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  • Die Geschichte der E-Zigarette
    par landseermag le 12/12/2017 à 3:49

    Was früher noch als modern und hip galt, wird bereits heute als nervend und gesundheitsschädlich abgetan. Egal, wo man vor 50 Jahren noch hinsah, an jeder Ecke wurde geraucht und gequalmt. Die Zigarette war ein Modeprodukt geworden, dem sich nur zu gerne die Massen unserer Gesellschaft […]

  • Can I Get Better Flavor From My E-Juice?
    par landseermag le 07/08/2017 à 2:40

    While many vapers love cloud chasing, there are still many more who prefer to get better flavor from their vape. So, how can you maximize the flavor of your e-juice? What are the top tips? Here, we look at some things you can try to improve your vaping experience. Change Your Temperature And […]

  • Will My E-Cig Set Off My Smoke Alarm?
    par landseermag le 02/06/2017 à 1:37

    One of the major questions posed by vapers old and new is whether or not vaping can actually set off a smoke alarm. There appears to be a lot of debate about whether or not this is actually possible, and it seems that even experts don’t have a definitive answer. While many people believe that […]

  • What Should I Know About Vaping In The Workplace?
    par landseermag le 31/03/2017 à 6:07

    If you’ve just quit smoking and you’re sitting at work desperate for your next nicotine fix, the rules relating to vaping in your workplace are probably uppermost on your mind. While the regulations surrounding smoking are pretty cut and dried these days, when it comes to using e-cigs […]

  • People try vaping for the first time
    par landseermag le 11/11/2016 à 8:47

    Share This: The post People try vaping for the first time appeared first on Landseer Magazin - Blog about Everything.

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