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  • Home for a chance at NLL championship, Roughnecks are all-in
    par Todd Saelhof le 24/05/2019 à 7:22

    It’s not that they have a distaste for the city. The finger food is world renowned, after all. Plus many of them have family living in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe, just a short drive to come watch them play in the Upstate New York locale. But the Calgary Roughnecks really do loathe the […]

  • Intruder hid 18 hours in basement before attack on 75-year-old Lethbridge woman
    par Sammy Hudes le 24/05/2019 à 6:51

    An Ottawa man is facing charges of assault causing bodily harm in connection with an incident in Lethbridge on Wednesday in which a 75-year-old woman was allegedly punched in the face and dragged, according to police. Lethbridge police say the incident happened in the woman’s home along the […]

  • Deadly long weekend: Three fatalities, 27 injuries on Alberta roads
    par Sammy Hudes le 24/05/2019 à 6:49

    Three people died and 27 were injured across the province on roads within RCMP jurisdiction over the May long weekend. Alberta RCMP said in a release on Friday that the fatalities and injuries over the Victoria Day weekend were caused by motor vehicle collisions. The tally, which counts incidents […]

  • Two men face 71 charges after string of purse snatchings in Calgary parking lots
    par Sammy Hudes le 24/05/2019 à 5:57

    Calgary police have laid 71 charges against two men in connection with a string of parking lot purse thefts across the city in February and March. From Feb. 3 to March 8, two men allegedly committed nine purse thefts in grocery store parking lots. Police say the men would repeatedly approach a […]

  • Bell: Notley tries to replay the election she lost
    par Rick Bell le 24/05/2019 à 11:00

    You start listening and it’s the same old song and dance. Out of tune and stumbling. You want to shout at Rachel Notley, the NDP leader, once the premier but no longer. Get over it! The election is history. You and your NDP ran an out-of-touch campaign. You lost. Those who advised you should […]

  • Editorial: Rural crime report misses the target
    par Martin Hudson le 24/05/2019 à 11:00

    It’s a given that response times are one of the biggest issues with rural policing. Not surprisingly, it’s also a given the federal government’s response to the severity of the problem would be lacking. As Albertans are well aware, our rural areas have been plagued with dirtbags […]

  • Letters, May 24: Trudeau getting a free pass?
    par Martin Hudson le 24/05/2019 à 11:00

    CALL HIM OUT Why can’t the press see through the arrogance and intentions of this government and challenge/call out our PM for what he and his party are? Are we headed towards a Russian/Chinese/Cuban model of government and press in unison? Do we want to vote based on generated hysteria (the […]

  • Lawyer argues Calgary police officer was justified in throwing theft suspect to the ground
    par Kevin Martin le 24/05/2019 à 2:44

    Const. Trevor Lindsay did not use excessive force when he threw a drunken and handcuffed theft suspect head first to the pavement, his lawyer argued Thursday. Defence counsel Don MacLeod said Lindsay’s manoeuvre in taking Calgarian Daniel Haworth to the ground was a legitimate police move […]

  • Systemic issues created ‘dark struggle’ in Calgary Police Service: former chief
    par Zach Laing le 24/05/2019 à 2:21

    Systemic cultural issues rooted deep in the Calgary Police Service coupled with an outdated Police Act led to a “dark struggle” within the service that led to claims of a toxic working environment, former chief Roger Chaffin told a luncheon Thursday. Chaffin spoke during a panel […]

  • Mitchell Harkes convicted a second time of murder in death of U of C student
    par Kevin Martin le 24/05/2019 à 2:13

    Calgarian Mitchell Harkes showed no outward emotion late Thursday as a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in the stabbing death more than six years ago of U of C student Brett Wiese. It took jurors about 11 hours of deliberations over two days to reach a decision. Wiese, 20, was fatally […]

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