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  • Disability and fixed bus route revisions proposed
    le juin 13, 2016 à 10:00

    Ridership and hours of local para-transit and senior bus service could be reduced by Sept. 1. […]

  • Airports prepare to handle additional passengers
    le mars 13, 2016 à 9:00

    In the years to come, North Dakota’s airports will see changes aimed at accommodating increasing numbers of travelers. […]

  • Downtown may become hub to public transportation
    le mars 13, 2016 à 7:00

    While Bismarck’s rush hour may be no longer than a half hour, slow-moving traffic, jostling for parking space and fender-benders as the result of icy roads are not uncommon occurrences. […]

  • Society needs to choose another path
    le mars 13, 2016 à 5:15

    We all wonder what society is going to be like in five, 10, even 20 years from now. What expectations do I have for society throughout my lifetime? […]

  • New generation should reach for the stars
    le mars 13, 2016 à 3:00

    When originally asked what expectations I had for society in the future, many things came to mind. Of course, everyone wants to see hunger ended or world peace; however, I also thought it would be important to look at what […]

  • Climate change offers some benefit to North Dakota
    le mars 7, 2016 à 2:00

    Climate change is written in the fields and waters of North Dakota — but trying to pinpoint it is like watching your bonsai tree grow, according to North Dakota State climatologist Adnan Akyuz, who warns it is dangerous science to […]

  • Western water sources may supply eastern state demand
    le mars 7, 2016 à 12:00

    The future may see a swell of water moving west to east as groundwater wells near Washburn could be tapped to deliver water to Fargo and cities up and down the Red River Valley. […]

  • Coal expected to remain in energy mix
    le mars 6, 2016 à 10:00

    North Dakota researchers predict, in 50 years, coal will still make up three quarters of power generation in the state — but it will be “clean” coal. […]

  • North Dakota contributes to spacesuit, habitat development
    le mars 6, 2016 à 8:00

    North Dakota researchers have positioned themselves to contribute to space exploration as they are developing inflatable habitats in which astronauts can live and work on Mars and the moon. In addition, the team has created spacesuits for each celestial environment. […]

  • Automation improving accuracy in agriculture
    le mars 6, 2016 à 4:00

    Modern machinery is changing the way farms operate. […]

  • Changing climate means changing crops
    le mars 6, 2016 à 4:00

    Slight increases in temperature in North Dakota have offered some dividends to agriculture, allowing some crops, such as corn, to creep northward. […]

  • Nursing faces critical job shortage
    le mars 6, 2016 à 2:00

    Sweeping changes stand on a precipice for hospitals and health systems. An aging population is driving a need for more nurses, health care is moving out of the walls of hospitals and technology is creating more jobs in this sector. […]

  • Oil play expected to last generations
    le mars 6, 2016 à 2:00

    North Dakota’s energy industry will encompass generations as technological advances solidify long-term viability, according to the state’s top oil and gas industry regulator. […]

  • Problems passed to next generation
    le mars 6, 2016 à 6:30

    Editor’s note: The Tribune has asked students from each of the Bismarck-Mandan high schools to write an essay about the future. […]

  • Patriots, Braves reach final
    le mars 5, 2016 à 5:30

    When it comes to basketball, a strong finish is important, eh? […]

  • Western writer to inspire, inform
    le mars 4, 2016 à 5:45

    Craig Lesley, a twice-Pulitzer Prize-nominated writer, will present a visiting writer series from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Saturday at the High Plains Cultural Center in Killdeer. […]

  • Economic diversity highlights Republican gubernatorial debate
    le mars 4, 2016 à 3:15

    The state is heavily reliant and oil revenues and needs to diversify its economy and get its fiscal house in order to ensure a prosperous future. […]

  • Wildlife Art Show displays taxidermists' work
    le mars 3, 2016 à 5:45

    Samples of the best work taxidermists have to offer will be available to view this weekend at the 32nd annual North Dakota Taxidermists Association’s Wildlife Art Show at the Baymont Inn in Mandan. […]

  • GED students pass retroactively
    le mars 2, 2016 à 10:45

    A reduction in the score needed to pass the General Educational Development test means that 100 North Dakotans who previously did not succeed over the past two years will receive the credential. […]

  • 50 years later, Bismarck remembers '66 blizzard
    le mars 2, 2016 à 5:45

    It was 50 years ago on March 2 that a three-day blizzard dropped 22 inches of snow in Bismarck-Mandan — and as much as 32 inches in the northeast part of the state. […]

  • Lindley, Wolves have sights set on state title
    le mars 2, 2016 à 5:30

    Ricki Lindley is a state champion, and a two-time state champion, at that. […]

  • Experts advise farmers on surviving low crop prices
    le mars 1, 2016 à 11:45

    Crop economist Frayne Olson says prices won’t stay low forever. […]

  • Lawmakers debate tax incentives
    le mars 1, 2016 à 9:32

    Lawmakers at the state Capitol debated a bill that would restrict companies from using angel funds for investments in out-of-state companies. […]

  • County shuts down borehole project
    le mars 1, 2016 à 9:15

    The Pierce County Commission shut down any opportunity to drill an exploratory borehole near Rugby that would allow researchers to probe any potential for nuclear waste disposal. […]

  • BNSF continues investments in state
    le mars 1, 2016 à 7:00

    BNSF Railway Co. will continue to invest in North Dakota in 2016, though at a reduced rate. […]

  • Dems tap New York senator for convention keynote
    le mars 1, 2016 à 4:15

    Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, of New York, will be the keynote speaker at the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party's state convention on April 2 at the Bismarck Event Center. […]

  • Stubing pleads not guilty
    le mars 1, 2016 à 5:45

    A Mandan man shot by a Bismarck police officer after he reportedly drove a stolen vehicle in reverse with the alleged intent of hitting the officer pleaded not guilty to charges on Monday. […]

  • Shiloh rolls to District 9 championship
    le mars 1, 2016 à 5:30

    Shiloh Christian senior Chad Coulter said the Skyhawks were ready to play on Monday night. […]

  • Ag loan program sees increase in demand
    le février 29, 2016 à 11:30

    Despite picking up steam in the early part of this year, the full-dollar amount available through a new Bank of North Dakota loan program for farmers is not expected to be utilized. […]

  • North Dakota musher takes on Iditarod
    le février 29, 2016 à 11:00

    When Kelly Maixner, of Beach, was unable to finish the 2014 Iditarod due to a wind storm that caught him 123 miles from the finish line in Nome, Alaska, he considered shelving his ambitions. His family was growing as his […]

  • Lake tenants will pay more
    le février 29, 2016 à 10:00

    People with exclusive use of property on three Bureau of Reclamation lakes in North Dakota will pay significantly more for an annual lease starting next year. […]

  • Luxury yurt debuts at Fort Ransom
    le février 29, 2016 à 5:45

    FORT RANSOM STATE PARK — Families who sold land to Fort Ransom State Park in the scenic Sheyenne River Valley are immortalized with the parks’ newest additions — a pair of funky, luxurious yurts. […]

  • CHS basketball teams loaded with veterans
    le février 29, 2016 à 5:30

    Use it or lose it. […]

  • Local couple plans coworking for woodworkers
    le février 29, 2016 à 5:15

    Like many young couples, Remick and Lisa Albitre were “living on ramen and water” and new furniture seemed out of reach. So, they started making their own to save money. […]

  • Blizzard repeat as champ
    le février 28, 2016 à 5:30

    For the second year in a row the Blizzard is returning to Bismarck a state champion hockey team. Behind the strength of a second-period surge led by Delaney Wolf, the Blizzard defeated the West Fargo Packers 4-1 at Ralph Engelstad […]

  • Broken Oar pool team takes shot at personal best
    le février 27, 2016 à 6:00

    When Todd Friesz looks over the billiard balls scattered across the green felt surface of the pool table, he scans for problems. His goal is to clear the table, or a run-out, by making all of his shots in t […]

  • Irey, Demons edge Knights with late goal
    le février 27, 2016 à 5:30

    Players, coaches and fans always make note of it: Crazy stuff happens during state tournaments. […]

  • Home-cooked meals beckon ranchers to Kist Cafe
    le février 27, 2016 à 3:30

    Inside the Kist Cafe, the scent of a ranch meets the aroma of home-cooked eggs — or roast beef, depending on the time of day. […]

  • English language learners graduate from new program
    le février 27, 2016 à 12:00

    Four young Bismarck students will start next week at a new school now that they have mastered the basics of English. […]

  • Cutting among Native American youth a growing problem
    le février 26, 2016 à 11:00

    Cutting, or self-harm, is practiced by people of all ages and races, but anecdotal evidence suggests that cutting is becoming more prevalent among Native American youth. […]

  • Carson Wentz climbs the board despite lesser competition
    le février 26, 2016 à 5:45

    North Dakota State won the NCAA FCS championship in each of Carson Wentz's five seasons on the roster, the last two with him as a starter. […]

  • Shiloh outlasts TLMM for region title
    le février 26, 2016 à 3:42

    Thursday night’s Region 5 girls basketball tournament championship game between Shiloh Christian and Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky sure was a far cry from the first time the two teams clashed this season—a Jan. 12 contest that ended in a 34-33 Shiloh victory. […]

  • Henrikson found guilty in two murder-for-hire killings
    le février 25, 2016 à 11:55

    James Henrikson’s greed and vindictive nature left two men dead, one of them in an unmarked grave somewhere in the North Dakota oil patch, a Richland, Wash., jury ruled unanimously Thursday. […]

  • Engineering firms betting on Bismarck-Mandan
    le février 25, 2016 à 11:55

    While oil activity has dipped and government budgets are shrinking, local engineering and architectural firms are finding ways to stay busy and even expand. […]

  • And the rich get richer
    le février 25, 2016 à 5:30

    While paying homage to an opposing player, a big-league baseball manager once said “he plays like he came down from a higher league.&rdquo […]

  • $100,000 fee approved for pipeline inspections
    le février 24, 2016 à 10:30

    The North Dakota Emergency Commission granted a $100,000 request Wednesday from the Public Service Commission to pay a third-party contractor to conduct inspections of the Dakota Access Pipeline. […]

  • Cass County pipeline gets approval
    le février 24, 2016 à 7:30

    A short refined products pipeline in eastern North Dakota was given the green light by regulators Wednesday and is expected to provide flexibility for a company in the region to provide more product to state consumers. […]

  • FiveSouth makes progress on hotel
    le février 24, 2016 à 4:30

    The developers of the proposed mixed-use housing and retail FiveSouth development in downtown Bismarck told city commissioners Tuesday they are awaiting approval for franchise rights on the hotel for the project. […]

  • Skyhawks, Trojans advance to Region 5 finals
    le février 24, 2016 à 5:30

    With an early 14-point deficit staring them in the face Tuesday night, the Shiloh Christian Skyhawks didn’t panic. […]

  • DOT cuts to offset revenues shortfall
    le février 23, 2016 à 11:15

    Five highway rest areas will be closed by the North Dakota Department of Transportation as it works to address a shortfall in revenue. In addition, the department indicated Tuesday that it will leave open positions vacant and reduce the number […]

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