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  • When You Fund Us, You Fund our Mission
    par Sara Dyer le 18/03/2019 à 4:03

    Our newsroom’s mission is to tell stories that change laws, lives and minds in our communities. Whether we’re focused on how Alabama teaches Black history across the state or licensed midwives, our mission remains the same. But, journalism is not free. We have a finite budget and there […]

  • Successful Email Marketing 101
    par Sara Dyer le 08/03/2019 à 6:53

    Email marketing is a vital tool for any business. Whether you’re a retail store, a business-to-business company or an online publication, there’s no doubt that email can be useful; IF you know how to use it correctly that is. In this blog series we will discover how to use email […]

  • 2019 Marketing Trends: Voice Search
    par Sara Dyer le 05/03/2019 à 9:04

    No longer your average PPC, search has exploded beyond the written word or phrase and is morphing into both visual and voice search. We know that customers expect you to be where they’re searching – and with the advent of voice and visual search – it’s time to ask yourself […]

  • Alabama Media Group brands recognized as finalists for 2019 Global Media Awards
    par Sara Dyer le 05/03/2019 à 8:18

    March 5, 2019 | Birmingham, AL | Alabama Media Group brands were recognized as finalists for the 2019 Global Media Awards today from The International News Media Association (INMA). The awards are designed to highlight news organizations energizing news brands, creating products, engaging […]

  • 2019 Marketing Trends: Social Media Stories
    par Sara Dyer le 26/02/2019 à 8:55

    Let’s talk social media in 2019. The average U.S. 18+ adult spends an average of 45 minutes daily on social media. We scroll and scroll every day to check up on on our neighbor’s dog, the restaurant down the street, our favorite celebrities and bloggers, and we might even end up […]

  • 2019 Marketing Trends: Video Marketing Goes Beyond Pre-Roll Ads
    par Sara Dyer le 06/02/2019 à 10:54

    If you’re considering where to invest your marketing dollars in 2019, look no further than video. Digital video ad spending increased dramatically from 2017 to 2018, and those numbers are expected to grow through 2021. Correlating to that increase in spend is the increase in consumed video […]

  • 2019 Marketing Trends: Personalization
    par Sara Dyer le 22/01/2019 à 8:25

    At their core, personalization and customization mean taking any data you have on customers and combining it with whatever business assets you’re promoting to create a message for a hyper-specific segment. For example, not simply targeting women with children aged 7-10, but targeting working […]

  • 2019 Marketing Trends: Transparency & Authenticity
    par Sara Dyer le 09/01/2019 à 11:04

    Whether you’re selling a product, service, or asking for donations, it’s no secret that consumers don’t like being marketed to. 59% of surveyed adults said they dislike ads in online video clips, 42% said they dislike ads on websites. What most consumers want from brands […]

  • 2019 Marketing Trends eBook
    par Sara Dyer le 28/12/2018 à 3:58

    Continuing to find ways to innovate in marketing is nothing new. With every new year comes new business goals and objectives and building a compelling and effective marketing program to support those initiatives is never far behind. This guide will give you a snapshot of what’s trending in […]

  • Why We Do What We Do
    par Sara Dyer le 27/12/2018 à 10:49

    Welcome to The Story of Us. Alabama Media Group exists at its core for one reason: to produce excellent local journalism. Our purpose is to bring news to and tell the stories that reflect and shape our communities. We hope to drive daily conversations and engage millions through stories that […]

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