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  • Lotte Group inks deals to sell 2 financial units
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 9:31

    Lotte Group signed deals to sell off its credit card unit and non-life insurer as part of efforts to meet regulatory requirements, with the combined value of the transactions roughly 1.7 trillion won ($1.43 billion), industry sources said Friday. According to the sources, retail-focused Lotte Group […]

  • Leak of Moon’s phone chat with Trump stokes controversy
    par sophie le 24/05/2019 à 7:12

    Controversy is growing after the government revealed that a diplomat had leaked to an opposition lawmaker details of the May 7 telephone conversation between President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump. During a press conference on May 9, Rep. Khang Hyo-shang of the main opposition Liberty […]

  • S. Korean stocks retreat, won dips amid US’ threat to slap duties
    par 2017014 le 24/05/2019 à 5:02

    South Korean stocks fell Friday, while the won closed higher against the US dollar, hours after Washington’s remarks that it is considering to impose anti-subsidy duties on nations that undervalue their currencies against the greenback. The announcement, which came amid an intensifying […]

  • Govt. is making military brain-dead: main opposition leader
    par 2016012 le 24/05/2019 à 5:02

    The chief of the main opposition Liberty Korea Party, Hwang Kyo-ahn criticized the liberal government’s conciliatory policy toward North Korea on Thursday, claiming it making the military “brain-dead.”“Even when politicians speak of peace, the military should prevent […]

  • S. Korea to stage new civilian-military exercise next week
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 4:41

    South Korea plans to launch a new civilian-military exercise next week to better brace for various contingencies, the defense and interior ministries said Friday, the latest in a series of reorganizations of defense drills to support peace efforts with North Korea.The inaugural Ulchi Taegeuk […]

  • US commander says Pyongyang’s recent missile launches ‘routine military activities’
    par 2016012 le 24/05/2019 à 4:23

    Gen. Robert Abrams, the top commander of the combined forces here, said the recent launches of short-range missiles by North Korea were part of routine military exercises and that the security situation on the Korean Peninsula has not changed. During a symposium in Honolulu on Wednesday, Abrams […]

  • Posco begins collective bargaining with union
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 3:26

    Posco, South Korea's top steelmaker, said Friday it has started this year's collective bargaining with its union.The union has made various requests to the management, including a base pay increase and an extension of the retirement age. Posco currently has two labor unions, but the one affiliated […]

  • Unification minister hopes better inter-Korean ties lead to resumption of nuclear talks
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 3:24

    Unification Minister Kim Yeon-chul said Friday that he will work hard to advance inter-Korean relations so as to resume the stalled denuclearization talks between the United States and North Korea."We will do our best to steadily improve inter-Korean relations in a way that will lead to the […]

  • Moon meets farmers planting rice in Gyeongju
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 3:19

    President Moon Jae-in visited a southeastern rural village Friday to encourage farmers who were busy planting rice. He briefly planted rice himself and attended the test operation of an agricultural drone and a self-driving rice-planting device in Oksan village in Gyeongju, 371 kilometers southeast […]

  • [Newsmaker] One Navy officer dead, four injured in accident involving destroyer docked at port
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 3:13

    One Navy officer was killed and four others were injured Friday in an accident involving a destroyer that returned home after a mission in waters off Somalia.The accident occurred at 10:15 a.m. at a naval base in the southern port city of Jinhae when a rope used to connect the 4,400-ton Choi Young […]

  • Diageo Korea introduces fully paid family leave for employees
    par 2015006 le 24/05/2019 à 2:20

    Diageo Korea, the South Korean unit of the liquor maker, said Friday it will offer fully paid family leave for employees from July. This is in line with the headquarters’ global family leave policy, introduced as part of efforts to become a leading employer in the area of gender equality […]

  • Taiwan holds first gay marriages in historic day for Asia
    par afp201708 le 24/05/2019 à 11:21

    TAIPEI (AFP) -- Taiwan made history on Friday with Asia's first legal gay weddings as same-sex couples tied the knot in jubilant and emotional scenes, the culmination of a three-decade fight for equality.The weddings, which came a week after lawmakers took the unprecedented decision to legalise gay […]

  • Samsung BioLogics CEO attends arrest-warrant hearing in accounting scandal
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 10:50

    A local court was to hold a hearing on Friday to decide whether to issue an arrest warrant for the head of contract drug manufacturer Samsung BioLogics on charges of abetting destruction of evidence in the company's accounting scandal.Kim Tae-han, the first CEO-level suspect grilled by prosecutors […]

  • [Around the Hotels] Packages and promotions
    par 2017009 le 24/05/2019 à 10:45

    Avocado afternoon at Grand InterContinental Seoul ParnasLobby Lounge at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas presents the Avocado Royal High Tea Set.The set offers avocado cream dacquoise; avocado scones with clotted cream; avocado brownies; brioche sandwich with roasted avocado; roasted avocado […]

  • [Box Office] Movies in theaters this week
    par 2011025 le 24/05/2019 à 10:42

    The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil(Korea)Opened May 15Crime, ActionDirected by Lee Won-taeA notorious gangster Jang Dong-soo (Ma Dong-seok) narrowly survives a random attack by a serial killer, and sets out to bring justice to his attacker in his own way: by brutally murdering him. At the same time, […]

  • [Travel Bits] Festivals, sights across Korea
    par 2011025 le 24/05/2019 à 10:40

    Everland Rose FestivalLaunched in 1985, the long-running Everland Rose Festival opens every year in May. This year it continues until June 16. With a 20,000-square-meter rose garden, visitors can see various kinds of flowers while enjoying the amusement park.It is held inside Everland, South […]

  • [Eye Plus] Green magic blooms in heart of Seoul
    par 2015006 le 24/05/2019 à 10:18

    Farming in the densely populated city of Seoul is nothing new. Many urban farmers make use of vacant spaces on top of apartment buildings, schools and public buildings to grow vegetables. Some rent privately owned spaces to start their own green experiments. As of 2017, Seoul had 170 hectares of […]

  • [Herald Interview] Chef puts faith in gimbap
    par 2003057 le 24/05/2019 à 10:13

    For chef Kim Rock-hun, gimbap is the perfect meal for the times. A roll of rice, vegetables and other ingredients wrapped tightly in a seaweed laver sheet, gimbap is tasty and healthy. Typically served in bite-sized slices, it is convenient to pack and eat on the move. “It is ‘slow fast […]

  • [Weekender] Border-area tourism on the rise
    par 2003057 le 24/05/2019 à 10:10

    One of the last vestiges of the Cold War, the Demilitarized Zone is often described as the world’s most heavily fortified border. But it is also a tourist magnet, attracting 1.2 million visitors annually. From the bustling metropolis of Seoul, tour buses take hundreds of foreign and local […]

  • Seoul urges Tokyo to accept WTO's ruling on Fukushima seafood ban
    par yonhap2017 le 24/05/2019 à 9:41

    South Korea's trade minister has urged Japan to accept the World Trade Organization's decision that upheld Seoul's import restrictions on Japanese seafood following the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, Seoul's trade ministry said Friday.During an informal trade ministerial gathering at the WTO held […]

  • Chinese minister plays down inter-Korean railway project
    par 2005016 le 23/05/2019 à 10:24

    LEIPZIG, Germany -- Chinese Transport Minister Li Xiaopeng on Thursday said that China is not going to be involved in an inter-Korean railway project, saying it is “their own business.”When asked about China’s role in facilitating the project of reconnecting the railroad between […]

  • Hydrogen tank explosion kills 2 in Gangneung
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 7:57

    A hydrogen tank explosion killed two people and left six injured in the eastern city of Gangneung in South Korea, the firefighting authorities said Thursday. One was seriously injured and five others suffered minor injuries when the hydrogen tank blew up at Gangwon Technopark, a factory-type […]

  • [Weekender] An eerie reminder of precarious peace at DMZ Peace Trail
    par 2011025 le 23/05/2019 à 7:33

    Don’t take the Gangbyeonbuk highway during rush hours in Seoul.That was what I screamed in my mind as the bus took the well-traveled road, an agonizingly slow path eastward, toward Gangwon Province, where the government recently decided to open a new section of the Demilitarized Zone to […]

  • [Graphic News] ‘Avengers: Endgame’ becomes most-viewed foreign film in S. Korea
    par 2000014 le 23/05/2019 à 6:34

      “Avengers: Endgame” became the most-watched foreign film in South Korean history, with 13.4 million admissions, its distributor said. The latest Marvel superhero flick set the record at around noon on Sunday, Walt Disney Company Korea said based on a real-time box-office […]

  • Blizzard receives award for youth support
    par 2016021 le 23/05/2019 à 6:09

    Game publisher Blizzard Entertainment Korea received an award from the state-run Korea Student Aid Foundation on Thursday for supporting youths. Blizzard -- known for hit games “Starcraft,” “World of Warcraft,” “Hearthstone” and “Overwatch” -- has […]

  • Exit Daejeon announces W14.2b startup funding agreement
    par 2017011 le 23/05/2019 à 5:45

    DAEJEON -- Startups from across South Korea, global startup community leaders and representatives of Daejeon Metropolitan City flocked to Daejeon Convention Center Thursday to mark the end of the three-day Exit Daejeon 2019 event. Located some 140 kilometers south of Seoul, Daejeon served as a […]

  • [Herald Review] ‘A Boy and Sungreen,’ a pleasant and loveable coming-of-age story
    par 2011025 le 23/05/2019 à 5:29

    Director Ahn Ju-young’s first feature film is not a masterpiece, yet it has a strange appeal to it.The narrative and the plot are a bit plain, and I felt like Ahn dropped the ball a bit in the climax, but it is well-cast, the two leads are fantastic and work extremely well together and the […]

  • S. Korea holds memorial service for ex-President Roh
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 5:16

    Wearing yellow visors, a color that symbolizes former President Roh Moo-hyun, thousands of mourners gathered in his rural hometown Thursday to commemorate the 10th year since his death.First Lady Kim Jung-sook and high-ranking political and government officials were also among those who attended a […]

  • US closely watching for N. Korea’s possible financial sanction violations
    par 2008012 le 23/05/2019 à 5:10

    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said President Donald Trump has firm willingness to implement sanctions against North Korea, in another signal that the country will not pursue sanctions relief in order to resume nuclear talks. “The president is determined that we continue our efforts to […]

  • [News Focus] Korea’s farming population decreases 42% since 2000
    par 2010027 le 23/05/2019 à 5:06

    SEJONG -- South Korea saw the number and percentage of population engaged in agriculture continue to drop, though the number of urbanites returning or turning to farming has notably increased over the past decade.According to Statistics Korea, the number of farm population (farming-household […]

  • [Editorial] Conditions for reform
    par koreaherald le 23/05/2019 à 5:02

    Cheong Wa Dae, the ruling party and the government unveiled a police reform plan Monday, but it is questionable if this can prevent police from becoming too powerful and secure independence in investigations. The plan calls for the establishment of a “national investigation […]

  • [David Ignatius] Trump confronts China's tech threat
    par khc006 le 23/05/2019 à 4:49

    Huawei’s name is often translated in English as “Chinese excellence.” The Trump administration last week embarked on a campaign to rebrand the tech giant, in effect, as a “Chinese threat” and check its expansion in the West. The Huawei assault may be the Trump […]

  • Naver chooses 4 Asian countries as outposts for V Live service expansion
    par 2015008 le 23/05/2019 à 4:33

      South Korean tech giant Naver said Thursday it will focus on four Asian countries in expanding its K-pop livestreaming service, as part of efforts to boost its global profile starting with the region with better business outlook.  During a press conference in central Seoul, […]

  • [Photo news] Paving the way to Myanmar
    par Bae Hyunjung le 23/05/2019 à 4:30

     The Industrial Bank of Korea CEO Kim Do-jin (fourth from left) stands with Myanmarese officials ahead of the bank’s investment briefing held Thursday at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Some 260 Korean companies interested in advancing into Myanmar attended the event to learn […]

  • ‘Competition laws should be more flexible in digital era’
    par 2013021 le 23/05/2019 à 4:28

    The South Korean antitrust watchdog will be more flexible in enforcing competition laws with the emergence of new services and products in the digital era, its chief said following a meeting with large companies Thursday. Fair Trade Commission Chairman Kim Sang-jo held a closed-door policy meeting […]

  • Seoul to become first global city to use 5G network in public transit
    par 2015008 le 23/05/2019 à 4:23

     Following hype over how to incorporate the fifth-generation network into autonomous driving since the network began commercial service here last month, the initial step toward the futuristic goal is expected to take off in Seoul later this year.  South Korea’s biggest mobile […]

  • K-water hosts global forum to address water scarcity
    par 2011048 le 23/05/2019 à 4:14

    DAEJEON -- Scientists, government officials and representatives of global environmental organizations gathered in Daejeon City on Thursday to discuss water shortage around the world and possible response measures at the 2019 International Drought Forum.Organized jointly by Korea Water Resources […]

  • [Newsmaker] Moon replaces vice foreign, unification, defense ministers
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 4:06

    President Moon Jae-in replaced vice ministers of diplomatic, defense and inter-Korean affairs simultaneously on Thursday amid a stalemate in the peace-building process and efforts to resolve a history dispute with Japan. He appointed Cho Sei-young, chancellor of the Korea National Diplomatic […]

  • Inaugural Korea Fintech Week kicks off
    par 2015007 le 23/05/2019 à 4:06

    The inaugural Korea Fintech Week event kicked off in Seoul Thursday, bringing together more than 50 local startups and 2,500 attendees to share business ideas and clinch new investment opportunities.The three-day event taking place at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul through Saturday is […]

  • Net profit of overseas FI branches jumps 37%
    par 2017014 le 23/05/2019 à 4:04

    The overseas branches of South Korean financial institutions reported a 37 percent growth in their combined net profit on-year to nearly $1.3 billion last year, data from the Financial Supervisory Service showed Thursday.Overall, 79.1 percent of the combined net profit came from branches in Asia. […]

  • Hyundai Motor heir stresses customer-first value, partnerships with mobility firms
    par 2015006 le 23/05/2019 à 4:03

    Hyundai Motor Group Executive Vice Chairman Chung Eui-sun has vowed to bring the focus back to customers and stressed that the group’s future success lies on building firm partnerships with global mobility companies. The remarks came during an event by Carlye Group as part of its annual […]

  • Moon lauds Bush’s visit as strong Korea-US alliance
    par 2016025 le 23/05/2019 à 3:30

    South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Thursday said former US President George W. Bush’s attendance at a memorial service to commemorate the late South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun reflects strong alliance between the two countries.“Thank you for attending the official ceremony to mark […]

  • Hyundai Heavy Industries wins two LNG vessel deals worth $390m
    par chohyeesu le 23/05/2019 à 3:16

    The world’s largest shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries said Thursday it has obtained two additional orders to build liquefied natural gas carriers, bringing its total number of orders to five so far this year. HHI revealed that a deal had been made with an unnamed European shipping company […]

  • Vice transport minister opposes market entry of Uber
    par 2005016 le 23/05/2019 à 2:37

    LEIPZIG, Germany -- Citing the role of taxis in Korea as a form of quasi-public transport, South Korea’s vice transport minister said Wednesday that he “disagrees” with the idea of global ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft entering the local market.In an interview with […]

  • Koreans’ overseas card spending down in Q1
    par 2014025 le 23/05/2019 à 2:07

    Overseas card spending by South Koreans fell in the first quarter, despite the rising number of outbound tourists, as a weaker Korean won discouraged them from swiping cards overseas, central bank data showed on May 23. In the January-March period, Koreans spent $4.68 billion using cards […]

  • Seoul to remove right of parents to administer punishment of kids
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 1:45

    South Korea said Thursday that it will remove the right of parents to administer corporal punishment on their children as part of efforts to enhance the rights of minors.The move is part of the Moon Jae-in administration's youth policy that aims to create an environment where children can be happy […]

  • [Newsmaker] Diplomat accused of leaking phone conversation between Moon, Trump
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 1:42

    South Korea's presidential office Cheong Wa Dae has found the diplomat suspected of leaking the phone talks between President Moon Jae-in and U.S. President Donald Trump to a lawmaker earlier this month, an official said Wednesday. Earlier this month, Rep. Khang Hyo-shang of the main opposition […]

  • Six former aides to Park Geun-hye may face indictment for political intervention
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 1:23

    Six former presidential secretaries to President Park Geun-hye were found to have illegally intervened in local elections and politics during the previous administration, police said Thursday.A special investigation team of the Korean National Police Agency ( said it has referred the six, including […]

  • S. Korean Olympic chief nominated for IOC membership
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 10:40

    The head of South Korea's Olympic body has been nominated for membership of the International Olympic Committee, a major boost for Seoul's efforts to increase its influence in global sports.Korean Sport & Olympic Committee President Lee Kee-heung was one of 10 candidates proposed for the […]

  • Top diplomats of S. Korea, Japan to hold talks in Paris amid tensions over forced labor
    par yonhap2017 le 23/05/2019 à 10:32

    The top diplomats of South Korea and Japan were set to hold bilateral talks on the sidelines of an international meeting in Paris on Thursday amid rising tensions over Tokyo's wartime forced labor, Seoul's foreign ministry said.Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha will meet her Japanese counterpart, […]

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