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  • Isthmus’ mayoral debate
    par Haidee Chu le 19/03/2019 à 12:15

    Racism, mass transit, the public market and temperament were all debated at Isthmus’ mayoral debate. […]

  • The hero we deserve
    par Kyle Nabilcy le 19/03/2019 à 12:00

    Revolution Brewing’s Every Day Hero demonstrates that session IPAs can offer cross-category appeal. […]

  • The latest big time sports outrages
    par Dave Cieslewicz le 19/03/2019 à 5:01

    Where should I start? How about Jim Delaney, the Big Ten commissioner who is retiring with a $20 million bonus. […]

  • Using your wealth for good
    le 19/03/2019 à 5:00

    How can you fulfill your philanthropic vision through meaningful investments? Sponsored content from The Burish Group of UBS. […]

  • The "Shrill" revolution
    par Catherine Capellaro le 18/03/2019 à 3:05

    “Shrill,” which stars SNL’s Aidy Bryant, is a game-changer. It’s inspired by Lindy West’s groundbreaking book of essays, and tracks the life and career of a young journalist seeking acceptance, from the inside and out. […]

  • Tell All: A world without love or sex
    par Isthmus Staff le 18/03/2019 à 5:00

    None of my male college friends who are in their 20s have had a serious relationship that I know of; now they’re obsessing about their tech careers and show no interest in settling down. […]

  • The rhythm of love
    par Victoria Davis le 16/03/2019 à 1:00

    Director Jessica Lanius has created a lovely picture of young love in Theatre LILA’s “Romeo+Juliet.” The show is this weekend only at the Overture Center. […]

  • First look
    par Reid Kurkerewicz le 15/03/2019 à 3:00

    Madison’s punk blues wizards Meat Jelly slip out a new single on Bandcamp and vinyl. Here’s a look at the new video for “Chuck Downfield.&rdquo […]

  • Strike!
    par Haidee Chu le 15/03/2019 à 12:00

    Madison high school students shared stories about how they fear the world is changing in protest for action on climate change at the Capitol. […]

  • March Television
    par Alex Claiborne le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    Lift your spirits and your consciousness with “Queer Eye,” “Project Runway,” “Billions” and “Shrill&rdquo […]

  • Cross-cultural exploration
    par Gwendolyn Rice le 14/03/2019 à 1:00

    “Tibet Through the Red Box” is a visually stunning cross-cultural exploration by Children's Theater of Madison. […]

  • Helping hands
    par Robin Shepard le 14/03/2019 à 5:01

    Wisconsin craft brewers pitch in during Tom Porter’s illness. The help staved off the need to contract-brew or cease operations altogether. […]

  • Trying times
    par Jenny Peek le 14/03/2019 à 5:01

    Six candidates believe they have the experience and vision to help Madison schools grapple with racism, behavioral issues, the achievement gap and move. Isthmus talked to the candidates to find out why they’re running and what they want to achieve. […]

  • Is Madison ready for a new mayor?
    par Dylan Brogan le 14/03/2019 à 5:01

    Madison Mayor Paul Soglin says he has the experience to tackle Madison’s challenges. Challenger Satya Rhodes-Conway says it’s time to give someone else a shot. The election is less than three weeks away. […]

  • Watch the spicy language
    par Candice Wagener le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    Caitlin PenzeyMoog has penned a sometimes irreverent but helpful inside look at the unsung hero of cooking: spices. It also happens to be the family business. […]

  • Neighborhood concerns
    par Joe Tarr le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    Police have twice been called to the home of Jim White, candidate for Common Council, for reports of a domestic disturbance. White denies any violence occurred. […]

  • Socialism’s safest place
    par Joe Tarr le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    Madison has a chapter of Socialist Rifle Association, a leftist alternative to the NRA that aims to offer gun education and a defense of community. People of color, women and transgender people are welcome — racist, sexist bigots are prohibited. […]

  • What Evers left out of budget
    par Dave Cieslewicz le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    When campaigning for governor Tony Evers promised to reduce the prison population, do something about chronic wasting disease, and fix the controversial WEDC. None of those proposals are in his first budget. […]

  • Circle game
    par Nigel O'Shea le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    Rustic, chic, savory, sweet, it’s pie that will possess you at Humble, but the quiches and pasties are almost as alluring. Even the slight mis-steps are delicious. […]

  • MadWeek for Mar. 14, 2019
    le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    So what if you have a headache — Madison is the third best place to live, according to All this and more in MadWeek. […]

  • From Mexico to Monroe
    le 14/03/2019 à 5:00

    A visit to a Tucson gift shop sparks a collector’s passion for the pottery from the village of Mata Ortiz, Mexico. Now Terry Haller’s collection is being displayed at the Monroe Arts Center. […]

  • Breathing room
    par Howard Hardee le 14/03/2019 à 4:59

    Propeller Health’s David Van Sickle focuses on a digital treatment for asthma. It’s part of a lifetime’s interest in aiding those who have difficulty breathing. […]

  • The sins of the grandfather
    par Dan Savage le 14/03/2019 à 4:59

    To what extent is a family member responsible for airing old abuse from within the family? Dan Savage discusses this within the context of the recent "Finding Neverland" documentary on HBO. […]

  • Mystery in Spain
    par MaryAnn Johanson le 14/03/2019 à 4:59

    Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi doesn’t quite live up to his previous works with his first Spanish-language film, “Everybody Knows.&rdquo […]

  • Timeless love story
    par Victoria Davis le 14/03/2019 à 4:59

    Theatre LILA presents an unconventional gender-fluid version of “Romeo +Juliet.” It’s onstage at the Overture Center March 14-17. […]

  • Songs for environmental justice
    par Sandy Tabachnick le 14/03/2019 à 4:59

    Award-winning choral director Gabriela Hristova will visit Madison to guest conduct for Festival Choir of Madison on March 16. She will bring a chamber choir from Flint, Michigan, performing a work on the city’s water crisis. […]

  • Off the Square: Is this thing on?
    par Jon Lyons le 14/03/2019 à 4:59

    The other day on the floor of the House of Representatives, Madison's Mark Pocan made a Nickelback joke. […]

  • Eats events
    par Isthmus Staff le 14/03/2019 à 4:59

    Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Essen Haus, find a CSA at the Monona Terrace and fill out your bracket for the Willy Street Co-op March Madness Cheese Challenge, this week in events that sham-rock! […]

  • Experimental experience
    par Robin Shepard le 13/03/2019 à 3:00

    Sabro IPA from Working Draft is bursting with tropical aroma and flavor — so much pineapple and coconut it may leave drinkers thinking about a piña colada. It’s single-hopped with a new, experimental hop. […]

  • Unity through a prune-filled donut
    par Dave Cieslewicz le 12/03/2019 à 5:00

    These days when I go back to the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis I see something that I never saw as a kid: diversity. […]

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