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  • Four hundred riders descend on Cochrane for BMX provincials
    par Patrick Gibson le 16/09/2021 à 1:31

    In terms of youth sport in the area, it’s hard to find a more impressive spectacle. Each year hundreds of Alberta athletes (some four-years-old, some almost professional) congregate at Cochrane BMX’s track for the local stop on the provincial circuit. This year, around four hundred […]

  • Strong attendance for Lions’ long weekend rodeo
    par Patrick Gibson le 16/09/2021 à 1:31

    The organizing committee for the town’s Labour Day weekend rodeo reported record attendance figures over the course of the four-day event. “People were out, it was sunny, everybody seemed to be a lot more engaged with everything this year,” said Cochrane Lions Club Rodeo chairman […]

  • Years of volunteering central to candidate Paul Singh’s read on Cochrane
    par Patrick Gibson le 16/09/2021 à 1:30

    Town council hopeful Paul Singh says there’s no better way for Cochranites to bond with their neighbours than volunteering. “If you want to learn about the community, go volunteer,” he said. “You gain experience and knowledge, you get to learn from the experiences of others, […]

  • Council candidate Kaitlin Chamberlain's 'on-the-move' campaign
    par Patrick Gibson le 16/09/2021 à 1:30

    Many political candidates might find it tough running a campaign on two feet from a recreational pathway. For council hopeful Kaitlin Chamberlain however, Cochrane’s nearly 80 kilometres of paved paths are where she does her best work. “I would say it’s been excellent,” she […]

  • Councillor Tara McFadden looks to finish goals of virus-impacted term
    par Patrick Gibson le 15/09/2021 à 6:55

    While Cochrane town councillor Tara McFadden is overall proud of the approach she and her colleagues took to their last four years, she says COVID-19 left the term feeling incomplete. “That’s perhaps what was so hard with this term is that every time you get elected, you’ve got a […]

  • Registration open for local Cowboys wrestling club
    par Patrick Gibson le 15/09/2021 à 6:54

    Registration’s open and the season’s almost underway for the Cowboys, the town’s premier wrestling club. The club trains out of the SLS Family Sports Centre and offers programming for girls and boys from ages 7-18. “It’s a pretty exciting environment,” said […]

  • Public engagement the key to candidate Cruze's council bid
    par Patrick Gibson le 10/09/2021 à 4:10

    Town council hopeful Brandon Cruze was the second Cochranite to announce his candidacy, officially submitting in late March. He said he was looking to have a large of a window as possible to communicate his platform to residents. “What I get from the voter is they want to be informed well in […]

  • Cunin back for another run at council after close miss in 2017
    par Patrick Gibson le 10/09/2021 à 4:05

    Town council hopeful Dan Cunin was the first to announce his candidacy this spring. “I think I’ve got the skillset for it, and it’d be my way of giving back and kind of shaping some of the future as best I can,” he said. “At the end of the day, it’s not any one […]

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