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  • The Media and the Military Mindset
    par Melvin Goodman le 22/01/2020 à 9:14

    U.S. national media have been lazy in their treatment of our military—pandering to the military itself and using retired general officers with ties to the military-industrial complex as spokesmen.  The United States is largely in an arms race with itself, but the media typically ignore […]

  • The Real Megxit Deal
    par John Davis le 22/01/2020 à 9:02

    In a move that reflects the time-worn pathologies of powerful aristocratic families, the House of Windsor has agreed to allow the Queen’s grandson, Harry, currently sixth in line to the throne, and his California-born wife, Meghan, to leave the family business (The Firm) and attempt to […]

  • The Obama Legacy: Reform Versus Revolution
    par John O'Kane le 22/01/2020 à 8:58

    Those factions of the Democratic party which worked so hard in 2016 to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ chances for the nomination have been nervous for some time about the persistent popularity of the progressive agenda. We’ve been witnessing the blowback from this assault. The arrival of the […]

  • The “Evolving” Scotty Morrison From Marketing
    par Kenneth Surin le 22/01/2020 à 8:57

    In a previous CounterPunch piece I mentioned a scathing adage regarding Australian prime minister Scott Morrison, a former PR executive, making the rounds in Australian social media: you can take Scotty out of marketing, but you can’t take the marketing out of Scotty. When he became PM last […]

  • “The Cops & the Klan Go Hand in Hand!”
    par Martin Billheimer le 22/01/2020 à 8:56

    Back in 1979, the American Nazi Party and the KKK gunned down five members of the Communist Workers Party in Greensboro, NC. Present with the fascists were a turncoat Klansman/ COINTELPRO node named Ed Dawson and an FBI mole, Bernard Butkovich. Though these men knew that the Klan were armed and […]

  • Executive Power: Alan Dershowitz’s Imagination Versus the Constitution
    par Thomas Knapp le 22/01/2020 à 8:56

    “The Constitution,” Alan Dershowitz claims, “allocates to the president sole authority over foreign policy (short of declaring war or signing a treaty).” Dershowitz makes that claim by way of defending US president Donald Trump against conviction in the Senate on two […]

  • Egypt and the Destruction of Civil Liberties in America
    par Jacob G. Hornberger le 22/01/2020 à 8:56

    There are lots of things wrong with the conviction and incarceration of 54-year-old Mustafa Kassem, who died last week in Egypt. Kassen was an American citizen who drove a taxi in New York City. He had two children. In 2013, the Egyptian military ousted the democratically elected president of the […]

  • The People of Colombia are Cracking the Walls of War and Authoritarianism
    par Justin Podur le 22/01/2020 à 8:54

    The protests that started with the national strike called by Colombia’s central union on November 21 to protest pension reforms and the broken promises of the peace accords have persisted for two months and grown into a protest against the whole establishment. And the protests have continued […]

  • Our Final Decade to Get Climate Policy Right
    par Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson le 22/01/2020 à 8:54

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned in October 2018 that we have 12 years to keep global temperatures increases at 1.5 degrees Celsius or less. Now, we have more like 10 years. We have this decade. In the first weeks of 2020, we’ve already witnessed mass evacuations and the […]

  • Terence Hallinan: Fighter for the People and for the Legalization of Marijuana 
    par Jonah Raskin le 22/01/2020 à 8:44

    Terence Hallinan is dead at 83, but his spirit goes marching on in San Francisco and way beyond the city where he practiced law and served as district attorney for seven years. As the son of Reds during the Cold War and McCarthy years, I felt a natural affinity with Terence and also a sense More […]

  • Challenging the Flawed Premise Behind Pushing GMOs into Indian Agriculture
    par Colin Todhunter le 22/01/2020 à 8:32

    A common claim is that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are essential to agriculture if we are to feed an ever-growing global population. Supporters of genetically engineered (GE) crops argue that by increasing productivity and yields, this technology will also help boost farmers’ […]

  • How Wildlife Is Bouncing Back In This African Park
    par CP Editor le 21/01/2020 à 9:11

    The post How Wildlife Is Bouncing Back In This African Park appeared first on

  • Warmonger Cotton Accuses Antiwar Think Tank of Anti-Semitism
    par Sheldon Richman le 21/01/2020 à 8:59

    If you wonder what the post-Trump Republican Party will look like, take a glimpse at Tom Cotton, one of the US senators from Arkansas (where I live). Cotton has waged a relentless campaign for war against Iran and has supported every horror produced by the US foreign-policy establishment for the […]

  • Trump Makes Space Great Again
    par John Feffer le 21/01/2020 à 8:58

    Unlike virtually everything else that Trump has touched, the Space Force boondoggle has generated almost no controversy. Congress approved Trump’s initiative, which was folded into the annual National Defense Authorization Act, by an overwhelming bipartisan vote at the end of 2019. Not only […]

  • The US and Iran’s Perpetual Almost-War is Unsustainable – and Will End Badly
    par Patrick Cockburn le 21/01/2020 à 8:58

    Today Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei gave his first Friday sermon in Tehran for eight years to an audience of thousands, as he tried to calm down the furious public reaction to the Revolutionary Guards mistakenly shooting down a Ukrainian plane carrying 176 passengers, then proceeding to […]

  • Another Date That Will Live in Infamy: 10 Years After Citizens United
    par James C. Nelson le 21/01/2020 à 8:57

    On January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down one of its worst and most activist decisions ever.  Indeed, in terms of harm caused and likelihood for future harm, the Court’s decision in Citizen’s United is, likely, the most pernicious Supreme Court […]

  • Iran Will be Changed Forever by Admitting Its Great Mistake, Unlike the West Which Ignores Its Own Misdeeds
    par Robert Fisk le 21/01/2020 à 8:56

    “In wartime,” Churchill famously told Stalin, “truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.” He said this on 30 November 1943 – by chance his 69th birthday – in an effort to impress upon the Soviet leader the importance of […]

  • Did Shareholders’ Benefit by Paying Boeing’s Fired CEO $62 Million?
    par Dean Baker le 21/01/2020 à 8:56

    This is not an abstract philosophical question. Boeing forced out its CEO, Dennis Muilenburg last week. Muilenberg had played a major role in overseeing the development and production of the Boeing 737 Max, a plane which was recently involved in two major crashes, resulting in hundreds of deaths. […]

  • The Demise of the Labour Party and the Future For UK Socialism
    par Susan Roberts le 21/01/2020 à 8:56

    Recent elections in the UK have resulted in a seismic shift in the political landscape with the Labour Party being completely decimated: losing over 50 seats, many in places that had voted Labour for generations. The significance of this defeat, particularly regarding the party’s long-term […]

  • Janus-Faced on Climate Change: Microsoft’s Carbon Vision
    par Binoy Kampmark le 21/01/2020 à 8:55

    “This is a bold bet – a moonshot – for Microsoft.”  So claimed Brad Smith, Microsoft President, in a Thursday announcement painting a picture of a company that intends to be carbon negative by 2030.  “And,” Smith continued, “it will need to be a […]

  • The Teamster Revolt Against the Hoffa Era
    par David Levin le 21/01/2020 à 8:54

    Willie Ford listened to the conference call in disbelief from the cab of his tractor trailer on I-95 as the Teamster election monitor announced the results of the contract vote covering 250,000 workers at UPS.Ford, a leader of Teamsters for a Democratic Union (TDU), and rank-and-file activists like […]

  • Defender and Spearheads
    par Victor Grossman le 21/01/2020 à 8:53

    ”ALARM! Twelve thousand residents must immediately leave their homes! All hospital clinics must be evacuated! No exceptions! Hasten! “ Not in burning Australia nor a besieged town in Syria or Afghanistan, but on January 12th 2020 in the otherwise peaceful if no longer prosperous […]

  • BS Public Editor and the Disease of Contempt
    par Russell Mokhiber le 21/01/2020 à 8:51

    You are the public editor at the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Your job – take in complaints and criticism from the public and respond. One recurring complaint from the public – PBS is heavily funded by corporate America – and as a result, PBS shies away from those who are […]

  • Get the Money Out of Politics: 10 Years After Citizens United
    par Tiffany Muller le 21/01/2020 à 8:50

    Ten years ago this week, the Supreme Court released its disastrous 2010 Citizens United decision. The court, either through remarkable naivety or sheer malevolence, essentially married two terrible ideas: that “money equals speech” and that “corporations are people.” The […]

  • Iowa is Not the Twitterverse
    par Laura Flanders le 21/01/2020 à 8:46

    It was a balmy 70 degrees in New York City last Saturday, and the excited green croci began tipping through the earth. Now, that same ground is icy, and those tips are frozen stiff, and I’ve been fearing that the same fate might befall hopeful progressive voters in the wake of the […]

  • Education: Expanding Purpose
    par Graham Peebles le 21/01/2020 à 8:40

    As the world stumbles from one crisis to another it is increasingly apparent that existing systems and institutions are incapable of responding to the challenges of the time and the growing demands of the people. Creative ways of thinking free from ideology are needed, allowing for a revolution of […]

  • Handball in Brooklyn 
    par Elliot Sperber le 21/01/2020 à 7:10

    Handball in Brooklyn   I don’t know if it’s like this Where you live, but here The delis and bodegas All have clear plastic bags Behind their counters filled With blue rubber spheres Metro Ball, Sky Bounce A handball for a buck — One of the supreme joys I find Is squeezing […]

  • David Foster Wallace Discusses Consumerism
    par CP Editor le 20/01/2020 à 10:09

    The post David Foster Wallace Discusses Consumerism appeared first on

  • Trump Showed Us Who He Was Before He Became President
    par Paul Street le 20/01/2020 à 9:17

    The long record of this presidency’s transgressions now includes the open dog-wagging assassination – on brazenly false pretexts – of a foreign military commander atop a state (Iran) with which the United States is not at war and without the permission of a government (Iraq) on […]

  • Martin Luther King and the Black Revolutionary Tradition
    par Eric Mann le 20/01/2020 à 9:06

    Every year, until The Revolution comes again, the counter-revolution manipulates the historic birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, that so many people fought for, as their symbol of Black “integration” into imperialism and “non-violent” acquiescence to, at best, Barack […]

  • MLK and the Ghost of an Untrue Dream
    par Ipek S. Burnett le 20/01/2020 à 9:00

    King’s dream of economic justice and equality required America’s power structures to change. It required America to take a critical look at the unbridled capitalist system that gave way to perpetual injustice. It required a radical and deep reconstruction of both politics and society, […]

  • Better Living Through Glyphosate? Spray Now, Ask Questions Later
    par Mark Harris le 20/01/2020 à 8:58

    There’s a lot of talk in the Trump era about the “war on science.” But this war, such as it is, extends far beyond uninformed Republican attacks on climate change science or Donald Trump’s mocking insults of Greta Thunberg, the teen climate activist nearly 60 years the old […]

  • Owyhee Initiative Wilderness and Public Lands Deal Critique: Ten Years After
    par Katie Fite le 20/01/2020 à 8:57

    The Owyhee Initiative (OI) wilderness and public lands legislation passed Congress in 2009 as the Owyhee Public Land Management part of an Omnibus package bill. Hoopla on the bill’s ten-year anniversary generated a spate of articles extolling collaboration and idolizing individual […]

  • A Loophole for the Lawless: “Qualified Immunity” Must Go
    par Thomas Knapp le 20/01/2020 à 8:57

    On August 11, 2014, officers from the Caldwell, Idaho Police Department asked for Shaniz West’s permission to enter and search her home. They were looking for her ex-boyfriend. West authorized the search and handed over her keys. Instead of entering and searching the home, though, the police […]

  • Best Enemies Forever: The Iran-U.S. Kabuki Show
    par REZA FIYOUZAT le 20/01/2020 à 8:56

    The recent conflict between the U.S. and Iranian regimes brings to mind that hilariously famous scene from Stanley Kubrick’s classic, Dr. Strangelove, with the U.S. president calling the Soviet leader to warn him about a foolish mistake that had led to a hydrogen bomb heading their way from […]

  • Worldwide Furor Sparked by U.S. Assassination of Iran’s General Suleimani
    par Jeff Mackler le 20/01/2020 à 8:56

    The Trump administration’s January 3 drone missile assassination of Iran’s Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani just outside Iraq’s Baghdad airport brought the world to the brink of yet another catastrophic U.S. war. That the Iranian government would retaliate in a matter of days, if not […]

  • The Humanitarian and Environmental Disaster of Trump’s Border Wall
    par William deBuys le 20/01/2020 à 8:54

    A new Wild West has taken root not far from Tombstone, Arizona, known to many for its faux-historical reenactments of the old West. We’re talking about a long, skinny territory — a geographic gerrymander — that stretches east across New Mexico and down the Texan Rio Grande to the […]

  • A Matter of Quality: Air Pollution, Tennis and Sporting Officialdom
    par Binoy Kampmark le 20/01/2020 à 8:49

    They are disgruntled and have every right to be. Whatever one’s feelings about tennis, expecting athletes to perform in subpar conditions is a rank matter that should see officials taken to task. But administrators of a game are often distant from the practice of the game itself. Being on […]

  • GOP Albatross
    par James Haught le 20/01/2020 à 8:45

    Every schoolchild knows that the Ancient Mariner was forced to wear a dead albatross around his neck. I think America’s Republican Party wears a dying albatross: white evangelicals who are both the GOP’s life-support system and also a curse upon Republicans. The conservative party […]

  • Why Do We Have School Lunch Debt at All?
    par Jill Richardson le 20/01/2020 à 8:43

    A Google search for “paying school lunch debt” reveals a long list of recent news stories about good Samaritans paying off the school lunch debt of children whose families cannot afford it. A Fredonia, New York man paid off $2,000 in school lunch debt in his area, helping 140 families. […]

  • Nuclear Hubris
    par Robert Koehler le 20/01/2020 à 8:29

    One thing that becomes clear to me when I wander into the world, and the minds, of geopolitical professionals — government people — is how limited and linear their thinking seems to be. When I do so, an internal distress signal starts beeping and won’t stop, especially when the […]

  • Instead of Real-Time Commentary, Eight Common-Sense Reason for Not Going to War with Iran
    par Patrick T. Hiller le 20/01/2020 à 8:14

    In the wake of the assassination of Iranian military leader Major General Qasem Soleimani and nine other people by a U.S. drone strike in Iraq, tensions between the United States and Iran are at their height. The immediate threat of war is real. Real-time news and expert commentary across the […]

  • A Note on Carlos Ghosn and Global Capitalism
    par Charles Andrews le 20/01/2020 à 8:10

    The boss of world car maker Nissan  — arrested and under intense surveillance around his luxury mansion, and charged with gorging himself with about $140 million of unauthorized pay — makes a daring escape from under the nose of Japanese authorities and across half the world. It […]

  • Some Trees: Los Angeles
    par Jeffrey St. Clair le 20/01/2020 à 7:30

    Los Angeles, the desert city, may have more species of trees than any other city in the United States, almost none of which are native to the basin. Thank Luther Burbank, the Johnny Appleseed of southern California. Trees in LA are used to advertise, decorate, disguise, shade, beautify, camouflage, […]

  • Poverty Is the New Draft
    par CP Editor le 17/01/2020 à 6:41

    The post Poverty Is the New Draft appeared first on

  • Roaming Charges: No Woman, No Cry
    par Jeffrey St. Clair le 17/01/2020 à 9:10

    The "No Woman, No Cry" spat between Sanders and Warren is pretty silly all around but it has dominated the press coverage for three days, even eclipsing the debut of the impeachment managers and Trump's audacious pledge to fix America's faucets and shower heads. This is, naturally, the exact […]

  • Hijacking the Struggles of Others, Elizabeth Warren Style
    par Kathleen Wallace le 17/01/2020 à 8:59

    To say Elizabeth Warren is a political opportunist is not giving her enough credit. She has taken the struggles, as well as the identities of others (women, school teachers, Native Americans, public school supporters, people who are able to tweet with humor, actual humans) and has weaponized these […]

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