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  • Gov't Has Lost Its Mind to Coronavirus
    le 26/02/2020 à 4:28

    Chinese health officials in Weihai, Shandong Province, have quarantined all passengers who arrived on a flight from Korea on Tuesday. The passengers -- 19 Koreans and around 140 Chinese -- have to be quarantined in an unidentified hotel for 14 days. This is the first time Chinese authorities have […]

  • Korea, U.S. to Scale Back or Skip Joint Drills
    par By Cho Yi-jun, Yang Seung-sik( ) le 26/02/2020 à 4:02

    The coronavirus outbreak is starting to affect the operations and preparedness of Korean and U.S. forces here. Some units in the frontline area have suspended surveillance and reconnaissance operations in the demilitarized zone to prevent the spread of the disease. In their latest talks in […]

  • No End in Sight for Cost-Sharing Tug-of-War with U.S.
    par By Cho Yi-jun, Yang Seung-sik( ) le 26/02/2020 à 3:57

    Defense Minister Jeong Kyeong-doo and U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper were unable to settle a drawn-out squabble over cost-sharing for the upkeep of American troops here when they met in Washington on Monday. In a press release after their meeting, the two defense chiefs agreed only that Seoul […]

  • Ex-President Lee Sprung from Jail Again
    par By Yang Eun-kyoung( ) le 26/02/2020 à 3:41

    Ex-President Lee Myung-bak was released from jail again on Wednesday after just six days in detention following his conviction on appeal for corruption. Lee had been sentenced to 17 years behind bars by the Seoul High Court last week and his bail was revoked. But Lee appealed and will now stay out […]

  • LG Chem to Supply Batteries to E-Carmaker Lucid
    par By Shin Eun-jin( ) le 26/02/2020 à 2:33

    LG Chem said Tuesday that it has been chosen as the exclusive supplier of cutting-edge cylindrical rechargeable batteries to Tesla rival Lucid Motors. The U.S. carmaker plans to start selling the electric sedan Lucid Air later this year. The Lucid Air will take only 2.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h […]

  • Gov't to Screen 200,000 Sect Members over Coronavirus
    par By Kim Han-soo, Yang Ji-ho( ) le 26/02/2020 à 2:30

    The government will conduct an exhaustive search for more than 200,000 followers of the dubious Shincheonji sect who may have been infected with coronavirus. The government on Tuesday said the sect has agreed to provide it with a full list of members and their contact numbers and the search "starts […]

  • Celebrities Donate Money to Fight Against Coronavirus
    par ) le 26/02/2020 à 2:29

    Several celebrities have donated money to the fight against coronavirus. Actor Lee Byung-hun on Tuesday donated W100 million to the Community Chest of Korea to help fight the spread (US$1=W1,214). Lee said, "I realize the severity of the virus and hope to help pool people's strength" to overcome […]

  • Several N.Koreans Rumored Dead of Coronavirus
    par By Kim Myong-song( ) le 26/02/2020 à 2:18

    Eight people are rumored to have died of coronavirus in North Korea, a diplomatic source said Tuesday.The source said the reason North Korea sealed its borders on Jan. 22 was that a number of people there had already died of coronavirus. Officially North Korea has reported neither deaths nor any […]

  • Ki Sung-yueng Joins Spanish La Liga Club on Short-Term Contract
    par By Joo Hyung-sik( ) le 26/02/2020 à 2:15

    Footballer Ki Sung-yueng on Tuesday signed a short-term contract with Real Mallorca in Spain's La Liga after his bid to return to the K-League fell through. The contract only lasts four months until June 30, covering the remaining matches of the season. In a video posted on the club's social media […]

  • Girl Group TWICE Sign Deal with U.S. Record Label
    par ) le 26/02/2020 à 2:05

    Girl group TWICE hope to expand their global presence after joining hands with one of the biggest U.S. record labels.Republic Records, an American record label owned by Universal Music, announced Monday it formed a strategic partnership with the group's management agency JYP Entertainment and will […]

  • LG Releases New Large-Screen Budget Smartphone
    le 26/02/2020 à 1:46

    LG on Wednesday launched its new large-screen budget smartphone. The Q51 is priced at W319,000 but comes with a number of high-end features (US$1=W1,214). The phone boasts a 6.5-inch screen, the biggest for a budget phone, along with a triple camera system on the back.The rear camera consists […]

  • Flight Ticket Prices Soar as Chinese Rush Home
    par By Oh Rora( ) le 26/02/2020 à 1:12

    The prices of airline tickets to China have surged eight to 10 times because Chinese people are rushing home amid a spike in coronavirus infections here. Chinese business news website Cai Lian She reported Tuesday that a one-way ticket from Incheon to Qingdao has surged from W86,000 to W690,000 […]

  • Korean LPGA Golfers Shorten Their Breaks at Home
    par By Min Hak-soo( ) le 26/02/2020 à 1:05

    Many Korean golfers playing on the LPGA Tour have hurried to the U.S. amid the outbreak of coronavirus infections here.Park Hee-young, who initially planned to stay in Korea until early March, returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday. "I wanted to spend my break in Korea eating home-cooked meals and […]

  • Coronavirus Sends Global Stocks Plunging
    par VOA News( ) le 25/02/2020 à 11:57

    The economic effects of the deadly coronavirus sent global stock and oil prices plunging Monday, while the infectious disease forced China to postpone its annual legislative session and posed new health threats across the world.Key stock indexes in the U.S. plummeted about 3 percent in afternoon […]

  • Former Egyptian Ruler Mubarak Dead at 91
    par VOA News( ) le 25/02/2020 à 11:46

    Longtime Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak has died at the age of 91. His death was reported Tuesday by state television.Mubarak ruled Egypt for almost 30 years before being swept from power in 2011 after 18 days of popular protests. He rose through the ranks of the Egyptian air force, eventually […]

  • As Italy Battles Coronavirus, Neighbors Mull Border Controls
    par VOA News( ) le 25/02/2020 à 11:44

    Italian officials are scrambling to contain an outbreak of coronavirus, or COVID-19, after separate cases were confirmed Tuesday in Tuscany and Sicily, which is hundreds of kilometers away from the north of the country, where nearly a dozen towns are on lockdown following 10 virus-related […]

  • Hillary Clinton: Will Support Sanders If Nominated for Dems
    par VOA News( ) le 25/02/2020 à 11:44

    Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has expressed her skepticism about Bernie Sanders but says she will support the Democratic nominee regardless of who it is.Clinton, who beat Sanders for the Democratic nomination only to lose the 2016 election to President Donald Trump, made waves with […]

  • EU Sets Terms for Post-Brexit Talks
    par VOA News( ) le 25/02/2020 à 11:37

    European Union members said Tuesday they are ready to offer Britain a substantial and wide-ranging post-Brexit trade deal, but differences between the two sides are wide -- even before they start talks next week.Meeting in Brussels, European ministers set out clear negotiating lines for a future […]

  • To prevent lips from getting chapped
    le 25/02/2020 à 11:08

    To prevent lips from getting chapped, apply a 1:1 mixture of moisturizer and sugar and wipe it off 10 minutes later.

  • Today's Photo: February 26, 2020
    le 25/02/2020 à 11:07


  • Today's Photo: February 26, 2020
    le 25/02/2020 à 11:06
  • Today's Photo: February 26, 2020
    le 25/02/2020 à 11:06
  • Chinese State Media Slam Korea's Handling of Coronavirus
    par By Pak Soo-chan, Lee Beul-chan( ) le 25/02/2020 à 4:39

    China's state media are criticizing Korea's "slow" response to surging coronavirus infections even as the world's most populous country has become a global pariah for lying about and mishandling the disease that originated there. The English-language Global Times in an editorial on Monday chided […]

  • Public Transportation Empty as Koreans Hunker down
    par By Jung Ji-sup( ) le 25/02/2020 à 4:24

    Public transportation use has sharply declined as more and more people stay at home amid the coronavirus scare. Seoul Metro said on Monday that some 42.52 million people took the subway from Feb. 17 to 23, down 19.1 percent from 52.55 million during the same period last year.On Feb. 17, when the […]

  • USFK on Coronavirus Alert
    par By Yang Seung-sik, Lee Dong-hwi ( ) le 25/02/2020 à 4:00

    The U.S. Forces Korea went on high alert for coronavirus on Monday after a USFK dependent recently tested positive for the virus. The USFK on Monday said the wife of a retired soldier living in Daegu has "tested positive for COVID-19. The patient, a 61-year old female, visited Camp Walker's Post […]

  • USFK Chief Warns of Negative Impact of Korean Staff Leave
    par By Yu Yong-weon( ) le 25/02/2020 à 4:00

    U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. Robert Abrams on Monday warned that indefinite unpaid leave for Koran USFK staff amid wrangling over cost-sharing could have a negative impact. "The potential furlough will have a significant impact -- both emotionally and financially -- [on] our Korean national […]

  • Airline Industry Devastated by Travel Bans
    par By Kim Kang-han( ) le 25/02/2020 à 3:55

    Passenger airlines have been devastated by a growing number of entry bans for travelers from Korea as coronavirus infections spike here. As of Tuesday, some 18 countries around the country have banned or restricted travelers from Korea including Bahrain, Hong Kong, Israel, Macau, Qatar and the U.K. […]

  • KOSPI Reels from Coronavirus
    par By Lee Kyung-eun( ) le 25/02/2020 à 3:49

    Stock markets around the world were reeling Monday from coronavirus jitters and Korea was hit particularly hard. The Korea Composite Stock Price Index closed down 3.87 percent on Monday at 2,079.04 points, the biggest drop since Oct. 11, 2018. The KOSPI lost more than W66 trillion in market […]

  • Global Companies Restrict Operations in Korea
    par By Sung Ho-chul( ) le 25/02/2020 à 3:23

    Global companies with branch offices in Korea are restricting their operations here or have even closed their offices temporarily.Intel, the world's top semiconductor company, in a video conference with executives in Seoul on Sunday, the day the Korean government raised a red alert for coronavirus, […]

  • Hwang Ui-jo Scores in 2nd Straight Game for Bordeaux
    par By Kim Eun-gyeong( ) le 25/02/2020 à 2:32

    Hwang Ui-jo of FC Girondins de Bordeaux scored his sixth goal of the season in an away match against Paris Saint-Germain in France's Ligue 1 on Sunday.He has scored in two consecutive matches, after netting in the team's previous match against Dijon FCO on Feb. 15.Hwang gave his team the lead as he […]

  • Drop in Power Consumption Points to Trouble in Economy
    par By Lee Soon-heung ( ) le 25/02/2020 à 2:23

    Power consumption suffered a drop last year for the first time since 1998 at the height of the Asian financial crisis. The contraction sends a clear signal that the overall economy is in deep trouble.According to KEPCO data released on Monday, a total of 520.5 million MWh of electricity were sold […]

  • Bangtan Boys Promote New Album on YouTube
    par By Lee Hai-woon( ) le 25/02/2020 à 2:04

    A launch event for Bangtan Boys' new album was livestreamed on YouTube on Monday.The band, also known as BTS, a day earlier decided to hold the event without their fans or reporters amid concerns over the spread of coronavirus, and do it online instead. And the livestream drew over 220,000 viewers. […]

  • More Countries Ban Travelers from Korea
    par By Pak Soo-chan( ) le 25/02/2020 à 1:01

    Hong Kong has banned all travelers from Korea due to the explosive rise in coronavirus infections here over the weekend. All Koreans who do not live in Hong Kong and any foreigners who visited Korea over the last 14 days are prohibited from entering Hong Kong. Officials there checked passengers […]

  • WHO: Coronavirus Epidemic Is Not Yet Pandemic
    par VOA News( ) le 24/02/2020 à 11:25

    The World Health Organization says the coronavirus outbreak does not yet fit the criterion for a pandemic -- but warns a pandemic is possible and nations should prepare.There are now more than 77,000 cases of the virus in China and more than 2,000 elsewhere, and the overall death toll stands at […]

  • U.S., ASEAN Eye March Special Summit to Boost Ties
    par VOA News( ) le 24/02/2020 à 11:24

    The United States and 10 nations from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are eyeing a special summit in March to boost ties at a time when analysts say China continues to expand its influence in Southeast Asia, while driving a wedge between Washington and some of its traditional […]

  • Trump Announces Military Deal with India, Expresses Optimism for Trade Pact
    par VOA News( ) le 24/02/2020 à 11:24

    President Donald Trump said Monday the United States will sign an agreement to sell $3 billion worth of U.S. helicopters and other equipment to India's military.The announcement came as Trump spoke at a welcome rally called "Namaste Trump" in the city of Ahmedabad, where a crowd of more than […]

  • Malaysia's 94-Year-Old PM Tenders His Resignation
    par VOA News( ) le 24/02/2020 à 11:19

    Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad tendered his resignation to the king Monday, his office said in a statement, but did not give further details.Mahathir's resignation followed talks over the weekend between some members of his party and opposition groups on forming a new government to […]

  • Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty in Landmark #MeToo Moment
    par VOA News( ) le 24/02/2020 à 11:16

    Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of sexual assault Monday, finishing off the downfall of the former Hollywood mogul and a victory for the #MeToo movement against harassment.Weinstein, 67 years old, was convicted in New York City of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual act. He was […]

  • To safely take off a face mask
    le 24/02/2020 à 11:12

    To safely take off a face mask, lift the ear loops but avoid touching the front.

  • Today's Photo: February 25, 2020
    le 24/02/2020 à 11:12


  • Today's Photo: February 25, 2020
    le 24/02/2020 à 11:11
  • Today's Photo: February 25, 2020
    le 24/02/2020 à 11:10
  • Today's Photo: February 25, 2020
    le 24/02/2020 à 11:08
  • Fears of Koreans Being Banned Become Reality
    le 24/02/2020 à 3:36

    Israel has banned all visitors from Korea, turning back some 130 passengers aboard a Korean Air flight two hours after it landed in Tel Aviv on Saturday. Only the Israelis on board were allowed to disembark. Bahrain also banned all travelers from Korea. On the same day, the U.S. State Department […]

  • Police to Hunt down Infected Sect Members
    par By Kim Han-soo( ) le 24/02/2020 à 3:30

    A religious sect that has been become a hotbed of coronavirus infections on Sunday protested that its followers are also "members of the Korean public and also victims." The sect account for around half the number of new infections here, and although they were concentrated in Daegu, many followers […]

  • Korea's Growth Could Plummet to Zero If Coronavirus Drags on
    le 24/02/2020 à 3:23

    Korea's economic growth rate could fall below to zero this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, Morgan Stanley and Nomura Securities forecast.Eight financial institutions including ING Group and Bank of America Merrill Lynch projected Korea's growth at around one percent this year. At the […]

  • Countries Shut Their Doors to Korean Travelers
    par By Shon Jin-seok, Kim Jin-myung( ) le 24/02/2020 à 2:38

    Some 14 countries have restricted or closed their doors to Korean travelers since the explosive increase of coronavirus infections here.Israel refused to let Korean travelers disembark and Bahrain banned all visitors from Korea, while other from the U.K. to Kazakhstan imposed visa restrictions and […]

  • Mass Petition to Ban Travelers from China Falls on Deaf Ears
    par By Kim Jin-myung( ) le 24/02/2020 à 2:11

    A petition that started on Jan. 23 on the Cheong Wa Dae website to ban all travelers from China amid the coronavirus scares closed Saturday with hundreds of thousands of signatures.A total of 761,833 people signed the petition, the third biggest number since the website was opened in 2017.Any […]

  • Coronavirus Delays Start of New School Year
    par By Kwak Soo-keun( ) le 24/02/2020 à 2:08

    The government ordered schools and kindergartens on Sunday to put off the start of their academic year for a week amid the spike of coronavirus infections. It was the first postponement of the start of the new school year on a nationwide scale in the country's modern history. The government also […]

  • 'Parasite' Draws Unprecedented Interest for Korean Film in Japan
    par By Lee Ha-won( ) le 24/02/2020 à 1:28

    Director Bong Joon-ho's Oscar-winning film "Parasite" has proved its popularity in Japan, with media packing a press conference to discuss the film despite soured bilateral relations and the coronavirus scare.Some 200 reporters attended the press conference hosted by the Japanese Press Club in […]

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