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  • The COVID Interregnum
    par John Davis le 07/08/2020 à 9:05

    A little over 500 years ago, Europeans, driven by a lust for riches and enabled by new technologies, colonized the Americas and set about making them productive in an entirely new way. The reasonably self-sustaining economies of the indigenous peoples were swept away and the organic and mineral […]

  • 20 Postcard Notes From Iraq: With Love in the Age of COVID-19
    par Louis Yako le 07/08/2020 à 9:00

    I was in the Iraqi Kurdistan region when COVID-19 hit the world hard in March of this year. Suddenly, all airports, roads between cities in Iraq, and life itself were shut down in Iraq and many countries around the world. A strict curfew was imposed while I was visiting my relatives in Duhok city. […]

  • War and Pandemic Journalism: the Truth Can Disappear Fast
    par Patrick Cockburn le 07/08/2020 à 9:00

    The struggle against Covid-19 has often been compared to fighting a war. Much of this rhetoric is bombast, but the similarities between the struggle against the virus and against human enemies are real enough. War reporting and pandemic reporting likewise have much in common because, in both cases, […]

  • Fixing the COVID Numbers
    par Eve Ottenberg le 07/08/2020 à 8:59

    Right on schedule, when the death rate started to rise again, the Trump regime put the kibosh on any further CDC covid reporting. In the weeks before this death-rate spike, as the covid conflagration burned through Trump country, regime spokesmen crowed about the death rate being flat. No matter […]

  • Roaming Charges: Every Which Way to Lose
    par Jeffrey St. Clair le 07/08/2020 à 8:59

    “And through the fog of the plague, most art withered into journalism.” — Pete Hamill + Four years of Trump, the most precipitous collapse of the US economy in history and one killer pandemic later and we’re right back to where we were in the late summer of 2016… Joe […]

  • Trump is Not Conceding: This is Happening Here
    par Paul Street le 07/08/2020 à 8:58

    Sorry, Trump’s Not Conceding I have been hearing liberals and lefties fantasizing that Donald Trump is conceding the presidency to Joe Biden. The evidence for this curious thesis? 1. Biden’s significant polling lead over Trump not just nationally but in the battleground states where the […]

  • The World on Fire
    par Robert Hunziker le 07/08/2020 à 8:57

    Massive uncontrolled unprecedented wild fires are consuming portions of the Amazon rainforest and several regions of the Arctic. Somebody somewhere must be asking why all of a sudden in unison, all over creation, two of the planets largest ecosystems are going up in smoke. It’s eerily spine […]

  • Neoliberal Centrists and the American Left
    par Rob Urie le 07/08/2020 à 8:57

    The rapid end to the electoral fortunes of the Anglo-American left in 2020 was engineered by radical centrists for the benefit of capital. What was banished, in addition to vibrant and informed opposition to an atrophied political class, was the prospect of Federal government programs that are both […]

  • USAF Vet Could Face ‘20 Days for 20 Bombs’ for Protest Against US H-Bombs Stationed in Germany
    par John Laforge le 07/08/2020 à 8:57

    Hamburg, Germany With this week’s commemorations of the US atomic massacres at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there will be countless hours spent on speeches, sermons, hymns, and warnings; tons of ink spilled in op/eds, editorials and articles. All will solemnly promote the need to pursue a world […]

  • Clyburn’s Complaint
    par Andrew Levine le 07/08/2020 à 8:56

    For the most part, when people use words like “sick” or “demented” or “insane” in political contexts, they are speaking metaphorically or for rhetorical effect. Sometimes, however, these and related words actually do denote phenomena of clinical interest. The […]

  • Revisiting the Idea of Pigou Wealth Tax in the Time of Covid-19
    par Kavaljit Singh le 07/08/2020 à 8:56

    Arthur Cecil Pigou (1877-1959), a British economist, is well known for his contributions to welfare economics. One of the most prolific writers of his time, Pigou wrote over a dozen books and more than 100 articles and pamphlets dealing with both theoretical and practical aspects of welfare […]

  • Here Come the 1968 Mistakes Again
    par Paul Ryder le 07/08/2020 à 8:56

    “In our countercultural bubble, we assumed everyone watching the convention shared our feelings of revolt, but the spectacle in Chicago, as history showed us, had an unintended effect. It was the ‘law-and-order’ [Richard] Nixon who got elected.” This statement comes from […]

  • Fighting Over Kashmir Could Blow Up the Planet
    par T.J. Coles le 07/08/2020 à 8:56

    Jammu and Kashmir, widely referred to as Kashmir, has had many designations since India and Pakistan were partitioned by Britain and gained their respective independence from the Empire: a Princely State, a State, a Union Territory. The 86,000 mile, Muslim-majority region sits in the Himalayas on […]

  • Haven’t We All Known Guys Who Were Exactly like Donald Trump?
    par David Macaray le 07/08/2020 à 8:55

    Although it gives me no pleasure to report this, while growing up in the shady suburban confines of Southern California, in the Sixties, I probably knew half a dozen guys who—other than being middle or lower middle-class rather wealthy, and shorter rather than taller—were otherwise […]

  • What’s Driving the Simmering Conflict Between India and China
    par Conn Hallinan le 07/08/2020 à 8:55

    Chinese and Indian forces have pulled back from their confrontation in the Himalayas, but the tensions that set off the deadly encounter this past June—the first on the China/India border since 1975—are not going away. Indeed, a combination of local disputes, regional antagonisms and […]

  • American Failures: August, 2020
    par Joseph Natoli le 07/08/2020 à 8:55

    It’s probably unpatriotic and maybe treasonable to talk about American failures but they are now so glaring that some 12 minutes of read time seems pardonable in this Age of Twitter “discourse.” That such obvious failures, if admitted at all, are politicized relative to which side […]

  • Apartheid or One State: Has Jordan Broken a Political Taboo?
    par Ramzy Baroud le 07/08/2020 à 8:53

    What will it take for the idea of a two-state solution, which was hardly practical to begin with, to be completely abandoned? Every realistic assessment of the situation on the ground indicates, with palpable clarity, that there can never be a viable Palestinian state in parts of the West Bank and […]

  • The US Left Needs Humility to Understand Mexican Politics
    par Bruce Hobson le 07/08/2020 à 8:53

    The US Left Needs Humility to Understand the Politics of México The recent visit to the US by Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) for a meeting with President Trump has stirred a great deal of media reaction in the US and México. Nearly all US media articles about the […]

  • Easy Targets: Trump’s Attacks on Transgendered People
    par David Rosen le 07/08/2020 à 8:53

    As the nation celebrated Independence Day on July 4th, 2020, Summer Taylor, a white non-binary person was killed after a car drove into a crowd of protestors in Seattle on July 4. Taylor was participating in the Black Femme March in solidarity with Black Lives Matter and against police brutality. […]

  • The Neoliberal Virus
    par Ben Debney le 07/08/2020 à 8:53

    To date, and to the extent that alleged political leaders have even tried to come to terms with the origins of the COVID-19 crisis at all, they have sought to do so in xenophobic terms; though not the only perpetrator on that count, Donald Trump has been most prominent in looking to characterise […]

  • Is Netanyahu Serious About Annexing Jordan Valley?
    par Evelyn Leopold le 07/08/2020 à 8:52

    On July 1, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised he would annex part of the Jordan Valley. He did not, but he may still do so before U.S. elections in November and while President Donald Trump is still in office. It could be his legacy. Trump’s challenger, former vice president […]

  • When the Chickens Came Home to Roost In Portlandistan
    par Nicky Reid le 07/08/2020 à 8:52

    Well folks, it’s official, Donald Trump has declared war on America. Probably should have saw that coming. After all, I’ve long argued that our dayglow duce isn’t an isolationist but merely the world’s shittiest imperialist. After trying and failing miserably to bring […]

  • The Power of the White Man and His Symbols is Being De-Mystified
    par Irma A. Velásquez Nimatuj le 07/08/2020 à 8:52

    With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is warning us today that if we fail to build alternatives to the current system governed by voracious, ruthless and extractive capitalism, it will rob our descendants of the future. This historical moment that we are all living through is also serving to reveal […]

  • Reversal: Boeing’s Flow of Blood
    par Kathy Kelly le 07/08/2020 à 8:52

    Today, the seventy-fifth anniversary of the atomic attack on Hiroshima, should be a day for quiet introspection. I recall a summer morning following the U.S. 2003 “Shock and Awe” invasion of Iraq when the segment of the Chicago River flowing past the headquarters of the world’s […]

  • Ireland and Slavery: Framing Irish Complicity in the Slave Trade
    par Brian Kelly le 07/08/2020 à 8:51

    The first instalment in this two-part series, which focused on dismantling the ‘Irish slaves’ myth, made three critical assertions: first, that the attempt to draw equivalence between Irish (and British, Scottish) indenture and African chattel slavery was “untenable, and callous […]

  • South American Nations Adopt Different COVID-19 Stategies, With Different Results
    par Ariela Ruiz Caro le 07/08/2020 à 8:50

    On May 23, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the epicenter of COVID-19 had moved to Latin America, particularly South America. The region now has the highest number of new cases and deaths in the world. Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Chile, in this order, have the highest number of […]

  • Exorcism at Boston’s Old West Church, All Hallows Eve 1971
    par Ron Jacobs le 07/08/2020 à 8:49

    First, it seems one should freeze the time. To do so places them in the autumn of 1971. October 31, exactly. All Hallows Eve. Nineteen months previous, Ohio National Guard troops had killed four college students in Kent, Ohio. Others in Jackson, Mississippi were murdered in the weeks that followed. […]

  • Bolsonaro’s Continuous Follies
    par J.P. Linstroth le 07/08/2020 à 8:49

    It seems every day since I last wrote about Amazonia and COVID-19 about three months ago, another Amerindian leader has died from Coronavirus, another knowledgeable elder gone, and more tragedy compiling upon tragedy not only in the Brazilian Amazon but throughout indigenous communities in Lowland […]

  • Right-Wing Populism and the End of Democracy
    par Thomas Klikauer – Nadine Campbell le 07/08/2020 à 8:48

    For many reasons, democracy is associate with the word liberal. A liberal shows commitment to fundamental democratic values such as freedom of speech, the separation of powers, and the protection of individual rights. In this understanding, George W. Bush is as much of a liberal as Barack Obama. In […]

  • Trump’s Real Record on Unemployment in Two Graphs
    par Dean Baker le 07/08/2020 à 8:48

    Donald Trump and his supporters routinely boast about his great success in reducing the unemployment rate. While the unemployment rate did fall to low levels under Trump, this was just a continuation of the downward trend that had been in place under Obama since 2010. Here’s the picture with […]

  • Listening, Conflict and Citizenship
    par Michael Welton le 07/08/2020 à 8:48

    In Strong Democracy (1984), Benjamin Barber argues that liberals have reduced “talk to speech” which has “unfortunately inspired political institutions that foster the articulation of interests but that slight the difficult art of listening” (p. 174). He thinks that our […]

  • Donald Trump Is The Only One Who Should Be Going To School This Fall
    par Nick Pemberton le 07/08/2020 à 8:48

    “In thinking specifically about the abolition of prisons using the approach of abolition democracy, we would propose the creation of an array of social institutions that would begin to solve the social problems that set people on the track to prison, thereby helping to render the prison […]

  • America’s Multiple Infections
    par John Feffer le 07/08/2020 à 8:46

    On a per capita basis, Belgium has been the European country hardest hit by the coronavirus. With a population of 11.5 million, it registered over 66,000 infections and nearly 10,000 deaths. In fact, Belgium’s level of mortality of 860 deaths per million inhabitants is the highest in the […]

  • Thinking Outside the Social Media Echo Chamber
    par Kollibri terre Sonnenblume le 07/08/2020 à 8:46

    Social media algorithms serve us up with what we like to see because the more we scroll, the more data they can harvest, and selling that data is their business model. Lately, it’s been popular to refer to the increasingly narrow worldview that we receive this way as an “echo […]

  • The Military is Sick
    par Andrea Mazzarino le 07/08/2020 à 8:45

    American military personnel are getting sick in significant numbers in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. As The New York Times reported in a pieceburied in the back pages of its July 21st edition, “The infection rate in the services has tripled over the past six weeks as the United States […]

  • How the Middle Half Lives
    par John Kendall Hawkins le 07/08/2020 à 8:45

    The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers;— Little we see in Nature that is ours; We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! – William Wordsworth, “The World is Too Much With Us” To Hell with the MIddle Class! Oh, wait. […]

  • The Plight of Refugees and Migrant Workers under Covid
    par Graham Peebles le 07/08/2020 à 8:44

    In a world where nationalism and social division is increasing, bigotry growing, are the words refugee, asylum seeker, migrant worker, derogatory labels triggering prejudice and intolerance? Such terms create an image of ‘the other’, separate and different, strengthening tribalism, […]

  • The Next Coronavirus Bill Must Protect the 2020 Election
    par Robert P. Alvarez le 07/08/2020 à 8:41

    First, it was a public health crisis. Now, it’s decimating the economy. And for it’s next trick, the coronavirus is threatening to undermine the 2020 election. Unless, that is, Congress steps in to ensure we can vote by mail. If you’re curious what the worst case scenario is, look […]

  • Ottawa Bluesfest at Zib: Development at Sacred Site Poses Questions of Responsibility
    par Greg Macdougall le 07/08/2020 à 8:39

    These first two August weekends, the RBC Bluesfest Ottawa drive-in concerts – livestreamed online with #CanadaPerforms, a federal program to support artists during the COVID pandemic – are being hosted at a venue that may raise eyebrows to anyone supporting the current protests against […]

  • The Low Magic of Charles Bukowski
    par Louis Proyect le 07/08/2020 à 8:37

    Among my favorite writers, Harvey Pekar and Charles Bukowski share an uncommon distinction. Despite having lowly jobs as a Cleveland veterans hospital file clerk and sorting mail in the post office, they received the highest accolades for their work. In a 1985 New York Times book review, David […]

  • Rural America Deserves a Real COVID-19 Response
    par Gloria Oladipo le 07/08/2020 à 8:31

    As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, many rural communities are in a uniquely difficult position. According to Kaiser Health News, nearly 80 percent of rural America is categorized as a “medical desert,” meaning the nearest hospital is more than 60 minutes away. These hospitals are also […]

  • Crossing the Creepy Line: Google, Deception and the ACCC
    par Binoy Kampmark le 07/08/2020 à 8:30

    Belief in Google’s promises is much like believing in virgin births. For a company so proud of its pursuit of a transparent information environment, it has remained committedly opaque about informing customers on the way it gathers user data. Statements from the company over the years have […]

  • Giants and Warriors Give Their Workers the Boot
    par Marc Norton le 07/08/2020 à 8:27

    I got the email firing me from my job at the Giants ballpark on Monday evening, July 27. On Tuesday evening I learned from the San Francisco Examiner website that I was also being fired from my job at the Warriors new stadium, and that there were 2,154 other food […]

  • Time for an Emergency Charity Stimulus
    par Chuck Collins – Helen Flannery le 07/08/2020 à 8:22

    We are living through a time of unprecedented challenges: a major public health crisis and a deepening recession. Congress has already authorized trillions in stimulus funds. But millions of Americans are still relying on the support of local nonprofits such as food banks and human services. These […]

  • Hiroshima, Nagasaki Survivors Remember
    par CP Editor le 06/08/2020 à 4:26

     The post Hiroshima, Nagasaki Survivors Remember appeared first on

  • How the Fascists Won World War II
    par H. Bruce Franklin le 06/08/2020 à 9:05

    Come you masters of war You that build the big guns You that build the death planes You that build all the bombs You that hide behind walls You that hide behind desks I just want you to know I can see through your masks –“Masters of War,” Bob Dylan This is a mystery story. More […]

  • The American Narrative of Hiroshima is a Statue that Must be Toppled
    par Robert Jacobs – Ran Zwigenberg le 06/08/2020 à 9:03

    In August 1945, the United States attacked two cities in Japan with nuclear weapons in the last days of World War Two. The US used weapons of mass destruction against a primarily civilian population, instantly killing over 100,000 human beings, with tens of thousands of wounded and irradiated […]

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