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Music unites us, it moves us, it binds us. Music is magic. Music festivals have been a way for people to forget the stress of the world around them, to let go, to throw down and just relax for centuries. As far back as the 6th century music festivals have been a part of our world. In the city of Delphi, in ancient Greece it is said that during the Pythian Games music performed and may be one of the first known festivals around the world. Nowadays things are a bit different, in the US alone there are innumerable amounts of music festivals throughout the country. There is Lollapalooza in the states and Rock Werchter in Europe. There are festivals for every genre you can dream of and in out of this world locations, at a castle in Poland or in a corn field in Holland music festivals can be found everywhere. Music Festivals At Sea One of the newer phenomena in the festival world is the festival at sea. In particular, the heavy metal cruise ship festival at sea. Dozens of heavy metal bands get together, on a cruise ship and sail out to the middle of the ocean and party like pirates. It would seem counter intuitive, long haired, leather clad metal heads thrashing around in the hot Caribbean sun. As fate would have it though it turns out that these are some of the best festivals to go to because they bring you in close contact with the musicians you love and the white sandy beaches if the Caribbean. Heavy Metal Cruises 70000 Tons of Metal Full Metal Cruise Monsters of Rock Cruise Barge to Hell 70000 Tons of Metal Do you think that Black Sabbath would have said yes to an invitation to sing on a cruise ship in the early 70’s? It is a strange thought indeed, but now a days that’s how it is. In 2017 even Anthrax is joining the lineup of 70000 Tons of Metal. It has been said that festival cruises bring the fan closer to the artist. The relatively small size of the crowd on such a cruise ship makes it possible to run into your favorite front man and hang by the pool over a cold shot of pirates rum. The day trips to the islands make it that much more interesting, who wouldn’t want to go snorkeling with Joey Belladonna? Monsters of Rock If you really want to get in good with some traditional heavy metal A-listers, the Monsters of Rock Cruise is for you. Why go to a dirty, smelly, old bar when you can get on a 10 ton cruise ship with Sebastian Bach? There is almost nothing to say about the superstar level of awesomeness these cruises are. It seems kind of silly at first, heavy metal bands on a cruise ship? What? Though if you really stop to think about it, it’s a music festival with your favorite bands and your own shower! Sometimes there is just nothing left to say. Call it what you will, the "devils music", the deterioration of America’s youth; and still the facts remain the same. Heavy metal music is music. It has a strong following of dedicated fans on a global scale, as we age and grow, younger versions of who we once were join us with their long hair and raised fists. In a bar, on the radio, behind your computer; these days it is everywhere, even in the mainstream. When your bones are too old to venture into the mosh pit, just jump on a cruise ship and hang with the monster of rock.

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