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  • [Ticker] 'Missing' Belarus exiles group chief found dead in Kyiv
    le 03/08/2021 à 7:17

    Vitaly Shishov, who led an NGO helping Belarusians flee persecution (Belarusian House in Ukraine), was found dead on Tuesday, one day after being reported missing by his partner, Reuters reported. "Belarusian citizen Vitaly Shishov, who disappeared yesterday in Kyiv, was found hanged today in one […]

  • Telegram groups lure migrant hopefuls to Lithuania
    le 03/08/2021 à 7:13

    Telegram messaging boards are providing false hopes for young migrants seeking to enter Lithuania through Belarus. A handful seen by EUobserver include links to travel agencies, costs, and routes. Most will likely ended up being detained in Lithuania.

  • [Ticker] EU imposes sanctions on Nicaragua's first lady
    le 03/08/2021 à 6:56

    The European Union said on Monday it has imposed sanctions on Nicaragua's first lady, who is also vice-president, Rosario Murillo, plus seven other individuals responsible for serious human rights violations. The move follows US sanctions on senior officials and family members of her husband, […]

  • [Ticker] Head of Belarus exile group 'missing' in Ukraine
    le 03/08/2021 à 6:48

    Vitaly Shishov, the head of a NGO helping Belarusians flee persecution (Belarusian House in Ukraine) was reported missing in Ukraine by his partner after failing to return from jogging, Reuters reported on Tuesday. Earlier this week, Belarusian journalist Tadeusz Gizcan said in a tweet that Shishov […]

  • [Ticker] Twitter to work with Reuters and AP on disinformation
    le 03/08/2021 à 6:47

    Twitter announced on Monday it would start collaborating with two of the largest international news agencies, Reuters and the Associated Press (AP), to tackle disinformation, the BBC reported. Twitter said this new initiative would increase their "capacity to add reliable context to conversations […]

  • [Ticker] Chinese hackers 'exploited five global telecom firms'
    le 03/08/2021 à 6:45

    Cybersecurity researchers said on Tuesday that Chinese state-backed hackers had exploited the vulnerabilities of five global telecommunication companies across southeast Asia to steal their users' data, Bloomberg reported. Researchers from US-based security firm Cybereason named the groups […]

  • [Ticker] Arrests in Zurich at Swiss banking fossil-fuel protest
    le 03/08/2021 à 6:41

    Activists took the streets of Zurich's financial district on Monday and blocked entrances to Switzerland's two biggest banks offices - Credit Suisse and UBS - to protest against the financing of fossil fuels, Reuters reported. Police said they arrested some 30 people during the peaceful protest. […]

  • [Ticker] Belarus Olympic athlete offered Polish visa
    le 03/08/2021 à 6:39

    Belarusian athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya will be flying to Poland on Wednesday, after she was granted a humanitarian visa earlier this week, her supporters have said, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, the International Olympic Committee has launched an official investigation into allegations over […]

  • [Feature] Third-time lucky for one Syrian grandmother in Denmark
    le 03/08/2021 à 5:04

    In Denmark, Syrian men aged 18-42 are protected against returning, as they would be conscripted into the army, while many women, children and elderly Syrian refugees are having their asylum revoked.

  • [Ticker] 200,000 protest against French Covid-19 health pass
    le 02/08/2021 à 7:23

    Around 200,000 people, according to the Financial Times, took to the streets of Paris and other French cities on Saturday against the mandatory Covid-19 health pass needed to enter museums, cinemas, swimming pools or public venues, Reuters reported. This was the third weekend people protested […]

  • [Ticker] Poland, Czech Republic offer visa to Belarus 'asylum' athlete
    le 02/08/2021 à 7:18

    The International Olympic Committee said on Monday that the Belarus athlete who refused to board a flight from Japan, claiming she was taken to the airport by her team against her will, was "safe and secure" in Tokyo, Reuters reported. Both Poland and the Czech Republic offered the 24-year old […]

  • [Ticker] Greece issued nearly 10,000 migrant detention orders
    le 02/08/2021 à 7:14

    Greece issued 9,575 detention orders for migrants in the first half of this year, according to official figures released by the Hellenic Police. Of those, 7,247 were issued in the context of returns to their home countries, 1,980 for deportations, and 348 in the context of the asylum procedure. […]

  • NGOs rescue around 800 people in Mediterranean
    le 02/08/2021 à 7:11

    The NGO rescue vessel Ocean Viking has 555 people onboard, while Sea Watch 3 has 250. The rescues come as the Libyans intercept over 1,000 people in two days, while another boat in Malta's search-and-rescue zone pleas for help.

  • Report: Pfizer and Moderna raise vaccine prices for EU
    le 02/08/2021 à 7:00

    US drugmakers Pfizer and Moderna have raised the price of their Covid-19 vaccines in their latest supply contracts to the European Union, the Financial Times reports.

  • [Opinion] Amazon deforestation and the EU-Mercosur trade deal
    le 02/08/2021 à 5:36

    Regrettably, it seems that the EU has turned a blind eye to deforestation in the Amazon. So much so that over 400 NGOs are pushing 'Stop EU-Mercosur', to derail the free trade agreement with South America.

  • Moldova facing Europe's worst demographic crisis
    le 02/08/2021 à 5:05

    The loss of population is down to several factors - both negative demographic growth, plus Moldovans leaving for work abroad, or even taking up Romanian citizenships in order to move freely within the European Union.

  • Malta responsible for journalist's death, inquiry finds
    le 30/07/2021 à 7:04

    The Maltese state bears responsibility for the assassination of investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia in October 2017, an independent report by a panel of judges finds.

  • [Ticker] Officials worried at infection-surge on Greek holiday islands
    le 30/07/2021 à 6:56

    The Greek government has sent police to holidays hotspots such as Mykonos and Ios as concerns mounted over tourists flouting health measures amid the tourism season, especially among the young, The Guardian reported. The cluster of 13 Greek south Aegean islands was marked 'dark red' on the European […]

  • [Ticker] EU calls on online platforms to tackle vaccine hesitancy
    le 30/07/2021 à 6:53

    EU commissioner for the internal market, Thierry Breton, said on Thursday that online platforms need to assume "their responsibility to beat vaccine hesitancy spurred by disinformation". The statement comes after the commission published the reports by Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Microsoft and […]

  • [Ticker] Russia accused of falling short on Sputnik V deliveries
    le 30/07/2021 à 6:52

    A group of countries have complained they only received partial supplies of the Russian Sputnik vaccine they paid for, the BBC reported on Thursday. Earlier this year, Russian officials said their country had the "capacity to provide the vaccine to 700 million people outside Russia". Iran, Mexico, […]

  • [Ticker] France: UK quarantine rules 'discriminatory'
    le 30/07/2021 à 6:48

    French Europe minister Clement Beaune said on Thursday the UK's decision to maintain quarantine requirement for travellers from France was discriminatory, since other fully-vaccinated EU tourists can enter the UK without any restrictions. "It's excessive, and frankly incomprehensible on health […]

  • [Ticker] Italy's government reaches deal on judicial reform
    le 30/07/2021 à 6:46

    Italy's coalition government reached a deal on Thursday over a controversial judicial system reform, according to Reuters. The country's justice system has three degrees of judgement, allowing defendants two appeals. The reform, which aims at speeding up legal proceedings, setting a two-year limit […]

  • [Ticker] EU adopts guidelines to 'climate-proof' infrastructure projects
    le 30/07/2021 à 6:44

    The European Commission on Thursday adopted guidelines to assess climate considerations for future investment and development of long-term infrastructure - such as railways, bridges or power stations. The checklist aims to make EU spending greener, helping member states to cope with the impact of […]

  • [Opinion] Can Greece work with Biden to solve the West Balkans impasse?
    le 30/07/2021 à 5:06

    Greece has always been Europe's outlier. It faces an implacably hostile neighbour in Turkey under its assertive authoritarian president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Until Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, Greece had no European Union member state as a neighbour.

  • [Ticker] US backs WHO plan for further Covid-origin investigation
    le 29/07/2021 à 7:19

    US secretary of state Antony Blinken affirmed his country's support to conduct additional investigations into the origins of the Covid-19 after meeting with the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on Wednesday, Reuters reported. "He stressed the need for the next […]

  • [Ticker] EU to buy 220,000 supplies of potential Covid treatment
    le 29/07/2021 à 7:17

    The European Commission announced on Wednesday that it had signed a contract with the pharmaceutical firm GlaxoSmithKline for the supply of 220,000 treatments of investigational monoclonal antibody therapy. A total of 16 EU member states are participating in the purchase of this treatment, which […]

  • [Ticker] Report: Balkan states seek 'mini-Schengen'
    le 29/07/2021 à 7:15

    Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia are seeking to create a 'min-Schengen', reports the Financial Times newspaper. The proposal comes on the back of mounting frustration over the slow pace of EU enlargement. "We need to see what we can do for ourselves [instead], what we can do for our people, how […]

  • [Ticker] Lithuania sees new spike in migrant crossings from Belarus
    le 29/07/2021 à 7:14

    Lithuania said it detained 171 migrants trying to enter from Belarus on Tuesday, the highest number in a single day so far this year. The border service says the migrants come from Iraq and will be placed in a detention centre. The total number of migrant crossings from Belarus so far this year is […]

  • EU and UK frustrated at US travel ban extension
    le 29/07/2021 à 7:09

    The US remains closed to tourists from the EU and the UK - a situation that has prompted frustration and urgent calls for the reopening of international travel to vaccinated individuals by industry and countries.

  • Polish judges rally behind EU court ruling
    le 29/07/2021 à 7:02

    Thousands of Polish judges, prosecutors and lawyers have rallied to support the primacy of EU law, amid demands for Poland to suspend a politically-charged disciplinary chamber for judges.

  • [Opinion] Why 'Fit for 55' isn't fit for purpose
    le 29/07/2021 à 5:05

    In a worst-case scenario, the EU's climate policies would exclude developing nations from international trade, forcing them to trade with each other, forming economic and environmental 'ghettos' while the wealthy West enjoys the benefits of free trade and clean energy.

  • [Ticker] UK in talks with US for travel corridor
    le 28/07/2021 à 7:23

    UK prime minister Boris Johnson has said his government is in talks with its US counterparts to ensure that American citizens can enter the UK "freely" and "in the way they normally do," Reuters reported on Wednesday. The Financial Times reported earlier this week that the UK was expected to […]

  • [Ticker] Dozen EU states ordered to comply with agri-food rules
    le 28/07/2021 à 7:09

    The European Commission on Tuesday launched infringement procedures against 12 member states for failing to transpose EU rules banning unfair trading practices in the agri-food sector. These include late payments and last-minute order cancellations, unilateral changes in contracts, forcing […]

  • [Ticker] Italy: most recent Covid-19 deaths 'not fully-vaccinated'
    le 28/07/2021 à 7:07

    Italy's National Health Institute said on Tuesday that nearly 99 percent of people who have died because of a Covid-19 infection since February were not fully-vaccinated, according to Reuters. The study also revealed that the few fully-vaccinated people who died of coronavirus were significantly […]

  • [Ticker] Google challenges Germany's new hate-speech law
    le 28/07/2021 à 7:05

    Google launched legal proceedings on Tuesday over Germany's updated hate-speech law that recently entered into force, arguing that its provisions violate its users' privacy rights, Reuters reported. Google has requested a judicial review of the provision that allows user-data to be sent to law […]

  • EU hits vaccination target, as Delta variant now dominates
    le 28/07/2021 à 7:00

    The European Union has vaccinated 70 percent of its adult population with one shot. "The EU has kept its word and delivered," said EU Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen. However, only 57 percent of adult Europeans are fully-vaccinated.

  • [Ticker] EU pauses Brexit legal threat on Northern Ireland
    le 28/07/2021 à 6:47

    The European Commission has put on hold a legal threat against the United Kingdom over a dispute on cross-border trade into and out of post-Brexit Northern Ireland. The move came after the UK called for a "standstill". The EU launched the legal proceedings against the UK in March, for having made […]

  • European arms 'displaced over a million people', research finds
    le 28/07/2021 à 6:42

    Researchers at the Dutch-based Transnational Institute linked the shipment of European arms to conflicts around the world with the forced displacement of at least one million people.

  • [Ticker] US names its ambassador to EU
    le 28/07/2021 à 6:36

    Mark Gitenstein is the new US ambassador to the European Union. President Joe Biden appointed Gitenstein, a long-time ally, on Tuesday. Gitenstein will be tasked to revitalise relations with the EU following a chill under former president Donald Trump. A lawyer by training, Gitenstein had also […]

  • [Opinion] Brexit: what is the 'Lugano Convention' and does it matter?
    le 28/07/2021 à 5:16

    After Brexit, the UK ceased to be a member of the Lugano Convention, an international treaty which governs cross-border civil and commercial legal disputes. In May, the European Commission published an opinion calling for the UK's re-application to be rejected.

  • [Ticker] EU urges Lebanon to form government 'without delay'
    le 27/07/2021 à 7:07

    The EU called on Tuesday on Lebanon political leaders to form a government without delay, following the nomination of businessman Najib Mikati as prime minister. "It is now of crucial importance that a credible and accountable government is formed in Lebanon without delay, one that is able to […]

  • US maintains summer travel ban on EU tourists
    le 27/07/2021 à 7:04

    The US decided not to lift travel restrictions for visiting EU nationals, given the spike in Covid-19 infections.

  • [Ticker] 57 die in shipwreck off Libya
    le 27/07/2021 à 6:54

    At least 57 migrants died in a shipwreck off the Libya coast on Monday, according to the UN's International Organization for Migration. "According to survivors brought to shore by fishermen and the coast guard, at least 20 women and two children were among those who drowned," said IOM spokesperson […]

  • [Ticker] 23 EU member states yet to enact new copyright rules
    le 27/07/2021 à 6:53

    The European Commission has requested 23 EU member states - including France, Italy, Spain and Poland - to explain their delay in transposing EU copyright rules into national law, as the deadline for enacting EU rules was 7 June 2021. The EU executive sent on Monday letters of formal notice, the […]

  • [Ticker] EU asks Google to improve flight and hotel search-results
    le 27/07/2021 à 6:50

    The European Commission and national consumer authorities, led by Dutch and Belgian agencies, asked Google on Monday to be more transparent in the way it presents search results of flights and hotels, making clear when payments influence such rankings. Google Flights and Google Hotels results are […]

  • [Ticker] EU calls on Tunisian authorities to respect rule of law
    le 27/07/2021 à 6:47

    The EU on Monday urged Tunisian authorities to respect the country's rule of law, after the president sacked the government and shut down the parliament with the help of the army, Reuters reported. "We call on all Tunisian actors to respect the constitution, its institutions and the rule of law," […]

  • [Ticker] Hungarians protest against Pegasus spyware surveillance
    le 27/07/2021 à 6:46

    Hundreds of Hungarians took the streets of Budapest on Monday to protest against the alleged surveillance carried out by their government with the Israeli-made Pegasus spyware, according to Reuters. Journalists, businessmen, lawyers and critics of the Viktor Orban government were among those […]

  • [Ticker] China: EU's carbon border-tax 'violates trade rules'
    le 27/07/2021 à 6:44

    China said on Monday that the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM), unveiled by the European Commission earlier this month, violates international trade rules and undermines global prosperity, Reuters reported. "CBAM is essentially a unilateral measure to extend the climate change issue to the […]

  • [Ticker] Russia blocks access to Navalny website
    le 27/07/2021 à 6:38

    Russian authorities have blocked access to the website of opposition figure Alexei Navalny, and his allies, ahead of the country's parliamentary election in September, The Guardian reported. Russia's state communications watchdog, Roskomnadzor, argued the internet sites were being "used for […]

  • [Column] Does democracy need troublemakers?
    le 27/07/2021 à 5:24

    Comedians, businessmen and other outsiders – think of Edward Snowden, Slawi Trifonow (the TV star who won the Bulgarian elections recently), or Donald Trump – try to disrupt power, pretending to expose political elites. Why is this happening?

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