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  • Joy for Canadian bagpiper charged over Sgian Dubh in sock
    le mai 26, 2018 à 10:44

    A Canadian bagpiper who generated huge public support after being fined for carrying a Sgian Dubh 18 months ago has had his case dropped and his knife returned. […]

  • Edinburgh branded ‘too posh’ for Monopoly’s Old Kent Road
    le mai 26, 2018 à 10:38

    The makers of a new Edinburgh Monopoly board are struggling to find an option to replace the original Old Kent Road – because they feel the city is “too posh”. […]

  • Review: Isuzu D-Max Blade Double Cab Blade
    le mai 26, 2018 à 10:18

    Sales of pickups increased almost 8 per cent to more than 51,000 last year, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. Demand dropped towards the end of the year – no doubt because buyers of these five-seater double cabs were put off by the flight from diesel engines, which […]

  • Dani Garavelli: Tragic legacy drags Ireland into modern world
    le mai 26, 2018 à 10:14

    An astonishing triumph for women’s rights will give hope to less fortunate neighbours in Ireland, writes Dani Garav […]

  • Seven tips to help you find your way through the mortgage maze
    le mai 26, 2018 à 10:03

    Finding the right mortgage deal isn’t always easy – and new research from the City regulator suggests many borrowers are getting it wrong. With a mortgage being the most costly regular outgoing for many people, this can be an expensive mistake to make. […]

  • In Pictures: 11 ancient items the Vikings left in Scotland
    le mai 26, 2018 à 1:06

    The Vikings loved to show off their wealth and status - with a rich treasure trove of jewels and goods left behind in Scotland as a result. […]

  • Glasgow School of Art to honour New York museum curator
    le mai 26, 2018 à 11:52

    A Charles Rennie Mackintosh expert and design curator at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York is among the graduates who will be honoured by Glasgow School of Art (GSA). […]

  • Music review: Nina Nesbitt
    le mai 26, 2018 à 8:00

    FOR some years now, Balerno-raised Nina Nesbitt has been a star waiting to happen, a singer-songwriter of some ability who hasn’t quite hit the bulls-eye in terms of capturing the public’s imagination. A couple of her songs have grazed the top 40 and her 2014 debut album Peroxide nearly […]

  • Theatre review: Sunshine on Leith
    le mai 26, 2018 à 8:00

    IT’S been a long 11 years since the first performance, at Dundee Rep, of Stephen Greenhorn’s brilliant musical built around the songs of The Proclaimers; over that decade, the show has toured the UK, and become a successful film, released in 2013. […]

  • Music review: Echo & the Bunnymen
    le mai 26, 2018 à 8:00

    WITH their classic 1984 album Ocean Rain, Echo & the Bunnymen set a benchmark for symphonic pop among their post-punk peers, justification alone for embellishing old and new material with “strings and things” on The Stars, The Oceans and the Moon tour.However, there were teething […]

  • Music review: Sparks
    le mai 26, 2018 à 8:00

    POP trends come, pop trends go, and Sparks ignore them all in creating their unique and almost alien pop sound. As for their fans, they don’t always know what it is but they like it. […]

  • Comedy review: Tim Vine: Sunset Milk Idiot
    le mai 26, 2018 à 8:00

    “THIS is a night of variety” 
proclaimed John Archer, the comedy magician who acted as warm-up guy for the evening’s main turn. We were indeed in for a relatively old school show, yet there’s also something almost radical about Tim Vine’s madcap comedy. […]

  • Gareth Shaw: Power of Attorney equals peace of mind
    le mai 26, 2018 à 6:00

    When my father suffered a severe stroke more than a decade ago, among the many things my sister and I had to deal with were his finances while he was in hospital. […]

  • Mhairi Black to make debut at Edinburgh Festival Fringe
    le mai 26, 2018 à 5:00

    Mhairi Black, Britain’s youngest MP, is to make her debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. […]

  • Scotsman Food and Drink Awards to return for second year
    le mai 26, 2018 à 5:00

    The best of Scotland’s food and drink industry is to be celebrated for a second year with the return of a successful awards ceremony. […]

  • Interview: Sting on bringing his debut musical to Scotland
    le mai 26, 2018 à 5:00

    As Sting prepares to open his new musical in Edinburgh, he tells Janet Christie about growing up, community spirit and visits from his late father […]

  • Family: Mum’s the Word
    le mai 26, 2018 à 5:00

    Was I missed? Only by a whisker […]

  • Music review: Voicex at Voodoo Rooms
    le mai 25, 2018 à 8:42

    TWISTING and turning through Edinburghs labyrinthian streets drawn inexorably towards the epicentral droog fugue of the Voodoo Rooms. […]

  • Scotland’s Kirk told to ‘give young the chance of leadership’
    le mai 25, 2018 à 6:12

    The “missing generation” of young people in the Kirk needs to be urgently addressed to ensure its survival, the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has been told. […]

  • Young Shetland residents to study island life for stage show
    le mai 25, 2018 à 6:10

    A Canadian sociologist’s renowned 70-year-old study of Britain’s most northerly inhabited island - Unst in Shetland - is to inspire a new exploration of life there which will be brought to the stage. […]

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