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  • [Ticker] EU postpones decision on labelling gas 'sustainable'
    le 16/04/2021 à 9:23

    The European Commission has decided to postpose the decision on whether to label natural gas as a "sustainable investment", under the EU classification for sustainable finance, Reuters reported on Thursday. Member states remain divided on the role of gas in cutting emissions, while experts urge […]

  • [Ticker] MEPs call for mass surveillance ban in EU public spaces
    le 16/04/2021 à 9:09

    A cross-party group of 40 MEPs called on Thursday on the European Commission to ban biometric identification technology in public spaces. A leak of the forthcoming EU artificial intelligence (AI) regulation states systems used for "indiscriminate surveillance" would be prohibited in the EU. […]

  • [Ticker] Greek and Turkish ministers trade jibes in Ankara
    le 16/04/2021 à 7:10

    "You come out here, and try to accuse Turkey, to give a message to your country. It is not possible for me to accept this," Turkish foreign minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu told Greek foreign minister Nikos Dendias in Ankara Thursday, at a meeting designed to mend relations. Dendias […]

  • [Ticker] Biden repeats opposition to Russia-Germany pipeline
    le 16/04/2021 à 7:07

    US president Joe Biden has reiterated his enmity to Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. "I've been opposed to Nord Stream 2 for a long time ... that issue is still in play," he said Thursday, amid US sanctions threats. "The only way Germany will give up Nord Stream 2 is if the GRU [Russian […]

  • US rejects Slovenia-linked plan to break up Bosnia
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:24

    The US has said it is against the break-up of Bosnia, following a radical proposal widely attributed to incoming EU presidency Slovenia.

  • Ukraine urges Borrell to visit Russia front line
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:24

    Ukraine has invited EU foreign relations chief Josep Borrell to visit its front line with Russia, in what one EU diplomat said would be his "best revenge" for his recent humiliation in Moscow.

  • [Ticker] Navalny in danger, letter warns EU foreign ministers
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:24

    Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny is suffering from "multiple hernias and protrusions in his spine" and a "heavy cough and fevers", which could indicate tuberculosis, but he is being denied outside medical attention, while prison doctors give him basic painkillers, his associates said in a […]

  • [Ticker] Lithuania keen to use Denmark's AstraZeneca vaccines
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:24

    Lithuania has said it wanted any AstraZeneca vaccines that Denmark did not need, after Denmark stopped its use over blood-clotting concerns. "Regretfully, we still have fewer vaccines than people willing to be vaccinated," Lithuanian prime minister Ingrida Šimonytė said on Thursday. […]

  • [Ticker] Gas plants largest source of power-sector emissions
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:23

    An analysis of the EU Emissions Trading System, the bloc's carbon market, published on Friday by energy think tank Ember shows that Europe's gas plants released 236m tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2020. Gas has become the single largest source of power-sector emissions, overtaking for the first time […]

  • Could US sanctions hit Russia vaccine sales to EU?
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:23

    The US has indicated it will not interfere with EU imports of Russia's coronavirus vaccine - despite its links to chemical-weapons crimes.

  • [Ticker] Study: Higher risk of blood clots from Covid than vaccines
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:23

    British researchers said on Thursday that the risk of brain blood clots from Covid-19 is much higher than from the vaccines, Reuters reported. A study examining 500,000 coronavirus patients found these very rare blood clots had occurred at a rate of 39 out of a million people following infection. […]

  • [Ticker] EU Parliament committees back Brexit trade deal
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:23

    The European Parliament's foreign affairs and trade committees on Thursday voted in favour of the future trade and cooperation agreement between the EU and the UK. But the full plenary still needs to approve it, and adopt a separate resolution, at a future plenary session. MEPs suspended the voting […]

  • Polish court pushes out critical ombudsman
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:22

    The controversial Constitutional Tribunal ruled that legislation, setting out that the ombudsman stays in office until lawmakers pick a new one, was unconstitutional.

  • Political crises in Romania and Bulgaria amid third wave
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:22

    Bulgaria's prime minister Boyko Borissov resigned and the Romanian government is in danger of collapsing while the third wave of the pandemic is hitting both countries hard.

  • Von der Leyen's summer plans undisclosed, after Ukraine snub
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:22

    Ukraine's president invited EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen to independence celebrations end of August. Citing a busy schedule, her subordinate said 'no' in an unsent letter. Asked what is on her agenda, the commission can't say.

  • [Ticker] WHO: Europe passes one million Covid-19 deaths
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:21

    More than one million people have died from Covid-19 in Europe, Hans Kluge, Europe director the World Health Organization announced on Thursday, Deutsche Welle reports. Across the world, more than three million people have died from Covid-19. Kluge warned that the situation remains "serious," with […]

  • [Ticker] Biden sanctions Russia for US election interference
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:21

    The Biden administration has announced the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats and broad sanctions against Russian officials and companies in retaliation for Moscow's interference in elections and cyber-espionage campaigns, The Guardian writes. "I have determined that specified harmful foreign […]

  • Over a million EU citizens back farm-animal cage ban
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:21

    More than 1.4 million Europeans have called on the European Commission to ban keeping farmed animals in cages - arguing the practice is cruel and unnecessary.

  • [Opinion] Three options for West on Putin's Ukraine build-up
    le 16/04/2021 à 5:20

    As Russian troops gather near Ukraine's eastern border, the international community has pondered an important question. Will Russia launch a new offensive into Ukraine?

  • [Ticker] Olympic Games could be scrapped, Japanese official says
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:22

    Toshihiro Nikai, the long-serving secretary general of Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic party, said that cancelling this year's Olympic Games could be an option if coronavirus infections continued to rise, Deutsche Welle writes. The comments come less than 24 hours after International Olympic […]

  • [Ticker] Von der Leyen snubs Ukrainian president
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:22

    European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen has snubbed Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky's invitation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence in Kiev. Her office cited a "heavy agenda" in a letter seen by Politico, but the celebration falls in August, when EU […]

  • [Ticker] Taliban mayor: 'We won the war and America lost'
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:13

    "We have won the war and America has lost", Haji Hekmat, a local mayor for Afghanistan's Islamist army and shadow government, the Taliban, has told the BBC, echoing wider sentiment in the country following a US announcement that it was pulling out remaining troops in September. The US invaded […]

  • EU-brokered nuclear talks go ahead despite Iran defiance
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:09

    Iran is still coming to Thursday's non-proliferation talks in Vienna, despite defying Western powers on uranium enrichment after an attack on one of its nuclear facilities.

  • [Ticker] Lithuania to roll out national Covid-19 certificates
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:05

    Lithuania's government will roll out a national digital Covid certificate by early May, The Guardian reported. This certificate will allow those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 and those who have recovered, to bypass restrictions, such as dining indoors, attending sporting events or […]

  • [Ticker] Somalia president defies EU with long election delay
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:04

    Somalia's president, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, has signed a law to extend his mandate for two years, while holding elections in that time-frame, following a delayed national vote in February, AP reports, in what could further destabilise one of Africa's most troubled states. The EU previously […]

  • [Ticker] Ireland investigates Facebook over mass data leak
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:04

    Ireland's Data Protection Commission said on Wednesday it had launched an investigation into the Facebook, over a leak of the data of millions of Europeans in 2019, Reuters reported. Facebook said it will not notify the more than 530 million people whose phone numbers and other details were made […]

  • [Ticker] EU seeks to tackle organised crime and human trafficking
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:04

    The European Commission on Wednesday unveiled a new strategy to tackle organised crime and combat trafficking of human beings, including a proposal to start negotiating a cooperation agreement with Interpol to enhance information exchange. The strategies aim to boost law enforcement, tackle […]

  • [Ticker] Denmark halts AstraZeneca vaccinations
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:04

    Denmark has decided to stop offering its 2.4 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine Covid-19 to its citizens. The country had already temporarily suspended the vaccine in mid-March, as a precautionary measure over blood clotting fears. Its latest decision to cease using the vaccine completely is […]

  • EU to buy 1.8bn BioNTech jabs, in switch to mRNA vaccines
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:04

    The EU has now entered into negotiations to buy 1.8 billion extra doses of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine. "We need to focus on technologies that have proven their worth," said European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen.

  • Commission waiting on 10 states for recovery bonds
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:03

    Budget commissioner Johannes Hahn said Germany, Estonia, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Finland, the Netherlands, Romania, Ireland, and Lithuania have not yet ratified the necessary domestic legislation.

  • Belgium to reopen borders, terraces and hairdressers
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:03

    The Belgian government plans the phased reopening of borders, terraces, hairdressers and other shops. More is possible if the number of vaccinated people increases and infections drop.

  • MEPs reject greater transparency in hidden vote
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:03

    The European Parliament's constitutional affairs committee have curtailed efforts to make MEPs more accountable and transparent, by rejecting amendments in a report on lobbying. How each voted on the amendments was also kept in the dark.

  • [Opinion] 'Ethno-nationalism' is not way forward for Bosnia-Herzegovina
    le 15/04/2021 à 5:03

    In Bosnia-Herzegovina, tempted by the allure of a 'deliverable', the EU, US, and UK are supporting a political process that would enhance the power of ethno-nationalist leaders, cement ethnic partition, and quite possibly lead to violence.

  • [Ticker] EU states make progress on Covid-19 'travel certificates'
    le 14/04/2021 à 3:09

    EU ambassadors on Wednesday agreed to launch Covid-19 travel certificates to restore tourism this summer across the EU, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. In the text, member states explicitly stated that these certificates cannot be a precondition to the exercise of free-movement […]

  • [Ticker] Michel pledges to protect von der Leyen's 'dignity' in future
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:24

    EU Council president Charles Michel told EU Parliament group chiefs Tuesday he "regretted" the incident in Ankara last week in which EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen was not given a chair, in what looked like a sexist insult, according to an AFP source. Michel also put forward a plan for […]

  • Nato and US urge Russia to back off on Ukraine
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:17

    Nato and the US have put on a show of solidarity with Ukraine over Russia's military build-up, with American president Joe Biden offering to hold a summit with Russia to defuse tensions.

  • Future EU platform seeks to 'stay clean' of hate speech
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:15

    The digital platform aiming to allow European citizens to share and debate ideas will start next Monday. Some MEPs criticised the rushed rolling out of the digital platform.

  • [Ticker] Libya frees UN-sanctioned human trafficker
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:08

    Libya has freed a man under UN sanctions for trafficking and drowning migrants, Abd al-Rahman Milad, due to "lack of evidence" in his trial, The Guardian reports. "It's absurd Italy gives money to Libya's coastguard - [a] country that released a trafficker who threatened two Italian citizens," […]

  • [Ticker] European court: jailed Turkish writer's rights violated
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:08

    The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that the right to liberty and freedom of expression of Turkish journalist and author Ahmet Altan had been violated due to his detention and imprisonment on charges related to the 2016 coup attempt, Ekathimerini writes. Altan, 71, was detained over […]

  • [Ticker] EU set to miss 1m electric charging points by 2025 target
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:07

    A report published by the European Court of Auditors on Tuesday revealed the EU is still far from reaching its Green Deal target of having one million charging points for electric vehicles by 2025. EU auditors recommend the European Commission to set out a strategic roadmap to meet charging […]

  • [Ticker] Lavrov expects Iran nuclear deal to be saved
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:07

    Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday said Moscow expected the Iranian nuclear deal to be saved and condemned EU sanctions against Iran, saying they could undermine ongoing nuclear talks, Deutsche Welle reports. "We expect that it will be possible to preserve the Joint Comprehensive […]

  • [Ticker] France suspends flights from Brazil due to Covid variant
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:07

    France suspended all flights from Brazil on Tuesday amid mounting fears over the particularly contagious Covid-19 variant. "We note that the situation is getting worse and so we have decided to suspend all flights between Brazil and France until further notice," prime minister Jean Castex told […]

  • le 14/04/2021 à 5:07

    Johnson & Johnson said it has decided to delay the roll-out of its Covid-19 vaccine in Europe, after a recommendation by US health authorities for a "pause" in administering the one-shot vaccine after reports of very rare cases where recipients developed blood clots. The firm said it was […]

  • [Ticker] German government agrees nationwide pandemic law
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:07

    Germany's federal government on Tuesday agreed on controversial changes to national law, after several states failed to control the third wave of the pandemic, the AFP reported. The law would allow chancellor Angela Merkel's government to introduce nationwide curfews from 9 pm to 5 am, limit […]

  • Denmark threatens Syria deportations amid EU concerns
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:06

    Denmark is stripping Syrians of residency rights - the first country in the EU to do so - amid threats to deport them back home. The EU did not comment directly, but warned that Syria is not safe.

  • MEPs raise concerns on vaccine 'travel certificates'
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:06

    While most MEPs have been vocal in support of the proposal by the European Commission for EU-wide vaccine certificates, key questions remain - ranging from fundamental rights, to its scientific validity.

  • [Opinion] Will Romania be EU's Green Deal laggard?
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:06

    Of the €30bn allocated to Romania under the EU recovery fund, just four percent is slated to go to renewable energy and energy-efficiency. Despite the pressing need to decarbonise Romania's heat and power sectors, this is not an investment priority.

  • [Column] Muslims, Ramadan, and myths facing 'European civilisation'
    le 14/04/2021 à 5:05

    Happy Ramadan? The UN special rapporteur on freedom of religion or belief warned the Human Rights Council last month that institutional suspicion of Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim has escalated to "epidemic proportions" worldwide.

  • le 14/04/2021 à 5:05

    We often talk about the need to establish a relationship between equals in our partnership with Africa. This paradigm needs to be more than a declaration of good intentions

  • le 13/04/2021 à 1:15

    US health regulators on Tuesday recommended pausing the use of the Johnson & Johnson's single-dose Covid-19 vaccine, after six people developed blood clots, Reuters reported. Health authorities will hold a meeting on Wednesday to review the cases. As of Tuesday, some 6.8 million doses of the […]

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