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  • Why the Neoliberal Drive to Privatize Everything Is Running Out of Gas
    par Richard D. Wolff le 21/06/2021 à 9:02

    Today’s declining U.S. capitalism can no longer repeat its previous bland celebrations of private enterprises and free markets. Too much is going wrong, provoking criticism, and deepening divisions across U.S. society. The last time U.S. capitalism stumbled this badly—the Great […]

  • Necropolitics in the Amazon
    par Eduardo Gudynas le 21/06/2021 à 9:00

    As usual, the Amazon is on the frontlines of the war for the appropriation of the natural world. Most people when they hear ‘Amazon’, think only of Brazil. And while the situation in that country certainly is alarming, the battlefields of the Amazon region span northern Bolivia, various […]

  • The Rise and Fall of Netanyahu
    par Patrick Cockburn le 21/06/2021 à 8:58

    The rise of Benjamin Netanyahu was very like that of Donald Trump. Both won power as populist nationalist leaders exacerbating and exploiting polarisation within their own countries. Netanyahu inflated the threat from the Palestinians in the eyes of Israeli voters. Trump demonised blacks and […]

  • Solidarity, Not Bourgeoisie Interests, Will Lead to Peace in Israel/Palestine
    par Lekgantshi Console Tleane le 21/06/2021 à 8:56

    In her recent article on the new cabinet of Israel Ariel Gold excellently dispels the myth of a possible path that may be taken by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, especially with regards to the condition of the Palestinian people. The new cabinet is likely to continue with the […]

  • Wither Encryption: What Operation Trojan Shield Reveals
    par Binoy Kampmark le 21/06/2021 à 8:55

    My, were they delighted.  Politicians across several international jurisdictions beamed with pride that police and security forces had gotten one up on criminals spanning the globe.  It all involved a sting by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, led in conjunction with a number of law […]

  • (Still)  In the Land o’ Cotton
    par Richard Rhames le 21/06/2021 à 8:54

    “ In their infinite wisdom, the Founders created a deliberately unresponsive system in order to narrow the governmental options and, force us to seek alternative routes. Politics were dangerous; therefore, politics had to be limited and constrained.” – Daniel Lazare Production […]

  • Climate Crises Can Lead to Improved Social Cooperation and Economy
    par April M. Short le 21/06/2021 à 8:53

    The going assumption is that the impacts of climate disasters on institutions and economics will be negative. However, this is not always the case. Climate disasters can actually have the opposite effect, historically, as shown in a recent article about climate-related disasters in ancient […]

  • Making Juneteenth a Holiday Was the Easy Part, Will Real Justice Follow?
    par Sonali Kolhatkar le 21/06/2021 à 8:42

    After the United States Senate and House in quick succession passed a federal bill to make “Juneteenth” a federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery, President Joe Biden wasted no time in signing the bill into law. “Making Juneteenth a federal holiday is a major step […]

  • How America’s 50 Largest Inherited-Wealth Dynasties Accelerate Inequality
    par Chuck Collins le 21/06/2021 à 7:59

    A new IPS/ report finds that the U.S. continues to suffer from the extreme and growing wealth and power of inherited-wealth family dynasties – and the growth of their extreme wealth accelerated during the pandemic. The report, “Silver Spoon Oligarchs: How America’s […]

  • Afghanistan: Negotiations in Confusion, Press Suppressed
    par Ahmad Soheil Ahmadi le 21/06/2021 à 7:50

    The current suffering of the people of Afghanistan is in some ways greater even than in previous years. This is because the country’s immediate future remains wholly uncertain. A tantalizing peace might be at hand, or it might not. The peace process isn’t exactly a smooth operation, […]

  • How Pro-Palestine Activists and Union Workers are Blocking Israeli Trade in Port Cities
    par Naomi LaChance le 20/06/2021 à 9:55

    Image by Snowscat. Hundreds of activists and union workers successfully prevented a container ship owned by an Israeli company from docking and unloading its cargo in Oakland, California, earlier this month in protest of the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Then on June 9, people in Vancouver, […]

  • Bad Data: Dancing Your Way To Digital Privacy
    par STEVE O’KEEFE le 20/06/2021 à 8:55

    Image by Markus Spiske. In 1994, I was the only non-law-enforcement expert on fake ID willing to go on national TV to talk about it. I had edited a dozen books on false identity documents for counterculture bookseller, Loompanics Unlimited, such as Reborn in the U.S.A., Reborn in Canada, Reborn […]

  • Capitalism Can’t Innovate on Ideas
    par Ben Debney le 20/06/2021 à 8:25

    Image by Jon Tyson. Innovation is said to be the mainstay of capitalist ideology, one of the supreme virtues of a system built to reward individual initiative. The genius of capitalism, according to Bill Gates, rests in ‘its ability to make self-interest serve the wider interest.’ […]

  • Roaming Charges: False Summit
    par Jeffrey St. Clair le 18/06/2021 à 9:05

    In reading the transcripts from the post-summit press conferences, nearly every question from the US media was an attempt to goad Biden into making even more belligerent comments about Russia and, once FoxNews got the microphone, China, than he was already inclined to do. The press hasn't changed […]

  • Anti-Critical Race Theory and Neo-McCarthyism
    par Timothy Messer-Kruse le 18/06/2021 à 9:03

    Like many other bills now making their way to law in red states across America, H.B. 327 in Ohio would outlaw what its proponents label as “critical race theory” which they define as teaching that the “United States is fundamentally racist or sexist” or that anyone “is […]

  • The 50 Trillion Dollar Question: What is Austerity?
    par Richard Moser le 18/06/2021 à 9:00

    The modern system of austerity took shape in the mid-1970s and we are still in its grip. Austerity is meant to trap us in a destructive double-bind; the race to the bottom for millions of people is also the race to the top for the few. The cost? More than $50 trillion. The human cost in […]

  • Julian Assange Rots in Jail as U.S. Slaughters First Amendment
    par Eve Ottenberg le 18/06/2021 à 8:59

    Years pass, and journalist Julian Assange languishes in a British jail. His crime? Truthful reporting of U.S. military atrocities in Iraq, reporting that sparked a lust for vengeance among U.S. politicos and military men. With Assange, the American empire would manage what imperialists […]

  • Angela Davis, America’s Best-Known Black Radical, Joins the Country’s Most Radical Union
    par Peter Cole le 18/06/2021 à 8:59

    This Saturday, June 19th, celebrated among African Americans as Juneteenth, Angela Davis will be inducted into Local 10, the San Francisco Bay Area branch of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). Happening at Local 10’s legendary hall near San Francisco’s […]

  • That Little Power Elite Moment is Already Over
    par Paul Street le 18/06/2021 à 8:58

    Concerns over the white-supremacist neofascism of the Republican Party were overblown, a “Marxist” told me last January, because Trump had never won the allegiance of all but a small fraction of the nation’s corporate and financial ruling class. Had I not read the latest Noam […]

  • How the Federal Government Crushed Racist Organizing
    par Rob Urie le 18/06/2021 à 8:58

    According to data collected by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), white racist organizing in the U.S. saw a continued decline in 2020 from its peak in 2008, in the pit of the Great Recession. While unemployment skyrocketed due to pandemic shutdowns, the Federal response through the CARES Act […]

  • Dear PETA, Israel’s Animal Rights Record is Anything but Praiseworthy
    par Zarefah Baroud le 18/06/2021 à 8:57

    Last Wednesday, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) praised Israel for being the first country to ban the sale of animal furs. Laws like these are obviously worthy of praise, however, in the case of Israel, any praise, especially regarding its ethics towards animals, is completely […]

  • Is 20th Century Social Democracy Really the Best we Can Do?
    par Pete Dolack le 18/06/2021 à 8:57

    Predictions are difficult to make, especially, as the old joke goes, when they are about the future. Particularly fraught have been predictions of the demise of capitalism. Conventional wisdom would have us believe that because capitalism remains the world’s dominant economic system, […]

  • Conflict in the Hinterlands: the Fragmented Geography of the Cold Civil War
    par Patrick Mazza le 18/06/2021 à 8:56

    When the U.S. had its first great break-up in 1861, the geography was fairly well defined. The core area of the Southern slaveocracy versus the rising industrial North. There were conflicts within the border states that stuck with the Union. “Copperhead” confederacy sympathizers existed […]

  • On Trumpism and Netanyahu-ism: How Benjamin Netanyahu Won America and Lost Israel 
    par Ramzy Baroud le 18/06/2021 à 8:56

    Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is as much American as he is Israeli. While other Israeli leaders have made their strong relationship with Washington a cornerstone in their politics, Netanyahu’s political style was essentially American from the start. Netanyahu spent many of his […]

  • Get Me Water First
    par Evaggelos Vallianatos le 18/06/2021 à 8:54

    Occasionally, you come across an article, a book, or a film with exceptional power to capture your imagination, influencing your ideas or life, or, at least, reminding you of a time when you, too, were obsessed by similar concerns and hopes. This happened to me recently by a film with the magic and […]

  • Disease as a Weapon: Has the US Blocked Vaccines For Venezuela?
    par Maria Paez Victor le 18/06/2021 à 8:54

    According to the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres 75% of vaccines distributed since Feb. 2021 went to the 10 richest countries of the world. At the G7 sorority meeting last week the leaders pledged to “share” up to 2 billion doses of their “surplus” vaccines. The WHO […]

  • Israel-Palestine: a New Chapter Begins
    par Charles Enderlin le 18/06/2021 à 8:54

    I have the impression of being in the film Back to the Future, and to relive all the battles lost by the Palestinians and their allies amongst the anti-annexationist Israeli Left. Consider, for example, the colonisation of the Sheikh Jarrah quarter in East Jerusalem, back in the news. I filmed the […]

  • Saving the Grizzlies of Jackson Hole
    par Louisa Willcox le 18/06/2021 à 8:54

    Protecting threatened grizzly bears is about managing people. This simple truth is reinforced by the travails of Grand Teton’s renowned grizzly matron, known by her number “399,” and her many descendants. Today, despite her fame and protections offered by the federal Endangered […]

  • My Father’s House
    par Ron Jacobs le 18/06/2021 à 8:53

    My father died last winter.  He was an old man who lived a full life.  His departure was naturally a catalyst for reflection.  Born in 1931, he was barely a teen when World War Two ended.  However, the war and the approach to it on the homefront shaped his approach to the rest […]

  • Biden, China and the New Cold War
    par Dean Baker le 18/06/2021 à 8:53

    After Donald Trump’s clown shows, it was nice to have a U.S. president who at least takes world issues seriously while representing the country at the various summits over the last week. But that is a low bar. While we want adults in positions of responsibility, we have to ask where those […]

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