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  • Belgium goes into three-week 'lockdown light'
    le 26/11/2021 à 12:48

    Belgium is taking new emergency Covid measures, curbing concerts and private parties. Bars and restaurants now need to close their doors at 11PM.

  • [Ticker] Covid variant: EU to block travel from southern Africa
    le 26/11/2021 à 9:17

    EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen tweeted on Friday that the EU will block travel from southern Africa, due to a new variant of Covid-19 there. "The EU Commission will propose, in close coordination with member states, to activate the emergency brake to stop air travel from the southern […]

  • [Ticker] France and UK seek EU help on Channel migrants
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:37

    France has urged cooperation with Belgium, the Netherlands, and the EU Commission to help stop Channel migrant-smugglers after 27 people drowned earlier this week, causing shock in the UK. "We need to seriously strengthen cooperation," he said Thursday, adding that French soldiers, reservists, and […]

  • MEPs list crimes of 'Kremlin proxy' mercenaries
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:16

    MEPs have urged the EU to blacklist Kremlin "proxy" mercenaries from the Wagner Group, while listing its crimes in multiple conflict zones.

  • [Ticker] New Swedish PM who resigned after 7 hours gets second chance
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:10

    Swedish Social Democratic party leader Magdalena Andersson will get a second shot at becoming the country's first woman prime minister next Monday, after her first attempt lasted just seven hours, AFP writes. Andersson is expected to form a minority government made up solely of her Social […]

  • [Ticker] Belgium to decide on Friday on Covid measures
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:10

    The combined federal and regional governments of Belgium will on Friday decide on new measures to reduce the current spread of Covid cases, Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo said in parliament. From 16 to 21 November there were 16,100 new daily cases, then 22 November saw 23,600 new […]

  • [Ticker] UK rings alarm on new Covid strain in South Africa
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:09

    The UK has barred flights from South Africa and five other countries in the region, citing the threat of a highly infectious and vaccine-resistant Covid variant called B.1.1.529. "You have to be reasonably paranoid," Ewan Birney, a UK health advisor, told The Guardian. Separately, EU health […]

  • [Ticker] Turkish police use tear gas at women's rights march
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:09

    Turkish police fired tear gas at clashes in Istanbul during a rally for women's rights Thursday, which called for the government to resign because it abandoned a treaty, the Istanbul Convention, on violence against women. Campaigners told the BBC 345 women died so far this year in Turkey due to […]

  • [Ticker] Poland calls for more Nato troops
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:08

    Polish president Andrzej Duda has called for more Nato jets to patrol the alliance's eastern border and more troops to be sent to the region in light of Russia's aggressive behaviour. "We should ask ourselves a question whether this is not the right time for the Nato to again show the adequate […]

  • [Ticker] Ex-Navalny aide leaves Russia
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:07

    The ex-head of jailed Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny's St Petersburg office said she has left Russia, becoming the latest opposition figure to depart the country amid a wide-reaching crackdown on dissent, The Moscow Times writes. Irina Fatyanova said she relocated to an unspecified country last […]

  • [Ticker] Interpol picks tainted Emirati general as new head
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:07

    Interpol, the French-based international police agency, has chosen an Emirati general tainted by torture accusations in France and Turkey, Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi, to be its president for the next four years. Thursday's choice would "undermine the mission and reputation of Interpol," three MEPs have […]

  • EU to open up 'black box' of political ads
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:06

    Paid political ads will have to show how much was spent on the ad, the sources of funds, the name of the sponsor. "Without providing this information, political advertisement will be illegal," commission vice-president Věra Jourová said.

  • [Analysis] Can the ECB solve climate change and inflation on its own?
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:06

    The European Central Bank operates independently - with good reason - but in cases like climate policy more coordination with democratic authorities are needed, two influential economists have argued.

  • EU set to limit vaccine certificate to nine months
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:06

    The European Commission wants to extend the EU Covid certificate beyond next summer, along with new conditions on booster and third shots.

  • Surprise coalition in Romania without former Renew's Ciolos
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:06

    A surprise new cabinet bringing together the former political foes of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and the Social Democrat Party (PSD) has been sworn in by the Romanian president.

  • [Opinion] This 'Black Friday' is a turning point in corporate accountability
    le 26/11/2021 à 6:05

    Much supply-chain abuse remains hidden from plain sight – not only to consumers but to the companies themselves, who have built increasingly longer, more complicated, and more opaque supply chains, which have become harder to monitor, control and account for.

  • [Ticker] Sweden's first female PM resigns hours after appointment
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:29

    Magdalena Andersson, was announced as leader on Wednesday but resigned after her coalition partner quit the government and her budget failed to pass, the BBC writes. Instead, parliament voted for a budget drawn-up by the opposition which includes the anti-immigrant far right. Andersson told […]

  • [Ticker] France reminds Poland on law in Paris meeting
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:26

    French president Emmanuel Macron urged Polish president Mateusz Morawiecki to solve a rule-of-law dispute with the EU, while voicing solidarity on the Belarus migration crisis, in a meeting in Paris on Wednesday. Poland should "find a solution that safeguards the core values of the European Union", […]

  • [Ticker] Bosnia split would halt accession process, EU says
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:26

    Bosnia would lose EU money and halt its accession process if Serb entity Republika Srpska pulled out, the EU Commission has warned. "Withdrawing the Republika Srpska entity and dismantling the state institutions would take Bosnia further away from ... the EU 'acquis' and would put the EU path on […]

  • West struggling to show strength on Ukraine
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:25

    Internal divisions are bedevilling Western efforts to show strength over Russia's military stalking of Ukraine.

  • [Ticker] Over 30 migrants die crossing English Channel
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:20

    Over 30 people are feared dead after a migrant boat capsized in the English Channel on Wednesday, the deadliest disaster on the route to date, reports AFP. The deaths were confirmed by French interior minister Gerald Darmanin. "Strong emotion in front of the tragedy of the numerous deaths due to […]

  • [Ticker] Athens concerned about Turkish aggression amid financial crisis
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:20

    Athens is concerned that Turkey's economic and financial crisis is turning its government more aggressive, Ekathimerini writes. In recent days, Turkish defence minister Hulusi Akar and other officials in the Recep Tayyip Erdogan government have resorted to increased rhetoric against Greece, while […]

  • [Ticker] Ethiopia expels four Irish diplomats
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:20

    Ethiopia has expelled four of six Irish diplomats from the country because of Ireland's stance on the conflict there, Irish foreign minister Simon Coveney said on Wednesday, Reuters reports. "I deeply regret this decision by the government of Ethiopia. Our engagement internationally on Ethiopia, […]

  • [Ticker] EU sanctions against Chinese officials extended
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:20

    The EU approved the renewal of sanctions against four Chinese officials and one Chinese entity on Wednesday on human rights grounds, reports Reuters news agency. The officials had been added to its sanctions list in March over human rights abuses in China's Xinjiang region. China has threatened to […]

  • [Ticker] UN nuclear watchdog fails to reach access deal with Iran
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:20

    Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the UN's nuclear watchdog, has said he has failed to reach a deal with Iran over renewed access to key nuclear sites after talks in Tehran, The Guardian writes. Grossi said the failure was seriously affecting the agency's ability […]

  • 'It's booster time' - EU agencies back third shot for all in U-turn
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:19

    EU agencies said member states should now consider booster doses for all adults, with priority for those above 40, plus new restrictions, to tackle the fresh wave of Covid-19 infections.

  • Germany's new leaders want to reform the EU
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:19

    Germany's SPD, the Greens and the pro-business FDP on Wednesday unveiled their 177-page coalition government programme - agreed after two months of behind-the-scenes wrangling.

  • EU Commission: This Covid wave will not hit economy as hard
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:19

    "Our estimate is that the economic consequences will not be as serious as they have been last winter," economic commissioner Paolo Gentiloni told reporters when presenting the executive's economic recommendations for EU countries.

  • All-time high for Norway's oil and gas production
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:18

    Norway currently has 90 oil and gas-producing fields, which could rise to more than 130. One way that harms the shift to a greener economy is because offshore wind and the burgeoning hydrogen industry are competing for the same workers.

  • [Opinion] The South China Sea should be of concern to Europe
    le 25/11/2021 à 6:18

    If China is allowed unimpeded to break the law of the sea in the South China Sea, think about the repercussions elsewhere. It could ricochet into Europe's High North. In the Arctic, Nordic nations have overlapping claims with Russia.

  • [Ticker] Sweden's parliament set to elect first female PM
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:29

    Sweden's parliament is expected to confirm Social Democrat leader Magdalena Andersson as the country's first female prime minister on Wednesday morning after she secured a deal with the Left Party, AFP reports. The 54-year old finance minister, who took over as leader of the Social Democrats […]

  • [Ticker] US, Ukrainian, and Russian forces rehearse attacks
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:28

    The Russian defence ministry said US strategic bombers rehearsed nuclear strikes on Russia from the east and west, flying just 20km from its borders, earlier this month, in what the Pentagon said was a normal drill, which had been "announced publicly". The Ukrainian air force also held drills on […]

  • Belarus migrant arrivals 'under control', says EU
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:20

    The European Commission estimates up to15,000 people are currently stuck in Belarus, of which around 2,000 are close to the border with Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia.

  • EU court tells Hungary to allow judges to ask for guidance
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:16

    Domestic judges in EU countries cannot be forbidden from seeking guidance from the EU's top court, or be disciplined for doing so, the European Court of Justice ruled in a case in Hungary.

  • [Ticker] France urges all nationals to leave Addis Ababa
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:15

    The French embassy in Addis Ababa has urged French nationals in the country to fly out as quickly as possible, as anti-government forces from the Tigray region advance on the city. "All French nationals are formally called upon to leave the country without delay", it said in an email to expats […]

  • [Ticker] WHO: Covid deaths in Europe 'to top two million by March'
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:15

    Total deaths across Europe from Covid-19 are likely to exceed two million by March next year, the World Health Organization (WHO) said, adding that the pandemic had become the number one cause of death in the region, The Guardian writes. Reported deaths have risen to nearly 4,200 a day, double the […]

  • [Ticker] Brussels plans to become 'zero-waste' city
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:15

    The Brussels region has committed itself to become a 'zero-waste' city-region under Europe's Zero Waste Cities programme. It is the first capital in northern Europe to do so. The region's strategy includes a commitment to reduce waste by 20-percent per capita by 2030. By the end of 2022, among […]

  • [Ticker] MEPs give approval to new CAP - minus Greens' support
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:14

    MEPs on Tuesday voted in favour of the new Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) for 2023-2027 - without the support of Green lawmakers, who slammed the reform for "failing farmers and the environment". The CAP accounts for around €387bn, nearly a third of the EU budget. However, only a small […]

  • [Ticker] Putin to host leaders of Armenia, Azerbaijan, as fighting renews
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:14

    Russian president Vladimir Putin will host the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan this week, days after some of the worst fighting between the Caucasus foes since last year's war over Nagorno-Karabakh, the Kremlin said, AFP reports. Putin will hold talks with Armenia's prime minister Nikol Pashinyan […]

  • Progress on new rules brings EU 'closer to a fair tech market'
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:13

    EU lawmakers placed new obligations on 'Big Tech' companies to allow people to install the operating system and app store they want – forcing Apple and Google to open up their ecosystems to third-party app stores.

  • [Feature] Europe to define new space ambitions at February summit
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:13

    The number of commercial satellites in orbit is growing exponentially, as is space tourism - and with it, problems with debris. Does Europe want to join the race and invest in more satellites and future Moon or Mars missions?

  • [Column] Biden's 'democracy summit' is a risky venture
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:13

    "America is back" may have soothed souls in the past but today's world is a 'mix and match' one where nations don't want a binary choice between aligning with the US, or becoming part of Beijing's orbit.

  • [Opinion] Is EU serious about human rights in Kazakhstan?
    le 24/11/2021 à 6:13

    Kazakhstan has never had an election deemed free-and-fair by credible international observers. Kazakh authorities show unwavering intolerance towards any group, movement, or party critical of the government, and have arbitrarily applied abusive 'extremism' accusations against political opponents.

  • [Ticker] EU to harmonise vaccine certificate expiration dates
    le 23/11/2021 à 6:52

    The European Commission is seeking to harmonise the validity time-period of coronavirus vaccine certificates and any associated booster shots. "The European Commission is working with the utmost urgency to strengthen the coordination of free movement, including the length of validity and the role […]

  • [Ticker] Belgium seeks Frontex aid on UK boat migrants
    le 23/11/2021 à 6:52

    France and Belgium have appealed to EU border-control agency Frontex to help with aerial surveillance of migrant boats to the UK, Belgian daily Le Soir reports. "Frontex is helping in the south and east of Europe but must also do so in the north," Sammy Mahdi, a Belgian junior minister on […]

  • [Ticker] UN: 75 migrants drown near Libya
    le 23/11/2021 à 6:45

    Some 75 people died when their boat capsized in stormy weather near Libya en route to Europe in recent days, according to the UN's International Organization for Migration. "Delaying rescue operations by up to five minutes can make the difference between life and death," it said. More will also die […]

  • [Ticker] Bulgaria bus crash kills at least 46 people
    le 23/11/2021 à 6:28

    At least 46 people have died, most of them tourists from North Macedonia, after a bus caught fire on a highway in western Bulgaria on Tuesday, officials have said, The Guardian writes. Children were among the victims, and seven people with burns were taken to hospital in the capital, Sofia, the […]

  • [Ticker] Rutte attacks anti-vax rioters as 'idiots'
    le 23/11/2021 à 6:28

    Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte and German health minister Jens Spahn have used harsh words against people who have protested against vaccination and lockdown rules. "I will never accept ... that idiots use sheer violence" to make their point, Rutte said Monday, referring to the weekend's riots. […]

  • [Ticker] Covid: US issues travel warning for Germany and Denmark
    le 23/11/2021 à 6:28

    The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State Department advised against travel to Germany and Denmark because of a rising number of Covid-19 cases, Reuters writes. The CDC elevated its travel recommendation to "Level Four: Very High" for the two European countries. The CDC […]

  • [Ticker] Russia mulls ban on films with gay love scenes
    le 23/11/2021 à 6:27

    The Russian parliament is discussing banning films which include LGBTI love scenes from general release. "Whoever wants can have special access to such videos, as well as with pornography," Russian MP Vitaly Milonov said Monday. Its Human Rights Council is also in talks to add pro-LGBTI material to […]

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