 increased by eight percent compared with the same period of 2020, due to the economic rebound after the Covid-19 crisis, the EU's statistical office, Eurostat, reported on Monday. Emissions increased in all EU member states and all […]

  • [Ticker] German ruling party in regional election blow
    le 15/05/2022 à 8:04

    Germany's Social Democratic Party lost a regional North Rhine-Westphalia election on Sunday. The party, headed by German chancellor Olaf Scholz, scored it worst ever performance with 27.4 percent, according to projections from public broadcaster ARD. The main opposition headed by the christian […]

  • [Ticker] EU expanding arms-for-Ukraine programme
    le 15/05/2022 à 6:33

    The EU plans to add an extra €500m to its previous €1.5bn pot for buying arms for Ukraine, EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell said Friday. The measures will be discussed by foreign ministers meeting in Brussels Monday. Ministers will also debate an oil embargo on Russia and […]

  • [Ticker] Reports: EU drafts plans for Russia energy payments
    le 15/05/2022 à 6:31

    The EU Commission is drafting plans to allow firms to pay for Russian oil and gas without breaking EU currency-related sanctions by setting up dollar or euro accounts at Russian lender Gazprombank and letting the bank convert the money into roubles, Bloomberg reports, citing EU sources. Europe is […]

  • [Ticker] Pro-Russian hackers targeted Eurovision
    le 15/05/2022 à 6:29

    Pro-Russian hacker groups tried to attack the Eurovision song contest final on Saturday in Turin, in which Ukraine won, Italian police have said. The groups, dubbed Killnet and Legion, had also attacked the Eurovision semi-final and Italian institutions, such as its senate and a health agency, last […]

  • Sweden to join Finland in applying for Nato
    le 15/05/2022 à 6:29

    Sweden has signalled it will follow Finland in applying to join Nato, as Switzerland also mulls closer ties with the Western alliance.

  • [Agenda] Russia sanctions and energy dominate Next WEEK
    le 13/05/2022 à 2:38

    The EU Commission is expected to put forward the RePowerEU plan, which aims to help the diversification of fossil fuel imports in the bloc, as the EU aims to get rid of its dependence on Russian energy supplies.

  • [Opinion] Will 'Putin's Nato' follow Warsaw Pact into obscurity?
    le 13/05/2022 à 1:19

    Valdimir Putin's equivalent to Nato — the Collective Security Treaty Organization of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Armenia, Tajikistan, and Belarus — is convening in Moscow next week to give cover that Russia is not alone in its war against Ukraine.

  • EU reaches deal on flagship cybersecurity law
    le 13/05/2022 à 1:14

    The European Parliament and EU member states have reached an agreement over new rules intended to protect Europe's public and private critical entities from cyberattacks.

  • [Ticker] EU to donate extra €400m for Africa vaccines rollout
    le 12/05/2022 à 4:21

    The European Commission announced on Thursday it will further support the Covid-19 vaccination rollout in Africa with an additional €400m. A total of €300m will be channelled through the global vaccine distribution facility COVAX while €100m will be used for diagnostics, […]

  • EU to help Ukraine export grain — amid food shortages fears
    le 12/05/2022 à 4:05

    The EU unveiled plans to help Ukraine export its agricultural production — amid fears that the war will create a global food crisis.

  • Revealed: Big Oil shaped EU's gas-cutting strategy
    le 12/05/2022 à 4:02

    Internal documents found EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and energy commissioner Kadri Simson coordinated their Russian gas cutting strategy with oil CEOs to determine which measures were "feasible".

  • EU: Ukrainians hesitating to register for protection
    le 12/05/2022 à 3:57

    Some 2.7 million Ukrainians have registered for protection in the EU. But many others are hesitating to do the same.

  • [Ticker] Spain plans five-days 'menstrual leave' and to ease abortion rules
    le 12/05/2022 à 3:53

    The Spanish government is planning an overhaul of employment and abortion law, which would see female employees allowed up to five days of menstrual leave, and ease abortion restrictions for 16 and 17-year olds, according to The Guardian. The socialist-led coalition will present draft legislation, […]

  • UK says 'no choice but to act' over post-Brexit trade rules
    le 12/05/2022 à 3:13

    British foreign secretary Liz Truss said the UK has "no choice but to act" on the Northern Ireland protocol governing post-Brexit trade during a call with EU Commission vice-president Maroš Šefčovič — who warned unilateral action was "simply not acceptable".

  • [Ticker] MEPs reject proposal for stricter 2030 target on cars and vans
    le 12/05/2022 à 12:44

    In a tense vote in the European Parliament's environmental committee on Wednesday, lawmakers upheld a proposed ban on the sale of polluting vehicles from 2035, but rejected a proposal championed by Renew MEP Jan Huitema to increase the emissions target for cars in 2030 from 55 to 70 percent. The […]

  • [Opinion] The EU Parliament Covid inquiry: the questions MEPs must ask
    le 12/05/2022 à 10:27

    A basic lack of transparency around the EU's vaccines procurement negotiations has prevented effective public and parliamentary scrutiny. It has also made it impossible to answer some of the key questions we put forward here.

  • [Ticker] Study: EU spent €341m on AI border technology
    le 12/05/2022 à 9:27

    A study out on Thursday by London-based Statewatch, a civil liberties organisation, says the EU has since 2007 spent €341m on research into artificial intelligence technologies for asylum, immigration and border control. The 46-page report says an EU proposal for the artificial intelligence […]

  • Finland moves to join Nato in historic step
    le 12/05/2022 à 9:19

    Finnish public support for joining Nato has risen to record figures since Russia's aggression against Ukraine. Finland's historic move puts pressure on Sweden to also move towards joining the military alliance.

  • [Ticker] Over 100 million Europeans remain unvaccinated
    le 12/05/2022 à 8:54

    There are still over 100 million Europeans who remain unvaccinated or are partially-vaccinated, EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides told MEPs on Thursday. "It is not the time to relax, it is the time to be prepared," she said while inviting EU member states to increase the uptake of vaccines […]

  • [Ticker] EU agency: Distrust in police means fewer crimes reported
    le 12/05/2022 à 8:34

    The EU's Fundamental Rights Agency on Thursday told MEPs that a large percentage of people who are victims of homophobic, racist, and antisemitic crimes do not report it to the police. "They believe police wouldn't do anything or they even fear to be further victimised by police," said Gerald […]

  • [Ticker] Finland announces Nato membership bid
    le 12/05/2022 à 7:30

    Finland must apply for Nato membership without delay, president Sauli Niinistö and prime minister Sanna Marin announced on Thursday. Russia should "look in the mirror" if it wants to know what caused pro-Nato sentiment to grow in Finland, Niinistö said. Sweden is considering a similar […]

  • [Ticker] Ukraine foreign minister in Brussels next week
    le 11/05/2022 à 3:40

    Ukraine foreign affairs minister Dmytro Kuleba will be in Brussels next week to participate as a special guest in the meeting of EU foreign affairs ministers taking place on Monday (16 May). The sixth package of sanctions against Russia, including the oil embargo, granting Ukraine EU candidate […]

  • [Ticker] UN: Soaring food prices may cause widespread hunger
    le 11/05/2022 à 3:35

    Speaking alongside Austria's chancellor and foreign minister in Vienna, UN secretary-general António Guterres said he was "deeply concerned" about worldwide food shortages as the Russian invasion of Ukraine sent global prices for grains, cooking oils, fuel and fertiliser soaring, worsening a […]

  • Hungary turned into 'hybrid regime', MEPs say
    le 11/05/2022 à 3:31

    The new draft European Parliament report is an update to the 2018 report which triggered the Article 7 procedure against Hungary, a sanctions probe aiming to rein in member states that break EU rules and values.

  • EU favours LNG and hydrogen in new external energy policy
    le 11/05/2022 à 3:16

    The EU aims to diversify supplies and increase imports of renewable hydrogen as part of its efforts to wean the continent off Russian gas — amid a dramatically changed geo-political reality.

  • [Ticker] Report: UK won't rule out deporting Ukrainians to Rwanda
    le 11/05/2022 à 3:06

    The UK Home Office refused to rule out the possibility of deporting Ukrainian refugees to Rwanda, reports the Independent newspaper . When pressed on whether Ukrainians entering from Northern Ireland could end up in Rwanda, where the UK has an agreement to offshore asylum, an official said it […]

  • Lagarde signals summer interest rate hike
    le 11/05/2022 à 3:03

    European Central Bank president Christine Lagarde signalled an interest rate increase possibly as early as July, but some experts warn for a repeat of the 2011-2012 debt crisis.

  • Commission child sex abuse law enrages privacy advocates
    le 11/05/2022 à 2:35

    Online child sex abuse continues to increase with EU-based servers hosting some 60 percent of the global content. But a proposal by the EU commission to stop it has riled privacy advocates.

  • [Ticker] French police investigate Interpol president over 'torture'
    le 11/05/2022 à 2:35

    French authorities launched an investigation into Interpol's president Ahmed Nasser al-Raisif, following accusations he was complicit in the arbitrary detention and torture of two Britons in the United Arab Emirates. The alleged victims say al-Raisif was a United Arab Emirates senior interior […]

  • UK threatens to scrap post-Brexit trade deal
    le 11/05/2022 à 1:52

    The UK rejected proposals by the EU to tweak the protocol governing trade in Northern Ireland, and has threatened to suspend the rules as loyalists lost their majority in the Northern Ireland elections.

  • [Opinion] Is EU 'Horizon' science funding going towards Pegasus spyware?
    le 11/05/2022 à 1:16

    MEPs have raised questions about the involvement of the EU — through its funding — in the development of the Israeli NSO Pegasus software, directly or indirectly, which has been used to target activists and journalists in Europe.

  • Syria donor conference shuns Russia
    le 10/05/2022 à 4:34

    Russia was not invited to an international donor conference on Syria in Brussels given its war in Ukraine. Moscow had also recently threatened to veto a humanitarian corridor from Turkey to Syria.

  • [Ticker] UN: 'thousands more' dead in Ukraine than estimates
    le 10/05/2022 à 4:24

    The number of civilians killed in Ukraine since the beginning of the war is "thousands higher" than numbers currently given, Matilda Bogner, head of the UN's human rights monitoring mission in the country, said in a press conference on Tuesday. The official civilian death toll stands at 3,381 but […]

  • Finland builds momentum toward Nato bid
    le 10/05/2022 à 4:14

    Finnish MPs have got the ball rolling on a week that's expected to culminate in a tectonic shift in Nordic security — Finland and Sweden's decision to apply for Nato membership.

  • EU lobbies Hungary to break oil sanctions deadlock
    le 10/05/2022 à 3:44

    After the EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen's Budapest trip, Hungary suggested it wants EU funds to offset the extra costs from receiving different oil sources, and the increased energy prices the planned Russian oil embargo entails.

  • [Column] Ukraine shows the EU must think beyond tomorrow
    le 10/05/2022 à 1:53

    International Monetary Fund managing director Kristalina Georgieva is among those warning that increases in food and energy prices due to the Ukraine war will trigger social unrest. Pakistan and Sri Lanka are proof that this is already happening.

  • [Ticker] German foreign minister pledges accountability for Bucha killings
    le 10/05/2022 à 1:32

    German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock on a visit to Bucha Tuesday pledged that the international community would hold to account those responsible for the killing of civilians in Bucha during Russia's invasion, AP reported. Baerbock is the first German government member to visit Ukraine since […]

  • [Ticker] Finnish parliament defence committee urges 'yes' to Nato
    le 10/05/2022 à 1:31

    Joining Nato is the best option for Finland to guarantee its national security, the defence committee of the country's parliament said on Tuesday, ahead of Helsinki's official decision on whether or not to join the Western defence alliance in the coming days, Reuters reported. The committee said […]

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