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  • TribCast Episode 28- We’re On The Scene
    par tribune le 23/10/2015 à 8:12

    We got breaking news for you. Our reporter Trone Dowd is on the scene of a water main break in Elmhurst that wrecked havoc on Queens Boulevard and Broadway. We’ll also discuss some of the big news of the week, including a long-awaited honor for a slain cop the same week another one of […]

  • TribCast- Episode 27: Meet The Cops
    par tribune le 16/10/2015 à 8:04

    Mayor Bill de Blasio was in Queens this week to meet the new NYPD recruits and things went far more amicably than last time. On the other side of the borough, the second coffee meeting between the cops at the 113th Precinct and South Jamaica residents also proved amicable and the NYPD unveils its […]

  • TribCast Episode 26: We’re Back…Finally (Oct. 9, 2015)
    par tribune le 09/10/2015 à 6:09

    The TribCast Returns! Meet the new crew as we discuss some of the biggest stories the Tribune and Press Of Southeast Queens staff covered this week including a Queens Library system on the rebound; Uber’s growing popularity in Southeast Queens; the fast-changing Astoria commercial scene […]

  • TribCast Episode 25- This Is Only A Test
    par tribune le 27/04/2015 à 5:39

    As students all over Queens take their state standardized tests, we discuss the few who aren’t because their parents opted out, why they choose to, and what affect that might have on education policy, if any. The Main Street bus lane is dead, but only for a section of the proposed route in […]

  • TribCast Episode 24- We Get Around
    par tribune le 17/04/2015 à 7:59

    The TribCast crew will tell you this week why it may be harder to find a parking spot in the future, but maybe easier to find affordable housing. We will also discuss what’s going on with Community Board 9 and why, maybe, Borough President Melinda Katz chose to not reappoint one of its […]

  • Episode 23- Census’ Sense of Queens
    par tribune le 10/04/2015 à 5:49

    Queens lost a key leader this week when Jack Friedman, executive director of the Queens Chamber of Commerce and longtime civic leader passed away suddenly Thursday. Also this week, the Trib crew discusses recent Census numbers that show Queens is gaining population, even while tens of thousands are […]

  • TribCast Episode 22- The Mets, and all their neighbors
    par tribune le 03/04/2015 à 7:36

    March went out like a lion on the news front in Queens. Willets Point business owners reached a settlement with the city for their move to the Bronx in preparation for a massive redevelopment of the area next to Citi Field, but some are not part of the deal, and are still standing firm on a […]

  • Episode 21- Queens has questions, we (might) have answers
    par tribune le 27/03/2015 à 8:14

    The news in Queens has been as erratic as the weather. The Tribune reporting staff take you through the last week’s top news stories including the DOT’s ambitious plan to create faster bus service on Woodhaven and Cross Bay boulevards, but will it lead to slower traffic? Will a […]

  • Tribcast Episode 20- Spring has (kinda) sprung
    par tribune le 20/03/2015 à 7:33

    As winter (very gradually) turns into Spring, join the Queens Tribune crew as we discuss the annual New York political rite of spring- state budget negotiations and how education has become the nucleus of this year’s debate. We’ll explore proposals to toll the free East River […]

  • Tribcast Episode 19 – Ides of March
    par tribune le 13/03/2015 à 8:21

    Winter is fading and spring is coming. Time to get outside! Joined by new Editor-in-Chief Domenick Rafter, the Tribune news crew discusses the friction in South Richmond Hill’s Hindu community that led to the Phagwah Parade, the Hindu celebration of Spring, being postponed and possibly […]

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